27 Facts About Mahabharata In Hindi


27 Facts About Mahabharata

Facts About Mahabharata
Facts About Mahabharata

During the Mahabharata, there were also such wonderful incidents, which you will be surprised to know. Among those many events, we bring you brief information about 27 Facts About Mahabharata events.

1. It is said that Bhishma Pitamah used to kill 10 thousand Pandava soldiers every day.

2. It is said that during the war of Mahabharata, so much blood was shed in Kurukshetra that the colour of the soil there is still red.

3. It is said that on the day all the warriors died, the bodies of most of them were handed over to their families, and the rest were lying there.

4. After the end of the war, it is said that the land of Kurukshetra was burnt by the orders of Yudhishthira so that the dead body of any warrior would not remain.

5. For millions of people every day, food was made in a camp near the battleground. More than 4.5 million people cooked food on the day before the start of the war. After this, the food was reduced as many warriors died every day, but how was it known that how many warriors have to make food today? For this, when the king of Udupi, who saw the food system, used to give food to Sri Krishna in the evening every day, then he came to know how many people are going to die and how many will be saved tomorrow.

It is said that for this, Shri Krishna used to eat boiled peanuts or rice every day. From that, the king knew that how many people will die tomorrow, then I have to cook the food for so many people in the evening. In this way, due to Shri Krishna, everyday soldiers used to get whole food, and not even a single grain of food was wasted.

6. It is said that on the first day of the Mahabharata war, Shri Krishna stood between the two armies and gave Arjuna the knowledge of the Gita till then he stopped the time all the soldiers became pillars.

7. Apart from Arjuna, Gita Gyan was heard by Sanjay sitting in Hastinapur and Viraj Maan Hanumanji on Arjuna’s chariot, but it is also said that some of the birds flying in the sky also heard this knowledge.

8. Under the influence of Durvasa Muni’s curse, Vapu was born as a cake bird from the womb of Madanika, the wife of a bird named Garuda dynasty. His name was Tarakshi. He was later married to Mandal’s son Drona. She conceived at the age of 16. It was at this stage that he woke up to see the war of Mahabharata. At the same time, she was flying in the sky. Arjun had set an arrow on one of his enemies.

Unfortunately, this arrow came out, piercing Tarkashi’s wings, and she herself died after dropping her womb eggs and came back to Devlok in her nymph’s form. But her eggs fell to the earth due to miscarriage. Incidentally, at the same time, a huge gulag of Gajraj named Suprevik, who was fighting the war, also broke down due to an arrow, and he covered (covered) the eggs. After some time, the children came out of those eggs. At that time, Muni Shamik came out, wandering through the road. The sage started taking compassion on those bird cubs and took them to his ashram.

9. During the Mahabharata war, Draupadi used to live in a war camp. Once Kunti and Gandhari also came there.

10. When Duryodhana was being slaughtered after the last day of Mahabharata, Balramji came and favoured Duryodhana, and then there was a miserable battle between Bhima and Duryodhana, and finally, Bhima killed Duryodhana.

Hidden Facts About Mahabharata

11- People often believe that the Mahabharata is written by Ved Vyasa, while Ved Vyasa is not a name but a title, that is, one who is the knower of the Vedas (knowing the Vedas) is called Ved Vyasa. Hence 27 before Krishnadapayana Ved Vyas has been done, he himself was the 28th Ved Vyas.

12- It is believed that there was the soul of a demon named Abhimanyu Kalyan of Mahabharata. Lord Krishna imprisoned his soul and kept it in a cupboard in Dwarka.

13- The Mahabharata composed by Ved Vyasa was placed in three stages. Eight thousand eight hundred verses were written in the first phase and 24000 verses in the second phase, and 100000 verses were written in the third phase.

14- Vidura was the incarnation of Yamaraja in Mahabharata. Yamraj had to be born in a human vagina due to the curse of sage Mandavya. Vidur was very well versed in theology and economics. He worked for the life of Kuruvansh throughout his life.

15- 18 is very important in the war of Mahabharata,

Because for 18-days, Krishna preached to Arjuna.

18- The chapter (festival) is in Mahabharata.

18- The chapter is also in Gita.

The Mahabharata war was on for 18 days.

18- Akshauhini army was of Kauravas and Pandavas.

16- Yaduvanshi king Shursen had a daughter named Prutha and a son named Vasudeva. King Shursen adopted this girl to his aunt’s childless boy Kuntibhoja. Kuntibhoja named this girl Kunti. Kunti was married to King Pandu.

17- According to the Saptik festival of Mahabharata, the results of Brahmastra were given from chapters 13 to 15. According to our scriptures, the Brahmastra left on 3 November 5561 BC was the atomic bomb.

