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In this article, we have now written the entire Ramayanam story in English. We’ve written this in brief type, by which we have now defined the primary parts of this epic in detail. Maharishi Valmiki composed it.

Though Ramayanam’s story is very lengthy, we current a quick outline of this story. The story of Ramayanam is mainly divided into Balakand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranyakand, Kishkindha Kand, Sundarkand, Lanka Kand, and Uttar kand.

The epic of Ramayanam has 24000 verses and 500 cantos divided into seven parts. The Ramayanam is an incredible immortal story of Sri Ram Bhagwan, Lakshman, Sita. Who teaches us ideology, devotion, responsibility, relationship, faith, and karma in the real sense.

Bala Kanda of Ramayanam Story

Ram-Sita birth story

It’s a matter of historical times a state known as Kaushalya on the banks of the river Saryu. The capital of the Kosala kingdom was Ayodhya, whose king’s title was Dasaratha. King Dasaratha had three wives named Kaushalya, Kaikai and Sumitra. However, he had no baby for a very long time. Because of which he all the time suffered a lack of a successor.

He talked to sage Vasistha about this and acquired his son Kameshti Yagya performed. Yagyas had 4 sons to their wives. His first spouse, Koshalya, was born to Rama, Kaikai to Bharata and Sumitra to Lakshman and Shatrughan. All princes were wealthy in scriptures and martial arts.

When Rama was 16, the sage Vishwamitra went to King Dasaratha. And sought Rama and Lakshmana’s assist in ending the demons who have been disrupting the yajna. Rama and Lakshmana honored this work with respect and ended many demons. Due to sage Vishwamitra giving them many divine weapons.

King Janaka of Mithila, one other region, was additionally childless. At the behest of the sages, King Janak began plowing in his kingdom’s field. Whereas running the plow, he heard the sound of metallic hitting him. When King Janak noticed it, he found a lady buried within the ground in the Kalash of the Sit.

Ram Bhagwan & Mata Sita Marriage

Gradually Sita grew up, and the time of their marriage came. Sri Ram was the firstborn son of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya, and mom Sita was his spouse. Ram was courageous, intelligent and obedient, and Sita was attractive, generous and virtuous.

Mata Sita met Sri Ram in her swayamvara, composed by Sita Mata’s father, King Janaka of Mithila. It was organized to search for a perfect groom for Swayamvara Mata Sita. King Janak kept Sita’s swayamvara in which he lifted the bow of Lord Shiva. And placed the situation of getting Sita married to the one who had roped in it.

The princes and kings of many states have been invited to that event. The situation was that whoever might lift the bow of Shiva. And pull the bow wire could be married to Sita. All of the kings tried. However, they might not even move the bow.

When Ram Bhagwan’s turn came, Shree Rama lifted the bow with one hand. And because it tried to drag the wire, the bow broke into two pieces. Thus Sri Ram and Sita have been married. Thus Sri Ram is married to Sita. Lakshman is married to Urmila. Bharat is married to Mandvi. and Shatru Dhan will marry Shrutakirti.

Ayodhya Kanda of Ramayanam Story

Ayodhya Conspiracy in Royal Family

King Dasaratha of Ayodhya had three wives and 4 sons. Ram was the eldest of all of the brothers, and his mom’s title was Kaushalya. Bharat was the son of Kaikeyi, the second and beloved spouse of King Dasaratha. The other two brothers were Lakshman and Shatrughan, whose mom’s title was Sumitra.

Whereas Ram was on the point of rule Tilak on one side. His stepmother Kaikeyi was conspiring to make his son Bharat the king of Ayodhya. Budhi Manthara did this conspiracy. Queen Kaikeyi protected King Dasaratha’s life when King Dasharatha requested him to ask for anything; however, Kaikeyi stated that I’d ask when the time comes.

On the power of the same promise. Kaikeyi sought King Dasharatha for son Bharat and the exile of fourteen years for Ram. Sri Ram was obedient, so he thought of the phrases of his stepmother Kaikeyi. As a blessing and left the dominion to spend fourteen years of exile with Sita and dear brother Laxman.

King Dasaratha couldn’t bear this immense misery, and he died. When Kaikeyi’s son Bharat came to find out about this, he refused to take the throne.

Aranya Kanda of Ramayanam Story

Fourteen-Year Exile

Ram, Sita and Lakshman set out for exile. On how he killed many demons and met many pious and pleasing individuals. He began living in a hut in Forest Chitrakoot. As soon as upon a time, Surpanakha, the younger sister of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, noticed Rama, and she was fascinated.

