How Many Times Does The Bible Say Fear Not?


How Many Times Does The Bible Say Fear Not?

The phrase “Fear Not” is written 365 times in the Bible which is an everyday reminding of God to live your life by being courageous. Usually, when I see this pop-up, the quote does not fear. It says the phrase do not fear appears 365 times, essentially the same thing. So what’s the claim here?

Well, the claim is that there’s this biblical lesson that God says we shouldn’t be afraid, and God, in the sense of poetic mystery, has given us this point 365 times in the Bible. And when we decode that, it tells us that this is a lesson god must want to remind us of every day.

And I read this, and I thought, wow, that’s amazing. I mean, it’s certainly not beyond the power of God to do something like that, and the Bible’s this amazing book, but I wondered if this is true.

And if so, why would God do that anyway because? What was jumping out in my mind? When I read this today, the Jewish calendar when the old testaments and new testaments were written. It only had 360 days in a calendar year, not 365.

So if God wanted to give us one mention of this idea for every day of the year, wouldn’t he have given us 360 different mentions of it instead of 365. So I don’t know the whole thing sounded a little fishy to me, and while the stuff we read on the internet is normally completely correct and trustworthy.

I figure today maybe we should engage in some scepticism and test our Facebook meme to see if it’s correct or not? So I’ve already done the work here but let me share some of the results with you.

Looking in the NIV when I searched for the words “fear not” both together anywhere in the Bible, and as I said earlier, that’s usually the way this meme appears when we see it. I didn’t come up with any results. The NIV doesn’t include the words “fear not” together anywhere in the old testament or the new. So if we reword it and do a search for the words, do not fear.

We came up with 17 different instances where this appears in our Bible, and some of these instances were completely on target.

How Many Times Does The Bible Say Fear Not?
How Many Times Does The Bible Say Fear Not?

Isaiah Chapter 35, verse 4, states to all those with heartfelt fear, be strong and don’t be afraid of your God will be with you. He will strike with a vengeance with the power of God. Retribution will be met with a return visit to take your place. And still, others were close. The lesson is there, but it’s kind of like looking at this concept from another direction.

Ecclesiastes Chapter 8 Verse 13 states that because the wicked don’t believe in God, it will not go well for them, and their lives are not as long as the shadows of their past. So this passage is not exactly what we’re looking for. It’s solid scripture, but it doesn’t serve to ease the minds of Christians who are struggling with fear. But whatever will count this verse anyway, but that’s still only 17 instances.

Well, if we look for the words instead, do not be afraid. Let’s expand what we’ll accept for our test here. We come up with 74 instances in the Bible where these words are put together. And now we’re making some really good progress here.

Jeremiah chapter 1, verse 8, don’t be scared of them because God is with you, and I will save you, proclaims the Lord. So we put all that together, and now we’re at 91 instances of these words appearing together in our Bible. And that’s a lot, but that’s not 365 instances.

Now we could keep searching for other word combinations that are closed, but I’m betting that this old adage of 365 instances. Suppose it came from anywhere, probably from the King James Bible. So let’s take a look at that Inking James. If we search the words, fear not, we come up with 70 responses. And here, we find a treasure trove of scripture that’s useful for us.

Joel chapter 2, verse 21: fear not inland, be joyful and rejoice because the Lord will accomplish incredible things.

Ruth Chapter 3, verse 11, and my daughter is afraid that I’ll give you everything thou demands the whole cities of my people know that Thou art a woman of virtue. And our list goes on, but it still is only 70 instances. We need to dig up another 295 passages for our Facebook meme to be true.

So let’s do like we did with the NIV and change the wording around a little bit. If we search for the words do not fear in the king James we come up with zero instances of this passage existing anywhere in scripture. Do not be afraid of similar results zero occurrences in the King James.

So it doesn’t look like we’re going to get to 365 instances, at least not with these two translations we could try more, but if they’re good translations, I doubt they’d yield many different results because they’re all working off of the same source material roughly.

So is this a bust? Then we can’t even break 100 times when the Bible addresses this concept directly. But what about indirectly. Let’s say we don’t require the direct quote of do not fear or “fear not” or some other exact permutation of these words to say that we open up our tests to any bible verses that offer up the same sentiment.

Consider psalm chapter 56, verses 3 to 4. If I’m afraid, I place my faith in God, whose words I thank in God. I believe in God, and I do not fear. What can mere mortals do to me? So here, the words don’t say fear not directly but the lessons the same either way, so I think we can count this one.

First John chapter 4 verses 11 and 18 paint a similar picture, dear friends since God so loved us, we ought to love one another. No fear exists in love. However, perfect love can drive out fear since fear is punished. I think we can count this one too.

So now, with our looser interpretation of what we accept as fear does not verse for our meme, our number of acceptable verses goes up but does it reach 365. Well, as you can probably guess, since we’re so flexible in our wording here, it’s kind of hard to nail this one down. I did find one guy on the internet who claims to have catalogued about 500 verses like this.

Now I didn’t double-check his work but taking for granted, he’s right, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is? Then our number of 500 blows our initial target of 365 out of the water. Well, what do we learn from this?

First, it’s not a coincidence that there’s 365 fear not verses in the Bible, one for each day of the year, because there’s not 365 fear not verses in the Bible, one for each day of the year. Depending on how we count it, there’s either a lot fewer or a whole lot more.

So we’re not looking at some poetic numerical device that God has encoded in scripture, but the principle still works. Listen, if this idea appeared just once in our Bible, that should be enough for us. It’s the word of God. He only needs to tell us this thing one time.

And as any bible teacher will tell you to pay attention to every single word in the Bible. But when God tells you something twice. Make a note of that because that double repetition is a powerful emphasis.

Well, if God saying something twice is supposed to be a huge deal, what about God telling us not to fear 500 different times. Don’t miss this lesson. God wants us to see this point even if it’s not aligned with some calendar that we’re using today.

Joshua chapter 9, verse 1, Be strong and courageous, do not be scared and don’t be discouraged because it is said that the Lord Your God can be there with you everywhere you go.

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Does The Bible Say Fear Not 365 Times?

Do not be afraid, ‘ is in the Bible more than 365 times she said. I was taught that the Bible demands that we give thanks in all situations as God has a plan have for us in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18). There is a lot to learn during times of sadness than we do in happiness.

How Many Times is fear God mentioned in the Bible

The Bible is full of instances that describe God as a powerful, positive, powerful, and loving God. However, the Bible makes use of fear more than 300 times about God.


1. How many times is the phrase Do not be afraid used in the Bible?

Answer: JS Artworks The Phrase do not be Afraid is Written in The Bible 365 Times. It’s a daily reminder from God to live each day. Be Fearless.

2. Is fear not the most repeated phrase in the Bible?

Answer: The most commonly cited instruction from the Bible is ‘ Do not fear. ‘ It’s found in the Bible more than 200 times. However, fear isn’t just an aid to keep us in a safe place; it’s also a manipulative emotion that could lead us into a boring life.

3. Where in the Bible does it say fear not?

Answer: Isaiah 41:10“Do not be afraid as I’m here with you. Do not be afraid, because God is your God. I will be with you and assist you. I will support your righteous hand. Isaiah 41:13 – God is my name,, your God who holds the right of your hand, and tells you, “Do not be afraid I will be with you.


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