History And Mystery Of Duryodhana In Mahabharata

Who Was Duryodhana

Duryodhana And Bhima

Duryodhana was the eldest of the hundred sons of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari, the Maharajas of Hastinapur. When Pandu’s wife Kunti first got a child and got the pleasure of becoming a mother, Gandhari was saddened to see that her son would not become an officer. Thinking this, he attacked her womb and tried to destroy it. This act of Gandhari caused her miscarriage. Maharishi Vyas divided Gandhari’s womb into one hundred parts and kept it in a pit filled with ghee, which led to a hundred Kauravas. The first baby that was received from the pitcher was named Duryodhaana. Duryodhan was very obstinate and wicked by nature. He always tried to degrade the Pandavas and was jealous of them. Due to his evil spirit, the war of ‘Mahabharata’ took place.

Duryodhan In Hindi

duryodhan hastinaapur ke mahaaraaj dhrtaraashtr aur gaandhaaree ke sau putron mein sabase bada putr tha. Jab paandu kee patnee kuntee ko pahale santaan ho gaee aur use maan banane ka sukh mil gaya, tab gaandhaaree ko yah dekhakar bada dukh hua ki ab usaka putr raajy ka adhikaaree nahin ban paayega. Yah sochakar usane apane garbh par prahaar karake use nasht karane kee cheshta kee. Gaandhaari ke is kaary se usaka garbhapaat ho gaya. Maharshi vyaas ne gaandhaaree ke garbh ko ek sau ek bhaagon mein baant kar ghee se bhare ghadon mein rakhava diya, jisase sau kaurav paida hue. Sabase pahale ghade se jo shishu praapt hua tha, usaka naam duryodhan rakha gaya. Duryodhan svabhaav se bada hee hathee aur dusht tha. Vah paandavon ko sadaiv neecha dikhaane ka prayatn karata aur unase eershya rakhata tha. Usake dusht svabhaav ke kaaran hee mahaabhaarat ka yuddh hua.

Duryodhana’s Parents (Mother-Father)

Dhritarashtra was married to Gandhari with Bhishma’s inspiration. When Gandhari heard that her future husband was blind, she blindfolded her so that her husband could follow the religion. When Maharishi Vyas was very tired and hungry at one time, he came to Hastinapur. Gandhari gave him proper hospitality. Pleased, Vyasa gave Gandhari the boon to get a hundred sons to suit her husband. Two years passed after conception. Kunti also got a son, but Gandhari did not give birth to a child. So, subjected to anger and jealousy, he struck his abdomen, which brought out a hard iron-like flesh. When Vyasa appears, Gandhari tells him everything.

Vyasa got one hundred and one pots filled with ghee at the secret place. After washing the meat body with cold water, it became one hundred and one blocks. Each block was kept in a pot for two years. After opening the lid, one child appeared from each pot. A girl emerged from the last pot, named Dushala. The grief was married to King Jayadratha of the Indus region. Duryodhana was married to ‘Bhanumati’.

Birth Of Duryodhana

The boy who appeared when he opened the first matka was named Duryodhan. He started speaking badly as soon as he was born, and the bad omen in nature appeared. The pundits told Dhritarashtra that only the Kaurava dynasty could be saved by abandoning this child. Otherwise, it would be disastrous, but the fascination Gandhari and Dhritarashtra did not leave him. Bhima was born on the same day in Kunti’s house. Dhritarashtra also had a Vaishya caste servant from whom Dhritarashtra received a son named Yuyutsukaran.

Duryodhana Age

So the age of the eldest Duryodhana would be around 99, and that of Gandhari would be around 120 at that time. The time when Duryodhana’s youngest brother would have been born. Now, as in the Mahabharata, all 100 Kauravas were killed. So the smallest to be taken will also be 16-20.

Duryodhana Wife

Bhanumati was the daughter of King Chandravarma of Kamboj. The king kept a swayamvar for her marriage. Many kings were invited to the Swayamvara, including Shishupala, Jarasandha, Rukmi, Vakra and Duryodhan-Karna. When Bhanumati took the garland in her hand and came to the court with her maids and bodyguards, Duryodhana’s eyes blossomed to see her.

