How Old Was Jesus When He Died

Who Was Jesus Christ And How Old Was Jesus When He Died

Jesus Died
Jesus Died

Jesus or Jesus Christ (Hebrew: Jesus; Other Name: Jesus Christ), also known as Jesus of Nazareth, is the originator of Christianity. Christians think about him as the son of God the Father and the third member of the Christian Trinity God. Many researchers believe that Jesus did not died due to crucifixion. Despite being crucified by the Romans, he survived and then came to India via the Middle East. For many years after this incident, he lived for the rest of his life in India.

How Old Was Jesus When He Died

What Jesus did between the ages of 13 and 29 is a thriller. Nothing is talked about in the Bible about his years. Was the place they between their ages? Returning to Jerusalem at the age of 30, he obtained initiation from John. After initiation, he started teaching people. Based on most scholars, in 29 AD, Lord Jesus climbed the donkey and reached Jerusalem. At a similar time, a conspiracy was hatched to punish them. Finally, he was caught by the opponents and hung on the cross. His age at the moment was around 33 years.

How Old Was Jesus When He Died The Second Time

Christians believe that after Jesus developed after his fatality, he did not pass away a second time. Instead, 40 days after the resurrection, Jesus left heaven, heart and soul to reconcile God and Dad, leaving the earth. This occasion is called the Ascension and also was seen by the eleven staying apostles of Jesus.

How Old Was Jesus When He Started His Ministry

Jesus was about 30 years old when he was starting his ministry. 

How Old Was Jesus When He Was Baptized

Why should Bible teachers remember that baptism is important?

When we study with our children or Bible students, we must remember that baptism is essential to be a true disciple of Jesus. Therefore, when the time comes, we will not hold back from explaining to them the importance of dedication and baptism. We sincerely want our children and Bible students to progress in the truth and get baptized.

Why do we not force anyone to get baptized?

Of course, neither a child nor a Bible student should be pressured or coerced into getting baptized. The creator does not force any of us to serve him. When we teach others, we will explain to them that they should have a personal relationship with Jehovah. Then, when they get to know Jehovah, they will grow in their heart, and they want to become disciples of Christ, then they will come forward to be baptized on their own.

How Did Jesus Died

Many researchers believe that Jesus did not died due to crucifixion. Despite being crucified by the Romans, he survived and then came to India via the Middle East. For many years after this incident, he lived for the rest of his life in India.

How Many Years Ago Did Jesus Died

These people do not die. People are performed. These people live for 15 days or even after death and do public welfare, so asking where did Jesus Christ died when it happened is a stupid question.

When Was Jesus Born

The owner of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was born on December 25. The word Christmas is derived from the phrase Christes Maisé or ‘Christ’s Mass. It is estimated that the first Christmas was celebrated in Rome in 336 AD. It is celebrated on December 25 worldwide to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

How Many Years Ago Was Jesus Born

No person understands the precise day of Christ’s birth. However, countless individuals who claim to be Christians worldwide celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25 annually. While seen, this date is not given throughout the Scriptures.

What Is Easter?

Jesus entered Jerusalem on Sunday. This day is called ‘Palm Sunday’. He was crucified on Friday. Therefore it’s known as ‘Good Friday’, and on Sunday, just one lady (Mary Magdalene) noticed him alive near her grave. This event of being seen alive is well known as ‘Easter’. After that, Jesus never appeared in the Jewish state. That is, he never appeared after the age of 33 years. Then the question arises who then buried them and when?

According To The Story Of Christians, Jesus Is Reborn

Only a few stories of his story are found in the Bible. The primary is the story of his birth. The second, when he was seven years old, he goes to the temple during a festival, the third when he arrives in Jerusalem and gets baptized by Jehanna, the fourth when he stays with his disciples, he preaches. The fifth barley is the last meal they eat, and the sixth when they are hung on the cross, and finally the seventh when they are resurrected. After this, the rest of his life span is unknown. According to the story of Christians, Jesus is reborn. But the question is, where did they disappear again after this reincarnation. Christianity is silent about where they went after this, and when, how and where did their natural death take place?

Christian Communities Believe That One Day Jesus Christ Will Return To Jerusalem Because He Is Alive.

Christendom is silent about where he was between 13 and 29 years and where he was after 33 years. When he was alive, how did he die again and was buried in the tomb? His cave grave is empty. Christian communities believe that one day Jesus Christ will return to Jerusalem because he is alive.

The Da Vinci code

However, according to another story, he married Mary Magdalene. He had a child with this. There is a reference to his having a child and being protected by an organization named ‘Priory of Zayan’. Famous author Dan Brown has written the book on this story. The name of this book is ‘The Vinci Code’. A film has also been made on this book, which was banned due to controversies.

