13 Historical Places In Karnataka


Historical Places In Karnataka

The state of Karnataka is one of the major tourist destinations and ancient cities in India, home to the most stunning landforms, flora, fauna and an impressive historical heritage. Karnataka has been home to some of the most regal and grand dynasties in historical times, which have left historic places in Karnataka and archaeological wealth unbelievable for future generations. The state of Karnataka was inhabited since the Palaeolithic era, hence the state offers a spectacular exploration experience for history lovers and other tourists from all over the world.

The state of Karnataka has been ruled by the Nanda Empire, the Maurya Empire, the Satavahanas, the Kadambas, the Western Ganga, the Badami Chalukyas, the Rashtrakuta Empire, the Western Chalukya Kingdom and the Cholas, hence the ancient historical tourist sites such as forts, temples, palaces related to their reign in Karnataka. Can be seen If you too are fond of history and want to visit the major historical places of Karnataka or are excited to learn about the ancient sites of Karnataka, then for this you should read this complete article where you can visit the famous historical tourists of Karnataka. Know about places.


Historical Places In Karnataka - Hampi
Historical Places In Karnataka – Hampi

This glorious historic town is now left just in the kind of ruins. It’s simple to observe the ruins here that a booming civilization lived in Hampi once upon a time.

The huge expanse of Hampi is prevalent in deserts around rocks. You will find over five hundred monuments involving the valleys and dunes. There are various buildings.

Hampi is a historical town and can be mentioned in the Ramayana. Also, according to historians, it had been known as Kishkindha. Each flip of Hampi is wonderful. Each smark is much more secretive than it shows; also, Hampi is an open museum. There’s a massive line of tourists. According to the numbers of 2014, Hampi is the most well-known location in Karnataka to be hunted on Google.

Historical Places In Karnataka – Mysore

Historical Places In Karnataka - Mysore
Historical Places In Karnataka – Mysore

At that moment, it had been assembled with sandalwood; however, it had been damaged in a crash.

Following that, another palace was constructed here. The next palace was constructed in 1912.

At that moment, 41.47 lakh rupees were spent to create this palace. The golden dome inside it’s located at the height of 145 feet on the floor. It’s a total of 97000 bulbs set up to the light it.


Historical Places In Karnataka - Bijapur
Historical Places In Karnataka – Bijapur

The architecture and countless monuments of the city inform tourists of the narrative of this rich culture and legacy of Bijapur. It’s found at a distance of 530 kilometers from Bangalore. The splendour of Bijapur might have arrived at a finish with time, but its own mosques, minarets, and temples still stand testimony to its grand ago.

More Info Concerning The Background Of This Bijapur Area

If you have a look at the history, it’s understood that Bijapur was a glorious area throughout the Adil Shah dynasty. Yusuf Adil Shah founded the independent town of Bijapur in 1490 and constructed magnificent architecture for the heirs of their kings in addition to their legacy. Every Info given about Bijapur is going to be incomplete when the Gol Gumbad isn’t mentioned in it.

If you have a look at the background, it’s understood that Bijapur was a glorious place through the Adil Shah dynasty. Yusuf Adil Shah founded the independent town of Bijapur in 1490 and constructed magnificent architecture for the heirs of their kings in addition to their legacy. Every Info given about Bijapur is going to be incomplete when the Gol Gumbad isn’t mentioned in it.

Gol Gumbad is the most glorious tomb of Adil Shah that’s the second-largest grave on earth. The Basilica of St. Peter in dimension is an additional splendid example. Other significant monuments in Bijapur would be the Malik-e-Maidan which houses the world’s biggest collection of medieval age temples, the tallest tower at the Upper Burj, along with also the Chod Bawdi also includes a tank amassing 20 lakh liters.

The Chalukya temples significantly affected the Mughal rulers of the time, such as Aihole, Patatkal, and Padaya near Bijapur.

Shimoga means”the surface of Shiva.” It’s a city situated at a distance of 275 kilometers from Bangalore. In accordance with local people, a part of the Malnad area is located along the Western Ghats and can be attached to other cities and cities by rail and road, making the trip here very simple.