Duryodhana Sister

Dushala was the sister of Duryodhana and the only sister of 100 Kauravas. His father was Dhritarashtra, and his mother, Gandhari. Dushashala was married to Indus and Sauvira Naresh Jayadratha, slaughtered by Arjuna in the Mahabharata in Kurukshetra. Dushala’s son’s name was Surath.

Duryodhana Brother

Duryodhana’s three brothers’ names were Dukkarna, Karna and Vikarna, and three of them were Bhimweg, Bhimbal and Bhimrath. 5. Yuyutsu fought on behalf of the Pandavas instead of his brother Duryodhana in the battle of Mahabharata and later also became a minister under the rule of Yudhishthira.

Jealous Of Pandavas

Duryodhan kidnapped Kalingaraj’s daughter with the help of Karna. He was jealous of Pandavas from childhood. After growing up, following his maternal uncle Shakuni’s advice, Duryodhan did many types of traps. Defeated the Pandavas in Dutekrida and took over their entire kingdom. His Bharata insulted Draupadi in a packed meeting. By order of Duryodhaana, his brother Duksha tried unsuccessfully to rip Draupadi in front of everyone.

War Of Mahabharata

Duryodhana’s numerous illusions eventually led to war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. At such a time, he tried to defeat the Pandavas in various ways. After the slaughter of Ghatotkacha, the demon son of Balashali Bhima, the war continued in the night. The army on both sides was exhausted. When Arjuna allowed his army to rest, Duryodhana tried his best to provoke Dronacharya to attack the sleeping Pandava army. Duryodhan killed the Pandava-sided warrior Chakitan while fighting under the leadership of Shalya. A terrible war continued. At the time of the war, Duryodhan had eleven Akshauhini armies. At the end of the destruction, no other maharathis survived except Ashwatthama, Kritavarma, Kripacharya and Duryodhanaa. Duryodhan remembered Vidur’s teachings. He ran away from the battlefield. On the way, he found Sanjay, who narrated the account of his being left alive.

Duryodhanaa was well-versed in mace warfare and was a disciple of Sri Krishna’s elder brother Balarama. Duryoodhana made Karna his friend and appointed him king of the country of Anga. Balarama also wanted to marry her to his sister Subhadra, but he became an enemy to Arjun after being disappointed by Subhadra-Haran. Dhritarashtra wanted to make Yudhishthra king from Beman, but Duryodhaana did not allow this to happen.

He tried unsuccessfully to burn the Pandavas in Lakshagriha. In Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya Yajna, he got the illusion of water on the floor created by the Maya demon, and where there was water, he was shown dry land. Bhima and Draupadi insulted Duryodhana, saying “blind son of the blind” and laughing. With the help of jealous Shakuni, Duryodhan won all the wealth of the Pandavas and Draupadi. To avenge the humiliation, she ordered Draupadi to be naked in the assembly, opened her thigh, and asked her to rule him. All this became the cause of the Mahabharata war.

Duryodhana Body Of Thunderbolt(Vajra)

All the Kauravas were killed in the Mahabharata war. Only Duryoodhana was still alive. In such a scenario, Gandhari opened his eyes and wished to do Duryodhana’s body with a thunderbolt. Gandhari had received this boon from Lord Shiva that anyone who would see him with his eyes open in nagnavata, his body would become of the thunderbolt. That is why Gandhari informed Duryodhanaa that after showering in the Ganges, he must exist in a naked state before him. Still, due to Krishna’s plan and seduction, the entire body of Duryodhana could not be of Vajra.

When Duryodhaana appeared in front of Gandhari in a naked state after the Ganges bath, then on the way, Sri Krishna met him, and he tricked Duryoodhana that even after getting so big, he would go naked in front of Gandhari. Shri Krishna told Duryodhanaa that you do not feel ashamed. At this, Duryoodhana covered leaves on his upper leg and also appeared before Gandhari. When Gandhari opened the bandage with his eyes and saw it, his divine vision could not fall on the thigh, due to which Duryodhana’s thighs could not be a thunderbolt. According to his vow, at the end of Mahabharata, Bhima attacked Duryodhana’s thigh with mace.