Vinci Code Hidden Secrets

In 1945 12 documents were found preserved in a vessel near Nag Hammadi, a city in north Egypt (Egypt). After studying the original documents for years, ‘Dan Brown’ wrote the novel ‘The Vinci Code’. These documents were kept alive by the groups. Noted painter Leonardo The Vinci was a member of one such group of superiors, so he has hidden some formulas, some gestures in his paintings which can be encoded. The film based on all this is ‘The Vinci Code’.

Is Their Tomb In Jerusalem?

The city holds great importance for Christians, and the town bears witness to the last part of the life of Jesus Christ. Four incidents took place here, the first being that he took initiation from John, the second that he came here on a donkey, the third that he was crucified here, the fourth was that he was taken dead from the cross and kept him in a cave here. A big stone was placed on the top, fifthly, they were seen alive after being taken down on a spot in the same city and sixthly they were buried where they were seen alive.

The Church Of The Holy Sculpture Is The Place Where Jesus Was Seen Alive Again

Adjacent to the walls of the ancient city of Jerusalem is an ancient holy church, which is believed to be where the Lord Jesus resurrected. This church is constructed at the place where Jesus was seen alive again. The name of this church is the Church of the Holy Sculpture. It is said that this church is the rock on which Jesus Christ was laid for burial in the 33rd. It is also believed that this is the place where Jesus had the last feast. There are three stone slabs here. One where he was buried first, the other where he was found alive and the third where he was buried again.

Jesus was placed in a cave after being taken off the cross. A stone was put in front of that cave. That cave and stone still exist today. The Church of the Holy Sculpture is different from that cave.

Jesus Lived In Kashmir In India From The Age Of 33 To 112

Some researchers believe that Jesus lived in India from 13 to 29 years of age and then from 33 to 112 years of age. During this time, he is believed to have meditated in the monasteries of the Buddhist and Nath sect in the Indian state of Kashmir. It is believed that a tomb is built here in a stone building called ‘Rauzabal’ in a narrow lane of Khanyar, an old area of ​​Srinagar city of Kashmir where his body is kept.

People Also Believe That Jesus Christ Participated In The Famous Buddhist Conference Held In The Year 80 CE

Officially, this tomb is the tomb of Yuja Asaf, a medieval Muslim preacher, but many people believe that it is the tomb or tomb of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. People also believe that Jesus Christ participated in the famous Buddhist conference held in the year 80 CE. On the mountains north of Srinagar are the ruins of a Buddhist vihara where this convention happened.

Various Names Of Jesus

Jesus is called ‘Esas’ in the Arabic languageIn Kashmir, he was called ‘Yusa-Asaf’. It is also written on his grave that ‘this is the tomb of Yusa-Asaf who came here from a faraway country and it also indicates that he came 1900 years ago. The design of that tomb is Jewish. And above the tomb is written in the Hebrew language, Hebrew.

Mohammad Azam Wrote In His Book ‘Tarikh Azmi’

It was discussed for the first time in history in 1747. When the Sufi writer Khwaja Mohammad Azam of Srinagar wrote in his book ‘Tarikh Azmi’, the tomb is of an ancient foreign prophet and prince Yusuf. Then in 1770, Mulla Fazil, ruling a case about it, said, ‘After looking at the evidence, it turns out that during the time of King Gopadatta, who built the throne of Solomon, Yuz came to the Asaf Valley. The great prince who died and died alive had left the worldly things. He used to concentrate all his attention only on worship. The people of Kashmir became pagan after Hazrat Noah. He asked them to pray for the one above. He used to keep saying that he was the same one. Later in this tomb, Sayyed Nasiruddin was also buried. ‘

Pahalgam Was The First Stop Of Jesus Christ

Pahalgam means the village of the shepherds. Gadarwara, a village near Jabalpur, has the same meaning and has been related to Jesus Christ from both places. Jesus Christ himself was a shepherd. The first stop of Jesus Christ was Pahalgam. Pahalgam is known as the village of nomads. People coming from outside often stayed here. This was their first stop. Pahalgam, located in Anantnag district, is about 96 km from Srinagar. is far.

Jesus Rested At This Place, Hence The Name Of This Place Was ‘Ish Mukam’

After this, when Jesus was going to Srinagar, he stayed in one place and gave rest and preached. Because Jesus rested on this place; hence the name of this place was named ‘Ish Mukam’ after him. This name still knows this place. From Pahalgam, Baba goes to visit the cave of Amarnath.

