Goddess Kali Mata


Meaning Of Goddess kali Mata

Goddess Kali Mata
Goddess Kali Mata

Name: Mata Kalika (Goddess Kali Mata)

Shastra: Trident and sword

Day: Amavasya

Stab: Friday

Text: Kalika Purana

Mantra: ्री Shri Shree Klim Parmeshwari Kalike Swaha

Four forms: Dakshina Kali, cremation Kali, mere Kali, and Mahakali Kali.

Goddess Kali Mata (Kalika) occupies a prominent place in Hinduism. Kali means “time” and “time” It is believed that they originated from time and time to destroy sinners. No one can escape from time and time. They swallow it all.

Kali Mata And Shiva

Kali Mata And Shiva
Kali Mata And Shiva

Lord Shiva’s wife had many names in various births. Goddess Parvati adopted this terrible form for the destruction of sinners. The mother’s color is black in this form. She looks awful to see. He has a skewer in one hand and a khapar, on the other hand, and a mundamala in his neck. In this form, the abode of the mother is the crematorium.

Lord Shiva is his life partner, and in this form, the mother rides on the corpse. Mother Kali is mainly worshiped in Bengal and Assam. This form of the mother is exceptionally terrible. In this form, they are of the divine instinct in which there is no compassion. She destroys her enemies.

Story Of Goddess Kali Mata

Once a sinful Asura named Daruk pleased Brahma Ji by doing harsh penance. Due to the boon received from Brahma, Daruka became very strong. He started harassing the gods and Brahmins.

He stopped all religious rituals, Havan, Yagya, and took over Swargaloka. All the gods’ beings were occupied and went to Brahma and Vishnu for help. Brahma Ji said that Daruk Asur could destroy only the woman. All the great gods had also lost him in the war. It was decided that Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva, should kill Daruka Asura.

Birth Of Goddess Kali Mata

Lord Shiva opened his third eye and gave birth to the terrible and fierce mother Kali. His body was black. Mother Kali had a third eye and lunar line on her forehead. He had trident and maternal types of weapons in his hands.

Seeing the aggressive form of Goddess Kali Mata, all the gods trembled and started running from there. In the battle, Daruka was defeated by Asura Maa Kali, and thus the evil ended. Flames of fire erupted all around Maa Kali.

Only Lord Shiva could stop Mother Kali’s wrath. So he incarnated a child. Lord Shiva reached the crematorium and lay there, crying like a child. Mother Kali’s anger subsided upon seeing the little boy.

Watsalya’s spirit was awakened in his heart. He picked up the little boy in the form of Shiva and started feeding on her breasts. Thus Shiva drank his anger.

In this way, the fierce and terrible anger of Mother Kali calmed. After that, mother Kali became unconscious. Lord Shiva danced the Tandava to bring them to their senses. On regaining consciousness, she had returned as Goddess Parvati.

She also started dancing after seeing Lord Shiva’s dance, which is why she is also called “Yogini.” Mother Kali killed demons like Mahishasura, Chand Mund, Dhumraksh, Raktabij, Shumbha Nishumbh. Goddess Kali Mata is one of the Kama Kalamavidya.

Three Goddess Kali Mata Famous Temples

Dakshineswar Kali temple of Kolkata

Dakshineswar Kali temple of Kolkata
Dakshineswar Kali temple of Kolkata

The temple is world-famous, built near the Vivekananda Bridge in the north of Kolkata. This area is also called Kalighat. At this place, four fingers of Devi Sati’s right toe fell. This temple is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas of Goddess Sati.

Maa Garh Kalika Temple

Maa Garh Kalika Temple
Maa Garh Kalika Temple

This famous temple is located in Kalighat of Ujjain. The renowned poet Kalidas used to worship Goddess Kali Mata here. All wishes of devotees are fulfilled by coming here. This temple is very famous in the Ujjain region.

Pavagadh Shaktipeeth Temple

Pavagadh Shaktipeeth Temple
Pavagadh Shaktipeeth Temple

This temple is situated in the high hills of Gujarat. Here, mother Kali is worshiped as Mahakali. The bust of Goddess Sati fell here. This temple is 50 km from Vadodara city.

