History And Mystery Of Karna In Mahabharata


Karna In Mahabharat


One cannot deny that Karna, the famous warrior of Mahabharata and commander of the army of Kauravas in the last days, was the best archer than his rival Arjuna, who Lord Krishna also praised. But it is said that the effect of illiterate is fatal. There are very few people who are like lotus. Due to this illogical reason, Karnaa made mistakes many times. These same mistakes made him weak in the battle of Kauravas and Pandavas.

Karnaa is considered the most powerful warrior in the Mahabharata war. How to keep Karnaa under control was also a matter of concern for Krishna. But Kaarna Danveer was a moral and restrained person. All these three things turned against him. How?

Who Was Karna

Everyone knows about Kaarna that he was the son of Surya-Kunti. Karna’s foster parents were named Adhirath and Radha. His mentor was Parashurama and his friend Duryodhana. Kaarna was brought up in Hastinapur itself. He assumed the throne of Angadesh. Due to defeating Jarasandha, he was made the king of the city of Champa.

How Did Karna Die

Five mistakes of Karna, and he was killed.

1. Brahmastra

Only Dronacharya, Parashurama, and Ved Vyas remembered to operate Brahmastra and fail it when someone used Brahmastra. He had given this learning only to some of his extraordinary disciples. How the Brahmastra failed in that, too, was rarely remembered by the disciples.

When Dronacharya refused to teach Brahmastra, knowing that Kaarna was the sutra’s son, he reached Parashurama. Parshuram vowed that he would lead this knowledge only to a Brahmin, as the risk of misuse of this knowledge increased.

When Karnaa wanted to learn this, he approached Parashurama and described himself as the Brahmin son and learned it. Apart from Brahmastra, Parashuram taught Kaarna all other weapons.

Then one-day, Parashuramji felt tired while going somewhere in the forest. He told Karnaa that he wanted to sleep for a while. Karnaa kept his head in his lap. Parashurama slept deeply. Then a worm came from somewhere, and he started stinging on Karna’s thigh. Kaarna suffered a wound on his thigh. But in fear of Parasurama falling asleep, he sat silently, bleeding from the injury.

When the running blood touched Parasurama, he woke up. He asked Karna, why didn’t you remove that insect? Karnaa said that you were afraid of falling asleep. Parashurama said that no Brahmin could have such tolerance. You are a Kshatriya. Tell the truth. Then Kaarna told the truth.

Angry Parashurama cursed Kaarna at the same time that all the learning you learned from me by lying, that’s why you will forget it whenever you need it most. No one will be able to use the diva.

But now the question arises that if he does not lie, would Parshuram teach him Vidya by telling the truth? Do not teach. With whom would they learn? Indeed, it was a mistake but not a mistake.

2. Armor and Coil (Kundal)

Lord Krishna knew well that as long as Kaarna had his armor and coil, no one could kill him. In such a situation, there is no guarantee of Arjun’s safety. On the other hand, Devraj Indra was also worried because Arjun was his son. Both Lord Krishna and Devaraja Indra knew that as long as Kaarna had natural armor and coil, he would be invincible in battle.

Devaraj Indra Disguised As A Brahmin

Then Sri Krishna told Devaraja Indra as a remedy, and then Devaraja Indra disguised as a Brahmin reached the door of Kaarna. Devraj also stood in line with everyone. Karna was giving some donations to everyone. Later, when Devraj’s number came, Dani Karnaa asked- Viprawar, please obey! What is the desire of which item?

Indra became vip said, “O Maharaj! I have come from far and wide to hear your fame. It is said that a donor like you is nobody else on this earth. So I do not believe that you will give me my desired thing. Still, there is no doubt in your mind, so only then will you resolve, then I will ask you; otherwise, you go empty-handed?

Then in the guise of Brahmin, Indra said even more politely – No – no Rajan! We do not wish for your life. When we get what we want, then we get peace. First, if you pledge, then I ask for your donation.

Karnaa arrived in a daze and took water in his hand, and said – We pledge! Now ask immediately. Then Ksadra Indra said- Rajan! We need your body armor and coil as a donation.

