How Long Does It Take To Read The Bible?


How Long Does It Take To Read The Bible?

Today I’m going to tell you how long does it take to read the Bible. A lot of people are wondering that, and kind of the common answer you hear is if you read three chapters a day, you’ll get through it in a year, or if you read one chapter a day, you’ll get through in three years, I like to take a little bit different approach to it.

So here you go, couple Givens one, the average person, reads about 250 to 300. In other words, a minute now, let’s say we’re chugging along the low end of that. So we’re reading about 250 words a minute. The Bible is about 800 thousand words long. King James Version is a little less. The other versions are a little bit longer. 

How Long Does It Take To Read The Bible?
How Long Does It Take To Read The Bible?

But about eight hundred thousand words that would take us 3,200 minutes or thereabouts to read through the entire Bible, which is 54 hours. 

This means if you’re reading the Bible 15 hours a day, which will still give the eight hours to sleep, one hour to eat and take a shower, or whatever 15 hours a day you will get through the entire Bible in less than four days. 

But most of us aren’t quite that ambitious. We’re not going to read the Bible 15 hours a day we have other stuff we got to do, so let’s say that we read just half an hour a day, half an hour the Bible a day everyone’s got that’s no problem you’re looking at reading the Bible and less than four months which means in one year you’re going to read through the entire Bible cover-to-cover three times.

Now, if you’re a little bit more ambitious, obviously if you go one hour a day which is reasonable if you go one an hour a day, you’re going to be done with the Bible in less than two months, so there you have it, my friends. 

Now, what’s so important about the Bible is why that’s how long it would take, but why should we read the Bible? First off, let’s go to Deuteronomy 8:3, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Let’s go over here to chapter 8 and verse 3. 

We humbled you and made thee hungry, but thou didst not know it. Man does not live on bread alone.

But by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord Duffman life and of course, Deuteronomy 8:3 is what Jesus was quoting when he was talking to or when Satan was tempting him in the wilderness. 

He said a man should not live, I ever buy bread alone, but by every word of receipts from Alpha God, he was quoting Deuteronomy 8:3. 

So if we are to live by the Word of God, I’d say we should be reading it. How are you going to live by something? If you don’t ingest it, how can we live on bread if we don’t eat bread? So that’s one thing.

Let’s see Luke 8:11 so let’s go over here to the Book of Luke Matthew Mark Luke chapter 8 and verse 11 now the parable is this the seed is the word of God, so if we are to work with Christ sowing the seed, and that is what we’re called to do right. 

Let me that’s the Great Commission or to sow the seed. The Bible says that the seed is the word of God, so how are you going to so if you don’t have any seed right if you want to sow seeds for Christ, then you’ve got to get the seed which is the word. 

I don’t like to make them too long if I can, so there you have it. How long does it take to read the Bible? Well, if you’re an average reader. You read a half-hour a day. It’s going to take you a little less than four months, all right, so that’s it.

Five Tips For Reading The Whole Bible Easier And Faster

Five Tips For Reading The Whole Bible Easier And Faster
Five Tips For Reading The Whole Bible Easier And Faster

I’ve done it. I finished the whole Bible. It took me ages, but I’ve learned some sweet tips and tricks for you guys to help you read the whole thing. Let’s do this look at the size of this thing as an absolute monster, and it was emotional. It was inspiring. 

Yes, it was a little tough as well I would recommend this book to anyone, but if you are a Christian and you haven’t read the whole Bible, then you know to sort it out if you’re a bit intimidated, but you want to read the whole thing here are my top.

Tip Number 1 is to stop making excuses. You need to quit lying to yourself. It’s too difficult. I just don’t have time, but where do I start when I used all of those excuses, and it’s time to get over. You know it, the truth is it’s never gonna be a good time to read the Bible. Hence, you need to start thinking it’s always a good time to read the Bible. 

If you find yourself making all these excuses, you’re probably finding yourself also saying that God doesn’t speak to me. Well, let them hear three days. There are over 30,000 things God is saying right here; I’ve never been a good reader, but this is the living, breathing word of the Lord. 

Tip Number 2. I could just end the video right there. I’d rather you read the Bible than watch me, so go, how did I start and motivate myself.

Tip Number 3 is falling a lot. First, get yourself a nice Bible that you care about that you feel good and proud reading and holding.

Tip Number 4 is what I call divide and conquer. I separated my little daily devotional time with my big cover-to-cover challenge. This challenge was about reading the book and getting the context and the history I wanted, which took some pressure off. 

Tip Number 5 is to set your goal right time for some maths. There are 66 books in the Bible to read it all in under one year. You’ll need to read six books a month which is just one book a week that’s a bit more than just three chapters a day. 

As a slow reader, I was able to read three chapters in just 15 minutes that’s just 15 minutes a day for one year 15 that’s it, so with half an hour a day, you could read the whole thing in 6 months; however with my technique if I missed a whole week, I would have had to do two hours of straight reading to catch up. 

Bonus Tip, Make A Habit. It takes 21 days to lock a habit in place. Still, once you have your flying, I did get stuck a couple of times and fall back a few days weeks. If that happened, I would just jump to an easier read so I could get back in the habit again anyway. Those things work for me. They may not work for you. 

In Hebrews 4:12 it says for the word of the Lord is alive and active sharper than a double-edged sword it penetrates even dividing soul and spirit joints and marrow it judges the thoughts and the attitudes of the heart and Romans 15:4 such things were written in the scriptures long ago to teach us and the Scriptures give us hope and support as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled this is of God it brings life it brings hope is wild and dangerous banding around 18 countries. It’s probably the most printed book ever. Why would we waste a moment not reading it? Are you ready? You come to get stuck in. I’m not saying you should start tomorrow; I’m saying you should have started yesterday. 

