Is Manifestation A Sin According To The Bible?


Is Manifestation a sin?

Is Manifestation a sin? Yes, because If I decide to assign my destiny through my own ideas, I restrict the possibilities God can accomplish for me. I can’t out-think God, and I don’t receive God’s best for my life by thinking about the blessing but rather by seeking out the one who is the source from which all good things are received.

They promise to show you how you can achieve anything you desire. The promises sound amazing and attractive in the same breath. Can someone show me how to obtain what I want and what I desire? A majority of these promises are based on the concept of manifesting.

This term is a reference to the ability of a person to utilize their beliefs and thoughts to create the positive results in their lives that they desire. It is believed that whatever you put your mind to, you can manifest into the physical world.

The Bible warns against the Scriptures with a great deal of talking about what we think. The question of, is Manifestation a sin? How should Christians use their thoughts? Should we use our thoughts solely for the motive of attracting the things we desire?

Corinthians chapter 10 verse five tells us,

“We dismantle arguments and any lofty idea thrown against God’s wisdom and take all thoughts in obedience to Christ. “

The Bible does not instruct us to use our thoughts to achieve what we want, but rather to make our thoughts in obedience to Christ. God requires us to utilize our minds to praise Him.

Jesus informs us that we have to,

“Love God, Lord God, with all your heart, being, and the fullest of your heart and energy.”

We are called to worship God by all of our thoughts. Everything God has given to us, including our thoughts and imaginations, was given so that we could utilize our minds for His glory.

You may be asking yourself, how is Manifestation a sin? or can manifesting prevent me from loving God?

God has called us to show love for Him through our faith. When I manifest to attract anything I desire, I can easily remove God from the picture, and I don’t have to depend on God. I can make use of my thoughts to determine my destiny. That’s where we can cross a line of danger in our faith, so manifesting a sin because the fact is that there is no way to accomplish everything without God.

Today, the majority of Christians recognize that we all need God, which is why Christians are at all in the first place. However, there’s the temptation to combine them with any secular philosophy.

Correct Technique Of Manifestation?

We’ll shift away from the idea that I’m not going to manifest my desires, and I’m going to manifest what God desires for me. But, I have another issue, and it is a thought that arises from that. Am I using my thoughts to influence God to grant me what I desire, or what I believe He would like for me?

In this scenario, it is in our minds. Thoughts are idols that we worship to obtain the things we want or think God desires for us as Christians should always remember that God’s thoughts remain His creation. Christians do not have to be able to manifest because Manifestation is a sin, and we must pray.

What Is The Difference Between Manifestation And Prayer?

Manifesting involves using my thoughts to bring about my desired result. Prayer allows me to access God’s power. God to allow his will come to fruition through my daily life. 

The process of manifesting requires faith in myself. Am I able to think with confidence to bring about positive results within my own life? Is prayer a time to trust in God and submit in His direction? Do I believe that God is a loving God who is in my best interests mind so that I can give my life and decision to God?

The biggest issue most of us face is that we do not believe in God. We believe that our methods are superior to God’s, and therefore the notion of manifesting can be appealing because I have control over the thoughts in my head. However, I am unable to manage God. When you don’t have a relationship with God, it’s terrifying.


is manifestation a sin?
Is manifestation a sin? see below

Our thoughts have the power to alter the life of each of us. But, we should not overlook how powerful our thoughts are, but they will never be able to overpower the will of God. It is a blessing to God for that because Lord is aware that the power of my ideas did not lead me to where I am currently. God did. My thoughts are not more powerful than God.

Isaiah 55:9 says this differently:

“For since there is higher heaven than Earth and the Earth is higher than the heavens, so are my ways more superior than your ways, and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. “

If I can attribute my destiny through my own thoughts, I restrict the things God can perform for me. I can’t out-think God, and I don’t get God’s best for my life simply by contemplating the blessing instead of seeking the God through whom all blessings originate.