He tried to get Ram. However, Ram replied – I’m married, and take a look at my brother Laxman. Then Surpanakha went to Lakshmana and proposed marriage. However, Lakshman flatly refused. Then Surpanakha turned offended and attacked Mom Sita. Seeing this, Laxman cut Surpanakha’s nostril with a knife. When Surpanakha reached Lanka crying with a severed nostril. Ravana turned very offended after understanding everything after Ravan planned Sita Haran.

Abduction of Sita

As a part of the plan, Ravan despatched Marich Rakshash as a good-looking deer to the hut of Chitrakoot. When Mata Sita noticed Maricha, she requested Shri Ram to bring the deer to her.

Admitting Sita’s phrases, Rama went after him to catch the deer and ordered Laxman not to leave Sita. Rama killed the deer with arrows after lots of punching. As quickly as Rama’s arrow turned deer. Maricha came to his actual demon form and known as Sita and Lakshmana for assist in Rama’s voice.

When Sita saw Rama’s lamentation in Rama’s voice. She got nervous and requested Lakshmana to go to the forest to assist Rama. Laxman protected Sita Mata’s hut from “Lakshman Rekha” from all direction. And he went to the forest to seek Sri Rama.

Ravana reached the hut as a monk based on the plan, and Bhikkam started to sing the physique’s tone. As Ravana placed his foot on the Lakshman Rekha close to the hut. Seeing that his leg began burning, Ravana asked Mom Sita to come out and provides him meals. As soon as Mata Sita came out of Lakshman Rekha, Ravana killed Sita Mata in Pushpak Vimana.

Hijab Ram and Lakshmana came to know that they had cheated with him. They ran to the hut and ran away. However, they discovered nobody there. When Ravana took Sita in a Pushpak plane, the old Jatayu bird fought with Ravana to rescue Sita Mata. However, Ravana cut off the wings of Jatayu.

When Rama and Lakshmana searched out Sita, Jatayu’s physique was deceptive on how, and he was mourning Rama-Rama. When Rama and Lakshmana asked her about Sita. Jatayu told them that Ravana had taken away Mom Sita and stating that she died.

Kishkindha Kand of Ramayanam

Ram and Hanuman

Hanuman was a minister of the monkey military of King Sugriva of Kisakindha. Rama and Hanuman met for the primary time on Mount Rishimukh, where Sugriva and his companions lived. Sugriva’s brother Bali additionally took away his kingdom from him and kept his spouse captive as well.

Each of them turned mates when Sugriva met Ram. When Ravana Pushpak took Sita Mata within the aircraft, Mata Sita gave her Alankar pens for the token. He got some monkeys of Sugriva’s military when he showed that alankar to Sri Rama. He fired tears within the eyes of Rama and Laxman.

Shri Rama killed Bali and made Sugriva the king of Kiskindha. Sugriva additionally pledged to Rama, playing friendship. That he and his monkeys’ military would additionally do their utmost to rescue Sita Mata from the clutches of Ravana.

Monkey Army

After that, Hanuman, Sugriva, Jamwant led Sugriva’s vanar military and despatched his military in all 4 directions. A lot of the military returned after finding nothing in all directions.

On the south side, Hanuman took a military that Angad was leading. After they reached the sea coast of the South. They have been additionally depressed and speaking about it on Mount Vindya.

A giant bird was sitting within the nook named Sampati. Sampathi turned very joyful to see the apes and thanked God for giving him a lot of meals. When all of the monkeys came to know that he was going to try to eat them. All of them began criticizing him and telling the story of his bravery by taking the title of the great bird Jatayu.

As quickly as he came to find out about Jatayu’s dying, he began mourning loudly. He informed the monkey military that he’s Jatayu’s brother. And informed that he and Jatayu went to heaven and defeated Indra in battle. He additionally stated that while defending Jatayu from the sun’s intense rays. All his wings additionally got burnt, and he fell on that mountain.

Sampati tells the monkeys that he has gone to many places. And he additionally tells that Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, has kidnapped Sita. And her kingdom is on the other side of the same southern sea.

Hanuman Lanka Journey

While being attentive to all of the powers of Hanuman, Jamwant stated that, O Hanuman, you’re a great sage. Lord of monkeys and the son of the wind. Listening to this, Hanuman’s heart was delighted. And he stated to all of the individuals alongside the seaside. All of you eat the unique tubers and wait for me until I return to see Sita Mata. Having stated this, he flew over the sea and went in the direction of Lanka.

On his manner, he first came to Mount Maneka. He asked Hanuman Ji to relax for a while. However, Hanuman replied – There is no such thing as a resting place in my life. Till I end Shri Rama Ji’s work, and he went ahead by blowing.

