Are There 6 Marys In The Bible?


How Many Marys In The Bible?

How many Marys are in the Bible? Was Mary a common female name in Israel during the time of Christ? The New Testament lists six women with the name Mary in the Bible. The Hebrew version for the word Mary refers to Miriam, or Miryam was given to Moses’s sister.

S.NoSix Marys Mentioned In The Bible
1Mary Mother Of Jesus
2Mary Magdalena
3Mary Sister Of Lazarus & Martha
4Mary Mother Of James
5Mary Mother Of JohnMark
6Mary Of Rome
Six Marys Mentioned In The Bible

1. Mary Mother Of Jesus

Mary Mother Of Jesus
Mary Mother Of Jesus

The most famous Mary from the Bible is Mary, who was the mother of Jesus. Mary was chosen as the virgin by God to give birth to His Son, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, the Messiah of all the earth. Mary was a resident of Nazareth, the city of Galilee when the angel Gabriel informed her of the virgin’s birth (Luke 1:26 56). And Mary was married to Joseph, a carpenter; however, she was a virgin until Jesus became a baby at Bethlehem (Matthew 1:25). Scripture describes Mary as a humble, godly, and blessed person. Mary attended Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Following Jesus died, Mary was cared for by Apostle John (John 19:25-27).

2. Mary Magdalena

Mary Magdalena
Mary Magdalena

Another Mary found in the Bible is Mary Magdalene. The second Mary was named “Magdalene” to help distinguish her from other women called Mary within the Gospels. Magdala was one of the cities on the coast to the west of the Sea of Galilee. It was a city where Mary was a disciple of Christ, and Luke 8:2 states that Jesus had removed seven demons out of her. After Jesus was raised from death, Mary Magdalene delivered the information about Jesus’s empty burial to Peter and John and is the first to be able to see Jesus’s resurrection Christ (John 20:1 18, 18). It is no doubt that this event made her more committed to and devoted to Jesus the Lord.

3. Mary Sister Of Lazarus & Martha

Mary Sister Of Lazarus & Martha
Mary Sister Of Lazarus & Martha

The third Mary mentioned in the Bible is Mary of Bethany. Mary of Bethany was the daughter of Lazarus along with Martha. They resided in Bethany, which was a town close to Jerusalem. Jesus and his disciples often visited the homes of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Mary from Bethany had been the woman who sat at Jesus at His feet, listening to His teachings while Martha was preparing to cook the meal (Luke 10:38-42). Before Jesus was arrested, Mary of Bethany anointed Jesus head with expensive oil. Jesus informed those within the prayer room Mary did it to prepare for his funeral (Matthew 26:6-13).

4. Mary Mother Of James

The fourth Mary found in the Bible is described as Mary, who was the mother of James, the younger Joseph, and the spouse of Clopas (also referred to as Alphaeus according to Luke 6:15). The Bible mentions her in Mark 15:40, Matthew 27:56, and John 19:25 when she is seen watching the crucifixion and death of Christ. She is also mentioned in Mark 15:47 when she looked over the location where Jesus was a burial site. This Mary has mentioned again in Mark 16:1 and Matthew 28:1 (where she is described as “the other Mary”) in relation to the empty tomb. She was among the women who brought spices to Jesus’ body and was greeted by an angel instead.

5. Mary Mother Of JohnMark

Mary Mother Of JohnMark
Mary Mother Of JohnMark

Fifth, Mary mentioned in the Bible is Mary, her mother, John Mark. Mary is mentioned by name in Acts 12:12. She opened her home to believers to pray, and in one of their prayer gatherings, Peter was miraculously released from the prison. The son of Mary is the one who wrote The Gospel of Mark.

6. Mary Of Rome

Sixth Mary found in the Bible is identified as an active member of the Church in Rome. Paul mentions her among the many people he greets after his letter. He also refers to her as someone “who worked very hard” for the Church (Romans 16:6).

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Why Are There So Many Marys In The Bible?

There are many Marys in the Bible because, at that time, Mary was a common name. Jews generally had one name, which led to difficulties distinguishing between people with the same name in the New Testament. To differentiate between them, the New Testament authors included nicknames or other information that identified them. For instance, it is said that the New Testament records the names of seven distinct Marys. 

