Complete History About Dhrishtadyumna In Mahabharata


Who Was Dhrishtadyumna


Dhrishtadyumna Panchal-Raj was the son of Drupada. In the Mahabharata war, he killed Drumsen. Drupada was eliminated along with his three grandchildren and also Virat by Drona. Dhrishtadyumn trembled with anger and swore to kill Drona, but Drona was so safe from the brave warriors that he could not spoil them. Then Bhima came and also encouraged him for battle, as well as both the heroes went into Drona’s military. With the ideas of Sri Krishna, the Pandavas brought false news to Drona that Ashwatthama had been killed.

Because of this, Dron surrendered his weapon. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Dhrishtadyum grabbed Drona’s hair and cut off his head. Drupada got a royal prince named Dhrishtadyumn for the slaying of Dronacharya in a big yajna after shedding fire after Devopasana and Drona brought to life Ashwatthama for the slaughter of Dhrishtadyumn. Arjun and Satyaki got into a great deal of conflict with Dhrishtiyumna relating to Drona-slaughter. Bhima, Sahadeva, Yudhishthira, and Krishna intervened.

Dhrishtadyumna In Hindi

Dhrshtadyumn paanchaal-raaj drupad ka putr tha. Mahabharat-Yuddh mein usane drumasen ka vadh kiya tha. Dron ke haathon drupad apane teen pautron tatha viraat sahit maare gaye. Dhrshtadyumn krodh se tharathara utha aur dron ko maarane ke lie usane shapath lee, kintu dron veer yoddhaon se itane surakshit the ki vah unaka kuchh bhee bigaad na paaya. tabhee bheem ne aakar use yuddh ke lie utsaahit kiya tatha donon veer dron kee sena mein ghus gaye. Sri krishna kii prerana se paandavon ne dron tak yah jhootha samaachaar pahunchaaya ki ashvatthaama maara gaya hai.

Phalasvaroop dron ne astr shastr tyaag diye. Avasar ka laabh uthaakar dhrshtadyumn ne dron ke baal pakadakar sir kaat daala. Vaastav mei drupad ne ek vrhat yagy mein devopaasana ke uparaant prajvalit agni se dronaachaary ke vadh ke nimitt hee dhrshtadyumn naamak raajakumaar ko praapt kiya tha tatha dron ne dhrshtadyumn ke vadh ke lie ashvatthaama ko janm diya tha. Dron-vadh ko lekar arjun tatha saatyaki ka dhrshtadyumn se bahut vivaad ho gaya. Bheem, sahadev, yudhishthir tatha krshn ne beech-bachaav karaaya.

Dhrishtadyumna And Eklavya

Ekalavya was the son of Devasrava, brother of Vasudeva (father of Krishna). Later his son Ketuman was killed at the hands of Bhima. Later this Eklavya was born as Draupadi’s brother Dhrishtadyumna who killed Dronacharya in the Mahabharata and avenged the deceit made by Dronacharya in his previous birth.

Dhrishtadyumna Previous Birth

There is a legend about him that he was Eklavya in his former life. Guru Drona had asked for a thumbs-up to punish him for having stolen education. However, Eklavya had figured out how to walk with his left hand. Ekalavya was killed by Krishna at the time of Rukmini Haran.

Complete History About Dhrishtadyumna In Mahabharata

The fiery son of Dhrishtadyumn Panchalaraja Drupada like Agni. He was the grandson of the Paratha or animal king and the son of the Drupada king. To destroy Dronacharya, it originated from the ignited fire pit. Then Draupadi was revealed from the same altar. Hence, both are called ‘Ayonisambhav,’ and this is ‘Agraj Bandhu’ of Draupadi. It was born from the fraction of fire. It was also called ‘Yagyaseni,’ or ‘Yagyasenasut.’ To take revenge on Drona, Drupada performed a yajna by the sages named Yaz Upayaj. As soon as that ‘yagya’ of that yajna was proved, Yaj called Dupad’s Queen Sautramani to receive her. It was a little late for the Queen’s arrival. 