The gods despatched Sursa, the mom of snakes, to test Hanuman. Sursa tried to eat Hanuman. However, she couldn’t eat Hanuman. Hanuman came into his mouth, came out again and went forward.

There used to be a demon who ate a shadow within the sea. He caught Hanuman. However, Hanuman additionally killed him.

Hanuman Lanka Dahan Story

After reaching the seaside, Hanuman climbed on top of a mountain, and from there, he checked out Lanka. The dominion of Lanka showed them in entrance of a giant gate. And the entire of Lanka was made of gold.

Hanuman took the type the shape of a small fisherman and began going through the gate. There used to be a demon named Lankini at a similar gate. When he stopped how of Hanuman, Hanuman gave a loud punch then fell. He folded his hands to Hanuman in concern and let him go inside Lanka.

Hanuman found Mata Sita all over the place in the palace. However, she couldn’t find him. After looking a bit later, he found a palace. In which there was a small temple and also a basil plant. Seeing this, Hanuman Ji was taken aback. And he wished to know who’s a devotee of Shri Ram amongst these demons.

To know this, Hanuman took the form of a Brahmin and was known as him. Vibhishan came out of his palace, and when he noticed Hanuman. He stated – O great man, I am getting immense pleasure in seeing you, are you, Shri Ram, your self?

Hanuman asked, who you’re? Vibhishana replied – I’m Vibhishan, brother of Ravana.

Listening to this, Hanuman came in his actual form and informed him of Shri Ramchandra Ji’s things. Vibhishan requested- O Pavanputra introduce me to Shri Ram once. Hanuman replied – I’ll introduce Shri Ram Ji; however, tell me how I can meet Janaki’s mom?

Sundar Kanda of Ramayanam Story

Hanuman meet Mata Sita at Ashok Vatika

Vibhishan told Hanuman that Ravana kept Sita Mata imprisoned in Ashoka Vatika. After understanding this, Hanuman Ji took a small form, and he reached Ashoka Vatika.

 After reaching there, he noticed that Ravana, alongside his tens, arrived in Ashoka Vatika at the same time. And used Sama Dama Dhana Bhide to see Sita Mata in the direction of him. However even then, Sita Ji didn’t take a look at him even once. Ravana tells all of the demons to scare Sita.

However, a demon named Trijatha helped and cared for Mata Sita lots and frightened other demons. So that everyone other demons additionally took care of Sita.

After a while, Hanuman put Shree Rama’s ring in front of Sita Ji. Seeing the ring denominated by Shri Ram, Sita’s mom’s eyes came out of her eyes. However, Sita Mata suspected that it isn’t Ravana’s trick.

Then Sita Mata is known as who’s who brought this ring. After that, Hanuman Ji appeared, however even after seeing Hanuman Ji, Sita Mata didn’t believe it.

Later Hanuman Ji described the qualities of Ramchandra with sweet phrases and told that he’s the messenger of Shri Ram Ji. Sita asked about Shri Ram Ji’s situation with distraction. Hanuman Ji replied – O Mate Shri Ram Ji is OK, and he misses you a lot. He’ll come to pick you up very quickly, and I’ll send your message to Shri Ram Ji very soon.

Then Hanuman requested Sita Mata to show Shree Rama Ji a sign, Mata Sita gave Hanuman his bracelet.

Hanuman Lanka Dahan

When Hanuman Ji felt very hungry, Hanuman began eating the fruits of the trees in Ashoka Vatika. Together with eating the fruits, Hanuman began to break these trees when the soldiers of Ravana attacked Hanuman. However, Hanuman killed everybody.

When Ravana was convinced {that a} monkey was making a disturbance in Ashoka Vatika. He despatched his son Akshay Kumar to slay Hanuman. However, Hanuman Ji elevated him in a moment.

After a while, when Ravana came to know of his son’s death, he turned furious. After that, Ravana dispatched his eldest son Meghnad. Meghnad had lots of conflict with Hanuman. However, after not doing anything, Meghnad gave up Brahmastra. Hanuman himself turned a Bandhaag, honoring Brahmastra.

Hanuman was brought to the meeting of Ravana. Ravana laughed seeing Hanuman, after which he got offended and asked – Ray Vanar, why did you destroy Ashoka Vatika? Why did you kill my soldiers and son? Are you not afraid to die?

Listening to this, Hanuman stated – O Ravana, who smashed the great Shiva Dhanush immediately. Who killed Khar, Dushan, Trishira and Bali, whose pricey spouse you kidnapped, I’m his messenger.

