Did Jesus Real Or Fake Perform The Miracles?


How Many Miracles Did Jesus Perform

The Main Seven Miracles Jesus performe. Through his miracles, Jesus showed how he would exercise his authority and power when he became King. (How Many Miracles Did Jesus Perform)

Jesus performed great miracles, which any human being cannot understand. Because the power to do so came from God. Jesus often performed these miracles in front of hundreds of thousands of people and for the benefit of the people. 

These miracles proved that he has more power than his enemies and can easily solve the great problems that are impossible for humans to overcome. Let us consider some of these important examples.

How Many Miracles Did Jesus Perform
How Many Miracles Did Jesus Perform?

Craving To Eat And Drink

One of Jesus’ first miracles was to make water a fine wine. Then, on two separate occasions, he fed thousands of people with some bread and fish. Even after this, a lot of food remained.


Jesus cured people of “every kind of sickness and every kind of infirmity.” (Matthew 4:23) Such as blindness, deafness, leprosy, and epileptic diseases. Jesus also healed the lameness. Yes, there was no such disease that he could not cure.

Bad weather Once

Jesus and his disciples were crossing the Sea of ​​Galilee in a boat when suddenly a strong wind started blowing. At this, the hearts of the disciples trembled. But looking at the wind, Jesus said: “Shhh! Shut up!” Then the storm stopped, and there was a great silence.

(Mark 4:37-39) On another occasion, when a terrible storm struck the seas, Jesus walked on rising waves.—Matthew 14:24-33.

Evil Angel

Demons are enemies of God and are far more powerful than humans. Once they get into a human being, it is difficult to break free from their grip. But Jesus had healed such people. 

He was not afraid of those evil angels. On the contrary, they feared Jesus because they knew very well that he had received authority from God.


Death is referred to in the Bible as “the last enemy.” (1 Corinthians 15:26) And this is true, for no imperfect human can destroy it. But Jesus had conquered death. For example, he resurrected a widow’s young son and a young girl. 

On another occasion, he raised his best friend Lazarus to life in front of many mourning mourners. It was indeed a resounding victory over death, for it had been four days since Lazarus was dead! Not even known enemies of Jesus could deny this miracle.—John 11:38-48; 12:9-11.

But what is the use of all these miracles, since the people Jesus helped have all died? There is an advantage. They prove that every prophecy about the Messiah’s Kingdom will be fulfilled.

Furthermore, our faith in God’s appointed King, Jesus, grows in our ability to eradicate hunger, disease, bad weather, demons, and death because he proved that he got the power to do all this from God.

—This section is based on the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. (How Many Miracles Did Jesus Perform

Complete Miracles Of Jesus

Complete Miracles Of Jesus
Complete Miracles Of Jesus

1. This World Divided Between Two People

This world is divided between two types of people. One who believes in the existence of God and the other who consider any such belief to be fabricated. For those who believe in God, for them, the whole universe is in the hands of the Supreme Being; they are called theists.

2. Existence Of God

On the other hand, those people for whom God does not exist, for whom divine authority is not important, believe that the existence of God has been discovered by those people who cannot solve their problems themselves and ask God on everything. Ask for help or blame God.

3. Theists And Atheists

There are many fundamental differences between the concepts of theists and atheists, due to which both do not want to agree on any point. Because of this, every issue becomes a matter of debate.

4. Existence Of Christ

One such debatable issue is related to the existence of Jesus, Jesus, or Jesus Christ. According to recent research, it has come to the fore that Jesus Christ was never born. Thus, the person who is seen as the founder of Christianity, in reality, never was.

5. Concept Of Atheists

The famous atheist writer David Fitzgerald, who did not believe in the existence of God, says that no such evidence has been found based on which it can be said that Jesus Christ was born on earth.

6. Jesus Was Not Real

David says that Jesus Christ was not a real person, but the story of the birth of Jesus has been fabricated by linking many stories, personalities, and events.

7. Required Proof

The author also claims that the research done by him has confirmed that the period which is associated with the birth of Jesus, the documents related to that period do not show the association of Jesus Christ anywhere. In contrast, other preachers and founders of Judaism are still mentioned.

8. Disagreement

David Fitzgerald’s installations differ from the earlier ones of Mark, Matthew, and Luke. All these authors presented evidence of the existence of Jesus, but disagreeing with them, David says that all these theories were written much later than the supposed time of Jesus.

9. Just A Story

In his book to be published by the end of this year, David writes that the nature of Jesus is actually arranged on the basis of the religion of some of the pagan people and some other stories.

10. There Was No Miracle

Not only this, according to David, the stories related to the miraculous life of Jesus or the miracles done by him were neither seen nor heard by anyone except those around him for about 100 years after his departure. It means that Jesus did not do any such thing.

11. Doctrine Of Christianity

Like a literary story, the doctrines of Christianity have also been formed much later than the supposed time. It seems that Christianity is a mystical religion of Judaism. According to Fitzgerald, Jesus was never born on this earth, and even if he did, he is not one but a form made up of many different personalities.

12. Not True

The author claims that millions of followers of Christianity only claim miracles performed by Jesus, while there is no evidence to substantiate these claims.

13. Jewish Custom

To substantiate his claims, David says that it is believed that the Jews crucified the so-called Jesus. But at that time, it was the custom of the Jews to stone their hostages or criminals. So then why was Jesus not killed with a stone?

