Was Jesus 6ft 7inch Tall?

Was Jesus Between 5’10” And 6’2″ In Height? Let’s Find Out

Jesus Christ was believed to be 6 feet tall, but did he really measure that tall?

Jesus Christ is considered the son of God and the savior of mankind. He lived during the time of the Roman Empire, and his life has become a subject of interest for historians and religious scholars alike. According to the Bible, Jesus was born around 2 BC and died at age 33. His height was estimated to be between 5’10” and 6’2″. The average human being stands at about 5’7″, so it’s not surprising that people thought Jesus was taller than them.

The earliest written reference to Jesus’ height comes from the Gospel of Mark, in which Jesus is described as being “about five cubits and a span” (Mark 15:5). This means that Jesus stood approximately 9 ft. or 3 m tall. Did Jesus Really Measure That Tall? According to the Bible, Jesus measured about 9 ft. or 2.8 meters tall. But how can we know this with certainty?

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There are two main theories regarding Jesus’ height. One theory says that Jesus was shorter than what the Bible claims because of the way the Bible describes him. According to this theory, the Bible writers were trying to make Jesus look taller by exaggerating his physical attributes.
Another theory says that Jesus was indeed taller than what the Bible claims. This theory states that Jesus was probably only about 5’10”-6’1″ tall. It also suggests that the Bible writers exaggerated Jesus’ height because they wanted to emphasize his authority over other people.

To determine whether Jesus was truly 6 feet tall or just slightly above 5′, researchers have used various methods. Some scientists have compared the measurements of Jesus’ skull with those of modern humans. Others have calculated the length of Jesus’ arms based on the Bible’s description of them. Still, others have studied the size of his hands and feet.

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How Tall Was Jesus? Let’s Get Through The Point

Does nobody know exactly How Tall Jesus Was? But the Bible left us some clues. Let’s find out.

  1. Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, favor with God and men. (Luke 2:52).
  2. Guess the only almost identical verse of luke 2:52?
  3. Samuel, the child, grew in stature and favor with both the Lord and the men. (1 Samuel 2:26).
  4. We can predict Jesus and Samuel probably the same height.
  5. If we know Samuel’s height, then we can determine Jesus’ height.
  6. We can determine how tall Saul was? by knowing Samuel’s height.
  7. “And he had a handsome and choice son, whose name was Saul. He was the most beautiful person among Israel’s children. “From his shoulders up, he was taller than any of the people” (1 Samuel 9:2).
  8. The measurement from shoulder to head is at least a span of 9 inches.
  9. Saul was the tallest in Israel at that time.
  10. The second tallest person was at his shoulders.
  11. The difference between Saul and second tallest Israel will be nine inches or a span.
  12. Obviously, Samuel was among the second tallest person in Israel at that time. 
  13. The average person was shorter than Samuel because he grew in structure and favor both with Lord and men Samuel (2:26).
  14. If Samuel’s height was average, then it is unnecessary to write he grow in stature.
  15. Lets me show you why Jesus height was not average in scriptures;
  16. Jesus loved the disciple who was now leaning on Jesus’ bosom. (John 13:23).
  17. Now john cannot lean on Jesus’ bosom if Jesus’ height was average.
  18. Jesus must be a span taller for john to lean on him.
  19. The tells us Samuel was a span taller than the average Israeli at that time.
  20. Now we must understand that Israel maintains a kosher diet during the time unit of Samuel and Jesus.
  21. So their average height is not changing that much.
  22. Right now Israeli average height is 5ft 9inch/1.77m.
  23. Considering their average height is the same as Samuel’s time, Samuel’s height should be around 6ft 6inch/1.98m.
  24. Saul’s height should be around 7ft 3inch/2.20m.
  25. Here my opinion, Jesus was 6ft 7inch/2.01m tall and strong.

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Full Explanation, How Tall Was Jesus? (Sermon)

How Tall Was Jesus
How Tall Was Jesus? See above

How tall was Jesus? It’s a good question because there are only one or two places in the Bible where it even talks about Jesus’s height. 

