Did Jesus Get Stabbed? or Nailed


According to the scripture of John, a Roman soldier, Lance of Longinus, punctured or stabbed Jesus’ side with a spear while he was held on the cross, ostensibly to examine whether he was dead or otherwise.

Different people have different views on the question, was Jesus stabbed or not? Let’s discuss

Did Jesus Get Stabbed? or Nailed

Did Jesus Get Stabbed? or Nailed
Did Jesus Get Stabbed? or Nailed. See Below in FAQ

An interesting question of all time: “Did Jesus get stabbed or nailed?” The answer is NO.

Jesus was nailed to the cross, not stabbed. He did not bleed out and die of a stab wound. There are many reasons why Jesus’ cross has nothing to do with stabbings, including…

1. The nails went through His wrists, not His hands (or fingers).

2. The nails were large spikes and went through both wrists, not just one wrist.

3. The spikes entered from the outside walls of each hand, not the palm of each hand.

4. There were multiple nails per hand; no stabbing was involved.

5. The spikes went through when Jesus’ arms were stretched out in a crucifixion pose, not bent over in a stab position.

6. He bled from nail punctures, not stab wounds or knife wounds.

7. He died slowly and painfully, not quickly and easily.

Another Theory

Yes, Jesus was stabbed, the Romans will break the legs of those hanging there to accelerate their deaths. The soldier that approached Jesus thought Jesus was already dead (which He was) as well as validated it by running a pilum (the Roman spear) under His rib cage as well as piercing Jesus’s heart.

What Happened To The Roman Soldiers Who Crucified Jesus?

The Bible is pretty clear about the fact that Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead three days later.

But what happened to the soldiers who carried out the crucifixion? Did any of them repent and accept God?

This week, we look at the story of the centurion whose servant was healed by Jesus. Acts 10:1-48 tells us that Cornelius was a centurion in Caesarea in Judea. But Luke 23:47 tells us that Jesus’ crucifixion took place in Jerusalem. So how did Cornelius get from Jerusalem to Caesarea?

The answer lies in a caravan of men who were bringing trade goods from Jerusalem to Caesarea weekly. This is what brought Cornelius in contact with some Jews, and he invited them to his house for a meal because he feared for his life (Acts 10:24). It is believed that the centurion who was in charge of the crucifixion was named Lucius Cornelius. After Jesus was crucified, Cornelius is said to have gone to Caesarea and become a proselyte, which means he converted to Judaism.

His story is told in Acts 10 and Luke 23. When Jesus was crucified, the soldiers who carried out the execution were most likely following orders and doing their duty. It’s possible that some of them regretted their actions after seeing Jesus’ miracles or hearing his words. The Bible doesn’t tell us what happened to the soldiers after they crucified Jesus, but we can imagine that they returned to their normal lives. Some of them may have had nightmares about the crucifixion or felt guilty for what they did. Others may have been proud of their role in such an important event.

How Did Longinus Die?

Longinus was a Roman soldier present at Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. He is best known for piercing Jesus’ side with a spear, causing blood and water to pour out. This event is recorded in the Bible, saying that Longinus was converted to Christianity by this miracle. Very little is known about Longinus’ life before or after the crucifixion. Some legends say that he was blind in one eye, which is how he got his name (Longinus means “little long”).

It is also said that he was later martyred for his beliefs, but there is no historical evidence to support this claim. What is certain is that Longinus played a small but significant role in one of the most important events in Christian history. His act of piercing Jesus’ side symbolizes both the physical and spiritual aspects of Christ’s sacrifice. As such, he has become an important figure within Christianity, and his story continues to be told centuries after his death.

How Many Lashes Did Jesus Get?

The crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ is the most famous martyrdom in history. Before he was crucified, 39 flogged, crowned with thorns, and mocked. Nails were hit in the hands and feet, and Neja was hit in the rib.

Why Did The Water Come Out Of Jesus?

This neurologist has said that Jesus’ shoulders slipped while carrying the cross. The Bible tells how Jesus fell while carrying his cross. Later, his hands were pierced with nails by Roman soldiers, due to which blood and water came out.

FAQ About Did Jesus Get Stabbed? or Nailed

Did Jesus get stabbed in the chest?

The injury remained in the side of Jesus’ chest, where, according to the New Testament, his body was pierced by a soldier, Lance of Longinus, in order to make certain that he was dead. The Scripture of John specifies that blood, along with water, poured out of this injury (John 19:34).

What side did Jesus get stabbed on?

According to the scripture of John, a Roman soldier, Lance of Longinus, punctured Jesus’ side with a spear while he was held on the cross, ostensibly to examine whether he was dead or otherwise.

Did Jesus get stabbed on the cross?

Yes, Jesus was stabbed on the cross by the Lance of Longinus.

Did Jesus get stabbed with a spear?

Some people think there is no record of Jesus ever getting transfused, yet he still died on the cross. Do biblical scholars and theologians want to keep Jesus’ death in mystery? Why do they want to keep the truth from us? If Jesus did not get transfused, then why do you not remember him bleeding out, falling over, and dying.
I am asking you to restrain your skepticism for two minutes and read this with an open mind. When you are finished reading, if you still feel that this cannot be true, then I will walk away forever; I will never bring this up again.
The Bible says that Jesus was beaten and whipped, smashed with a rod, spit on, slapped in the face, blindfolded then humiliated, made fun of by the crowd, carrying the cross up the hill to Calvary, stripped naked then nailed to a cross where he hung for six hours.


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