There was silence for a moment. Kaarna glanced into Indra’s eyes, and then Danveer Kaarna lost a moment without separating his armor and coil from his body with the help of a dagger and handed it to the Brahmin.

To Save The Life Of Arjun, Indra Have Fraudulently Put Karna’s Life in Danger

Indra promptly ran from there and ran away on a chariot, standing away. Therefore, Kaarna does not change after he has forgotten his reign. After going a few miles, Indra’s chariot descended and fell to the ground. At that time, Akashvani said, ‘Devraj Indra, you have committed a great sin. To save the life of your son Arjun, you have fraudulently put Karna’s life in danger. Now, this chariot will be sunk here, and you will also fall here.

Indra then asked Akashvani, what is the way to avoid this? Then Akashvani said – Now you have to give something of equal value in exchange for the donated item. He accepted what Indra would do. Then they again went to Karnaa. But this time not disguised as a Brahmin. Karna saw them coming and said – Devraj, order what else?

Indra blushed and said, O Danveer Karnaa, I am no longer a petitioner but want to give you something. Except for the armor-coil, ask for whatever you want.Kaarna said- Devraj, to date, I have never asked anyone for anything, nor do I want anything. Karnaa knows only to give donations, not to take.

Then Indra politely said- Maharaj Kaarna, you have to ask for something; otherwise, my chariot and I cannot leave from here. If you ask for something, I will be very pleased. I am willing to give whatever you ask for. Karnaa said- Devraj, no matter how much you try, but I only know to donate, not take. I have never taken any donations in my life.

Indra Give The Power Of Thunderbolt

Then helpless Indra said- I am going to give you this power of thunderbolt in return. Whoever you drive over it will not survive. Even if you run over the interview time, you will be able to use it only once.

Even before Karnaa said something, Devaraja ran away immediately by keeping the Vajra power there. He did not stop even after giving voice to Kaarna. Later Karna was forced to stay that Vajra power with him. But as soon as Duryodhana came to know that Kaarna had donated his armor and coil, Duryodhana was dizzy. He began to lose the kingdom of Hastinapur by hand. But when he heard that he got Vajra’s power in his place, he came to know his life again.

Now, this too cannot be considered Karna’s fault. This was his helplessness. But he made a mistake here that he would have asked for something from Indra. The error of not asking is a mistake. Hey, Vajra would have expressed the desire to use Shakti thrice.

3. Snake And Karna 

Now, how true this story is, it must be researched because it is based on folklore. It is believed that during the war, a very poisonous snake came from somewhere in the temple of Kaarna. Tunir means where the arrows lay. It is tied back on the back. When Karnaa wanted to shoot an arrow, this snake came in his hand instead of the arrow.

Karna asked, who are you, and where did you come from here. Then the serpent said, O Danavir Kaarna, I was sitting in your temple to avenge Arjuna. Kaarna asked, why? The snake said, Rajan! Once, Arjuna set fire to the Khandava forest. My mother was burnt to death in that fire. Since then, I have rebellion against Arjuna. I was looking for an opportunity to take vengeance on her. I have that opportunity today. After some pause, the snake said again. You should drive me to the place of an arrow. I will go straight to Arjun and bash him, and in a few moments, his soul will fly away.

Hearing the snake, Kaarna said quickly, O serpent, you are doing wrong. When Arjuna must have set fire to the Khandava forest, his aim must never have been to burn your mother. In such a situation, I do not blame Arjuna. Secondly, conquering in an unethical way is not in my rites, so you go back and do not harm Arjuna. The snake flew from there, and Kaarna had to lose his life.

4. Brahmin’s Curse

After taking education from Parashuramji’s ashram, Kaarna was wandering in the forest. During this time, he was learning vocabulary. While he was practicing this learning, he considered a cow’s calf as another wild animal and fired a wiring arrow, and that arrow killed the calf.

Then the Brahmin, the lord of that cow-calf, cursed Kaarna that just as he killed a helpless calf, one day he would be killed even when he felt helpless and when all his attention was from his enemy Different will be at work.

This was also when Karna was in a fierce battle with Arjun. His chariot’s wheel used to fall into the ground again and again, and he took it out and started fighting again. At such a time, when the wheel of his chariot got stuck in the ground again, then he started removing it again, and he was also nervous at that time, and all his attention was shifted to the wheel except war. He felt helpless. Taking advantage of such an opportunity, Arjun killed Karnaa.