Who Are The 3 Marys In The Bible?

The 3 Marys in the Bible are often depicted on the cross of Jesus Christ or at his tomb. They are Mary of Cleophas, the Virgin Mary or mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Mary of Cleophas.

Mary In The Old Testament

In the Old Testament, her name is believed to be Mary, the mother of Israel. Mary is also the maternal mother of Jesus, who is considered the Messiah and Savior according to Christianity. She miraculously gave birth to Jesus and her husband Joseph saved Jesus from Herod’s furious hand.

Where Is Mary, Mother Of Jesus, Mentioned In The Bible?

Bible Bibliography: Jesus’ mother Mary is referenced throughout the Gospels and mentioned in Acts 1:4.

Which Mary Washed Jesus’s Feet?

Mary Magdalene Cleanse Jesus’ Feet with Tears and Wipes them with her hair, then anoints the Feet with perfume.

Is Mary Magdalene The Sister Of Lazarus?

The story told of Mary Magdalene, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, as a beautiful, vain, and a lustful young woman who was saved from the shackles of sin through her dedication to Jesus began to dominate the west of (Catholic) Christianity.

Lazarus, Hebrew Eleazar, (“God Has Aided”) Lazarus, Hebrew Eleazar (“God Has Helped”), one of two characters who are documented in two of the stories in the New Testament. According to John, the account of Lazarus returning to life through Jesus is a part of The Gospel (11:1-45). Lazarus was from Bethany, one of Martha’s brothers and Mary, and was a resident of Bethany close to Jerusalem.

Main Mary In the Bible (Mary Mother Of Jesus)

Christians believe that without any human intervention, Mary was conceived by the nature of the Holy Spirit and was chosen by God to be the birth of his son. Islam, which does not recognize the Holy Spirit, holds that Mary was pregnant only out of the will of God. [3] At that time, Mary was engaged to Yusuf. After marrying Joseph, she moved to Bethlehem, where Jesus Christ was born. In Christianity, it is believed that prophets in the Old Testament (Old Ahadnama) also foretold birth from a virgin womb:

The story of Mary begins in the New Testament when the angel Gabriel appears before her and announces to her that God has chosen her to be the mother of the coming Christ. According to church traditions and some ancient Apocrypha, Mary’s parents were two elderly people named Hannah and Joachim.

Mary In The Gospel Of John?

Yes, Mary is mentioned in the Gospel Of John. In the Gospel of John, Mary is the mother to Martha and Lazarus and was together within Bethany in Judea, close to Jerusalem, which is near Jerusalem, and where Jesus visited them at least on two occasions. Mary, along with Martha, is mentioned within John 11:1-12:8. John recounts two visits of Jesus in the presence of Mary as well as Martha.


1. Are Mary and Martha the same as Mary Magdalene?

Answer: While Mary Magdalene was often referred to as “apostle to the apostles” by theologians of the medieval era, The first reference to this name is within an earlier Christian sermon, where it is used to refer specifically to the Bethany sister, Martha (who is first mentioned) as well as Mary (Hippolytus from Rome on the Song of Songs 25.6).

2. Is Mary Magdalene Jesus wife?

Answer: Mary Magdalene is a trusted disciple, not Jesus wife.

In its entirety, the Bible offered no indication Mary Magdalene, Jesus’s wife, was his bride. The gospels canonical suggests this kind of relationship, despite the fact that they do list women who travelled with Jesus and, in some instances, mention their husbands’ names.

3. Who was Mary Magdalene husband?

Answer: As we try to decode it, we’ll guide you to the depths of this obscure text. What the Vatican was afraid of–and Dan Brown only suspected–has come real. There is evidence now available to show that Jesus had a marriage to Mary the Magdalene in addition to the fact that they were parents together.

4. Who are Mary and Joseph?

Answer: Joseph is first mentioned in the Bible within the gospels Matthew and Luke, and in Matthew, Joseph’s genealogy is found to go back to King David. As per the Bible, Joseph was born around 100 B.C.E., and later, he married the Virgin Mary, Jesus’s mother.


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