Jesus Sacrificed His Life In The Old City Of Srinagar

It is believed that Jesus sacrificed his life in the old city of Srinagar. According to an Osho book, ‘Golden Child Hood’, Moses, the pagan (mosaic) of Judaism, also died here. The actual grave of both of them is here. This is well revealed in Osho’s book ‘The Silent Explosion’.

Jesus Must Have Chosen Pahalgam Due To Beauty

Pahalgam is a small village, where there are a few huts. Jesus would have chosen it because of its beauty. I am also very fond of the place Jesus chose. I have seen the tomb of Jesus in Kashmir. Outside Israel, Kashmir was the only place where they could live in peace. Because he was a small Israel. Not only Jesus but Moses, too, were buried here. I have also seen his grave. While coming to Kashmir, other Jews were repeatedly asking Moses, where is our lost Kabila? (One of the 10 Kabilas of the Jews settled in Kashmir).

Both Jesus and Moses Died In India

Jesus grave

It was great that both Jesus and Moses died in India. India is neither Christian nor Jewish. But the man or the family who take care of these tombs are Jewish. Both the tombs are also built in a Jewish manner. Hindus do not build graves. Muslims make but another way. The head of the tomb of a Muslim is towards Mecca. Only those two graves are such in Kashmir that was not built according to Muslim rules.

Research By Nicholas Notovich

 Nicholas Notovich, a Russian investigator, has written a book called ‘The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ’ in French based on the book ‘The Life of Sant Jesus’, kept in the ancient Hemis Buddhist ashram, after staying in India for a few years. It is said that he came to India in 1887. Here his health deteriorated, then he was kept in this monastery.

Book ‘St. Jesus’

There he read many texts of Buddhist literature and Buddhist scriptures. In them, he found many references to Jesus coming here. The teachings of Jesus are also discussed in these Buddhist scriptures. Later this French traveller also published a book called ‘St. Jesus’. In it, he described all the things that made him aware that Jesus had even gone to Ladakh and other countries of the East.

According To The Book, Jesus Came To India Through The Silk Route

The Hemis Buddh Ashram is located on Leh road in Ladakh. According to the book, Jesus came to India from the Silk Route, and this ashram was on a similar silk route. Jesus studied Buddhism from 13 to 29 years of age and lived here, and understood the importance of Nirvana. He arrived in Jerusalem after learning from here and there. He became the religious leader and the messiah or protector of Israel.

The Second Coming Of Christ

Swami Paramahansa Yogananda’s book ‘The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of Christ Within You’ claims that Lord Jesus spent many years in India and practised yoga and meditation here. This book also claims that between 13 and 30 years of age, Jesus studied and practised Indian knowledge philosophy and yoga deeply. A report has also been published in the ‘Los Angeles Times’ regarding all the above research. In ‘The Guardian’, there is also a reference to the book of Swamiji.

Meaning Of ‘Isa’ In Sanskrit

According to this book, the three scholars who came to Bethlehem to see him after the birth of Jesus were Indians, who were Buddhists. These three scholars who came from India named Jesus as ‘Isa’, which means ‘God’ in Sanskrit. According to a second belief, in the Buddhist monastery, he got the name ‘Isha’ which means owner or master. However, the word Isha is used for God. The name of an Upanishad of the Vedas is ‘Ish Upanishad’. The term ‘Ish’ or ‘Ishaan’ is also used for Lord Shankar.

Meaning Of ‘Isa’ In Various Language

Some scholars believe that Jesus is an aberration of the Hebrew word Yeshua, which means liberator. And according to the Hindi dictionary, the word Christ is considered anointed, that is, Kristos in the Greek language. That is why, in the west, he is called Jesus Christ. According to some scholars, the Sanskrit word ‘Jesus’ became Jesus. This is what the Jews call Ishaq. There is a written record of Jesus walking from Ladakh, crossing the high snowy mountain peaks to reach a place called Pahalgam in Kashmir. This is where Jesus found the lost tribes of Israel.

At The Time Of The Crucifixion, Isha Nath Put Her Life In The Tomb

This is a book written by professor Fida Hasnain and Dehan Laby, which Amrita Pritam has described in her book ‘Akshar Ki Rasleela’. This book explores aspects of Jesus’ life that Christians might refuse to accept, such as miraculous issues revived after birth and death from a virgin mother. The book also believes that from 13 to 29 years of age, Jesus visited India. It is believed that he also took initiation in the Nath Sampradaya. At the time of the crucifix, Isha Nath had put his life in samadhi. He had gone to the tomb, which led people to believe that he had died. They were buried in the grave as dead.