18- As Balaram had planned to marry Subhadra to Duryodhana, but Subhadra wanted to marry Arjuna, so she eloped with him.

19 – Ashwatthama left Brahmastra in the war of Mahabharata, due to which millions of people were killed. Krishna was enraged by this act of Ashwatthama, and he cursed Ashwatthama that ‘You will carry the sin of so much slaughter and wander in secluded places for three thousand years. The foul smell of blood will always be released from your body. You will be suffering from many diseases.

20- Bhima’s only surviving son

Only one son of Bhima survived, whose name was Sarvaga. He was not entrusted with the throne despite being more senior than Parikshit. He became the master of his motherland Kashi.

21- Eklavya was Krishna’s cousin. He was the son of Devashrava Vasudeva’s brother. Eklavya died while protecting Rukmini Swayambar’s father, who was lost in the forest. Krishna killed him.

22- After Krishna went to Vaikunth, Arjuna could not save Krishna’s wives from the ordinary looter. During this time, his bow was very heavy, and he had forgotten all the mantras. Eight wives of Krishna committed suicide, and the looter led the rest. It was done.

23- At the time of Mahabharata, there are 21 thousand eight hundred and seventy chariots, 21 thousand eight hundred and seventy elephants, one lakh nine thousand 350 foot soldiers, sixty-five thousand six hundred and ten horses. That is, 2 lakh 18 thousand 700 (218700) all these are in one Akshauhini army. If we add the total number of 18 Akshohini armies, then there is an estimated 1968300 soldiers.

24- According to Mahabharata, almost all the districts of India, including some foreign states, also participated in this war. It is believed that the only surviving Kaurava Yuyutsu was left in the Mahabharata war, and 24,165 Kaurava soldiers were missing, while after the Mahabharata war, only three warriors from the Kauravas and 15 from the Pandavas, a total of 18 warriors survived.

25- 39 lakh 40 thousand warriors were killed in the war of Mahabharata. But do you know how many warriors survived at the end of the war? Twelve … only 12 !! Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva – were victorious in this war.

26- After the Mahabharata war, Kali Yuga started at 12 o’clock on the same night when Shri Krishna Ji returned to Baikuntha. Yudhishthira crowns his great-grandson Parikshit on receiving information about Shri Krishna’s death from Ved Vyas Ji. Then along with all his brothers and Draupadi go towards the Himalayas.

27- Dronacharya can be considered India’s first test-tube baby. This story is also very interesting. Dronacharya’s father was Maharishi Bhardwaj, and his mother was an Apsara. In fact, one evening, Bharadwaj went to bathe in the Ganges evening when he saw an apsara bathing there. Seeing the beauty of it, the sage was enchanted, and sperm came out of his body which the sage stored in an earthen pot and kept in the dark. Dronacharya was born from.

Mahabharata Facts In Hindi

1. kahate hain ki bhee maat pitaamah pratidin 10 hajaar paandav sainikon ka vadh kar dete the.

2. kahate hain ki mahaabhaarat ke yuddh mein kurukshetr mein itana khoon jama tha ki vahaan kee mittee ka rang aaj bhee laal hai.

3. kaha jaata hai ki jis din jitane bhee manushy mar jaate hain unamen se jyaadaatar ke shav unake parijanon ko saump die jaate the aur baakee shav vaheen pade rahate the.

4. yuddh ke ant ke baad kahate hain ki yudhishthir kee aagya se kurukshetr kee bhoomi ko jala diya gaya tha taaki koee bhee raajakumaar ka shav na bache.

5. pratidin laakhon logon ke lie yuddh bhoomi ke paas ek shivir mein bhojan banata tha. yuddh kee shuruaat ke poorv ke din lagabhag 45 laakh se adhik logon ka bhojan banaate hain. isake baad pratidin jitane bachchon kee mrtyu ho jaatee thee, kyonki bhojan kam kar diya jaata tha, lekin yah pata kaise chalata tha ki aaj kaisa bhojan hai? isake lie bhojan vyavastha dekhane vaale udupee ke raaja har din shaam ko jab shreekrshn ko bhojan banaate the tab shreekrshn ke bhojan karate vakt unhen pata chalata rahata tha ki kal kitane log marane vaale hain aur kitane bachenge.

Kahate hain ki isake lie shreekrshn pratidin ubalee huee moongaphalee ya chaaval khaate the. usee se raaja ko pata chalata tha ki kal kitane log marenge to mujhe shaam ko kitane logon ka bhojan banaana hai. is tarah shreekrshn ke kaaran har deen sainasikon ko poora bhojan meel jaata tha aur ann ka ek daana bhee vyarth nahin jaata tha.