Yaz then angrily said, ‘Queen! Yaja has prepared this future, and Upayaj has cremated it. For this reason, the origin of progeny is mandatory from this. You come to it or not come. Saying so, Yaz sacrificed in the fire of that future. Then with that burning fire, it appeared in the form of a fiery heroine. The radian of its parts was as stunning as that of Agnijwala.

It had a crown on its head, fine armor in its limbs, and a sword, arrow, and bow in its hands. , As soon as it came out of the fire, it roared on a chariot as if it was going to war. At the same time, All India Radio said, “This Kumar will take away the grief of Panchalas. It has been an avatar for Dronavadha, the Panchalos present. The very happy. He is a ‘monk, monk.’ Saying this, started to appreciate it. 

At the time of Draupadi Swayamvara, the vow of ‘Matsyavedh’ was announced by Drupada through Dhritadhyumna for the swayamvara. The Pandavas came in. Theineage of Brahmins. When Arjuna went to Draupadijiti, ‘one Brahmin conquered Kshatriyakanya,’ this spread to the whole of the royal palace. The whole Kshatriya monarchy became enraged. The matter came till the war. Then it monitored the behavior of the Pandavas from Guptarupa and convinced all the king’s Brahmnarupadhari persons are Pandavas Rajputas’. Dhrishtadyumna was extremely powerful. Dronacharya taught it archery. In the Indian war, it was in the Pandavap,aksha. First, it was an extravaganza in the army of Pandavas. Seeing its wariness, Yudhishthira made it commander on the advice of Krishna. In the war of war, Dhrishtadyumn handled his responsibility with great skill. Drona was the general, while Bhima killed the elephant named Ashwatthama, spreading the legend that ‘Ashwatthama was dead.’ 

Dronacharya performed the weapons with a genuine heart, assumia sincere sincerelks of a daughter-in-law to be ta rue. Then on getting a good opportunity, Dhrishtadyuman decapitated Drona. Dhrishtadyum killed Dronacharya in a weak position. Sea weak Satyaki condemned Dhritadumayan a lot. Then a situation of fighting broke out in both of them. But Krishna postponed the incident. Later, on the eighteenth day of the battle, Dronaputra Ashwatthaman accepted the sainthood of Kauravasena to avenge his father’s slaughter. Due to rage and anger on the same night, he entered the Pandavas’ Shiva for the epiphany.

He first went to the residence of his father’s bloody Dhritadumayan. At that time, he was sleeping. Ashwatthaman awakened it by the lattice. Then Dhrishtadyumn decided to accept death from the weapon. But Ashwatthaman said, ‘You have killed my father in a disarmed state. That is why you are not fit to die with weapons. Later Ashwatthaman killed it by crushing it with sticks and punches. Later, he did the complete work of Pandavakul.

Summary About Dhrishtadyumna 

  • Maharaja Drupada performed a yagna to procure children to avenge his insults to Dronacharya.
  • At the time of the complete sacrifice of the yajna, a Kumar wearing a crown, kundal, armor, Tron ​​, and bow appeared from the Yajnakunda.
  • This Kumar was named Dhritashdyumna.
  • In the war of Mahabharata, this was the commander of the Pandava side. 
  • He was the son of Drupada and brother of Draupadi, who was born in Yajnakund.
  • His son’s name was Dhrishketu. Wars were fought in the Mahabharata on behalf of the Pandavas. He killed Drona.


Draupadi is among one of the most well-known personalities of Mahabharata. According to this epic, Draupadi is the daughter of King Drupada of the Panchal nation, that later on ended up being the wife of the five Pandavas. Draupadi was wed to all 5 Pandava siblings. The five kids birthed to them by the Pandavas (Prativindhya, Sutasom, Shrutakirti, Shataniq, and Shrutakarma, specifically) were referred to sub-Pandavas.

Who killed Ashwathama?

In the war of Mahabharata, when the Pandavas announced that Ashwatthama was killed, Dronacharya felt very sad. They put their weapons in the disguise of the son. Then Draupadi’s brother Dhrishtadyumna beheaded him.


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