History Of Akshardham Temple


History of Akshardham Temple. The city of Delhi is a city attracting people, The culture and religion here attract both people. Another reason for attraction is the Akshardham Temple. Which is otherwise called Swaminarayan Temple This Temple is probably the biggest Temple of the world. Its vast architecture makes its history shaky …

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History Of Akshardham Temple
History Of Akshardham Temple

History Of Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple is a Hindu temple And is a literary cultural place established in New Delhi, India. This temple is also known as Delhi Akshardham or Swaminarayan Akshardham. Millions of Hindu literature and cultures and artifacts have been depicted in this temple in a beautiful style. Attraction of Akshardham Temple attracts 70% of the passengers coming to Delhi. This temple is known as Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was officially opened on November 6, 2005. This temple is on the coast of Yamuna. And the Commonwealth Games played in 2010 were also played in this part of Delhi. Built in the middle of the complex, this temple is built according to Vastu Shastra and Pancharata Shastra. In this complex, Abhishek Pavilion, easily Anand Water Show, Theme Garden and three exhibitions Sawanjan Darshan, Nilkantha Darshan & Culture Darshan.

Meaning Of Akshardham

According to Hindu in Swaminarayan, The meaning of the word Akshardham is from God’s house. And the devotees of God believe this Akshardham used to be God’s place of residence. Akshardham Temple The main attraction of the Swaminarayan Akshardham Complex is the Akshardham Temple.

It spreads 141 feet, 43 m high, 316 feet,96 m wide and 356 feet,long 109 m. It is complexly decorated with flowers, animals, dancers, musicians and followers. According to Maharishi Vastu architecture, it has been designed. It is mainly made from Rajasthani pink stones and made from Italian Carrara marble. It has been built according to Hindu craft iconography. Also, like other historic Hindu temples, the metal has not been used in it too Steel. And concrete were not used while making this temple has 234 pieces of Pilar, 9 domes and 20000 Monk. Followers and Acharyo has idols Gajendra Peeth is also in the lower part of the temple. And there is also a pillar to pay homage to the elephant. And it is given great importance in Hindu literature and culture.

It has 148 large elephants which weigh around 3000 tons. The 11 feet (3.4 m) high in the center of the temple is Swaminarayan statue sitting. In the abhayamudra of God Swaminarayan temple is surrounded by statues of ideas of caste guru. Every idol made in Swaminarayan is made of five metal according to the Hindu tradition. There are also statues of Sita-Ram, Radha-Krishna and Lakshmi-Narayana in this temple Akshardham.

Temple History BAPS

Temple History BAPS hands behind Akshardham temple. Which means Bokhansanya is from the Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan institution. Its main Swami Maharaj played a major role in making the temple. Today Akshardham Temple has become the hub of Delhi city’s main attraction. And without Akshardham Temple, it is impossible not to imagine the city of Delhi In India. The historic temples have been built from the Baht, like Akshardham Temple. Today, this temple is the temple of India’s historical and historical artifacts. We must always be proud of these temples of India. And should be proud that we still live in such a country.

Facts Of Akshardham Temple

Some interesting facts of Akshardham temple. Akshardham Temple’s main building Is surrounded by a lake which is called Narayan lake. There are about 151 huge lakes and rivers of the country filled with water. In this beautiful and adorable temple there is also a musical fountain show attracting. This show takes place every evening for 15 minutes. This show also shows the life cycle, which begins with the birth of a person And ends on death. The musical fountain is used when showing it. In the Akshardham temple is the another attractive garden also called lotus garden. Its name is kept on the basis of its size. This garden Is the nature of purity. It is said that many of the history Legends, philosophers and scientist came to this garden.

Akshardham Temple Included In World Records

In the Guinness Book and World Records also the Akshardham Temple name is included. Akshardham Temple is considered as the largest Hindu temple in the world. Another special thing about this temple is it took just five years to build it. It is definitely a matter of surprise Almost 11,000 artists and countless allies together. This huge temple was constructed, this temple was established in November 2005. There is a lot of attraction for attracting visitors to Akshardham.

There are many buildings and draw columns in this temple. Which reflect the greatness and culture of Indian history. In the Akshardham temple, there is also Yagna Purush furrow. Which is also called the world’s largest furrow Made in lotus shape. There are 108 small pilgrims and 2870 staircases in the Kund. It is said that the size of this pool is absolutely perfect according to geometry. And this Kund shows the greatness of the great mathematician of Indian history Friends,

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