Facts And History of Konark Sun Temple


Facts And History of Konark Sun Temple. Konark Sun Temple is the 13th Century Sun Temple which is situated in Konark within the Indian state of Odisha. It’s believed that this temple is the king of the Eastern Ganga kingdom. Narasimha dev 1 was in-built 1250 CE. This temple is made within the form of a large chariot. By which precious metals are wheeled, Pillar and Wall are made. The primary a part of the temple is getting ready to destruction in the present day. At present this temple can also be included within the UNESCO World Heritage Site. And in addition this, Temple is included in 7 wonders of India…

Namaste Buddies! My name is Taris. I am a history Student. This website totally taught me interesting things about the historical past. Right here we Observe and Analyse Ancient Indian Stories and Scriptures. Symbols mentioned in them, and old Indian Rituals. Let us know what information is hidden inside them. So let us go into the segment of Stories and Scriptures and Find out… what’s hidden in the Scriptures? So, at present, I’m going to speak in regards to the Facts And History of Konark Sun Temple. If You have an interest in historical past and historic things, please read my everyday blogs.

Facts And History of Konark Sun Temple
Facts And History of Konark Sun Temple

Facts And History of Konark Sun Temple

Historical past of Konark Temple In keeping with the future Puranas and Samba Puranas. There was one other Sun Temple on this space in addition to this temple. Which was seen earlier than ninth century and even earlier. These books embrace Mundira, Konark, kalaapriy, Mathura And in addition within the Multan. The Sun Temple has been described In keeping with Scripture Samba. Krishna’s son was cursed with leprosy Rishi Cuttack suggested them to worship the sun god to keep away from this curse.

At the moment Samba practiced strict penance for 12 years close to friendhood on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river. Both the precise Konark temple and the Multan Temple show the specialty of Samba Erythraean Sea. AAdditionally had a port close to the primary century CE. Which was known as Canapra, And that’s known as Konark in the present day. Each time it involves custom, customs and historical past. So each temple in India attracts the folks.

Chandrabhaga River

The Konark name is especially composed of corners and edges. The phrase sun It’s located right here on the north-eastern side. Konark Temple Structure By the way in which, this temple is definitely constructed within the mouth of the Chandrabhaga river. However now its water line is getting diminished day-to-day. This temple is specifically made within the form of the chariot of sun god. Fantastically this chariot has 12 pairs of wheels made from metals. Which is three meters large And in entrance of which there are 7 horses (four on the right side and three left).

Kalinga System

This temple can also be composed in line with traditional Kalinga system. And this temple is constructed on the east side. The way in which The sun’s first ray fell straight into the doorway of the temple. This temple was constructed from Khondalit stone. In fact, this temple is a sanctified place. which is 229 toes (70 m) high. Due to being so high and because of the fall of the Aeroplane in 1837. The temple additionally suffered a lot of losses. There’s additionally a Jagmohan Hall, Viewers hall within the temple. Which is roughly 128 toes (30 m) long. And even in the present day, the hall is like that Presently there are lots of more halls on this temple. Which mainly include the Natya Mandir and Bhog Pavilion.

Kaamottejak Murti Maithun

The Konark temple can also be identified for its kaamottejak murti maithun. Two extra huge temples have been found round this temple. Certainly one of which is Mahadevi Temple which is south of the doorway to the Konark temple. It’s believed that the Mahadevi Temple is the temple of Suraj Lord’s wife. This temple was found on the end of the 11th century. The second temple close to the Konark temple is of the Vaishnava neighborhood. By which the statue of Balram, Varah and Trikkram has been established. That’s the reason additionally it is known as Vaishnava Temple. However the basic mortuary of both temples is missing The statues disappeared from the temples. Konark was seen within the Archaeological Museum. Solar dial & Time Temple wheels work as a solarium. With the help of which we are able to discover the right time at each occasions of day and night time.

Facts About Konark Sun Temple

Facts About Konark Sun Temple
Facts About Konark Sun Temple

Chariot Form

Konark Temple Formation of the chariot form. The Konark temple has been constructed within the type of a chariot, with a total of 24 wheels. The diameter of a wheel of a chariot is 10 ft and there are 7 horses on the chariot.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO World Heritage Site Surprised Vintage Construction Artwork Superb. Konark temple is included within the UNESCO World Heritage Site. That is the one temple within the state of Odisha that will get the honor Education of mortality. Solely two large lions have been constructed on the entry portion of the Konark temple. By which every lion is told to destroy the elephant. And there’s additionally an elephant contained in the human physique. In that scene, the lion pride and elephant money representing. Many issues of human beings have been advised in a single view. By and large, the chief motivation behind fake id maker is to furnish you with the admittance to probably the most intriguing adult stuff which incorporates liquor. Generally speaking even the ID of a typical quality can be acknowledged in alcohol stores and dance club. Notwithstanding, it is vital to remember that a few workers could treat their obligations in a serious way and a foundations are prepared to safeguard their standing no matter what. Just quality phony ID can safeguard you from being uncovered. Devoted to the soory bhagavaan Soory bhagavaan is worshiped within the temple.

