How To Draw Jesus Step By Step In Easy Way


How To Draw Jesus Step By Step Easy

Hello everyone, in today’s Article im, going to teach you How To Draw Jesus Christ Drawing Step By Step Easy. So let’s start.

I’m using Grid Method to draw this,

Here I take 8 x 11 grids which are 1inch.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started. Im starting with the eye because the eye is the main focus point. First, we have to observe our reference photo. Suppose you want to draw this drawing, what im doing right now. Then don’t skip the video. Watch carefully and follow my every step, and you will get a perfect Jesus christ outline drawing. 

How To Draw Jesus Step By Step Easy
How To Draw Jesus Step By Step Easy

Also, you can pause my video (see below) or take a screenshot for a better understanding. We have done our first eye. Similarly, we draw the next eye. It’s too simple, not so tough. I have seen a lot of beginner artists. They are afraid to draw. And think it is too hard to draw, but it is not like that. Don’t think too much. It is too simple and easy. 

Just we have to observe the reference photo eyes are ready now we draw the nose I draw the nose in this area. We draw a line first, and we draw nostrils like this, and we have beautifully done with the nose now we draw lips done with the lips now we draw the moustache of Jesus Christ we will draw a full beard a bit later Now we draw the upper portions like forehead and hair etc. Here is nothing to teach you, just follow my steps. Now we draw the bread of Jesus Christ. I draw small lines for the Beard. And perfectly draw the outline Beard is complete. 

Now we draw the hair portion. We have completed the face drawing very perfectly. Now we make the lower portions like hands and cloth we make two curves line for cloth we will draw cloth a bit. In contrast, first, we draw the Hands we make the hand in this box eight done with the hand, move to the next hand which I draw here our drawing is almost complete lastly, we draw the cloth and lastly, we draw a heart symbol and a cross over here, and this is how we draw a very beautiful drawing of Jesus Christ just you have to follow my instructions. You can draw like this. So this is it for today. I hope you like my method.

How To Draw Jesus Face Step by Step Easy

Jesus Face in Easy Step

After watching this video, you can easily draw the face of Jesus. In this tutorial, we try to draw Jesus face in easy few steps.

How To Draw Baby Jesus For Kids

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1. Can We Draw Jesus In Christianity?

Answer: Christianity, which is true Christianity, does not permit pictures of Jesus Christ. It is a Catholic, Orthodox and Coptic practice that has slipped into some evangelical, Protestant branches.

2. How do you make Jesus?

Answer: This form was created with apostrophe plus”s”, which is “Jesus’s”), can be used to signify a contraction (shorthand for “Jesus is”/”Jesus has”), or the possessive form.


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