5. Promise Kunti

Once Kunti went to Kaarna and started urging her to fight on behalf of the Pandavas. Karnaa knew that Kunti is my mother. Karna did not listen even after explaining Kunti’s lacquer and said that I cannot betray her with whom I spent my whole life till now.

Then Kunti said, that will you kill your brothers? On this, Kaarna promised in a very dilemma, ‘Mate, you know that no one who comes to Karnaa as a petitioner goes away empty-handed, so I promise you that except Arjuna, I do not bear arms on my other brothers Will pick it up.

Danveer Karna killed by Arjuna in the Mahabharata war due to these seven reasons

Karna Died From Arjuna’s Anthology

In Mahabharata’s battle that lasted for 18 days, Karnaa, the commander of the seventeenth day Kauravas, received heroism in this war when Arjuna used the scripture on the unarmed Kaarna. Karnaa died from Arjuna’s scripture, but this is not true. There are seven reasons behind this. If it were not there, it would have been impossible for Karna to die at the hands of Arjuna.

1. Guru Parshuram cursed Karna

Kaarna was a donor, but fate showed him miserly throughout his life. Mother was left with birth. After fearing slander, the mother took birth to Kaarna, closed it in a box, and flowed into the Ganges. This did not make Karnaa aware of his reality, and it became the cause of death for him. Guru Parshuram cursed Karna that you will forget the education given to me when you need it most. The curse was that Kaarna had introduced courage like Kshatriyas, which caused Guru Parshuram to become angry because he had promised not to give knowledge to the Kshatriyas. And the truth was also that Kaarna was a Kshatriya and had no realization of reality. He had described himself as a son of Soot.

2. Brahmin got Angry And Cursed Karna

The second reason behind Karna’s death at the hands of Arjuna was the curse of a Brahmin. Once Kaarna was going from his chariot, a cow’s calf came under the fast chariot, due to which he died. The Brahmin cursed Karnaa in anger and climbed the chariot, and in the ego, you have killed the heifer of the cow, in the same way, in the war of war, the first earth of your chariot will be swallowed, and you will die. In Mahabharata’s decisive war, Karna’s chariot’s wheel got sunk into the earth, and while extracting it, Arjuna used the scripture. At this time, Kaarna could not use Brahmastra due to the curse of Parashurama and died.

3. Donation Of Armor And Coil (Kundal)

The third reason for Karnaa being killed at the hands of Arjuna was Karna’s greatness. Kaarna used to worship Sun God every day, and at that time, Kaarna used to give donations to whoever asked for donations from Karnaa. To protect Arjuna in the Mahabharata war, Devraj Indra asked Kaarna for the armor and coil donated from Lord Surya. If you do not donate ear armor and coil, Karnaa, how will you not influence any scripture and remain alive?

4. Use Of Devaraj Indra’s Anthology On Ghatotkacha

Devraj’s use of Indra’s philosophy on Ghatotkacha led to Karna’s death. Instead of donating the armor coil, Karnaa had power in the power of Devraj, which Kaarna could only use. Kaarna had saved this Vana for Arjuna, but being troubled by the terror of Ghatotkacha, Karna had to use the powerful Vata on Ghatotkacha. Had it not been so, the outcome of the Mahabharata war would have been different.

5. Lord Sri Krishna

One of the significant reasons behind Karna’s death was Lord Sri Krishna himself. He had given Indra a boon that he would accompany Arjuna in Mahabharata’s war and gain victory over Karnaa, son of Surya.

6. Karna Was Supporting Duryodhana

Another major reason for Karna’s death being at the hands of Arjuna was that Kaarna was supporting Duryodhana, who was committing wrongdoing. Karna’s heroism was attained because of his association with unrighteousness.

7. Sentimentality Also Became The Reason For Karna’s Death

Emotionalism also became the reason for Karna’s death. When Karnaa became the commander in the Mahabharata war, Kunti revealed his truth to Karnaa and told him that Pandavas are your brothers. This mawkish sentiment towards the Pandavas inside Karna and this sentimentality became fatal for them during the war.


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