How Old Is God According To The Bible?


How Old Is God? (Jesus)

God (Jesus)
God (Jesus)

The Bible does not provide the exact day or even the exact year that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. But a closer examination of the chronological details of history reduces the chances of a proper understanding of this time.

The details of Jesus’ birth are found in the Gospel of the Bible. Matthew 2:1 says that Jesus was born in the days of Herod the King. Because Herod died in 4 B.C., we have a scale to work with.

Additionally, after Joseph and Mary fled to Bethlehem with Jesus, Herod killed young male children living in his area up to the age of 2. This indicates that Jesus may have been two years old before Herod’s death, and it gives the date of birth between 6 and 4 B.C.

Luke 2:1-2 draws attention to several other facts to consider: “In those days there was a command from Augustus Caesar to write down the names of the peoples of the whole world, and this first name was written when Quirinius was the ruler of Syria. We know that Augustus Caesar ruled from 27 BC to 14 A.D.

Quirinius ruled Syria in the same period, recorded in census documents, including Judea from about 6 B.C. Some scholars argue that this is the census described by Luke, but it appears to be a single event. Based on these historical accounts, the most likely time for Christ’s birth in Bethlehem is 6–5 B.C.

Luke mentions another detail related to our timeline: “Jesus himself was about thirty years old when he began to preach” (Luke 3:23). John the Baptist was serving in the wilderness when Jesus began his ministry. John’s time of ministry was “in the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar” when Pontius Pilate was the ruler of Judea along with Herod Ituraiah, the governor of Galilee, Isaiah, and his brother who was suffering from Trachonitis Philip and Lysanias, who lived in Abilene were kings of IV and when Hannah, as well as Cephas, served as high priests The word of God came to John Zechariah’s son in the wilderness” (Luke 3:1-2).

The only period that combines all these facts at once is A.D. 27-29. If Jesus was “about thirty years of age” in A.D. 27, He would have been born roughly between A.D. 6 and 4. More specifically, when Jesus began his ministry, Jesus would have been about 32 years old (yet “about thirty years of age” comes only).

What to say about the day of Christ’s birth? The tradition of December 25 developed long after the New Testament period.

This is the day that Christians decided to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Jesus However, when exactly Jesus was born remains not known.

What is known is that biblical and historical accounts point to the approximate year of birth. Jesus was born to his mother, Mary, in Bethlehem, Judea, around 6-5 BC. His birth has changed the history of the world and the lives of countless people.

Jesus or Jesus Christ (Hebrew: Jesus; Other Names: Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ), also known as Jesus of Nazareth, is the originator of Christianity. Christians consider him the son of God the Father and the third member of the Christian Trinity God.

Scriptural Answers

There is no definite date of birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible, as the books below show:

There is no information regarding the specific day of Christ’s birth. (New Catholic Encyclopedia)

The day Christ was born is not known. (Encyclopedia of Early Christianity)

The Bible did not directly state when he was born, but it details two events at his birth. From this, it can be concluded that he was not born on 25 December.

Not In Winter

To enrol, Shortly before Jesus’ birth, Emperor Augustus issued a decree that “all the people of his empire should enter their names.” All people had to go to their respective cities to get their names written, which meant they would probably have to travel for a week or more. (Luke 2: 1-3) This decree was perhaps issued to collect taxes and enlist people in the army. According to this decree, people did not like to work at all, irrespective of the time of the year. If they were sent to register their names, especially in the cold weather, they would have flared up against the Emperor even more because many people would have to travel a long way in the harsh winter. For this reason, it is not possible that Augustus had forced people to enrol in the harsh winter.

The sheep The shepherds “were in the fields, guarding their flocks by night.” (Luke 2: 8) The book Daily Life in the Time of Jesus states that the flock of sheep lived in the open ground from ‘about a week before Passover’, that is, from about mid-March to mid-November. Guide also specifies, They used to stay inside during the winter months, and also this can be seen from the very same reality that the traditional date of Christmas in the wintertime is wrong, as it is written in the excellent news books (Matti, Mark, Luke, and John). That the shepherds were with their flocks in the plains.