Five big rivers flowing through the district create the regions of Shimoga quite fertile. The hryadri chains don’t enable the river to become infrequent because of good rainfall nearly every year.

Locals believe Shimoga to function as the “paradise of the planet” because it provides something to everybody. You can find mountains, temples, natural beauty, and the greatest and famous Jog drops of India.


Historical Places In Karnataka - Bangalore
Historical Places In Karnataka – Bangalore

Bangalore is your third-largest town in the nation, found in the southern area of India. Bangalore was previously referred to as the Garden City, but slowly it is now the third-largest town in the nation for residents after growing in Silicon Valley. Not just for those items, but Bangalore is also a fantastic place to ramble. Aside from being a modern town, in addition, it showcases the town’s historical architecture and heritage. Here you’ll also get to view man-made structures from museums, gardens. There are lots of attractions in Bangalore that concentrate on you. The town is famed for natural lakes, lakes, museums, art galleries, museums.

Historical Places In Karnataka – Badami

Historical Places In Karnataka - Badami
Historical Places In Karnataka – Badami

Badami is an ancient city in Bagalkot district in north Karnataka. The city, also known as Vatapi, was the capital of the Chalukya dynasty from the 6th to the 8th century.

History of Badami 

Badami was the capital of the East or Eastern Chalukyas for more than two centuries. The Chalukya dynasty had captured most of Andhra Pradesh and most of Karnataka from the 6th to the 8th centuries. This dynasty had reached its height during the reign of Pulikesi II. Badami lost his fame after the Chalukyas.

Situated in the valley and surrounded by golden sandstone rocks, Vatapi, which was the name of Badami, is one of the ancient places in South India where many temples were built. Badami is famous for its beautiful cave temples situated around Agastya Lake, situated in the middle of the valley.

Tourist Places Around Badami

Apart from the cave temples, there are three Shiva temples on the northern hill of which Malegatti Shivalaya is perhaps the most famous. Other famous temples are Bhootnath Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, and Dattatraya Temple. Badami also has a fort that has many temples, and tourists who like adventure activities can enjoy rock climbing here.

Badami is an attractive place. Surrounded by sandstones, it has an ancient cave temple and fort. To see these temples and to see the architecture of the Chalukya period, one must visit Badami.


In fact, Halebid means “Old City.” It was once the proud royal capital of the Hoysala state. During the old days, it was known as “Dvarasamudra,” which means “gate of the sea.” Located in Hassan district, 184 km from the capital of Bangalore and 118 km from the cultural capital of Mysore, the city enjoyed its royal glory during the 12th century.

The city later came to be known as Halebidu after the Bahmani Sultan was vandalized twice.

Sights And Noise In A Lost City – Tourist Places in Halebid

The Hoysaleshwara and Shantaleshwar temples, built by Ketumalla, belonged to the later ruler and his queen Vishnuvardhana and Shantala. A monolithic Nandi protects the soapstone temple of Hoysaleshwara. Although 12th-century rulers followed Jainism, many Shiva temples can be found in the region. The rich culture and traditions of the old days are beautifully depicted in carvings and sculptures in and around the temple.

Best Time To Visit Halebid

Although it is now a desolate city, it still attracts a large number of tourists. The best time of year to travel to Halebidu is between October and January. The city, with a population of 8962 according to the 2001 census, is very well connected to other parts of the state by buses.

Historical Places In Karnataka – Srirangapatna

Historical Places In Karnataka - Srirangapatna
Historical Places In Karnataka – Srirangapatna

Srirangapatnam is a historic city that makes your trip to Karnataka memorable. Srirangapatna is a sub-island surrounded by two streams of the Kaveri River. This subcontinent is about 13 km near Mysore. Is spread over an area of. The region’s historical importance – Tourist places around Srirangapatnam Srirangapatnam is a very famous tourist destination due to its historical importance. The city is named after the Ranganathaswamy temple located here. This temple, built in the ninth century, was decorated in many ways for many years. As a result, today, it is a fine example of architecture in the styles of Hoysala and Vijayanagar.

The architecture of this city by Tipu Sultan has a Hindu-Muslim lineage. This influence can be clearly seen in monuments like Dariya Daulat Bagh and Jama Masjid. Srirangapatna has many beautiful scenic spots. One of the many known places for fun is the Shivanasamudra Falls, the second largest waterfall in India.

