5 Highlights Of Jesus’ Word


1) Understand the Meaning of Time in Today’s Bible Lesson

With today’s Bible lesson, we try to understand this verse more deeply. The first thing the Lord Jesus says is that the time is up. See, it is not so easy for us ordinary humans to understand the meaning of this time mentioned by the Lord. But this many people know that everything has a fixed time. For example, I would like to say that, at the end of the year, the cold, and the sunshine happen according to their time. In the same way, according to the Bible, time has been fixed for humans by God.

Look, we humans claim to know God 100%, and consider ourselves to be religious people. But if we humans do not obey the command and rule given by God, then can we be counted as religious people, never? Because the Lord Jesus says in today’s Bible text, that time is over now, just as you were living before.

That is, the time to sin is over. The time to abuse, commit adultery, be jealous, steal, covet, envy, kill and commit all kinds of sins is over for you. Because God has no more time to bear the sin of man. To understand this, make sure to read today’s Bible lesson.

2) The coming of the kingdom of God

Because the Lord Jesus says, the kingdom of God is near. This word of the Lord comes to you when you do not sin. Because the kingdom of God cannot live among sinners. If you want to enter the kingdom of God, here I am not talking about the kingdom of heaven! Rather, I am talking about the kingdom of God being in your midst on this earth. Because the kingdom of God begins with the conduct of your mind, disposition, and daily life. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that after I die, I will go to the kingdom of heaven.

Because if you have not established the kingdom of heaven on this earth while you are alive, then who knows, that after you die you will go to heaven? We also need to know, from today’s Bible text (Luke 20:38), that God is the God of the living. You must have seen and heard that even after the death of a religious person, there is a discussion. But people keep abusing the ungodly even after his life and death. That is, the kingdom of God always resides among the righteous. That’s why the Lord Jesus reminds people that the kingdom of God is near to them.

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3) Repentance Instructions

If you lead a sinful life and are caught in all kinds of sins. Being a slave to sin, you wake up, sit, sleep, wake up, and imagine only sin. So sit with a little calm mind, blindly for two minutes, and think a little about the good and the bad done to you from birth till today. Because by this you will know for yourself whether you need to walk in a good way, repent or repent. Because if you take today’s Bible lesson lightly, it will be difficult to understand this complex matter. If you want to break the sin and evil happening in your life.

So brother, get rid of sin and repent in such a way that it is not needed again and again. Not like a drinker! Rather, renounce sin and evil with a sincere heart. Because a person who drinks alcohol makes a vow to give up alcohol, but he keeps on drinking after meeting in between. That is, God remains unhappy with a person who, even after repenting, continues to sin again and again. Because of this, you should remember that the Lord Jesus has died on the cross once and for all mankind and has risen.

But just think, when you don’t want to sin again because of the fear of the worldly king, why the king of all creation keeps on sinning without fearing God? God lovingly tells you to repent, leave your sins and come near me. But if you ignore his loving message, you are committing a great folly. Because God does not want to change the minds of sinners by punishing them, but by loving them. It’s up to you, how and what you want to hear from the Lord Jesus through today’s Bible lesson.

4) Don’t ignore the gospel

Today’s Bible lesson has to be judged by what we humans see and hear. Because when it comes to the gospel, I feel compelled to say it. Because a person takes pleasure in narrating worldly matters and worldly things to another person. People are so entangled in the web of Satan, that they do not like to listen to the gospel, that is, the things of life. People are more interested in watching and listening to movies, serials, and different types of comedies. But people ignore the word of the Lord Jesus, which changes life, guides, and improves the conduct of people.

But man needs to understand, that the gospel written in the Bible is not of a man! Rather, it is the living word of God. In the verse (John 14:24) the Lord Jesus says, The word I am telling you is that of my Father. If anyone says that he walks according to the command and will of God. But if he does not listen to the word of God, the word of the Bible. So he’s a liar. Because from the Word of (John 1:1) we know that God is the Word. That is why he must listen to the words of God, that is, not get carried away by the gospel.

5) Faith in the Word of Jesus

In the last step of today’s Bible lesson, we’ll see, and believe in the gospel as it was told by the Lord Jesus. But how can a person living a life of sin generate faith? See, for this, we have to read the verse (Romans 10:17) in which it is written that faith is by hearing and hearing is by the word of Christ. See, as a person gives details about some unseen, unknown, or unheard of things, at first people disbelieve after listening to him. But after listening to him again and again, he starts believing that whatever he is saying can be true.

In earlier times there was no means of hearing and preaching the gospel. But nowadays there are many people who teach the truth. There is no need to go anywhere to hear the word. He can easily get information about it through the Internet through YouTube, Facebook, Google, and many more platforms. That’s why no one can say that I am having trouble hearing the word of the Lord. Therefore, it is better to concentrate on listening to the word of the Gospel, that is, the Bible, than to listen to nonsense. This will increase your confidence.

And the verse (James 2:24) also says that a man is considered righteous not only by faith but also by deeds. That is, if you believe in the Lord, then the word of the Lord must be heard because listening to the word of Jesus will be your duty. Because reading and listening to Bible verses is the need of the hour. Similarly, whatever work you do, also requires time. So if you hear the gospel, your faith in the Lord will increase. Through today’s Bible lesson, we also request you to follow the word of the Lord Jesus.


Friends, in the end, I would like to say that you must remember this thing if there is a disturbance in your life due to sin, then the kingdom of heaven is not with you. I am not saying that religious people do not have trouble. Everyone has trouble, but it is better for sinners to repent. I hope you have understood correctly the verse of today’s Bible text (Mark 1:15). Friends, keep good thoughts in your mind, do the welfare of others, and keep moving in the path of truth. Because the Lord expects you to be a perfect person. 


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