Ellora Kailasa Temple And Underground City Mystery

Ellora Kailasa Temple And Underground City Mystery
Ellora Kailasa Temple And Underground City Mystery

Ellora Kailasa Temple And Underground City Mystery

A beautiful construction which Indian historical past has by no means seen till now ‘Ellora Kailasanatha Mandiram’ We do not know who constructed this, why it was constructed and the way it was constructed. Nobody is aware of when it was constructed. This construction itself is a mystery. Along with that, there’s one mystery that’s beyond our imagination. That’s, the underground city below this temple which everybody believes. What significance does this temple have that different temples on the planet do not? Why is it important? Is it true that aliens constructed this temple? Is there any underground city under this temple having a place to advanced civilization? Let us know about Ellora Kailasa Temple And Underground City Mystery.

Kailasanath Mandir

Ellora caves are located 50 km far from Aurangabad in Maharastra. There are a total of 34 caves. Amongst these, cave number 16 is Kailasanath Mandir. Giza pyramid in Egypt, Stonehenge in England are very mysterious constructions however Kailasanath Mandir has extra mysteries than these constructions.

Monolithic temple

First, we are going to discuss the construction of this temple The date of construction is nowhere mentioned in the historical past or books. Even the names of the people who constructed it were nowhere mentioned in the temple. however We can clearly find that the temple was constructed with probably the most advanced technology. In reality, this temple was not constructed Nobody carried stones, cement, or any other construction materials for this temple. A major stone has been burrowed and designed as a temple. That is the one Monolithic temple in your entire world.

Monolithic means a single stone. Meaning this temple is a single stone. Apart from this stone, nothing is added to this temple’s construction. Single stone means you would possibly suppose it is a small temple. This temple is 100 ft high, 109 ft wide, and 164 ft in length. which is in a rectangular form. When the archeology department examined this, they found that nearly four lakh ton weight rock had been dug and sculpted this temple.

According to some proof, the archaeology department concludes that this temple was inbuilt for 18 years. If we calculate, 4 lakh tons of stone is been dug in 18 years If we correctly calculate it, 6 tons of stone have been dug per hour. With the current technology, that’s impossible There’s a doubt that this temple might have been constructed in the 7th century however a lot of them believe that this temple was present for 1000’s years.

Built A Monolithic method

After testing this temple, they found that it was inbuilt a Monolithic method. That is the one time in the world that was constructed by this method. To construct a temple in this way, the Monolithic method has to be used. It means they should sculpt it from the entrance facet of the temple. However, they’ve sculpted this temple from top to bottom The main query is about why they’ve used this method to construct a temple.

In the earlier days where we expect that there was no technology, nobody knows how they’ve constructed this temple with such perfection. As a result, to construct this temple with such perfection, a whole blueprint with 100 % perfection is required. Only probably the most skilled artists and engineers can only construct this. It is a symbol of 100 % perfection. Without any small fault or any mistake, the superb and great artwork of sculpture can be seen everywhere.

The Strength of Kailashnath Temple

The construction of the Kailashnath temple was so robust that, when Aurangajeb occupied Maharastra, he ordered his soldiers to destroy this temple. 1000 folks tried for three years to destroy it however they’ve damaged only 5 % of this temple. Aurangzeb understood that it was impossible to destroy this temple, so he left it. By this, you can think about. If it took this much effort to destroy, how much effort was put to construct this temple?

Even when a small mistake takes place on any side of the temple while sculpting it, the whole construction would be disturbed. However, you possibly can’t find a single mistake within the construction even if you happen to search for it. This temple is perfectly symmetrical with either side being equal. One stone with 100 ft height with three floors as if elephants lifting this temple on their shoulders. After entering into that temple, if you loudly say OM, The vibrations released from that temple stone makes you feel that you’re very close to spirituality.

Doubt That Aliens Have Constructed It

The Primary One

Until now this sort of Monolithic method was nowhere constructed.

The Second One

No proofs were found about when, where and who constructed this temple because The four lakh ton stone which was remained after construction was nowhere found around 100kms surrounding this temple. So what about that stone wastage?

The Third One

There are many 2 ft size tunnels found on this temple. Those tunnels were built while construction however instead of being straight, they were dug in the direction of the earth. Many of the tunnels were been closed by the Indian government for the last 40 years. Moreover, these tunnels weren’t formed naturally. they have been constructed. So the query is, to dig these small tunnels, first a person has to enter into them. However, a person cannot get into it for sculpting. Then, who constructed these tunnels? Furthermore, they were dug very deeply into the bottom. After just a few ft deep, these tunnels lead to left or right turn. The precise use of these tunnels was left mysterious.