14. Jesus Was Married

On the other hand, after finding another research and some historical evidence, geologist Dr. Arye Shimron says that Jesus not only existed, but he was married as well as the father of a child.

15. Tomb

According to Arye, he discovered the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem in which his wife Mary and brother James were buried.

16. Chemistry Test

After many chemical tests, an Irish geologist discovered a limestone box containing the ashes of Jesus, his wife, and his brother.

17. Other People

According to Arya Shimron, he was buried with nine others, including his brother, wife, and Juda.

18. Disputed Tomb

Shimron’s discovery has rekindled a years-long dispute that began after the discovery of the Talpayat tomb. This tomb was first discovered in the year 1980.

19. Oshari

After the flesh has thawed from the body, the bones are sealed in a box called an oshari. On the oshari found from this tomb, it was written, ‘Jesus, Son of God, i.e., son of God.

20. Son Of Jesus

Other names besides him include Maria, Mary, Joseph, Jos, Matthew, and most controversially, John, who is said to be the son of Jesus.

21. Common Name

Many people are also saying that names like Joseph, Mary, Matthew, etc., were very common. However, these names knew about 8 percent of the Christian population, so it is too early to say with certainty that these are indeed the remains of Jesus Christ and his family.

22. Relics Of Jesus Christ

Since then, the Oshri has remained a matter of controversy whether or not it really contains the remains of Jesus Christ. Because it is very rare when the names of the family members of the alleged Jesus Christ are also of any other family member.

23. Miracle Or Coincidence

Well, whatever be the case, religion, God, and its existence are entirely a matter of one’s faith. If there is faith, then the stone is also God, and if not, then even the biggest miracle seems like a coincidence.

Evidence Of Jesus’ Miracle Truth

Why can we be sure that Jesus’ miracles really happened? Let’s look at some of the evidence for this to be true.

When Jesus did powerful works, he never wanted people to praise him. Instead, he made sure that the credit for every miracle should go to God and to Him be glorified. 

For example, before healing a blind man, Jesus stressed that this healing would take place so that “the works of God might be made manifest in him.”—John 9:1-3; 11:1-4.

Jesus was quite different from sleuths, magicians, and faith healers in that, unlike them, he never used hypnotic powers, deceit, sensational spectacles, captivating, or emotional rituals. Likewise, he did not resort to superstitions or use idols and talismans. 

Consider how Jesus healed two blind people without any pretense. The account states: “Jesus touched their eyes with pity, and they immediately began to see; and followed him.” (Matthew 20:29-34) Yes, there was no ritual, no singing, and no pretense. 

Jesus performed his miracles openly and often in front of many eyewitnesses. Jesus did not use special lighting, stages, or equipment to heal. 

Whereas the exploits today called miracles are often far from the truth, and there is no solid evidence to back them up.—Mark 5:24-29; Luke 7:11-15.

Jesus sometimes commended the faith of those who benefited from his miracles. But a lack of faith in a man did not hinder Jesus from performing miracles. 

For example, when Jesus was in Capernaum in the land of Galilee, people “brought to him many people who had demons, and he cast out those spirits with his word, and healed all the sick.”​—Italics our; Matthew 8:16.

Jesus performed miracles not to satisfy anyone’s curiosity but to provide for those who were really in need. (Mark 10:46-52; Luke 23:8) And Jesus never performed miracles to benefit himself in any way.—Matthew 4:2-4; 10:8. (How Many Miracles Did Jesus Perform)


1. How many miracles did Jesus perform?

Answer: By the way, Jesus, i.e. Jesus, performed many miracles, which started from his birth till his ascension; But one of his favourite disciples, John, emphasized his seven miracles, which he presented as a symbol of Jesus’ being God.

  1. Turning water into wine at a wedding ceremony in a village called Kana. (John 2)
  2. Healing the son of the royal servant in the city of Capernaum. (John 4)
  3. Healing a patient of thirty-eight years at Bethsaida. (John 5)
  4. Jesus was feeding a thousand men with five loaves of bread and two fish and walking on water. (John 6)
  5. Giving vision to the blind of birth. (John 9)
  6. Bring back to life a man named Lazarus, who was dead. (John 11)
  7. The death of Jesus and his resurrection and appearance from the dead. (John 20-21)

2. How many miracles did Jesus perform in the Bible?

Answer:  By the way, Jesus, i.e. Jesus, performed many miracles, which started from his birth till his ascension; But one of his favourite disciples, John, emphasized his seven miracles, which he presented as a symbol of Jesus’ being God. But the Bible does not mention the exact number, about 38 miracles performed by Jesus. 

3. How many miracles are recorded in all four Gospels?


4. What are the 7 miracles Jesus performed?

Answer: 7 miracles Jesus performed Are:

  1. The first miracle was to turn water into wine.
  2. To heal another petra’s mother-in-law.
  3. Raising the child of an older woman on her way to the third Nain village.
  4. Fourth, raising Lazarus to life,
  5. Heal the fifth paralysis
  6. Healing the one who is seeking to be healed from somewhere on the sixth Betsada bridge.
  7. To heal a woman who has been bleeding for seven and twelve years.

There are others that you can read in the Holy Bible. (How Many Miracles Did Jesus Perform)



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