Did God Create Hell?


Did God Create Hell?

Heaven is the abode of God. There are more people to live there, and they are called angels. One cannot go to heaven with a human body, and angels have a spiritual body.

Whatever picture comes to mind when you hear the word “hell”, most people think that Hell is a place where people have to suffer for their sins. Concerning the consequences of sin In relation to sin and its consequences Bible declares: “Through one man sin came into the world and death as a result of sin, and death was spread to all people since all They had committed a sin.” (Romans 5:12) The Bible also says, “The price of the sin of a person is to die.” (Romans 6:23) Human beings stop being alive at the time of their death and are no longer alive. In the absence of consciousness and inability to comprehend, it is not right to claim an eternal hell where the wicked are to endure.

Jehovah God, our Creator, knows what happens to a person after death. He tells us through the Bible that when a person dies, his life ends. There is no soul in it that wanders or goes somewhere else. His feelings and memories are erased, and he can neither see, hear nor think anything.

Did God Create Hell?
Did God Create Hell?

Is There Really Any Hell?

Human life is a prize of life in transcendence from the monkey predecessor.

We expect it to be used judiciously to reward heaven-salvation.

Unfortunately, we are those people who do not follow religion and misuse it to settle scores with peers and others,

We earn money through murder, fighting, theft, corruption and compounding sins. Thus we are rewarded with one Hell.

If everyone was honest, Swarga would only exist on earth. (Did God Create Hell?)

How Many Hells, Where Are They, And Who Goes?

According to religious belief, Hell is where the souls of sinners are sent to suffer punishment. After the punishment, they are born in other yonis according to their karma. It is said that heaven is above the earth, and Hell is under the earth, i.e. in the underworld. It is also called Hades. AdBlock means the lower world. Urdhva Loka means the upper lok, i.e. heaven. In the middle world is our universe. Generally, there is 1. Upward motion, 2. Steady motion, and 3. The downward motion come under motion and motion.

Some people consider the things of heaven or Hell to be fiction, while some people are true. According to those who believe in the truth, speed decides whether you will fall into the underworld or the upper world. It is stated in the Hindu texts in the scriptures that two kinds of speed: 1. Agati and 2. Speed. There are four types of Agati- 1. Ksinodark, 2. Bhumodarka, 3. Again, and 4. Durgati. Four words are given under Gati: 1. Brahmaloka, 2. Devalok, 3. Pitruloka and 4. Hell. The living being goes to the said worlds according to his deeds.

When a person dies, he walks on this path…

According to the Puranas, whenever a person dies, or the soul leaves the body and starts the journey, he gets three types of paths during this time. It is said that on which path that soul will be led depends only on his actions. These three paths are – Archi Marga, Dhoom Marga and Genesis-Annihilation Marga. The Archi Marga is for the journey to Brahmaloka and Devlok. At the same time, the Dhummarga leads to the journey to Pitruloka, and the Genesis-Annihilation path is for the journey to Hell. The question arises: who goes on the path of creation and destruction to travel to Hell? (Did God Create Hell?)

Who Goes To Hell?

Gnani to Gnani, Atheist to Atheist, Atheist to Atheist and Wise to Wise One may also have to face Hell because the knowledge, thoughts etc., do not decide whether you are good or bad. Your goodness is hidden in your moral strength, which lies in following the Yamas and Niyams. The level of consciousness increases only in good people, and they become superior in the eyes of the gods. It is better to be good in front of yourself than in front of millions—the same speed. Good work and a good attitude and thinking give good momentum. How can someone living in a constant state of bad spirits be saved?

These people go to Hell: those who insult religion, gods and ancestors, eat vengeful food, sinners, unconscious, angry, lustful and slow people go to Hell. The sinful soul, while living, faces Hell, even after death, according to his sin, and he has to live in different hells for some time.

Being in constant anger, quarrelling, always thinking of deceiving others, drinking alcohol, consuming meat, infringing on freedom, and thinking of committing sins, spoils one’s mind and moves to the lower world. And after death, he automatically falls into Hell, and there he encounters Yama. (Did God Create Hell?)

What Would The Hell Look Like?

To answer this question, ask yourself, what does the world look like when you are afraid or when greed dominates you? Don’t you then exploit every person and thing? And don’t you see the whole world against you then? Don’t you begin to feel love, freedom and truth from liars?

This is Hell. No special place, your mood.

Those who knew used this word to explain our state of mind. It would be a mistake to consider Hell to be a physical place.

Similarly, heaven is also not a physical place. Every text tells you that God is love, and at the same time, it also says that God resides in heaven, so understand the gesture. When your mind is not surrounded by fear and greed, that state of mind is heaven. (Did God Create Hell?)

You never get the fruits of your actions in the future, and you get it at that moment. You are your heaven and Hell. The karma that will arise from the center of greed or fear will only push you into more fear or greed and will take you deeper into Hell.



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