Death of Jesus

Jesus passed away on the Passover on Neesan 14, in the spring of 33 CE. If we count in reverse from this day, we can presume when he would have been born. (John 19: 14-26) Jesus was about 30 years old when he started his three-and-a-half-year-long preaching work. Therefore, he must have been born at the beginning of the autumn season in 2 BCE. -Luke 3:23.

Why is Christmas Celebrated On 25 December?

There is no proof that Jesus Christ was born on 25 December, so why is Xmas celebrated on this day? The Encyclopedia Britannica states that church leaders probably chose this date to ensure that it would match the date when non-Christian Romans celebrated the ‘age of the unyielding sun’ at the end of winter months. According to The Encyclopedia Americana, several scholars think that this was done so that -non-Christians who take on Christianity might locate Christianity a lot more eye-catching.

Who is God?

The true God is the one who frees all of us from the bondage of time, and we do not have to wander in 84 lakh yonas. There is only one real God, as well as his name, is Jehovah. He is a spiritual being, which we cannot see. He loves us and also desires us to love him too.

Who is God(Jesus) According to Christianity?

Jesus or Jesus Christ (Hebrew: Jesus; Other Names: Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ), also known as Jesus of Nazareth, is the originator of Christianity. Christians consider him the son of God the Father as well as the third participant of the Christian Trinity God.

How Old Is God In Heaven?

Jesus will be entered into heaven after good Friday. On Friday, April 19, the festival of Good Friday will be celebrated all over the world. Good Friday is a festival celebrated among the people of Christianity, which is celebrated as a mourning day. On this day, Jesus was crucified after giving all the physical tortures. Good Friday is also referred to Holy Friday, Black Friday or Great Friday.

How Old Is God According To The Scientist?

It was said by a researcher who stated that only single-celled organisms could perceive the universe as it is. “Complex” beings — whales, birds, humans, even the most pathetic creatures of all can see an edited version of reality specifically tailored to the capabilities of our brains as well as our perspective of the world that allows us to survive.

If you’re skeptical, Imagine what the world could be like if you were able to see 360 degrees, detect ultraviolet light, or like a bat was able to see using the aid from your ears. Imagine yourself as Helen Keller. Deaf and blind, Keller wrote beautifully about the intense way she experienced her companions through smell and touch and how much she hated us for being dependent on our eyes and ears.
What do I mean by this?
The human brain can jump to various conclusions. It believes that the universe exists as we see it. We think that everything has a beginning and a conclusion and that everything is age because of our bodies and everything else we are aware of doing. (Except in a strange way, the universe. It’s difficult to comprehend the absence of anything before the birth of time, or how everything was created from nothing, and how there’ll remain “nothing” left when it eventually explodes and the show is ended. How can that be possible?)
Perhaps God simply does not have an age. “Time” is just an editing program that only exists in our minds.
Catholic theology already holds that God is not a male or female. The term “He” is just linguistic shorthand, and God certainly isn’t an old man sporting hair and a penis in the heavens. The gendering of God is in line with the limitations and expectations of our brains; otherwise, we’re left to compare “him” or even “her” to an inanimate, sexless and stupid rock.
The same with the aging process. God “must” be old since “He” created everything. (And as the ultimate mindfuck, the God of All Things is incarnated in human flesh, as a helpless infant placed in feeding the trough, a manger inside the cave. Here’s a poem that you can enjoy.)
St. Thomas Aquinas makes the statement that God isn’t even real. It’s quite shocking on the surface to listen to a Catholic saint claim this; however, what Aquinas was saying was that God isn’t able to “exist” in the way living creatures do. According to the Spanish philosopher, Miguel de Unamuno put it by bouncing off Aquinas, God “super-exists.” God exists in a manner that is entirely beyond our comprehension and is not the same way that God exists in that the “end of time” and the “nothing” beyond the edge of all things exist but don’t exist simultaneously.
As Aquinas said, God “isn’t.” Since saying “that” God “is” implies that God is a thing, but God isn’t something. God isn’t a thing. God is the basis of existence in itself. And God “exists” (in quotation marks); however, he is not within the boundaries of our existence.
Thus, he isn’t able to be said to “age.”
God is existent in with us. We are old because we come directly from “Him.” But don’t think that God is identical to the creature.
(This is just speculation. It’s all speculation. However, I am curious whether this all applies to single-celled creatures.)



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