Is Manifestation a sin? Yes, because When we set our minds to receive only things from the world, we block ourselves from receiving the most from God. According to the Bible, we can do more than anything we can imagine or even think about according to our power. We aren’t even able to think about or imagine what God will do for us. We shouldn’t be confined to expressing what we want and remain focused on God only. God is faithful to provide us with everything we need and more.

What Does The Bible Say About Manifestation?

Is manifestation a sin? The simple answer is Yes. 

People with the gift of “discernment can see spirits”, which allows them to directly see the demonic background of the law of attraction. It is essentially a promotion of selfishness and denial of the creator God, Jesus. The universe isn’t God, and Jesus Christ is.

Jesus Christ, God does not exist to serve your needs. Satan’s original lie to men is that they can be like God.

Gods will come to your aid, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and helping those in need.

Examples Of Manifestation In The Bible?

The Bible uses the English word manifestation in its New Testament three times. Here are three examples of manifestation.

  1. Romans 8:19 talks about the manifestation of the children of God as the end-time expectation for all creation. The Greek word for the apocalypse, which means uncover in Greek, is used here, and it does not mean “destruction”, as the English term refers to it. The book of Revelation, or The Apocalypse, is the book that reveals or uncovers the Messiah. All things will be revealed for all to see. The Father will reveal Yeshua (Jesus), His servants and all those who hate Him at His time. All will be clear.
  2. I Corinthians 12:7, 2 Corinthians 4:2, the Greek word “phanerosis”, is also translated as manifestation. However, it is too strong a word. Phantomerosis’ root word is light. This word describes things hidden behind a veil but visible to those who have God’s eyes. You understand this word if you have ever heard someone say “I told you” about another person’s character.
  3. When it comes to the Revelation at The Endtime, ALL will see that Yeshua the Messiah. All will see. There will be no secret, and today only glimpses of His Light exist, but there will be total Revelation.

FAQ About Is Manifestation A Sin?

What is Manifestation or Manifesting?

Manifesting or the Law of Attraction works when you pay the most attention to an object or idea. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws that are made to rule the universe, including the Law of Attraction. The principle of attraction turns the thoughts of our mind into reality, but it is a secret that very few people know.
It works so that if we think negative, then negative happens to us, and if we think positive, then positive happens to us. The principle of attraction determines what you think and what you do in your head, and our brain is directly connected to the principle of attraction.

Is manifestation real?

Yes its real, Manifestation of Thoughts is such a technique of attracting things towards us. We visualize our desires and goals through our thoughts, and the images made by us gradually start coming true in the future.
Our mind is like a blank paper. We send our positive thoughts and desires to the subconscious mind of our mind with the power of our imagination.
The more concrete and stronger our imagination power, the sooner our message will reach our subconscious mind/mind. Once the message is reached, our minds will be engaged in fulfilling our desire.
And will begin to show us new ways, ways and signs of fulfilling his wish. But to reach our desire to the subconscious mind/mind, we need to make our imagination strong, emotional with strong, advanced thoughts.
The great scientist Albert Einstein has also said in this regard that if you can imagine that, you can Do it.

Is Manifestation a sin in Hinduism?

I don’t know if the Manifestation is sin in Hinduism or not, but I think it is up to individuals to think negatively and harm others. And use it only for their own benefit. So it absurdly counts as a sin.

What religion is Manifestation from?

Simply stated, manifestation is possible in many areas of Christianity and aligns with certain practices of Christians. Some might argue that belief in the power and ability of the mind to attract what you want is against God’s sovereignty.

Scientific belief about an Manifestation?

Only the right part of our brain, i.e. Right Hemisphere, works when such desires come into our minds. Because only the right side of our brain, the Left Hemisphere, is imaginative.
So when we think about our dream, we activate the right side of our brain, i.e. Right Hemisphere.
But the basic thing is that we will be able to fulfil our desires only then our mind will give us the energy and motivation to fulfil our desires.
When we use both parts of our brain, both the right and left sides of the brain will work together. Only then we will get full power from our minds to fulfil our desires.


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