Duryodhana Emerges From The Lake

At the end of the Mahabharata war, Duryodhan entered a lake. He claimed- “Tell individuals on my side that I have entered the lake as a result of the statelessness.” He concealed in the lake and also tied his water to Maya. Then Kripacharya, Ashwatthama as well as Kritavarma went in the direction of that side looking for Duryodhana. Understanding all the information from Sanjay, he once again moved towards the war zone. When news of the destruction and defeat of the Kauravas army reached the capital, all the people, including the ladies, started running towards the city. After finding the battlefield peaceful, Kripacharya, Ashwatthama and Kritavarma went to the lake again and ordered Duryodhan to fight against the Pandavas. He stated that hiding in water is hence cowardice. At the same time, some hunters reached the lake to drink water weary of meat.

Coincidentally, while searching for Duryodhaana, the Pandavas had questioned the hunters about him. The Huntsman secretly listened to their advice that Duryodhan wanted to rest for some time by hiding in the pond. In the greed of wealth, he gave the address of his hiding place to the Pandavas. The Pandavas, along with their soldiers, reached the lake named ‘Dwaipayan’. Ashwatthama Adi understood that he was straying in the happiness of his triumph, so he left Duryodhaana there and sat under a banyan tree and began talking about the future. Duryodhaana was not visible from the outside, so those people were convinced.

Yudhishthira’s Statement

The Pandavas reached there and saw that the water of the lake is discoloured with Maya, and Duryodhan is likewise risk-free inside. Sri Krishna additionally suggested Yudhishthira make use of Maya. Yudhishthira etc., defied Duryodhana for cowardice and war. Duryodhan said in reply that- “He is not there for fearful life, but wants to rest for some time and does not even have a system of chariots, etc. After the destruction of his fraternity, he is going to wear deer. The Pandavas rule the pleasant land. On hearing this statement from Duryodhana’s face, Yudhishthira reprimanded him and also claimed that.

Nobody is willing to enjoy your given land. The Kshatriyas do not take donations from anyone. If you are a man, then come forward and fight. Where is the heroism to hide like this?

Duryodhana Mace(gada) War with Bhima

Duryodhana was angry by nature. He said that he is ready to fight mace one by one with the Pandavas. Yudhishthira told him,

You should take the necessary elements for the war, armour etc. You fight with any one of the Pandavas. If you win, then you take the entire kingdom.

Krishna became angry at this. He said that – He is ready to combat mace one at a time with the Pandavas. You have mercifully made a mistake again. Like Dutikrida, allow him to challenge anyone else except Bhima. – Which is intelligence? ” Seeing the possibility, Bhima challenged Duryodhan to battle. The duel of the two started. While making the pilgrimage, Balarama got the news of the Kuru-massacre from Narada Muni, so he too reached there. The Pandavas cordially invited him to watch the duel battle of his disciples. On the advice of Balarama, everyone went to the Samantpanchak Tirtha of Kurukshetra. There Bhima and Duryoodhana got associated with a mace-battle. Both had an equal pan. Sri Krishna and Arjuna discussed that Bhima is more powerful and Duryodhan more efficient, so it is tough to defeat Duryodhaana in the crusade.

Bhima had vowed at Draupadi’s disrespect at the time of Dutikrida that- “I will certainly wreck Duryodhana’s two upper legs with a mace”. On seeing Bhima, Sri Krishna slit his left thigh. Bhima understood the indicators and, changing the manoeuvre, damaged Duryodhana’s thighs with a thump of mace. When he broke down, Bhima took his mace as well as crushed his head with the left leg and advised Duryoodhana of the shameful incident of Dutekrida as well as Cheeraharan.