One, of course, when he was growing up, it says that he grew in wisdom and stature, but it doesn’t say at that point how tall he was? But then we come to this passage today that Ron just read, and there’s one verse there that you could make an argument and say that Jesus was short.

Because it says depending on how you translate it, Zacchaeus came and wanted to see Jesus but could not because he was short he being Jesus, so he climbed up into a tree to see little Jesus. 

Now, wait a minute, that just goes against everything you’ve been taught, right that’s like all the Sunday School teachings in Bible School, All the preaching that you have ever heard Zacchaeus was just a little boy, and he was very proud of himself. He climbed up a sycamore tree to seek the Lord.

Right, that’s what we’ve always heard. What they probably didn’t tell you was that in the original Greek, it could be translated either way. 

It can be translated that Kiyose, because of the crowd that he could not because he that kiss was small, could not see Jesus. Or it can be translated actually that because of the crowd he Jesus was so small that Zacchaeus couldn’t see him. 

So he had to climb in a tree to be able to see it can be translated either way and since I’m doing the sermon today, I’m going to make a call he Jesus was short five-five according to Adam.

I didn’t know that, but anyway, it’s as if that’s not enough for you to understand that in the early Christian church they were people who ridiculed the disciples for saying Jesus was the Messiah.

Simply because the Messiah would never be as short as Jesus was? And so Jesus was probably short, probably as short as John Wesley or Napoleon. 

And we have this picture here of a man who comes in, either way, we have a picture here of Zacchaeus who wants to get a look at Jesus, but because of the crowd and depending on the translation you can kind of it can kind of get confused, but he was not able to see him. So he climbs into a tree.

What Did Jesus Christ Really Look like?

Jesus Christ God incarnates the most famous person for our modern history for nearly 2,000 years he has always been depicted as White. However, this assertion has begun to be challenged over the past few decades, and there is an ongoing debate.

If you will go over what you really and truly look like, is there any evidence, historical proof, or clues throughout scripture? Let’s go for it all one by one.

What Did Jesus Look Like, According To Pontius Pilate?

Pontius Pilate was a Roman pagan who saw Christ up close and personal. Pontius Pilate described Jesus as his beard, and golden hair gave him a celestial appearance. He looked to be around thirty years old. Never have I seen a sweetheart more serene countenance what contrast between him and his bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions. So just by that account, he would sound like many modern Europeans.

What Did Jesus Look Like According To Archko Volume Or Archko Library?

It describes Christ as a picture of his mother. Only he has not a smooth round face. His hair is a little more golden than hers though he is much from sunburn as anything else. He has golden hair burns in the Sun. His eyes are large and a soft blue and rather dull and heavy this is all sounds very similar to Pilates.

Publius Lent Ulus Description Of Jesus

Christ’s hair is described as the color of chestnut full ripe down City years. So again, that would be a blondish color. Furthermore, he says his face without spot or wrinkle is beautiful with a lovely red so red cheeks Luke you see red cheeks on his eyes gray clear and quick and reprove in hypocrisy. So it is the different accounts that all have given a similar portrayal of Christ.

We See Jesus Similar To Adams Look

Throughout the Bible, we see the Israelites commonly described as being ruddy in their appearance. The word ruddy, similar to Adam, means when a white person has a red color suggesting good health, a rosy complexion, and is associated with brushing or showing blood in the face.

FAQ About How Tall Was Jesus?

What was God’s height?

This seems like one of those unanswerable questions, but the Mormons and leaders of the American “Prosperity Gospel Movement” believe they have the answer. God is approximately 6′ 2″ tall. He doesn’t use the standard metric system.

Who was the tallest person in the Bible?

Saul was selected to lead the Israelites in their fight against the enemies. However, when confronted with Goliath, he refuses. Saul is 6 feet taller than any other person in Israel (1 Samuel 9;2). This implies that he was more than 6 feet tall (1.8m) and was the obvious challenger to Goliath. Yet, David prevails over him.

What was Adam’s height?

Abu Hurairah narrates a Sunni-sahih (authentic Hadith) that Adam was created at 60 cm tall and that Paradise people will be like Adam. The Prophet stated that “Allah created Adam, making Him 60 (27.4m/91.4ft tall) cubits high.

