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Shiv Parivar

Shiv Parivar
Shiv Parivar

Lord Shiva is the head of the Shiv Parivar (family). Shiva is considered the soul of the universe. If Shiva is not there, then the creation becomes like a dead body. For this reason, Shiva has also been called the period of times, i.e. Mahakal. Shiva gives life, gives life and also destroys.

Shiv Parivar (Parents)

According to Shiv Puran, Lord Shankar’s origin is believed to be in Kashi region only from Lord Sadashiva and Parashakti Ambika (not Parvati or Sati). She is Ardhangini Durga of Kalarupa Sadasiva, the goddess of power. According to another legend, Lord Shankar’s father, Brahma, grandfather Vishnu and great grandfather are Sadashiva. Since he is like his great grandfather, he was also called Shiva.

Shiv Parivar (Wives)

Shiva’s first spouse, Sati, was born as Parvati in the next life. Apart from this, Uma, Urmi, Kali, Ganga are also his wives. Based on Skanda Purana, Goddess Ganga is the stepmother of Kartikeya (Murugan). Lord Shiva is a consort, and he was not married to other goddesses, but according to Puranic stories, all the above goddesses considered him a husband. It is also said that these are all forms of Parvati.

Daughter Of Lord Shiva

The name of Lord Shiva‘s little girl is Ashok Sundari. According to mythology and some folk beliefs, Mata Parvati sought the girl child’s blessing from the Kalpa tree (the tree that fulfils all wishes) to overcome her loneliness, which led to Ashok’s birth Sundari. Ashok Sundari was married to the mighty King Nahusha. With Mata Parvati’s blessing, Ashok Sundari became the mother of heroic sons like Yayati and a hundred girls.

Shiv Parivar Shivling

Shivalinga (for example, symbol, mark or sign) is likewise called Linga, Parthiv-linga, Lingam or Shiva Lingam. It is a sculpture of the Hindu god Shiva. It is usually settled in Swayambhu and most Shiva sanctuaries. The Shivalinga is generally shown standing on a circular sculpture called Peetham or Peetha.

Shiv Parivar Members


Lord Shiva’s wife, Jagadamba, is Parvati. According to Shivpuran, this mountain king is the daughter of Himalaya and Maina. Parvati is considered power. The body is useless if there is no strength in the body. Shakti is the beam of glory. Parvati, i.e. Durga, gives the power of success to every human being. Lord Shiva has proved the importance of self-power in Ardhanarishwar form.


He is the elder son of Lord Shiva. Karthikeya holds the rank of commander of the gods. He is the embodiment of courage. He had destroyed Tarkasur at an early age due to his indomitable courage. Hence, Kartikeya gains confidence and self-confidence. According to Shivpuran, Kartikeya is Brahmachari, while in Brahmavaivarta Purana, his wife’s name is mentioned as Devasena.

Shri Ganesh

He is the younger son of Lord Shiva. Their face is an elephant. Hence they are also called Gajmukh. Sriganesh holds the title of First Priest. They are worshipped before any auspicious work. In the texts, he is described as the most powerful and intelligent. All their troubles are overcome by honouring them. According to the Ganesh Purana, Sriganesh has eliminated many wicked by taking many incarnations.

Shiv Parivar (Daughter-in-law)

Lord Shiva has two daughters-in-law Siddhi and Wisdom of Shree Ganesh. According to Shivpuran, she is the daughters of Prajapati Vishwaroop. Riddhi and Siddhi are found in some places, but Siddhi and Wisdom are considered Ganapati consort in most texts. Siddhi gives success in works, in desires. Wisdom paves the way to knowledge.

Shiv Parivar (Grandson)

According to the texts, Lord Ganesh has two sons, Kshem and Gaya. Khemas preserve our earned virtue, wealth, knowledge and fame. It merely means that everything we gain from our hard work is safe, do not let it diminish and gradually increase it. The result of profit is to improve it continuously. Profit gives us a constant increase in wealth, fame etc.

Shiv Parivar (Other relations)

One son of Brahma was named Daksha Prajapati. They had many daughters. One of his daughters, Sati, was married to Lord Shankar, and the second daughter Khyati was married to sage Bhrigu. This means that Lord Shankar and sage Bhrigu were brothers-in-law among themselves. Bhrigu got two sons, Gita and Vidhata, and a daughter Sri Lakshmi was born with fame. He married Sri Lakshmi to Lord Sri Hari Vishnu. Now you think that Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva originated from Sadashiva. These three were also brothers.

According to mythology, Lord Brahma’s daughter Saraswati was married to Bhagwan Vishnu. At the same time, Brahma’s wife Saraswati was the goddess of Apara Vidya, whose mother’s name was Mahalakshmi and whose brother’s name was Vishnu. Vishnu married the goddess named ‘Sri Lakshmi’. She was the daughter of Bhrigu Rishi. Maharishi Bhrigu is the son of Pracheta-Brahma, as described in sections scattered in the fourth wing of Vishnu Purana, Agni Purana, Srimad Bhagavata of Goddess Bhagavata.


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