I felt hungry, so I ate fruits, and your demons didn’t let me eat, so I killed them. There’s still time handy over Sita Mata to Shri Rama and make an apology.

Hanuman Ji Burnt Entire Golden Lanka

Ravana listened to Hanuman and began laughing and stated – O evil man, your death is in your head. Saying this, Ravana ordered his ministers to kill Hanuman. Listening to this, all of the ministers ran to kill Hanuman. Then Vibhishan came there and stated – Wait. It won’t be right to kill the messenger. It’s in opposition to the coverage. Someone else should be given a horrible punishment.

Everybody stated that the monkey’s tail is the sweetest. Why not immerse a cloth in oil and tie it in its tail and set it on fire. Oil-bound cloth tied on Hanuman’s tail was set on fire. As quickly as there was a fire within the tail. Hanuman Ji removed the bond and jumped from one roof to a different and set fire to your entire gold Lanka. And went in the direction of the sea and extinguished the fire on his tail there.

Hanuman Ji returned to Shree Rama, and there he told Shree Rama about Sita Mata and showed her bracelets. Seeing the sign of Sita Mata, Shri Ram turned offended.

God Ram Setu Floating Stones

Now the priority of Shri Ram and monkeys’ military was how the entire military would have the ability to go to the other side of the sea. Shri Rama requested the sea to give method so that his military could cross the sea. However, even after saying so many times. The sea didn’t listen to them. Then Rama asked for a bow from Lakshmana and kept the fire arrow on the sea. So that the water would dry up they could move ahead.

As quickly as Shri Rama did this, the Samudra Dev appeared fearfully. And apologized to Shri Rama and stated, O Nath, don’t do that. Your arrows will put a finish to all of the fish and living creatures in me. Shri Rama stated – O Samudra Dev tells us how this large military can cross this sea.

Samudra Dev replied – O Raghunandan Ram, there are two monkeys in your military. Nal and Neel can touch anything extra extensive than them and swim within the water. Saying this, Samudra Dev went away.

Based on his recommendation, Nal and Neel wrote Shri Ram’s title on the stone. And when they looked into the sea, the stone began floating. After that, one after the other, Nal Nile kept throwing stones within the sea and reached the sea’s next finish.

Lanka Kanda Story of Ramayanam

Sri Rama Monkey Army at Lanka

Shri Rama encamped on the seashore along with his military. When Ravana’s spouse Mandodari came to find out about this, she got nervous and defined lots to Ravana. However, he didn’t understand and went to the assembly.

Ravana’s brother Vibhishana additionally explained Ravana to the meeting. He asked Sita Mata to give up to Rama. However, Ravana got offended listening to this and kicked his brother, causing Vibhishan to fall down the stairs. Vibhishana left his kingdom, and he went to Shri Ram. Ram additionally accepted him with pleasure and gave him a place to remain in his tent. The final time Shri Ram despatched Bali’s son Angad Kumar. However, Ravana was not even considered.

The War Begins

A fierce battle ensued between Sri Ram and Ravana’s military. In this conflict, Meghnad attacked Lakshmana with the Shakti Baan. Because of which Hanuman Ji went to Mount Himalayas to get Sanjeevani Booti. However, they could not recognize that plant, so that they had raised your entire Himalayan mountain. Even Lord Rama killed Maharathi Asura like Ravana’s brother Kumbhakaran.

In this conflict, Shri Rama’s military of Ravana military sets off, and at last. Shri Rama shoots Ravana in the navel and kills him and redeems Sita Mata. Sri Rama makes Vibhishan the king of Lanka. However, Rama tests Mata Sita before assembly her. Shri Rama then returns from his kingdom 14 years of exile together with Sita and brother Lakshmana.

Uttar Kand Of Ramayanam

After that, Sri Rama was declared the king of Ayodhya, and his life was happening happily. After a while, Mom Sita becomes pregnant. However, when Rama hears about the individuals’ mouths’ ordeal, he asks Mom Sita to go away Ayodhya and leave. Mom Sita feels very unhappy about this. Maharishi Valmiki shelters him in his ashram.

Luv Kush Kand Ramayanam Story

Birth of Luv and Kush

Mom, Sita, gives birth to 2 sons named Luv and Kush. Luv and Kush took complete Ramayana information from Maharshi Valmiki. Both of them have been courageous and educated.

Ashvamedha Yagya

Shri Rama performed the Aswamedha Yajna to turn out to be the Chakravarti Emperor and eliminate his sins. His younger brother Lakshmana advised performing this Yagya. On this yajna, a horse was released freely. The area that the horse used to reach was included within the kingdom. This yagna couldn’t be done without a spouse, so Shri Rama additionally made a golden idol of Mom Sita.

