History Of Kunti And Karna In Mahabharata


Who Was Kunti?


The famous king of Yaduvansh, Shursen, was the grandfather of Shri Krishna, who had a daughter named Pritha. Shursen’s cousin Kuntibhoj had no children, so Shursen pledged to Kuntibhoj that he would adopt her first child. As a result, Prutha was the first daughter of Shursen, who Kuntibhoja adopted. Kunti was a wonderful woman. After the death of her husband, how she got her sons enrolled in Hastinapur and taught them to Guru Dronacharya and, in the end, inspired them to get the right to the state. Draupadi’s name is taken in the struggle story of a woman, but Kuntii is rarely discussed. 

Kunti Real Name

The famous king of Yaduvansh, Shursen, was the grandfather of Shri Krishna, who had a daughter named Pritha. Shursen’s cousin Kuntibhoj had no children, so Shursen pledged to Kuntibhoj that he would adopt her first child. As a result, Prutha was the first daughter of Shursen, who Kuntibhoja adopted. After which, Prutha got the name Kunti.

Kunti Putra Mahabharat

Kuunti was the wife of Maharaj Pandu. After the marriage of Kuntii, there were three sons whom the whole world knows by the name of Pandava, but before the marriage of Kuntii, with the blessings of the Sun God, there was also a son named Karna who knows the world by the name of the Sutra son.

Kunti had four sons, and Mata Madri had two sons.







Let’s know Secrets About Kunti That You Will Hardly Know

1. Kunti Parents (Mother And Father)

Yaduvanshi king Shursen had a daughter named Prutha and a son named Vasudeva. King Shursen adopted the girl named Prutha to his aunt’s childless boy Kuntibhoja. Kuntibhoja named this girl Kunti. In this way, Prutha, i.e. Kuunti, stayed away from her birth parents as Dasaratha adopted his daughter Shanta to King Rompad of Angadesh.

2. Kunti Was Aunt (Bua) Of Sri Krishna

Vasudeva is married to Devaki, the sister of Kansa.

Sri Krishna was born in Devaki. At this stage, Kuntii was the sister of Sri Krishna’s father, Vasudeva and aunt of Sri Krishna. This was also the reason that Lord Krishna supported Kuntii at every step. Sri Krishna and Kuntti also had a second relationship. Sri Krishna and Arjuna were half-brothers among themselves, but when Arjuna married Sri Krishna’s sister Subhadra, they also became brother-in-law.

3. Durvasa Rishi Gave The Deva Ahwan Mantra 

Kuntti used to serve the Mahatmas who came to her palace. Once there, sage Durvasa also appeared. Pleased with Kunti’s service, Durvasa said, ‘Daughter! I have been pleased with your service, so I give you a mantra using which the deity you will remember will immediately appear to you and fulfil your wish. ‘ In this way, Kuntti got a wonderful mantra.

4. Kunti And Karna

One day Kuntti came to mind. Why not check this mantra. Is it like this somewhere? Then he remembered Suryadev sitting in seclusion and chanting that mantra. At that moment, Suryadev appeared. Kuntii surprised – what to do now? Kuntii then wished for a son from Surya Veda. When Kuntii became pregnant, she could not say this shamelessly to anyone, and she kept it hidden. In due course of time, a son was born wearing an armour-coil from her womb. Kunti placed her in a manju and made the night flow right into the Ganges. 

The boy started flowing from one of the banks in the Ganges. Dhritarashtra’s charioteer Adhirath was watering his equine on that shore. His eyes fell on this infant kept in his hand. Adhirath grabbed the kid and also took him to his house. Adhirath was childless. Adhiratha’s wife’s name was Radha. Radha followed that child-like his son. The child’s ears were beautiful, so he was named Karna. This yarn couple raised Karna, so Karna was called ‘Sutputra’, and Radha introduced her, so she was also called ‘Radheya’. In those times, the children born of Brahmana Kanya and Chhatriya Purush were called Sutras. This means that Adhiratha was Sutras.

5. Married To King Pandu Of Hastinapur

When Kuunti was eligible for marriage, she was married. Several kings and princes participated in the Swayamvara Sabha along with King Pandu of Hastinapur. Kuunti accepted Pandu as a husband wearing Jaimala. Kunti’s married life was not pleasant. Once during hunting, Pandu deems Mithunrat to kill a kidnapped sage. Those sages curse Pandu while dying that you will certainly pass away like me when you continue to be maltreated. Because of this curse, Pandu goes to the woodland with his wives. Pandu had two other halves, Kuntti and also Madri. 

6. Kunti Gives Birth To Sons In The Forest

In the forest, they start living the lives of ascetics, but Pandu is unhappy that he has no children and tries to convince Kuntii that by conferring him with a sage. Should generate. Kuunti refuses this and tells about her boon. Then, with the approval of Pandu, Kunnti asks for Dharmaraja. This gives him the birth of Yudhishthira. Then she receives Arjuna from Indra and Bhima from Pawan Dev. Finally, Kuunti also teaches Madri the mantra that Durvasa gave. Madri then calls for two Ashwin kumaras, from which they get a son named Nakula and Sahadeva.

7. Kunti, Left Alone By The Death Of The Husband And Son

One day, Raja Pandu was visiting the financial institutions of Sarita in the woodland with Madri. The atmosphere was delightful, and the cool-smelling air was blowing. Suddenly, Madri’s clothes flew away from the gust of wind. This made Pandu’s mind flickering, and he had become engaged in erotic intercourse that he died under a curse. It is said that Madri becomes sati with him. Now before Kunti, there is a crisis of upbringing of five sons. This is where the new struggle of Kunti’s life begins.

