14 Perfect Ways How To Get Close To Jesus


How To Get Close To Jesus?

I just wanted to share with you guys How to get close to Jesus. God put it in my spirit to tell people how to get close to Him. How to have those visions, dreams, and encounters, and hear His voice clearly. It’s not mysterious.

And, I’m just going to read to you about fifteen tips so that you can get close to God and hear His voice because He wants to get close to you. He wants you to hear Him even more than you want to hear His voice. He has been trying to contact you. So let me just get it started with these tips. 

1. UNDERSTAND THAT GOD IS A PERSON: God the Father, God the Son, God, and Holy Spirit. They are people. He is a Person—Trinity, three-in-one. I am not going to try to explain that complex concept. But basically, treat God as a person. Talk to God. He is not an “it”. Jesus is a Person. He hears your thoughts. He knows your feelings. 

Just think of Him that way, not like some mysterious vapour. Know that when you talk to Him. He is going to hear, and He will answer back. What our situation is …we just need to adjust ourselves to realize that we’re hearing from God. 

2. IF YOU SHOW GOD HONOR: He will go out of His way to make sure you hear His voice. You honour God by setting aside time each day to read His Word, to pray, to meditate on Him, and He will honour that. If you even think in your heart, “Okay, tomorrow I am going to get up at 5 or 6 am, and I’m going to spend time with God.”

God hears that, and He will actually be waiting, expecting to hear from you at that time. Even though when you get up that first few times, you may not feel anything. It seems like nothing is happening; just keep doing it. When you honour God, He will honour You. Eventually, you will hear His voice. Just keep at it. Don’t give up. 

3. ANOTHER WAY TO HEAR FROM GOD: God will show up when you are hurting, even without you asking. Remember, you are a child of God, so think about a parent. When a child is hurting and is crying and upset, that parent comes running. All the child has to do is cry out. So, when you are hurt, or you are brokenhearted, and you are crying out to God, He will answer. Just know that.

There is a scripture that says: “God is nigh to those who are of a broken heart and those who are of a contrite spirit.” So know that when you are hurting, God is even closer to you. He actually hovers over you, checking on you, just like a parent would. 

4. EVERY TIME YOU THINK ABOUT GOD: He is focused on you. We know God is omnipotent. He is omnipresent. He is everywhere at all times. But imagine this: Imagine being in a room with someone. You can be in the same room and not have any conversation and not communicating. It’s the same way with God. God is everywhere. He is with you at all times.

But, when you focus on God, it’s like you’re trying to communicate with Him. It’s like He turns toward you, and He starts communicating back. So when you think about God, He’s thinking about you. So think about Him often, and you’ll hear back from Him often. (How To Get Close To Jesus)

5. READ YOUR BIBLE: Ask the Holy Spirit to open up the scriptures to you. Every time you read the Word, you are talking to God. Expect to hear from God when you are reading the Word. He will show you things no one can teach you or explain. So just ask. 

6. ASK AND EXPECT: Approach Him in faith. It says, “He rewards those who believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” And that’s from Hebrews Chapter 11. 

7. OBEY GOD: That is really something basic, but you don’t realize how much that affects how you hear from God. The more obedient you are, the more you hear from God. If you are having trouble obeying God, ask for help. Whatever you need, ask God for it. He wants to bring you into a close relationship with Him. 

8. PRAISE GOD THROUGH SONG: A lot of people breakthrough through Praise & Worship. I am not a strong singer, so you know, I didn’t really break through to God through Praise & Worship, though I feel His Presence. I usually breakthrough with God when I am reading His Word. That’s how I broke through and also through the practice of meditating on God in prayer.

That was really the primary way that I am able to connect and hear from God. Other people…they can be praising and worshipping God, and all of a sudden, they hear God speak. So for me, it was a little different. 

9. BE THANKFUL: When you start noticing all the wonderful things that God does for you each day…small things, to the way the breeze feels outside, the flowers you see, the fact that you have hot water or food to eat, or a family who loves you. If you appreciate Him in every little thing, He will start speaking with you more.