Professor Fida Hasnain And Mr. Holzer Kirsten Made This Point Based on Evidence

Mahachetana Nath was very angry with the Jews because Isha was his disciple. Mahachetana Nath noticed carefully that Isha Nath was suffering a lot in the tomb, so he left his gross body in the Himalayas and reached Israel and took Jesus out of the tomb. He picked up Isha from the tombstone and healed her wounds, and brought her back to India. His ashram was in the lower part of the Himalayas, where Isha Nath, after surviving for many years, took samadhi in Pahalgam.

Professor Fida Hasnain and Mr Holzer Kirsten made this point based on two other pieces of evidence. The first is of the tombs. Pro. Fida Hasnain writes that he has seen the graves of East-West in Kashmir, which is against Islamic rules. Kirstejan wrote that the grave of Use Asaf is in the east-west direction, which is the way of the Jews.

The second proof is of a degree. This decree was written in 1766. In this, there is a claim on the grave of Use Asaf. It also has a relation with the Jews… A third proof is that Prof. Fida Hasnain has interviewed a Pashtun chief. Pakhtun leader Mir Alam Emperor Naqshbandi said, ‘We are among the group of Jews who disobeyed Moses by refusing to eat the heavenly food’ Manan Salwa ‘. We left Moses and headed east. Turks are also our brothers because they are also Israelites who disobeyed Moses. Many centuries ago, we came to Kashmir via Gilgit Ar Chitral.

Pro. Hasnain said that ‘I was pleased to see a first-century Kushan seal, which is safe in the British Museum, London,’ a place in the souvenirs of Christians. It has a highly placed Shaka on a horse and has a cross in his hand. It is even more delightful to know that this highly placed person is ‘RA’ on the seal, which means the king captured by the Padmese Indo-Scythians. Holding the cross in hand means that the figure is that of a first-century Christian. His turban and bridle are from Central Asia .’- (Dharmavir Bharti’s book Premchand with blue eyes)

Question/Answer About How Jesus Died?

1. How old did Jesus die at?

Answer: The death and resurrection of Jesus are the most important events that have taken place since the creation of the world. Through the death of Christ, God reconciled you to those who were “turned away” from him by sin and “died in his fleshly body to make you [holy] before him pure and unblemished, and innocent.” Present “(Colossians 1: 21-22). And through the resurrection of Christ, God mercifully “gave us a new birth for living hope by his great mercy” (1 Peter 1: 3). As it is scripted with most events, the Bible does not provide us with an exact date of when Jesus died. But we give it the understanding to detect it accurately.

Although the timeline of the world is historically divided between BC (before Christ’s arrival) and AD (Anno Domini – “in the year of our Lord”), yet the birth of Jesus Christ is 6, and 4 BC Happened in. We reach this date based on the death of Herod the Great, who was the king of Judea from his death in 4 BCE to 47 BCE. Jesus was asked to return to Israel from Egypt with Joseph and Mary “only after Herod’s death” (Matthew 2:19).

Many other facts allow us to indicate the year of Jesus’ death. We know that John the Baptist began his ministry in 26 CE, based on the historical account given in Luke 3: 1. Perhaps Jesus began his ministry just after John began his ministry. Then Jesus served for the next three and a half years. In this way, his ministry must have ended in 29–30 CE.

2. How old was Jesus when he died, according to the Bible?

Answer: His age during that time was around 33 years. That is, everything took place in simply 3 years. Jesus entered Jerusalem on Sunday. Today is called ‘Hand Sunday’. He was tortured on Friday. For this reason, it is called ‘Good Friday’, and on Sunday, just one lady (Mary Magdalene) saw him to life near her grave. This event of being seen alive is commemorated as ‘Easter’. Afterwards, Jesus never showed up in the Jewish state.

3. How do we know Jesus died at 33?

Answer: According to Osho, there is no mention in the Bible between the age of 13 to 30 years of Jesus Christ, and this was almost his whole life because, at the age of 33, he was crucified. The accounts of thirteen to 30 to 17 years are missing from the Bible. Finally Jesus died in India too.

4. How many years has it been since Jesus died in 2020?

Answer: All of the above prophecies that the prophets made about the arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ 700 years ago, then 2018 year before the Lord Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, Jerusalem city of Israel, who was engaged to Joseph and who was pregnant with the Holy Spirit Hui, was born from the womb. On this occasion, a Noorani star with great light appeared in the sky, seeing astrologers from all corners of the world came to behead him and presented gold, mur and frankincense etc., at the feet of Jesus.


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