History And Mystery Of Thousand Pillar Temple


Thousand Pillar Temple

Thousand Pillar Temple
Thousand Pillar Temple

Thousand Pillar Temples are located at Hanamakonda in Warangal in Telangana, India. This Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shankar, and Surya God remains the center of the devotees’ faith. Thousand Pillars Temple is an ancient temple that is a separate temple of its kind, and the main reason for this is the statue of Sun God with Lord Vishnu and Shankar in place of Lord Brahma. The name of the Temple itself suggests that the Temple has more than 1000 pillars.

More than 1000 devotees daily visit the thousand pillar temples of Warangal. It is also known as Trikutalayam because of the presence of three deities in the Thousand Piillar Temple. To learn about the Thousand Piillar Temple and the major tourist destinations of Warangal, do read this article in full.

Thousand Pillar Temple In Hindi

Hajaar stambh mandir bhaarat ke telangaana raajy ke vaarangal mein hanamaakonda naamak sthaan par sthit hain. Bhagwan vishnu, Bhagwan Shankar aur Surya Dev ko samarpit yah mandir bhakto kee aastha ka kendr bana hua hain. Thauzend pillar mandir ek praacheen mandir hai joki apanee tarah ka ek alag mandir aur isakee sabase khaas vajah bhagavaan vishnu aur shankar ke saath brahma jee ke sthaan par soory dev kee moortee ka hona hai. Mandir ke naam se hee pata chalata ki mandir mein 1000 se bhee adhik khambe hain.

Vaarangal ke hajaaro Stambh Mandir mein ghoomane ke lie pratidin lagabhag 1000 se bhee adhik shraddhaalu aate hain. Hajaar Stambh mandir mein teen devataon kee maujoodagee kee vajah se ise trikootaalayam ke naam se bhi jaana jaata hai. Hajaar stambh mandir aur vaarangal ke pramukh paryatan sthalon ke baare mein jaanane ke lie is lekh ko poora avashy padhe.

1000 Pillar Temple Built 

Hazar Stambh Temple is a Hindu temple located in the state of Telangana, India. The Temple has idols of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, and Lord Surya. Acker construction around 1163 BCE.

Thousand Pillar Temple Mystery

The history of the Thousand Pillars Temple is very ancient, which is related to the Kakatiya dynasty. The Thousand Pillar Temple was built in 1175–1324 AD as per King Rudra Dev of the Kakatiya dynasty. Let us tell you that this ancient Temple is an artwork of architectural skill by the Kakatiya Vishwakarma Sthapathis. Several Hindu temples, including the Thousand Pillars Temple, such as Ganapati Dev, Rudrama Devi, and Prataparudra, were developed under the patronage of the Kakatiya dynasty.

The Tughlaq dynasty damaged the Thousand Piillar Temple during the Deccan invasion. After this, Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan of Hyderabad provided Rs 1 lakh to repair the Temple.

Architecture Of Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal

The architecture of the Thousand Piillar Temple is worth visiting. The Temple is situated on the slopes of Hanmonda hill. Explain that the unique structure of the Temple is star-shaped. The 1000 pillars temple offers royalty of Chalukyan design as well as glimpses of Kakatiya architecture. The three deities Srihari Vishnu, Bholenath, and Surya Dev, are located in the Temple are decorated brilliantly. The Government of India renovated the Thousand Pillars Temple in the year 2004. Many Shivling is also installed in the Temple.

The pillars located in the Temple have elephant statues, and a 6 feet high Nandi Bell statue is installed through the Temple, which remains a major center of tourist attraction. The Thousand Piillar Temple architecture uses the sandbox technique in which a vast pit is dug and then covered with rock beams filling the piles of sand.

Story Of Thousand Pillar Temple

An ancient story about the Thousand Pillars Temple (Rudreshwar Temple) shows that this Temple was built in the 12th century. It is said that traders who used to go to Hanamkonda for grain passed through this. Once upon a time, when a businessman’s Bell car got stuck in Khichal and removed the vehicle, the people found a Shivling at that place and then established a temple there.

Salient Features Of Thousand Pillar Temple

The Temple is a fine example of engineering and Figure with 1,000 columns. There are lavishly cut columns, punctured screens, perfect symbols, rock-cut elephants, and the solid dolerite Nandi as parts of the Temple.

Moodbidri is a conjugation of two words, mudu meaning east and bidaru meaning bamboo. By my estimation, bamboo was grown here at some time. But in the present mood, bamboo fields are not visible anywhere. There is a spread of coconut and betel nut gardens here. A part of Tulunadu, it is a quiet town situated on the Moodabidri Mangaluru-Karkala road.