Another scenic spot is the ‘Sangam of Srirangapatnam’, where the Kaveri, Kabini, and Hemavati rivers meet.


Historical Places In Karnataka - Aihole
Historical Places In Karnataka – Aihole

If you want to come here, then definitely visit here because there is a very ancient temple here, which will make you fall in love with this place. It is located 480 kilometers from the city of Bengaluru in Karnataka state, on the banks of the Malaprabha River. But the temples here show the architecture of the era of the Chalukya dynasty.

There are 125 temples operating in Aihole. Why 125 temples are built in this area. Here is the oldest Lag Khan temple. It is said that this temple was built in the fifth century. Ravana hill cave is the oldest rock-cut cave temple in the country. There is also a temple famous for its inscriptions which tell the history here. Nazadi railway station is Badami railway station.


The city of Hassan, founded in the 11th century by Channa Krishnappa Naik, is the headquarters of the Hassan district in Karnataka. Named after the local goddess Hassanamba, this district is the architectural capital of Karnataka. The rich culture of Hoysala kings can be seen throughout the district.

From the 11th to the 14th century, the Hoysala dynasty ruled from the then capital Dwar Samudra. The remains can still be seen around Halebid in Hassan district. Although the ruler of this dynasty was a follower of Jainism, Lord Shiva’s temples are spread all over the region. Known for its historical significance, Hassan is now a city that has developed rapidly.

It is spread over an area of ​​26.5 sq km with a population of 157000 people.

Hassan And Its Nearby Attractions – Tourist Places In Hassan

Hassanamba Temple magnificently displays the local culture of the region and is popular among pilgrims and tourists alike.

Belur, Halebid, Shravanabelagola, and Gorur Dam are some of the popular tourist destinations. Staying in the city of Hassan is no problem as it is able to accommodate a large number of tourists due to its 3 star to 5-star hotel capacity. If you wish to know about the history and culture of the state of Karnataka, then you should come to Hassan.

Historical Places In Karnataka – Bidar

Historical Places In Karnataka - Bidar
Historical Places In Karnataka – Bidar

Apart from Tartar India, South India is also known all over the world for its historical heritage. Apart from the South Hindu kings, the Mughals also ruled here for a long time, as a sign of which many ancient structures can be seen here. Talking about Karnataka, Mughal rule was spread in many large parts of the state during that time and Mysore. Which also includes Bidar’s name.

Bidar used to be an important stronghold at that time. One can visit here for cultural, historical, architectural importance. The city is located on a plateau area, where many ancient structures still exist.


Historical Places In Karnataka - Talakadu
Historical Places In Karnataka – Talakadu

When the king of Mysore went with an army against Talakadu in order to put his hand on the jewels of Alamelu, he threw the jewel in the river Cauvery and drowned himself. The legend says that before he died, he gave a curse that Talakadu should be turned into sand. The city was buried under sand in the 16th century.

Historical Places In Karnataka – Mirjan Fort

Historical Places In Karnataka - Mirjan Fort
Historical Places In Karnataka – Mirjan Fort

Travelers are advised to visit the Mirjan Fort situated on the banks of the Aghanashini River in an area of ​​4.1 hectares. Known for its beautiful architecture, this double-walled fort is built using laterite stone and has high walls, and is carved with high kangurs. It is believed that Mirjan Fort has ever seen various battles, and there are many stories related to it.

The fort has one main and three additional entrances. Several interconnected wells exist in the fort. These wells have access channels to reach the circular moat used to surround the structure. According to stories, it was built in the 16th century by Chennabhairadevi, the queen of Gersoppa. And we are living in this fort for about 54 years.

Currently, the fort is in a dilapidated condition. Yet, the Architectural Survey of India (ASI) is taking care of the attraction and plans to restore the entrance, the court shall, the secret passage, and the marketplace. There is a large tree in the vicinity where a stone statue of Hindu lords and goddesses can be seen.

There are also some discoveries of the ancient like about 50 iron tablets, Serpamallika dynasty coins and pottery, 1652 gold coins with inscriptions, and many more.


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