10 Great Reason To Believe In Jesus


Why Should I Believe In Jesus

Today we will explore the compelling reasons to believe in Jesus and address the toughest questions that prevent people from believing. Here are 10 reasons to believe in Jesus.

1. The Name Of Jesus Christ

While the name of Jesus is well-known, it’s also a common curse word. It is not unusual to hear the name Jesus used in blockbuster movies. Think about it. When was the last time someone said, “Muhammad!” Or “Siddhartha Gautama!” Or “Siddhartha Gautama!” Who founded Buddhism? Are you familiar with the curses made against Hindu gods Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma? Most likely not.

While I don’t suggest we misuse any name as a curse term, it is interesting that Jesus Christ’s name is more frequently misused than any other name. This is a coincidence, or could it be a subtle indication that Jesus’ name has special powers and that there are unseen forces against him?

2. Today’s Date

Take a look at your calendar to see today’s date. A month, a week, and a full year will be displayed. It is significant because the life of Jesus Christ marks a difference in our historical timeline. The Gregorian Calendar is the most widely used calendar in the world.

It includes two periods of time: B.C. “Before Christ” and A.D. (“anno Domini”), which translate to “in the year the Lord.” We can rename these two as “before Christ” and A.D. “anno Domini,” but it doesn’t alter their historical significance. Only Jesus’ life is the most important of all the human beings to have lived.

3. The Virgin Birth

Every human being that has ever lived was born through human reproduction, except Jesus. He was conceived by God and was born to Mary, a virgin woman.

Evidently, Jesus was born with 23 chromosomes inherited from the Holy Spirit and 23 from Mary, his mother. He can, therefore, rightly claim that he is both fully God and fully human. No other religious figure in history makes this claim.

4. Undeniable Miracles

Jesus performed miracles on a regular basis during the height of his ministry. He saw the blind, healed the sick and raised the dead. Jesus was able to walk on water and turn water into wine. He also fed thousands with just two loaves of bread and two fish.

His miracles are described in the gospels Mark, Luke and John. It is amazing to me that no one, not even Jesus’s enemies at the time, denied these miracles were real. Too many witnesses were present. They could only claim that they were Satan’s work or that they were black magic. But no one dares to say they did not happen. Do you know anyone else who has performed miracles such as these?

5. Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus

Jesus fulfils over 300 Old Testament prophecies or predictions about the Messiah, who is the Savior of the World. Some of these prophecies were written centuries or even thousands of years ago before Jesus was born. These predictions are extremely precise.

They accurately predict where He will be born and His family tree. They also predict where His children will be killed in an attempt to kill him. If the prophecies concerning Him are true, it would be impossible to predict these details about their lives.

6. The God Claim

Today, many religions believe Jesus was a good moral teacher, a good prophet, but deny his divinity. But this is not what Jesus said about himself. Although his favourite title was “Son of Man”, he claimed that he was the Messiah, the Savior, and God’s child.

His greatest claim can be summarized in one verse: “I am the truth and the way no one comes to God except through me.”

7. Sibling Worship

Are there any siblings or brothers? Do you remember how you got along with them? What would you do if your older brother, who is now thirty years old, claimed that he was the Son of God and the Savior of the World? This is likely to cause you some problems.

Jesus’ siblings weren’t too happy about it either. John tells us, in fact, that even while Jesus was alive, his brothers didn’t believe in him. However, Jesus’ brother James witnessed the resurrection early and became an influential leader within the church.

He wrote the book of James. In the first verse, he calls himself “a servant to God and the Lord Jesus Christ”. After witnessing the resurrection, James was convinced that God had raised him from a sceptic into a leader in the church. He even offered to become a martyr for his faith.

8. The Empty Tomb

It is impossible to find any bones in Jesus’ tomb if you search all the graves. This is why? Jesus Christ has risen, unlike any religious or political figure. This is the Easter miracle that we celebrate. Paul, the Apostle, wrote to one of the churches that he had planted.

He stated that over 500 people had seen Jesus after his resurrection. Paul also mentions that most of these people are still alive today at the time of his writings.

It was almost as if he was asking his readers for help. You can still believe if you find one of these 500 eyewitnesses and ask them about Jesus’ death and resurrection. This bold statement would have been impossible for Paul to make if he wasn’t 100% certain that Jesus had risen from the dead.

9. The Disciples Martyred

Paul, the Apostle, was incredibly confident in his faith in Jesus. He was subject to severe torture and persecution on a regular basis. Finally, he was executed for his unwavering belief. He wasn’t the only one. Jesus also called twelve men to his close followers.

They were Peter and Andrew and James and John, Philip, Bartholomew and Thomas, James, Thaddeus and Simon, as well as Judas Iscariot and Judas Iscariot. Mathias replaced Judas Iscariot after he betrayed Jesus. It is believed that all of these men were brutally murdered for their faith, except John, who was exiled because of his belief.

Some were pierced, and some were stoned, while others were burned alive. Jesus would have needed assistance if any miracles were fake. These men would have been aware that he had faked his death and resurrection.

It almost seems as if history was going out of its way for us to see beyond any doubt that these men really believed Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

10. The Sum Of All Truth

If you are not convinced by reasons 1 through 9, I urge you to consider them all together. You could combine the lives of the ten most influential persons ever to be alive and still not come up with a list comparable to this. Jesus is the most misused name.

His life is a record of our time in history. The Holy Spirit conceived him. He performed numerous unassailable miracles. Over 300 prophecies were fulfilled before he was even born. He claimed to be God. After he rose from death, his siblings worshipped him.

Nearly all his family members and closest followers were martyred for their belief in him.

We simply cannot believe that Jesus was a great moral instructor and then claim that he is God. If he didn’t tell the truth about himself, he would be a liar or lunatic.

You can reject him, curse him, or even hate him. But don’t claim that he was a good moral instructor and then ignore his greatest achievements. He wasn’t a liar, a lunatic or a fool, so it seems to me that I must accept that he is and was God, no matter how difficult or unlikely.

Reasons Why I Believe In Jesus

Why Should I Believe In Jesus
Why Should I Believe In Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth was born two thousand years ago. He is a real person. Even today’s most skeptical historians admit that he existed. The best evidence that we have is from the first century. It shows that he was real.

His reputation included being a miracle-worker, a prophet, and a person who had a large following. Jesus was born and died. He rose again three days later. He rose for our sins. Jesus died so that our sins might be forgiven. Jesus rose from the dead to make us right with God. 

In 2,000 years, no one has adequately accounted for Christ’s appearance before more than 500 witnesses. The Romans would have presented Jesus’ body if it was found. Because they knew it was a lie, his disciples would not have been willing to die for it.

We could discuss the story of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and burial until we understood, which I do, that we are sinners. Although it’s not a common term, we are sinners. We don’t do the things we should. And we don’t do the things we want. 

We keep doing the things that we don’t like to do. We are sinners who need more than a second chance. Sinners who need more than a fresh start.

Sinners need forgiveness and righteousness other than our own. Jesus is our only hope of comfort in life and death. It’s part of history. It is a fact. It’s true. It’s also life and its hope and comfort.



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