History Of Moodbidri Thousand Pillar Temple

Moodbidri has been the center of Jainism in South India for a long time. The idol of Jain Tirthankar Parshwanath is the oldest inscribed idol here. Some Buddhist monks saw a cow and a lion together as they walked through the area, according to legends. He decided to establish a temple here, considering it a promising sign of being a holy place. Incidentally, while cleaning the earth for the structure of the Temple, he got a stone statue of Parshwanath. This legend does not seem absurd, as the background of the establishment of temples in India is often said to be similar.

1000 Pillar Temple Built By

The Thousand Pillars Temple was constructed according to Sri Raja Rudradeva, the ruler of the Kakatiya dynasty.

Time For Opening And Closing Of Thousand Pillar Temple

The Thousand Pillar Temple doors are opened at 5 am, and after closing the night aarti, nine are completed in the evening.

Entry fee Charged In Thousand Pillars Temple.

No entrance fee of any kind is charged to the devotees visiting the Thousand Pillars Temple.

Thousand Pillars Of Temple Festivals

Festivals are celebrated in the Temple of thousands of pillars.

Many festivals and festivals are organized in Thousand Pillars Temple, and they are celebrated with great pomp. Some of the major festivals celebrated in the Thousand Piillar Temple include Maha-Shivaratri, Kunkuma Puja, Bonalu Festival, Kartik Purnima, Ugadi, Nagula Chavathi, Ganesh Chaturthi and Bathukamma Festival, etc. Let me tell you that every two years a fair called Saralamma Yatra or The Samakka is organized which attracts a large number of crowds.

Tourist Places Around Thousand Pillar Temple 

Great Places to Visit Near Thousand Piillar Temple

Near the Thousand Pillar Temple, you will find many attractive tourist places which you can also visit. Let us see the major attractions and sights around the Temple.

Warangal Fort

Bhadrakali Temple

Kakatiya Music Park

Padmakshi Temple

Kakatiya Rock Garden

Siddheshwara Temple

Sri Veeranarayan Temple


Mini zoo

Govindarajula Gutta

Rayaparthi Shiva Temple

Inavolu Mallanna Temple

Ramappa Temple

Pakhal Lake

Iternagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Laknavaram cheruvu

Sri Vidya Saraswati Shani Temple

Kulpakji Jain Temple

Medram Village

Thousand Pillar Temple Timing

You can visit the Thousand Pillars Temple at any time of the year. As the Thousand Pillaar Temples are located just 7-8 kilometers from Warangal, the best time to visit Warangal is considered during the Sammakka-Sarakka Jatra or congregation festival. The best time to visit the Thousand Pillaar Temple from September to April is evaluated according to the season. Explain that 2-3 hours is enough time to visit, worship, and worship God in the Thousand Piillar Temple.

Where To Stay Near Thousand Pillar Mandir Warangal?

Suppose you are looking for a suitable residence here after visiting the Thousand Pillar Temple. So let us tell you that in Warangal you will find hotels from low-budget to high-budget. You can pick the hotel as per your accommodation and spending plan.

Ratna Hotel

Hotel Shanti Krishna

Supreme Hotel

Hotel Surya

Raghavendra Lodge

Famous Local Food Of Warangal

Near the Thousand Pillaar Temple, you will find a glut of delicious food in the city of Warangal city. Explain that the city of Warangal is known for its delightful tourist attractions and its delicious food. Some famous food here will include Laskora Una, Hyderabadi Biryani, Jalebi, Pickle, Gram Powder Vegetables, and a plethora of North-Indian South-Indian dishes. You are visiting a religious pilgrimage site, but on the contrary, you will find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in the local cuisine of Warangal.

Reach Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal

You can choose any flight.

Suppose you have chosen the air route to visit the Thousand Pillars Temple. So let us tell you that the nearest airport to Thousand Pillars Temple in Hyderabad (Thousand Pillars Temple To Hyderabad Airport Distance) is located at about 172 kilometers. From Hyderabad airport, you will easily reach the Thousand Piillar Temple via bus, taxi, or cab.

Reach Thousand Pillars Temple Warangal By Train

Suppose you have chosen the rail route to visit the Thousand Pillars Temple. So let us tell you that the railway station of Warangal city is well connected to the major cities around it through railway connectivity. Thousand Pillar temples are located near the town of Warangal. It is considered best to visit Thousand Pillars Temple via train.

Reach Thousand Pillars Temple Warangal By Bus

Suppose you have chosen a bus to go to the Thousand Pillars Temple. So let us tell you that Thousand Pillars Temple is well connected to all the cities around it by road.


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