The size of the temple is sort of a big chariot. And this temple is your special art work. And it’s identified for using precious metals constructed within the temple. The wheels of the chariot of the temple are doing the work of dhogghadi and tell the correct time.

The Primary Attraction Of This Temple

The primary attraction of this temple is the pair of 12 wheels constructed within the chariot. These wheels shouldn’t have easy wheels as a result of these wheels inform us the right time. These wheels have additionally been known as because the solarium. Any particular person can guess the right timing from the shadow of the wheel.

The Science Behind Building A heavy Magnet

The science behind building A heavy magnet has been put in within the upper a part of the temple. And iron plate can also be hooked up to each two stones of the temple. The magnet has been put in within the temple in order that they keep walking within the air.

Kaala pagoda

One of these building can also be the primary motive for individuals’s attraction. Folks come to see it from a far distance kaala pagoda. The Konark temple was originally meant to be constructed on the seaside. However the sea slowly- slowly decreased. And the temple additionally received a little bit away from the shore of the sea. And for the darkish complexion of the temple it’s known as kaala pagoda.

Konark Solar Temple Is Likely One Of The Seven Wonders Of India

And it’s used in Odisha to reduce destructive power Superb surprises. Each single piece of the Konark temple is special in itself and attracts the individuals. Due to this fact, Konark Solar Temple is likely one of the seven wonders of India Instructions on the shore. Every morning in, the primary ray of sun rises through the temple and involves the central a part of the temple. On the time of the colonization, the British had removed the magnet for acquiring magnetic metal.

Konark Sun Temple is a museum?

Konark Sun Temple is a museum
Konark Sun Temple is a museum?

We’re gonna have a look at why the Konark Sun Temple was really constructed and after studying this article. You’ll be able to determine if it’s a Hindu temple in any respect. Think about that you’re a baby. who is simply 5 years old and your mother and father have taken you to the Konark Sun Temple. That is what you’d see on this temple. On the lowest level of the temple, you will note what kids are naturally interested in Animals. There are exquisite carvings of varied animals and their behaviors.

For eg, you see how baby elephants grasp around their moms. How monkeys behave. Some are even humorous, like in the present day’s cartoon community. Right here you’ll be able to see how human beings use tamed elephants to capture a wild elephant. This can be a cage, and you may see how the sculptor had brilliantly carved the elephant contained in the cage. This was historic India’s animal planet. However this temple would not stop there.

Konark Temple Was Constructed As An Encyclopedia

I’m gonna show you the way Konark temple was constructed as an encyclopedia, as a College that teaches varied topics for all age groups. I’ve realized that you could divide this temple into many alternative topics according to its height.

The Primary 2 foot

The primary 2 ft are carved for small children beneath 5 years. And once you attain the ages of 6 to 10, you’ll see things like dancing, singing, and enjoying musical instruments. The temple holds an enormous quantity of carvings about music and dancing. That is an odyssey, the traditional dance of the region. There are 128 postures of traditional Indian dance, carved on this temple. If you’re a tough child, you too can see martial arts like boxing and wrestling. In fact, life can be no enjoyable without games. So you’ll be able to study games like tug of war as properly.

Third level

The third level, a match for ages between 11 and 15 has enormous scientific info, specifically astronomy. This wheel is a sundial that may inform the correct time, precisely right down to a minute! The temple, devoted to the Solar God Surya is a huge symbolic illustration of how the Solar works. The temple is shaped like a chariot with 24 wheels representing 24 hours of the day, which includes three sun gods: the morning sun with a cheerful face, the somber midday sun, and the night sun with a sad face. However, all consultants and commoners have missed one thing essential. What are these bizarre animals carved on both aspects of the chariot? They’re horses in an extremely disintegrated state, they have been disfigured by international invaders.

Why Is The Chariot Being Pulled By Seven Horses?