What is Jesus’ full name?

What is Jesus’ Real Name? Yeshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus, is indeed true. It is Hebrew for “Yahweh [the LORD] is Salvation.” Yeshua’s English spelling is “Joshua.” However, when it is translated from Hebrew to Greek (in which the New Testament was created), the name Yeshua changes into Iesous.

How tall is the Jesus statue in Rio?

There is a statue of Jesus in Rio, 38 meters tall. The name of the statue in Rio is The Redeemer.

How tall is black Jesus?

There is no concrete proof of how tall the Black Jesus is, but some scholars said that he was 6 feet 7 inches tall.

How tall is slim, Jesus?

Slim Jesus is 1.70 meters tall.

How tall is the Jesus statue in brazil?

The 1931 completion of the statue of Christ, the Redeemer, is 98ft (30m) high, with its outstretched arms stretching 92ft (28m) horizontally. This statue is emblematic of Rio de Janeiro as well as the entire nation of Brazil.

How tall was Jesus Catholic?

Taylor’s research shows that Jesus was less tall than other Judeans and more like a king. This is the average height of male skeletal remains at the time. Taylor stated in her book that people in Judea and Egypt had a tendency to have brown eyes and black hair, and olive-brown skin. This is based on historical texts and depictions of Egyptians in mummy portraits.

How tall was Jesus according to the shroud of Turin?

He is tall and muscular. Various experts have measured him at 1.70 to HTML 88 m, or 5 ft 7 into 6 ft 2. The cloth has reddish-brown spots that are believed to correspond with the Biblical account of Jesus’ crucifixion.

How tall was David?

Goliath, an ancient Philistine warrior who is best known for losing a fight against the future King David, was described in early Bible versions as a giant whose height was ancient. Four cubits and a span.

How tall is God?

This seems like one of those unanswerable questions, but the Mormons and leaders of the American “Prosperity Gospel Movement” believe they have the answer. God is approximately 6′ 2″ tall. He doesn’t use the standard metric system.

How tall was Moses?

The Book of Exodus, written in the 6th Century BC, contains the story of Moses and Mt Sinai. Our research shows that Moses stood at the peak of 5 feet 11 inches tall, with a muscular body weight of 90kg.

How tall was Goliath?

The oldest manuscripts are the Dead Sea Scrolls text from Samuel in the late 1st Century BCE, Josephus, the historian of the 1st Century CE, and the major Septuagint texts. They all give it as “four cubic inches and a span,” which is 6 feet 9 inches, or 2.06 meters, while the Masoretic Text gives it as “six cubits & a span” (9ft 9 inches, or 2.97 meters).

Jesus’ height and Weight of Cross that Jesus was crucified on?

He could have been approximately 5-ft.-5-in. (166cm) tall, which was the average height for a man at that time.
Charles Rohault de Fleury, a French architect, compiled a list of all fragments of the real cross in 1870. He found that the Jesus cross was 165 lb and stood three to four meters high with a cross beam of two meters.

The real face of Jesus?

The most popular image of Jesus Christ has been one of a fair-skinned man with long, straight, dark brown hair and (often) blue eyes.

How tall was Jesus mother?

There is no evidence of how tall the Virgin Mary was. But according to the writings of the saints, Mary was about 4’6″. But I think you disagree with this statement because the average height of Israel at that time was 5ft 9in/1.77m.

How old is Jesus now?

We have entered the current year based on the date of birth of Jesus Christ, which was 1 AD. This means that at present, the year of birth of Jesus Christ is 2021 AD. This means that Jesus will also be Two Thousand and twenty-one years old. And each year is counted by plus one.

What was the average height when Jesus was born?

At the time of Jesus’ birth, the average height was 5 feet 9 inches/1.77 meters.

What did Jesus look like?

One thing that most experts agree upon is that Jesus had dark hair and brown eyes. However, there is some disagreement among biblical scholars concerning the color of Jesus’ skin.
Some say that Jesus was light-skinned, while others believe that he was darker-skinned. In fact, one source even claims that Jesus was black!


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