Importance Of Kali Puja (Worship) In Hindusim

Worshiping Maa Kali relieves all suffering. Whenever Maa Kali’s temple comes, you must fulfill what you promised because there is punishment along with the award here. Some people are terrified of mother Kali and are reluctant to worship.

Worshiping Mother Kali removes the fears of devotees. The wealth of wealth increases. Family and mental peace are found. Success and accomplishment are found in tantric action.

Maa Kali is worshiped by tantric and ascetics. On Friday, mother Kali should be worshiped, sitting in a clean posture.

The chanting of the mantra should be chanted 108 times.

Dakshina Kali

Goddess Kali Mata is the Rudra Devi of Hindus who has descended on demons’ slaughter to protect her devotees. We had told in the previous post how Maa Kali was born. The word Kali means excellent darkness, and they have got this color from the venom settled in Shivji’s throat. The second Kali word means Kaal’s wife. We all know that Lord Shiva is called the destroyer, whose second name is Mahakal. Shiva is a black time, and his wife Parvati has a Rudra form of Kali.

12 Forms Of Goddess Kali Mata

There are innumerable forms of Mahakali, which is not a matter of human control. However, there are eight distinctions mentioned in the religious scriptures: the following.

1) Chintamani Kali, 2) Sparshmani Kali, 3) Santiprada Kali, 4) Siddhi Kali, 5) Dakshina Kali, 6) Kamakala Kali, 7) Hans Kali, 8) Guha Kali

Apart from this, three distinctions of Kali are particularly famous, which are 1) Bhadrakali, 2) Cremation Kali, and 3) Dakshina Kali.

The above three forms are primarily worshiped in the Tantra Mantra.

Importance And Glory Of Dakshina Kali

Just as Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman’s glory is considered extreme, the idol’s power towards the south direction of Kali is most recognized. This form of the mother is most famous among Kali worshipers. Another name in this form is Dakshina Kalika.

According To The Nirvana System

The south direction is believed to be the son of Lord Sun, Yamraj, the god of death. This famine does not give death to the worshipers of Dakshina Kali. Yamraj has a special affection for his devotees and never takes them to hell.

The Second Opinion Behind The Name Dakshina Kali

We give Dakshina after the completion of all religious karma, which is the accomplishment of the fruit. Similarly, Dakshina Kali is the mother who provides all the karma fruits’ achievement. There is another opinion: Dakshina Mukhi Bhairav ​​worshiped him, and for this reason, his name was Dakshina Kali.

Dakshina Kali Mata Powerful Mantra

Shawarudhaman Mahabhimaan Ghorudshtra Vardapradham.

Humor Yuktin Trinetranchap Kartrukaram.

Mukti Keshi Laljihwan Pibanti Rudhiram Muhu.

Chaturbahuytayan Devi Varabhayakaran Smret.

Meaning: The supergiant standing on the dead body is a boon. The mother of three eyes is laughing loudly, and she has a skull (Narmund) in her hand. His hair is scattered, and he is drinking blood from the tongue. We remember the mother of four hands who will give a boon.


1: Why Goddess Kali Mata Stands on Shiva?

Answer: Mahakali is one of the ten Mahavidyas of Bhagwati Durga. The whose dark and the scary structure was destined to devastate the devils. This is only the solitary force(power) from which Kaal fears. Their displeasure takes a massive structure that even the entire world’s forces can’t defeat their indignation. Her husband, Lord Shankar herself, came down at her feet to stop her anger.

2: Which Saint(holy person) was a worshipper of kali mata?

Answer: Once upon a time. Master Ramakrishna came to Srimanta a Srimanta and said to him, ‘Heard you have a mother (dark mother) come, you likewise converse with them.’ Ramakrishna stated, “Yes! Come, just as you are talking with me, I also talk with her. “When does mother come?”, Srimanth asked. Ramakrishna said, “Their arrival is not fixed. They come when they wish.” Srimanth said, “Please please, Swami Ji, this time when the mother comes, ask me to come to you too.” You realize that I am swamped, so I won’t have the option to stay here and stand by. ‘


Today we know About Meaning Of Goddess kali Mata. Mata And Shiva, Three kali Mata Famous Temples, Importance Of Kali Puja In Hinduism, 12 Forms Of Kali etc.


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