Defeat of Duryodhana

Yudhishthira prevented Bhima from attacking Duryoodhana. He informed Bhima that- Friendless Duryodhaana currently deserves grace, not ridicule, for which there is no equilibrium left. Yudhishthira said sorry to Duryodhaana and started feeling depressing that he would certainly be able to see widow-in-law widows after obtaining the kingdom. When Balarama saw Duryoodhana defeated by infinity, he became red-yellow with anger and said – It is an insult for me to make my disciple fall unjustly. He took his plow and ran towards Bhimsen, but Shi Krishna stopped him in the middle and told him how Bhima had sworn to break his thighs at the time of incision.

How the Kauravas deceived the Pandavas from time to time, how Abhimanyu was unjustly killed; And so on. It was just vengeance. Balaram was not satisfied and went towards Dwarka. Hearing the talk of Shri Krishna, the legs were chopped, and Duryodhan shrugged and sat on the earth and said-

You have killed Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Bhurishrava and me with unrighteousness. My death does not sadden me. I am getting end according to Kshatriya religion. I will enjoy heaven, and you will continue to live a miserable life as a fractal. Do not feel sad about Bhima’s footsteps because, after some time, the crow-house will consume this body.

As soon as his sentence was over, the rain of flowers with sacred fragrance started. The Gandharvas began to playing instruments, and the king began to curse the Pandavas. Sri Krishna told the table of Duryodhana’s illusions to all the kings and said that the above five warriors were extravagant. It was impossible to defeat them in the crusade. Still, they were fighting on behalf of unrighteousness. Therefore, they could be defeated only by infinity. The previous gods also followed the same path to destroy the Asuras. The Pandavas left Duryodhana in the same position and left. Duryodhan kept on yearning. Then, by coincidence, Sanjay reached there.

Duryodhan talked the accounts before him, then mobilized Ashwatthama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma from the messengers and told all the acts. Ashwatthama became angry and took an oath to kill the Pandavas, and at the same time, Duryodhan appointed him as the commander-in-chief of the Kauravas. After the three of them left that night, he was suffering.

Ashwatthama’s plan

The three maharatis went to spend the night hiding in the nearby deep jungle. They started resting after giving horses water etc. Kripacharya and Kritavarma fell asleep, Kant Ashwatthama kept awake. They were resting under a giant banyan tree. Ashwatthama saw that an owl made a sudden attack and killed many crows sleeping in tree sockets. He similarly decided to kill the Pandavas and considered it a divine sign. After awakening both the companions and revealing their views, Kripacharya sought to calm them down by explaining the power of the Kauravas – and the idea of ​​going to war the next morning, Kant Ashwatthama remained firm on his determination.

He was determined to destroy it alone. So the three heroes reached the Pandavas’ camp that night. There he found a Yagopopit of snakes and a giant gatekeeper wearing antelope. Ashwatthama used many divine weapons, but each weapon merged into that religious person’s body. After being unstoppable, Ashwatthama recognized the holy man. He was a real Shiva. After paying obeisance to him, Ashwatthama pleaded with him. Knowing his determination, a golden sensation immediately appeared in front of him, on which the appearance of Agni Dev emerged, and the directions were filled with flames of fire. Many gana appeared there. All were with bizarre gestures and mouth and eyes etc. Only a person could be frightened by his vision.

Duryodhana Death

Ashwatthama presented arrows, bow and arrowheads, Vana Kusha, and body in the future. He sat among the flames of Swarnavedi. Lord Shiva was pleased and said that Krishna has always worshipped him. That is why he loves him the most. The Panchalas were guarded for the honour of Krishna and the examination of Ashwatthama. Subsequently, Shiva entered the body of his form Bhoota Ashwatthama and bestowed a divine pillar, accompanied by many invisible Gana Ashwatthama.

Kripacharya and Kritavarma went inside the Ashwatthama camp, leaving these two maharathis at the gate so that no one could escape. There Dhrishtadyumna, Uttamoja, Yudhamanyu, Shikhandi, Draupadi’s five children and all the others in the camp were killed by crushing them, strangulating them or cutting them with the sword. When the dawn damaged, Ashwatthama reached Duryodhan with the continuing to be two warriors with each other. Duryodhana quit his life with fulfilment on listening to the night’s death.


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