There are a complete of seven horses that pull the chariot of the sun. Now, Why is the chariot being pulled by 7 (seven) horses? Some say, identical to the 24 wheels signify 24 hours of the day, the 7 horses signify 7 days of the week. However, this isn’t true. Astronomers agree that the 7 days of the week will not be linked to the Sun in any respect, and a few civilizations even had eight-day weeks, as a result of it isn’t related to the movement of the sun and the earth.

So, why is the chariot of the Sun-god being pulled by 7 (seven) horses? Should you speak to the elderly, folks in this area, they reveal some intriguing info. They are saying that each of the 7 horses was painted with a special shade of the rainbow. So, this horse was most likely painted with violet, this one with indigo, and so forth.

Newton Discovery

Now, we all know that Issac Newton discovered that daylight shouldn’t be white, however, made of seven completely different colors. This was a startling discovery again then, and even now it’s laborious to simply accept that daylight is definitely made of seven completely different colors. Newton found this within the 1600s, however, this temple was constructed practically 400 years earlier than Newton, so how did the traditional builders know that the Daylight was really made of various colors? More importantly, why aren’t historians recording this of their books? Anyway, now why the Sun God’s chariot is being pulled by 7 completely different horses.

Subsequent Level

Within the subsequent level, which belongs to age groups from 16 – 20, It’s also possible to learn so much about politics, warfare, and administration. Right here we see the navy of the traditional kingdom and you may even see the flag. We can see how kings have been dealing with commoners in a court. It’s also possible to see how executions have been done, right here a person is being crushed by an elephant. Right here you’ll be able to see individuals carrying a Palanquin, safely transporting the queen. You may study international connections.

On this sculpture, you’ll be able to see a bunch of Africans with a Giraffe, meeting the Indian King. This carving continues to be baffling historians as a result of they declare that Africa by no means had a flourishing civilization. You may see Greeks and Chinese as properly on this temple. In fact, you’ll be able to be taught different softer occupations like Fashion expertise. Right here, I need to level out that Hinduism is a really superstitious faith. Throughout India, {couples} who will not be in a position to have kids go to their native priests, and the priests advise them to go to Konark Temple and spend 21 days here. These are some Facts And History of Konark Sun Temple.

Sex Education

The ritual requires that the {couples} walk across the temple within the morning and the evening, every single day. The true reason turns obvious when you have a look at the carvings on the next level. Konark temple most likely has more erotic sculptures than any other temple in India. There isn’t any way, you aren’t going to be influenced by these sculptures which number within the 1000’s. We expect the system of sex education was created in western international locations, however, historians and archeologists will not be telling us that India had a very systematic strategy in educating people about sex.

And this isn’t simply restricted to postures by how: what does this carving show? A lady is standing on a flame, proper after childbirth to prevent infections. Believe it or not, the tribe was known as Bonda who live within the area, nonetheless, follow this routine. The ladies burn neem wooden and stand on it, right after childbirth. These mothers really start working properly after the delivery, like it’s nothing. The final layer which belongs to the age group 25 and above has sculptures of varied Gods, which was a critical enterprise. It’s for very mature people who find themselves ready to delve into the topic of the gods. You’d only search for if you weren’t distracted by the erotic sculptures. There are additional sublevels of how to take a look at these gods.

What We See In The Present Day Is Just The Outside Of The Temple

Now, what we see in the present day is just the outside of the temple. The primary structure has been destroyed and what we see right here shouldn’t be the primary construction, however a smaller construction in-built entrance of the primary construction. Even this one has been fully sealed off, so we won’t see what’s inside. If this the amount of information we can achieve from outside the temple, Think about what may have been contained in the temple? It’s a disgrace that we have now let this destruction occur as a result of we’d have had entry to among the greatest secrets and techniques of ancient India. Should you go to a modern Hindu temple constructed in the present day, these locations are all about religion and business.

Each God is positioned strategically for the visitor’s comfort and close by each idol is a donation box hoping that these visitors will put in some cash. Should you have a look at temples older than 500 years, there’s a big distinction. Temples like Konark weren’t simply constructed for religion. However have been constructed as an encyclopedia, a museum, or a College to educate individuals. This is the reason Konark shouldn’t be labeled merely as a Hindu temple. As a result of people of any religion can achieve an unlimited quantity of information by visiting right here.


So today we have known the Facts And History of Konark Sun Temple. Even in case you are an atheist, the amount of knowledge you’ll be able to see on this temple surpasses every other museum on the earth.

So, what do you think? Was Konark Temple constructed merely to spread religion, or was it constructed as an encyclopedia in 3D, to educate us? Please let me know your ideas within the feedback part.


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