Did Nicodemus Follow Jesus? Understand In 3 Steps


A rooftop meeting at night, an unlikely friendship, and burying a dead body sounds more like a famous novel, but this story comes from the bible. What’s up, guys? Today, we are exploring Nicodemus and Jesus in the bible. Nicodemus is only mentioned three times in the bible, and it seems like we get a different version of him each time, or it appears that his actions for Christ are more like a supporter of Christ rather than a Jew trying to condemn him for his claim of being a deity. I want to try to answer three questions. 

1) Who was Nicodemus? 2) What was Nicodemus relationship with Christ-like? And 3) Did Nicodemus accept Christ as his savior? or Did Nicodemus follow Jesus? And as we answer those, let’s compare his relationship and walk with Christ to ours.

Who Was Nicodemus In The Bible?

Did Nicodemus Follow Jesus?
Did Nicodemus Follow Jesus? Understand In 3 Simple Steps

The first mention of Nicodemus is a rooftop meeting at night in John 3, where John starts to tell us a little about Nicodemus. Says in verse 1, he says he’s a Pharisee. He’s a ruler of the Jews or a member of the Sanhedrin Nicodemus says to Jesus in verse 2, rabbi we know you are a teacher come from God for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him.

And Jesus tells Nicodemus in verse 3, you must be born again to see the kingdom of heaven. You know Nicodemus was an extremely smart man. The position he held would have been a desire of any Jew. Nicodemus was like that with the Jewish law. He knew it backward and forwards, but initially, Nicodemus had it wrong. He said Jesus was from God. Still, Jesus is God.

In this first meeting, Nicodemus was full of questions, and when Nicodemus got it wrong about Jesus being just a messenger, Jesus went to Nicodemus’s spiritual standing. We see Jesus tell Nicodemus about how to enter the kingdom of heaven. after talking with Jesus, I feel like Nicodemus’s heart was softened to the idea that he was the Christ, the savior of the world, much like we are when the holy spirit starts to work in our lives we have all these questions.

We think there’s no way that this is right, or maybe you feel like Jesus could never love a sinner like me. But he can, and he did. He died for you, and he died for your sins. If you guys have any questions about this, find a church, or if you’re already attending a church, talk to a church elder or the pastor. 

The next time we see mention of Nicodemus is actually in john chapters 7 43-53. Here in this passage, a group of officers is sent to arrest Jesus, but they return empty-handed, and the Pharisees ask the question of why no one can see what wrong this Jesus is doing. Nicodemus speaks up in verse 51. The saying doesn’t this man have the right to a trial according to our law, Nicodemus was made fun of by the Pharisees, asking if he too was from Galileo. Was Nicodemus coming around to see that Jesus was the messiah?

What Was The Relationship Of Nicodemus To Christ?

Let’s look at the question of Nicodemus’ relationship with Christ. Although I have no proof, I’d like to think that Nicodemus’ mind was racing with questions after that rooftop meeting. I feel Nicodemus probably would have either seen Jesus again or would have read the scriptures through a different lens. I think he was drawn closer to Christ. You know, many times in our lives, we have questions, and all the answers can be found right here in the bible. Nicodemus didn’t have the advantage that we do of a full put together bible. So let’s use it, dig deeper, and read God’s word every chance. 

Okay, so the last time Nicodemus is mentioned in the bible is right after Christ’s crucifixion in john chapter 19. he helps Joseph of Arimathea prepare Jesus’ body for burial and helped place Jesus’ body in the tomb in the garden. You know Nicodemus provided the myrrh and aloes for the binding and the burial processes.

In John chapter 19, verse 39, they say it’s about 75 pounds of burial agents, which would have cost Nicodemus a fortune back then. So Nicodemus was hanging out with Joseph, a disciple preparing the body of a man that the Jewish people killed because he was claiming to be God, and he also helped bury him. What do you think Nicodemus’s mind was out.

Did Nicodemus Follow Jesus?

So the big question did Nicodemus turn his life over to Christ? Or Did Nicodemus follow Jesus? Unfortunately, we’re not saying anything in the bible about Nicodemus after john 19. there are sources outside of the bible that talks about Nicodemus. Remember, when we go outside the bible for biblical information, we need to be cautious of its trustworthiness. So disclaimer also on what I’m about to say because this is my personal feeling. I believe that Nicodemus became a follower of Christ. He went with Joseph of Arimathea to prepare Jesus’ body and place him in the tomb.

We know that Joseph was a disciple because Matthew tells us this in his gospel in chapter 27, verses 57. Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem, and Nicodemus was from Judea. And I would like to think that word would have reached Nicodemus after Jesus’ resurrection, and he would have wanted to see for himself that the king had risen, only strengthening his already believe that Jesus Christ was the messiah.

So, where are you at in your walk with Christ? Are you the first Nicodemus where you have questions and you need answers? Are you the second Nicodemus where you’re kind of on the fence, and maybe you’re even beginning to defend him, or are you the third Nicodemus where you have poured your heart into him, Follow Jesus, and you are a servant of the God most high?


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