When Shri Ram’s horse was left freely, he too went from one state to another. Then that horse reached Maharishi Valmiki’s Asram, Luv Kush caught her seeing her magnificence. When Rama came to know, he despatched his military. However, all were defeated in Lav-Kush. When Rama reached there, he asked the kids whose son he’s. Then Luv-Kush took the title of Mata-Sita.

When Rama heard this, you stated that he’s his father. Listening to this, Luv-Kush too became very Kush and hugged Rama. After that, they met Mata Sita by going to the ashram. After that, Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya with Mata Sitt and Luv-Kush.

Question/Answer About Ramayanam

1. Who wrote Ramayanam

Answer: However, there is a widespread opinion about Ramayan, and that is that Hanumanji first wrote Ramayanam. Then Maharishi Valmiki composed the Sanskrit epic ‘Ramayana’. Since Ramayana, Shri Ram Katha has been written in many languages ​​under the names Ramayana or its equivalent. Hanumanji wrote it on a rock.

2. How many kandas in Ramayanam?

Answer: Those who read and listen to the Ramayan will probably know that the entire Ramayanam is stored in seven chapters or seven kandas. But very few people will learn about the specific plot of every episode.

3. 7 kandas of Ramayana?

Answer:  7 kandas of Ramayana are Balakand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranyakand, Kishkindha Kand, Sundarkand, Lanka Kand, and Uttar kand.

4. Who wrote Kamba Ramayanam?

Answer: Ramavataram or Kamb Ramayanam is the masterpiece of Tamil literature and a large book. Its author Kamban is famous with the title of “Kavichakravarti”. There is no consensus about the creation of the best works of Kamban. Based on the valuable discoveries of Raghav Iyengar. It is assumed that Ramavataram ended in 117 AD and was published in 1165 AD. Kamb Ramayan is a masterpiece in the world literature. It is not only better than the Iliad. Paradise Lost and Mahabharata but is also more beautiful than the Adikavya Valmiki Ramayan.

5. Who wrote Nama Ramayanam

Answer: Hanumanji first wrote Ramayanam, then Maharishi Valmiki composed the Sanskrit epic ‘Ramayana’. Since Ramayana, Shri Ram Katha has been written in many languages ​​under the names Ramayana or its equivalent. Hanumanji wrote it on a rock.

6. How many slokas in Ramayanam?

Answer: Ramayanam is the part of Hindu memory through which the story of King Rama of Raghuvansh was told. It is a unique Sanskrit epic written by Adi poet Valmiki. It has 24,000 slokas.

7. What is Ramayanam?

Answer: Ramayana is the saga of King Rama of Hindu Raghuvansh. It is a part of memory, a unique Sanskrit epic written by Adi poet Valmiki. It is also called Adikavya, and its author Maharishi Valmiki is also called ‘Adikavi’. There are seven chapters of Ramayana which are known as Kand. It has 24,000 verses.

8. Ramayanam in which yuga?

Answer: However, the Ramayanam is also related to the Treta Yuga with the Satyuga. The Treta Yuga started when Bhagwan Ram broke the bow. Meaning the early Ramayana began in the Satyuga.

9. Ramayanam how many kandas?

Answer: There are 7 kandas in Ramayanam. 7 kandas of Ramayana are Balakand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranyakand, Kishkindha Kand, Sundarkand, Lanka Kand, and Uttar kand.

10. Who Wrote Bhaskara Ramayanam?

Answer: Saketsarabh, composed by Dr Bhaskaracharya Tripathi, is famous for its epic composition style and plot. This epic published from Nag Prakashan New Delhi is in parallel in Sanskrit-Hindi.

11. what time should I read Ramayanam?

Answer: The house where Ramayana is recited every month on a full moon in 1 month.

12. Ramayanam when happened?

Answer: The Ramayana was composed between the years 16200–16141.

13. Who is the father of Seetha in Ramayanam?

Answer: Father of Seetha in Ramayanam, the full name of Seetha father was Videha Raj Janak.

14. How many parts in Ramayanam?

Answer: Those who read and listen to the Ramayan will probably know that the entire Ramayanam is stored in seven chapters or seven kandas.

15. When was Ramayna Written?

Answer: Some Indians say that the Ramayana was written before 400 CE. The trick behind it is that the Mahabharata which came after it is silent about Buddhism. Although it describes other traditions like Jain, Shaivite, Pashupat etc. Subsequently, Ramayana ought to be before the time of Gautama Buddha. Even from the language-style, it should be before Panini’s time.



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