We’re gonna start right now Bibles out turn to 2 John look how short that book is. It’s like a 2-minute read. Just read it now, tick it off like I do Old Testament over died look it’s like a 5-minute read. Just get started, and once you’ve never started, ever stop you.

Bible Reading Time Chart

Bible Reading Time Chart
Bible Reading Time Chart

And how long to read each book?: Genesis to Revelation

There are 66 books total in the Bible: 39 books in Old Testament, 27 in the New Testament. So, what is the average time it takes to read each book?

Average Time To Read Old Testament Books

Old Testament BooksAverage Reading Time
Genesis3 hrs 30 mins
Exodus3 hrs
Leviticus2 hrs
Numbers2 hrs 30 mins
Deuteronomy2 hrs 30 mins
Joshua1 hr 45 mins
Judges1 hr 45 mins
Ruth15 mins
1 Samuel2 hrs 15 mins
2 Samuel2 hrs 15 mins
1 Kings2 hrs
2 Kings2 hrs 15 mins
1 Chronicles2 hrs
2 Chronicles2 hrs 30 mins
Ezra40 mins
Nehemiah1 hr
Esther1 hr
Job1 hr 45 mins
Psalms5 hrs
Proverbs1 hr 45 mins
Ecclesiastes30 mins
Song Of Solomon20 mins
Isaiah3 hrs 45 mins
Jeremiah4 hrs
Lamentations20 mins
Ezekiel3 hrs 45 mins
Daniel1 hr 15 mins
Hosea30 mins
Joel12 mins
Amos25 mins
Obadiah4 mins
Jonah8 mins
Micah20 mins
Nahum8 mins
Habakkuk9 mins
Zechariah40 mins
Malachi11 mins
Average Time To Read Old Testament Books

Average Time To Read New Testament Books

New Testament Books Average Reading Time
Matthew2 hrs 30 mins
Mark1 hrs 30 mins
Luke2 hrs 30 mins
John2 hrs
Acts2 hrs 15 mins
Romans1 hr
1 Corinthians1 hr
2 Corinthians40 mins
Galatians20 mins
Ephesians20 mins
Philippians14 mins
Colossians13 mins
1 Thessalonians12 mins
2 Thessalonians 7 mins
1 Timothy12 mins
2 Timothy7 mins
Titus7 mins
Philemon3 mins
Hebrews45 mins
James16 mins
1 Peter16 mins
2 Peter 10 mins
1 John16 mins
2 John2 mins
3 John2 mins
Judah4 mins
Revelation2 hrs 15 mins
Average Time To Read New Testament Books

This brings the total time to… 4638 minutes (77.3 hours). So you would need just over 77 hours to read the whole Bible. Invest 1 hour a day, and you could read the whole Bible in 2.5 months. Spending 30 minutes a day will take you five months.

How Long Does It Take To Read The Bible If You Read A Chapter A Day?

You can read one chapter per day and complete the New Testament in nine months. It takes only 5-10 minutes. You can read one chapter per day in just three years and three months to complete the Bible.

How Long Does It Take To Read The Bible In 30 days?

First, I must confess that I read the Bible in 40 days and not 30. I used a Bible reading plan that was 30 days long. Then there were a few days when I was exhausted, didn’t have the time, or something happened. I was determined to keep it going and decided to try 40 days. Here’s how to read the Bible. 3040 days.

  1. Commit.
  2.  It’s Obvious, But Set a Specific Time to Do It.
  3. Read on Your Phone &/OR Through The Day, if you want.
  4. You may need to omit parts (IE GENEALOGIES).

How Long Does It Take To Read A Chapter Of The Bible?

Even something as simple and easy as reading a chapter per day can make a difference (which is very important). No more than 5-10 minutes. Can you read the entire New Testament in less than nine months by reading a single chapter? You can read one chapter per day in just three years and three months to complete the Bible.

How Long Does It Take To Read The New Testament?

How Long Does It Take To Read The New Testament?
How Long Does It Take To Read The New Testament?

It takes only 70 hours and 40 mins to read the Bible “at pulpit speed” and aloud. To read the Old Testament takes 52 hours and 20 minutes, and the New Testament takes 18 hours and 20 minutes. Psalms are the longest book and take just 4 hours 28 minutes.


1. Can I read the New Testament first?

Answer: It is a good idea to start with the New Testament and then move on to the Old Testament. The KJV and NASB can be used to start the New Testament. Living Bible for Old Testament is a great way to learn the subject. It’s simple to understand. You can read the entire Bible in order over the course of one year.

2. What is a good order to read the New Testament?

Answer: Jumping is another way to read the Bible. Back you can switch back and forth between the Old Testament and New Testaments. You could read Genesis, then Luke, and then go back to Exodus. Then jump to Acts. Another way to do this is to read them all simultaneously. You could, for example, read a few chapters from Genesis and a few of Luke every day.

3. Is it better to read the Bible in chronological order?

Answer: Do you have to read the Bible in order? It is not recommended that you read the Bible in any particular order. It is best to begin with, books that provide a concise overview of the main message. This is the best way to go for most people, as the Bible’s books are not arranged in the order they should be.

4. What are the first three words of the Bible?

Answer: The Bible’s first three words are “Bareishit Bara Elohim,” written in Hebrew biblical language and translated into English as “In God’s beginning God created,” which is a translation of. ” 



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