Think about how a parent loves a child who’s appreciative and grateful. That parent really tends to hang out with that child a little bit more and have a closer relationship. God is the same way. (How To Get Close To Jesus)

10. ASK GOD WHAT HE WOULD LIKE YOU TO DO EACH DAY: Just wake up. Put God first on your mind and say: “Lord is there anything you want me to do today? What can I do to just please you and make you happy? That just tickles him. He loves that. He will just start hanging out with you. 

Ask God to go with you places. This is the thing you need to know. There is something inside of you that you love to do that God put there. When you invite God in to share that with you, you will feel His presence.

I know a guy who loves to fish, and he decided to ask God to go fishing with him. And he decided to have a little competition with some friends. He went with a stick and a string and a paper clip and caught more fish than people with professional fishing rods. It was because he asked the Lord to go fishing with him. 

You might ask the Lord to go for a walk with you, to do gardening or to do your errands or whatever. Expect that He is there. Ask Him to come in and sit while you are cooking dinner, or while you are at work, He will be there. He wants a relationship with us, just as much as we want a relationship with Him, and actually even more. 

11. KNOW THAT GOD’S METHODS OF COMMUNICATION: He can use anything, anyone, anything in your environment to talk to you, and He does. He will speak to you through a song on the radio, a billboard; you might see scriptures, of course. When you go to church, and you hear from your pastors; from other people that just come in your life, and they might say something, and you realize: “Hey, that’s the question I asked God earlier. He just answered it.” 

12. WRITE DOWN YOUR QUESTIONS TO GOD: I started doing that when I was in high school…journaling. I just decided one day to just write God a little letter and wasn’t expecting anything. And then, before you know it, I was getting an answer-back, and I started writing what I was hearing.

And that’s another way that God communicates. When you start speaking with God frequently and hearing from Him, you’ll notice He will answer your thoughts. Even before you officially form a question, He is already answering. (How To Get Close To Jesus)

13. SEEK HIM FOR WHO HE IS: Not for what He can do for you because He is a person, and people know when you just want to use them. So you can’t fool Him at all. So, learn to have a true desire for Him. That’s a pure heart because the Bible says, “Those with a pure heart shall see God.” And this is the other thing I want to encourage you with.

Once you see Jesus, if He reveals Himself to you, when you see Him, you won’t be shocked. It will be like…”Oh yeah!” You have known Him all along. So don’t be intimidated at all if you haven’t seen Jesus; you already know Him. When you see Him, it won’t be a surprise. You will be like, “Oh, how could I forget Him.” You already know Jesus. So don’t be discouraged if you have not seen Him yet or had a dream or vision yet.

But whatever you want, ask. The Bible says, “Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you.” And don’t get weary. Just keep doing it. Know this, Jesus likes to surprise you. So, whenever you least suspect it, that’s when He will move. He doesn’t want you to be in control at all. He wants to surprise you and delight you totally. 

14. Faith is the confident assurance that something we want is really going to happen. That’s a different version. I believe that comes from The Living Bible. But, faith is the confident assurance that something we want is really going to happen. To approach God in faith, as Enoch did. It said he so pleased God that one day God just took him, and he wasn’t because he had faith. He pleased God. 


How To Get Close To Jesus
How To Get Close To Jesus?

1. How can I have a closer relationship with Jesus?

Answer: Some say that all religions are acceptable to God, but Jesus did not teach this. He explained, “Not everyone who calls me’Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the person that does the will of my Father who’s in heaven” So it is important for us to know and do God’s will. This is a serious matter because Jesus said that those who do not obey God are ‘wicked’. 

2. How can I get close to Jesus and God?

Answer: Most religions claim that they teach the truth about God. But it cannot be. All religions give different teachings about who God is and how he is to be worshipped. How, then, can we know what is the right way to worship God? Only Jehovah can tell us how to worship him. So Close to Jesus and God Through Right Worship.



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