Did God Create Evil?


Did God Create Evil?

First of all, it seems that if God created everything, then evil must have been created by God. But still, evil is not a rock or a solid object like lightning. You cannot put evil in a pitcher. Evil has no existence in itself; It is the absence of goodness. For example, holes are real, but they are in something else. The absence of soil at some place is called a hole, but it cannot be separated from the soil.

So when God created, it is true that everything He created was good. Man was the only creature in the creation of God who had the freedom to choose what was good. For a real decision to be made, God had to let there be some choice for what is good. Therefore, God gave these angels and humans the freedom to choose what is good and reject what is good (that is, evil). We label it as bad when there’s an unbalanced connection between two good things, but it’s not enough to turn into a “thing” that God must make.

Maybe another additional example will help us. When a person is asked, “Does cold exist?” ” most likely “yes.” But, this is not the case. But, this is wrong. Cold does not exist. Cold is the absence of heat. Something like this, darkness does not exist; it is the absence of light. Evil is the absence of good, or more precisely, evil is the absence of God. God did not require the creation of evil but merely the absence of good.

Did God Create Evil?
Did God Create Evil? See Below

God did not create evil, but he allows evil to happen. If God had not allowed the possibility of evil to happen, then both men and angels would have been serving God not voluntarily but by compulsion. He didn’t want a “robot” that would just do what he wanted according to his prescribed “mechanical system”. God has allowed that the chance of evil to allow us to freely decide whether we would like to follow Him or not.

We will never be able to fully comprehend the infinitude of God (Romans 11:33, 34). Sometimes, we believe we know why God has decided to do this, but only after we realize it was done for a different reason than we initially believed. Sometimes, we believe we know why God has decided to do this, but only after we realize it was done for a different reason than we initially believed. God looks at things from a holy and eternal perspective. We see from a sinful, worldly and temporal perspective.

Why did God put Adam and Eve on earth knowing that they would sin and bring evil, death and suffering to all mankind? Why didn’t he just create all of us and put us in heaven where we would be perfect without suffering? We cannot fully understand the answer to this question until we reach heaven. We can only know that everything God does is holy and perfect and that in the end, all of these will be glorified. God allowed the possibility of evil to happen to allow us to make a true decision about whether we worship him or not. God did not create evil, but he allowed it to happen. If he did not allow such a possibility, we would have worshipped him not out of our desire but because of compulsion.

If God Has Created Good, Then Is Evil Also Created By God?

God has created only good. Evil is the product of the mind of us human beings. God never intended to create evil. It was just a result of human ability, so God never created evil. It is born inside man, and man is the primary source of evil.

You can see the biggest example of this through an epidemic like Corona. According to scientists, it is a deadly virus created by humans.

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Man-Made Good Or Evil?

Neither good is created by God nor evil is created by God. Good and evil are both from the point of view of human beings. Man, using his intellect with the help of his senses of knowledge, while fulfilling it with the sense of mind, a man weighs anything according to the criteria of good and bad. When the reality is here that nothing is bad or good, it is just that man decides that thing according to good and bad, then proves it by logic, when that thing is seen carefully, whether that thing is good or not. It does not change by becoming bad. It remains the same.

Example: We use a knife to cut vegetables. It’s good, but we use it to kill someone; it’s evil.

What is evil?

It needs to be fixed, or else every person who feels trouble will declare that evil. The poor man will call the lack of money evil and see his salvation in eliminating the rich Then. The capitalists will see such poor as evil and try to eliminate or suppress them. How will it be decided to determine whose effort is right and whose effort is wrong?, How will it be decided?

Some people believe that good and evil, right and wrong, we all decide it ourselves.

But our views are different. Its criteria of good and bad may be different according to the attitude and circumstances of each person. Still, some criteria are always applicable to all.

Stealing is wrong, but if someone has saved the lives of 100 small children and that too by stealing from a dishonest person, then here you will not be able to call him wrong.

There are many such examples where behavior is judged according to the circumstances. Good adds some beauty to this beautiful world created by God and does not make it ugly.

The creature who adds something unique or reduces some horror in this unique creation of God is a good person, and the person who removes beauty from this wonderful world and makes it ugly is bad or evil.

What Does The Bible Say About Evil In The World?

James 1:13 says: “When someone is tempted, he must not declare” I’m being in the presence of God because wicked things do not entice God, and He does not try to tempt anyone by himself.” God is not the cause of the evil spewed throughout the world.


Does the Bible say that God create evil?

Then why does Isaiah 45:7 say, ” I form the light and make darkness; I create peace and destroy evil: I am the LORD accomplish all this.” The start of the answer lies in Biblical Hebrew and the first step to mastering understanding the Bible language.

What is the origin of evil?

The majority of Christians believe that the evil of our world is caused by Adam and Eve, who disobeyed God. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat the fruit. God punishes Adam and Eve for their deeds, and the punishment was to suffer through life. This is referred to as the fall’.


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