The fourth one

On this temple, there are few holes on the floor with the scale of a finger span. They’re very deep into the earth. As soon as the automobile key of a tourist fell into that hole. After that incident, many holes were been closed. Moreover, these holes lead to the left or proper turn after 40 ft depth. Nobody knows where it leads to.

The Fifth One

In that temple, after offering Abhisheka to Lord Shiva idol, the best way from where the water flows is directed to an underground tunnel. Water is sent to the underground tunnel directly. Even if gallons of water are poured into these tunnels, it doesn’t overflow. Finally, we have three temples in that cave. Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha, and the god of Jain. In all of the three temples, there’s a common and interesting fact. On the sculptures which were sculptured on the temple walls, God and people were common however they’ve drawn a line under these idols where little-sized people in a type of snakes were seen.

According to this, few scientists and archaeologists say that there is likely to be an underground city under this temple where few dwarfs like people might have lived. or there might be superior civilization or dwarf-like creatures which were living for hundreds of years without being seen by individuals. Water that flows from Lord shiva’s idol is likely to be their water provide and those underground tunnels would possibly act as ventilation shafts for them. The underground city idea is just not new for us.

Underground City Is Situated At Derinkuyu In Turkey

In the yr 1963, a person after his father’s demise opened a door in his home which was closed all the time. Inside that room, he found a door on the surface. By breaking that lock, he opened that door and found an underground passageway. When he entered that way, It was unbelievable by themselves. They informed the Police. Even they entered into it by carrying lights. One after the other, they found an underground city with 18 floors.

This underground city is situated at Derinkuyu in Turkey. 200 ft deeper into the earth, in 18 floors of construction, 20,000 people used to live at a time in that underground city. There are schools, shops, Churches animal shelters, oil press… what not? All the things we have in our towns are present in the underground city. Similar to Kailash temple, even here there are few underground holes for airflow. Even there are chimneys to release smoke while they cook. They used to dig more from underground for water supply.

Reasons for building an underground city in Derinkuyu

Reasons for building an underground city in Derinkuyu is, In the 7th century when Muslims invented Turkey, they used to kill Christians. For protecting themselves, they have constructed these underground cities. Till 1906, many of the people used to live in these underground cities. In 1906, Muslims and Christians were been exchanged in Greece and Turkey countries. Then the Christians who lived in this underground city have vacated and moved to Greece. Even after that, no one knows about these underground cities.

The reason behind this Aliens topic is These tunnels are very small as only 8 years kid can travel through them. And the next reason is that the Indian government closing it. If anyone wants to know about these tunnels by sending an optic fiber camera or by fixing a camera to the toy car, the government has to agree to that. These tunnels were been closed for 40 years. Our government has more interest in modern science than ancient advanced science. As no details were found in any of our histories.

Archaeology Department Enquired

When the archaeology department enquired the nearby residents about this temple, they told an interesting story. Almost 1000 years ago, when that king was sick and about to die, his wife prayed to Lord Shiva that if my husband gets healed, I will construct a temple which no one heard in history till now. I promise my husband that I will fast till I see the Gopura of the temple.

As wished, her husband got recovered by the next morning. Immediately, she called the famous architects and engineers in her kingdom and ordered them to construct lord shiva’s temple for her. And told them that she would be fasting till she sees the Gopura of that temple. One person from that kingdom gave an idea to the queen that if they start digging a hill from the top, within a week, a temple Gopura can be finished. Then you can break the fasting. For this reason, I feel this temple is been constructed from top to bottom.

Conclusions Kailasa Temple And Underground City

I will give you a few conclusions about this temple. The first thing is, I don’t think this temple was constructed in 18 years. I think almost four generations might have built this in 150 years. Aliens help is not necessary for us to construct this kind of temple. Indians are not foolish. We have already done many inventions like this.

Now the second one. There may or may not be a city in the underground. To find the truth with the proofs we have, our government has to support us. It may not be today but someday the truth will be definitely revealed. We link many subjects with Aliens when there is no answer with us. But if we put more effort, it is not much difficult to find the truth. I believe that the Kailashnath temple was constructed by our ancestors only. However, the precise use of those holes into the earth, water supply, and tunnels can be found only after research.

Today we Know about Ellora Kailasa Temple And Underground City Mystery. Aliens were nowhere involved in this construction. Many of them believe that this temple was built by Aliens. I’ve done this blog post to state my perspective that Aliens didn’t construct this temple.What do you think comment below?


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