8. Battle For The Rights Of Her Sons In Hastinapur

After the death of her husband, Kuntii chose the insecure place of her in-laws instead of going to the safe zone of the maiden. He turned to Hastinapur for the future and upbringing of the five sons, which was a tough decision and time in his life. Kuntii reached there and contacted all her husband Pandu’s Hiteshi and gathered her support. With the help of all, Kuunti finally managed to make her place in the palace. At the behest of Kuntii and supporters, Dhritarashtra and Gandhari had to consider the Pandavas as the sons of Pandu. At the palace, Kuntii encountered Gandhari, Shakuni and Duryodhana, who posed many challenges to him. Kuntii was the sister of Vasudevji and aunt of Sri Krishna, while Gandhari was the daughter of Gandhar Naresh and wife of Maharaj Dhritarashtra. In Kuntii and Gandhari, an indirect war started to give full rights to the state to their sons.

9. Conspiracy Against Pandavas

Shakuni and Duryodhana jointly created many conspiracies to kill Pandavas. Once, he poisoned Duryodhana and threw it into the Ganges. Bhima, in the unconscious state, got to the individual of the flowing serpents. The poisonous snakes stalked him a lot, due to which the poison of Bhima’s body started to decrease. That is, poison started being bitten by poison. When Bhima’s idol broke, he started killing the serpents. This news reached Nagraj Vasuki. Then he came to Bhima. Vasuki’s partner Aryak Nag recognized Bhima. Aryak Nag was the maternal grandfather of Bhima’s maternal grandfather. That is the father of Kunti’s father. Bhima tells him the story of deceit in his Ganges. Hearing this, Aryak Nag fed the juice of the pools that gave Bhima the strength of thousands of elephants, which made Bhima even more powerful.

10. Kunti Spent 12 Years In The Forest With Sons  

Draupadi became the wife of the five Pandavas due to Kuunti – when the Pandavas lost in the game of gambling, they got 12 years of exile and one year of exile. Throughout this time around, the 5 Pandavas resided in a potter’s house and lived through asking. In such a circumstance, during the begging, he got info concerning Draupadi’s swayamvara. He, too, participated in that swayamvara competition and won Draupadi. When he brought home Draupadi after winning, Kunti said without seeing it that whoever got it divide among themselves. The Pandavas were surprised to hear this. However, the other story behind it is also connected.

11. Kunti And Karna 

 Shri Krishna had told Karna the secret that Kunnti is your birth mother at the time of the war as soon as Kunnti went to Karna and urged her to eliminate on behalf of the Pandavas. Karna did not agree even after explaining Kunti’s lacquer and said that I cannot betray him with whom I have spent all my life till now.

Then Kuntii claimed, that will you eliminate your siblings? On this, Karna promised in a very dilemma, ‘Mate, you know that no one who comes to Karna as a petitioner goes empty-handed, so I promise you that I am not a weapon on my other brothers except Arjuna Will pick it up. Yudhishthira survived Karna several times due to Kunti taking this promise. There were many occasions when Karna would have killed Yudhishthira, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva, but he could not do so.

12. Kunti’s death

About 15 years after the Mahabharata war, the three senior family members Gandhari, Kuntti and Dhritarashtra, depart towards the forest. Sanjay also accompanies them. All live in a small hut built in a dense forest on the banks of the Ganges for about three years. It is a matter of one day Dhritarashtra goes to take a bath in the Ganges, and as soon as he leaves, there is a fire in the forest, due to which Gandhari, Kuntti and Sanjay have to leave the hut. They all come to Dhritarashtra to see if they are in any danger.

Sanjay tells them all to walk through the forest because the entire forest was burning with fire. But Dhritarashtra tells them that this is the time when they will attain salvation. All three people stop there, and their body burns in that fire. Sanjay leaves them and also departs towards the Mountain range, where he lives like a monk. In this way, one year later, Narada Muni comes and gives Yudhishthira the sad news of the death of his family members. Yudhishthira goes there and performs his funeral rituals, works like pindadan etc.

Question/Answer About Kunti

1. Did God sleep with Kunti?

Answer: God did not sleep with Kunnti. The gods handed over the child named Karan to Kuntii. Karna of Mahabharata was not only a brave man or a donor but also a model of gratitude, friendship, harmony, sacrifice and penance. He was also a learned, visionary, masculine and moralist and understood religiosity. He was also determined and unbeatable. Truly Karna’s personality is mysterious. There are thousands of colours of his personality, but in one place, he resorted to lies and also gave black colour to his personality. Karna was the eldest son of Kuunti, and his other five sons were his brothers.

2. How was Kunti son born?

Answer: When one left after 100 armour was destroyed, he reached the shelter of Lord Surya. While giving darshan to Kunti to save him, Surya made his disciple enter the ear of Kuntii in the form of a mosquito. This Mahabali was born from Kunti’s ear with a coil and armour.

3. Did Kunti loved Karna?

Answer: Kuntii was unmarried at that time, then Kuntti served the Durvasa Rishi for an entire year. You love all five, but I also love the 6th man, and she is Karna.

4. How Kunti gave birth to Pandavas?

Answer: Shw means horse, both of these were celestial cavalry, who belonged to the clan of equine experts. Madri gave birth to the twin children of these Ashwins – Nakula and Sahadeva. Now Kunti had three children – Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, and Madri, had two children – Nakula and Sahadeva. But Pandu wanted more children.


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