How Many Promises Are In The Bible?


How Many Promises Are In The Bible?

Dr. Everek R. Storms from Ontario has spent a great deal in studying promises in Scripture. In Contact Magazine, he said: The Holy Scriptures contain a total of 8,810 promises. I counted them. How can I tell?

I’ve witnessed various numbers quoted for the amount of promise found in the Bible all my life. The most commonly quoted number is thirty thousand. Because this is a round number with four zeros in it, I’ve always been skeptical about it. Additionally, considering that there are only 31101 pages in the Bible, there’s only one promise in each verse. I can’t promise that my count will be 100% accurate, but it is the most exact I am aware of.

Dr. Storms goes on to classify the promises contained in Scripture in these following categories:

  • There are 7,487 promises from God to mankind (about 85 percent of the promises in the Bible).
  • It is reported that there are 991 occasions of a person committing another.
  • It is said that man’s perspective makes over 290 promises to God.
  • Angels make many promises, but the majority can be found in Luke.
  • Nine promises are that were made by “that old liar, the devil.” (For instance, the promise that he made to grant Jesus his kingdoms in the world if Jesus would be humble and worship Jesus.)
  • The evil spirit makes two promises.
  • Two are created through God the Father for God the Son.

Dr. Storms additionally found that one of the books in the Bible has no promises in any way-Titus. Ephesians contains only six promises. However, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel contain more than 1,000 promises each.

What portion of Scripture that most amazed Dr. Storms? He wrote The most impressive chapter as regards promises are Psalm 37. Every verse contains an amazing proclamation.

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How Many Promises Are In The Bible KJV?

How Many Promises Are In The Bible?
How Many Promises Are In The Bible?

How are many promises from God throughout the Bible KJV? in The book All the Promises of the Bible, The author Herbert Locklear found 7,147 promises from God to men that are found inside the Bible.

How Many Promises Of God To Man In The Bible?

God to humanity: Studying the Bible, which took him about two and half years. Storms was able to come up with an astounding amount of 8,810 promises (7,487 of which were God’s promises to mankind).

What Is The Greatest Promise In The Bible?

What we can see at Eden is God making a home God intended to live in with his chosen people. Of course, we know the events that take place in Eden. They are not more holy. They’re sinful. Therefore they are exiled from that home because they cannot live in the presence of God.

The great thing about the Bible is that God does not give up on humanity. He is still pursuing us, which is why he has called an entirely new group of people to himself, starting with Abraham.

What will he do when his people, a nation of strength, can come out of Egypt. He gives them directions to build an altar. The reason is that they’re out in the wild. However, he plans to stay with them. Isn’t that amazing? Would God like to live among his people? Hence they build the tabernacle then the glory of God descends and overflows with the Holy of Holies of the tabernacle.

After that, when his people stop sleeping in tents, he goes down to the permanent temple in Jerusalem. However, there was a problem with access.

The only person who could do this was the high priest, who was able to enter in God’s presence God each year. In the holy place, God has always intended to spend time among his followers in a greater way than at the time of.

In the Gospels, John writes that Jesus the Word was made flesh and lived within us. Even though the word he’s using references the word “flesh,” he appeared with us in Jesus’s person.

Christ God was able to live with his people, which is for a reason. He did the task necessary to cleanse us, making us holy so that we could be in the presence of God. This is where the entire story of the Bible will lead you.

It’s headed towards a new house in which God plans to live alongside his beloved people. We can read about it in the book of revelation 20:1. John declares that he witnessed the holy city of the New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky from God.

John says that it is the place where God is in man. The meaning we read about in the Bible is driving towards ever after Adam and Eve were exiled from Eden. This is the new house where God will reside alongside us.

In Revelation 21, it is stated that there’s no temple in the city and that the lamb serves as its temple. There’s a sense that the home we’ll share with him surely is going to be much superior to Eden when God’s presence becomes felt. And we’ll be able to meet him face to face. There’s no way that we’ll be evicted out of our home.

The beautiful promise is that He will live with them, and they are his chosen people. In addition, God will be their God. That’s the home that we were heading towards, and it’s a place that’s even more wonderful than what Adam and Eve were able to enjoy in Eden.

Book Of Promises

The Bible Promise Book: One Thousand Promises from God’s Word contains scriptures on various subjects. It’s a fantastic guidebook, and also it can be a source of comfort for people who require a little bit of encouragement from God and is an easily accessible method

The book is fantastic. The first two pages serve as an index of subjects: the concept of comfort, faith, and joy, guilt, and love. Each subject includes scriptures that relate to that subject! It’s a small book to make it easy to refer to! I keep it close to my desk to read through the entire list of promises from God while I work.

How Many Promises Are There In The New Testament?

It is said that the New Testament has 750 promises; however, because most promises are repeated throughout different books and are not a single book, there are only 250 distinct promised benefits. A few are not in the exact format of a promise, but they include promises of gospel benefits. Thus they are listed as promises. The verse is listed alongside the first book in which the promise is located.

Promises Of God In The Bible Pdf

This PDF file contains 365 promises of God. Read them all carefully. And thank Jesus.

What Is God’s Most Important Promise?

I believe the most significant promise of God has ever given was the promise to redeem his son to pay for the sins of mankind,” Mikelle, 11 said. Jesus suffered and shed his blood to save us. Prior to that, people slaughtered cows, sheep, and other animals to offer sacrifices. When Jesus died, His blood was poured over all of us.


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