6. kahate hain ki mahaabhaarat yuddh ke praarambh hone ke pahale din shreekrshn ne donon senaon ke beech khade hokar arjun ko geeta ka gyaan diya tha tab tak ke lie unhonne samay ko rok diya tha aur sabhee sainik stambh jaise ho gae the.

7. geeta gyaan ko arjun ke alaava hastinaapur mein baithe sanjay ne aur arjun ke rath par viraaj maan hanumaanajee ne suna tha lekin yah bhee kaha jaata hai ki vahaan ke aakaash mein udate hue pakshiyon mein se kuchh pakshiyon ne bhee is gyaan ko suna tha.

8. durvaasa muni ke shraap ke prabhaav se vapu ne garudavansheey kandhaar ko pakshee kee patnee madanika ke garbh se kek pakshinee ke roop mein janm liya. usaka naam tarshee tha. baad mein usaka vivaah mandapaal ke putr dron se vivaah kiya gaya. 16 varsh kee aayu mein usane garbh dhaaran kiya. isee avastha mein usake man mein mahaabhaarat ka yuddh dekhane kee ichchha jaagrat huee. vah aakaash mein ud rahee thee usee samay arjun ne apanee kisee shatru ke oopar baan ka sandhaan kiya tha.

Durbhaagyavash yah baan tarshi ke pankhon ko chhedata hua nikal gaya aur vah apane garbhastr andon ko giraakar svayan bhee mrtyu ko praapt hue phir se: apane apsara svaroop mein aakar devalok chalee gaee. lekin usake ande garbh-vichitr ke kaaran prthvee par gir pade. sanyogavash usee samay yuddh lad rahe bhagadatt ke supraveek naamak gajaraaj ka vishaalakaay galaghant bhee baan lagane se tootakar gira aur usane andon ko aachchhaadit (dhank liya) kar diya. kuchh samay baad un andon se bachche nikale. keval us samay maarg se vicharan karate hue muni shameek aa nikale. muni un pakshee shaavakon par anukampa dvaara apane aashram mein le jaakar palane lage.

9.mahaabhaarat yuddh ke dauraan draupadee yuddh shivir mein hee rahatee thee. ek baar kuntee aur gaandhaaree bhee vahaan par aaee thee.

10.mahaabhaarat ke antim din ke baad jab duryodhan ka vadh kiya ja raha tha to balaraamajee ne aakar duryodhan ka paksh liya tha aur tab phir bhee aur duryodhan mein gada yuddh hua aur ant bhee bheem ne duryodhan ke vadh kar diya tha.

Facts About Ramayana

Gayatri Mantra Is Formed From The First Letter That Comes After Every Thousand Verses Of Ramayana

The Gayatri Mantra consists of 24 letters. There are 24 thousand verses in Valmiki Ramayana. Gayatri Mantra is formed from the first letter that comes after every thousand verses of Ramayana. This mantra is the essence of this sacred epic. The Gayatri Mantra is first mentioned in the Rigveda.

Apart From Rama And His Brothers, There Was Also A Daughter Of King Dasharatha

Apart from Rama and his brothers, King Dasharatha also had a daughter named Shanta. She was the elder of the four brothers at the age, and their mother’s name was Kaushalya. It is believed that once the king of the country, Rompad and his queen Varshani came to Ayodhya. They had only children. When Dasharatha came to know about this during the conversation, he promised his daughter Shanta to adopt him. Rompad and his queen Varshani were very happy with this, and they followed Shanta with great affection. They performed all the duties of being parents.

Rama Is An Avatar Of Vishnu, But His Brother Is An Avatar Of?

Lakshmana is considered an incarnation of Sheshnag. Bharata and Shatru Dhan are believed to be the incarnations of the Sudarshan Chakra and the conch sail held in the hands of Lord Vishnu.

Laxman’s Name Gudakesh

Lakshmana is also known as Gudakesh. It is believed that Lakshman never slept during the 14 years of exile to protect his brother (Rama) and sister-in-law (Sita). Due to this, he came to be known as Gudakesh.

Ravana Was An Excellent Veena Player

The reason for the veena being a symbol in the flag of Ravana was here that he was also known as a veena player. However, Ravana did not give much importance to this art. But he loved playing instruments.

A Gold Gift To Aquarius

Due to Indra being jealous, Kumbhakaran received the boon of gold. In the Ramayana, the younger brother of Ravana, whose body was very deformed and he was also a very eater. He received the boon of sleep; that is, he slept continuously for six months, woke up to eat only one day, and then slept for six months. In fact, once Kumbhakarana meditated to get a boon, but when Kumbhakaran asked for a boon from Brahm.


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