Is Meditation A Sin According To The Bible?


Is Meditation A sin?

Absolutely no. If you do have bad plans to utilize the power of Meditation to harm others, this could be viewed as a crime. It isn’t the responsibility of Meditation, and it’s the fault of a person who has bad intentions.

Buddha was adamant about not the use of power for personal gain. If you believe that science is a sin and you refuse to study science, it’s not the blame of science. In the same way, Meditation isn’t the sole reason for its misuse.

If Meditation is sinful If it is, then birthing is sinful. Meditation is merely a method to restore the mind to the state before birth. In the absence of language and thoughts, nature gives the idea. It’s a way to be calm and focused… then let the thoughts settle down.

It’s not sinful, and it is one of the best ways to get back to your soul’s basic nature. Don’t believe in the human-created entities or diversities as this is what each person is born with and is not sin.

Is Meditation A Sin According To The Bible?

Is Meditation A sin?
Is Meditation A sin? see below

Have you ever considered the question, “Should Christians meditate? Whether it’s about Christian Meditation, Prayer Meditation, or Biblical Meditation, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about what the Bible says about Meditation? Read carefully.

If you’re like me, you’ve heard many Christian teachers talk about the dangers of Meditation. However, the question I want to ask is, “What does the Bible say about meditation?”

When talking about Christian meditation, most people cite Matthew 12 when discussing the dangers of Christian meditation.

In these verses, Jesus talks about when an unclean spirit goes out of a person. This spirit wanders around and eventually

returns to the vessel and finds the house swept and clean again.

People often use this verse to communicate the dangers of emptying oneself in Meditation. The reasoning usually sounds like anything can come in if you just empty yourself. But what are other parts of the Bible? What does the Bible say about Meditation?

The Bible uses the word “meditate” 20 times! Only one time is it spoken of negatively (Isaiah 33:18). 

God commanded Joshua to meditate! (Joshua 1:8).

After God’s own heart, the man said that he meditated on God’s Law all day! (Psalms 119:97).

And Paul even instructed Timothy to Meditate! (1 Timothy 4:15).

So where then is the conflict? Many people get confused with Christian meditation because they associate what they see taking place in the eastern world and think that this is what Christian meditation is all about.

But the truth is that the way Christians use the word Meditation and how others use that exact word is vastly different in practice. I’m in the middle of reading a book called “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard J. Foster, and he has a word or two of clarification on Christian Meditation.

He states, “Eastern Meditation is an attempt to cleanse the mind, and Christian Meditation is a way to unblock the mind. The two are quite different.” He then clarifies that Eastern meditation is about letting go of self and integrating with the universe’s mind.

In this understanding of Meditation, personal identity is lost, and one ultimately becomes detached from the world.

However, this is not what the Bible invites us to when it talks about Meditation, and the goal of Christian Meditation is quite the opposite of this.

Christian Meditation is much more about connecting with God and allowing space in your life for God to transform your life and speak to you.

David said multiple times in the Psalms that he would meditate on God’s laws or teachings and his precepts.

When David meditated, he didn’t empty his mind but filled it with the scripture. That Latin word for Meditation simply means “to reflect on, study, and practice.” On this definition of Meditation, this is something all of us Christians could benefit from!

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Are Any Religious People Against The Use Of Meditation?

There are a variety of religious groups that oppose meditation. Religious leaders are often worried about losing their follower’s competitors and may even stop them from practicing any kind of meditation. I’ve heard some people say that “I’m a Christian, but we’re not allowed to practice meditation.” Certain Buddhist sects don’t practice meditation, and their spiritual leaders rule against their followers from practicing meditation for the same reason.

Meditation is usually associated with religious organizations, so many religious groups are not happy with meditation if you do a Google search to find religious leaders who run local meditation groups, almost 90% of them.

I believe it’s essential to remove the practice of meditation from religious practices and make it available to a wider audience. Meditation is as easy as jogging, and it’s an exercise that can be done to strengthen our minds. No matter what religion you follow or not, anyone can jog. You can change the term for meditation into brain training or silent sitting, and it’s a universal practice. The brain can be trained or even sit in silence from the convenience of their homes. No matter what religion you believe in and brain conditioning and silent sitting can be very beneficial every day.

What Are The Different Types Of Meditation?

There are many types of meditation, but eight main meditation techniques are shown in Table Blow.

S.noPopular Meditation Technique
1Zen Meditation – Buddhism
2Christian Meditation – A form of prayer done by Christians
3Kabbalah Meditation – Ancient Jewish meditation
4Vipassana Meditation
5Metta Meditation
6Hindu Meditation – Vedic & yoga (best technique ever)
7Transcendental Meditation
8Taoist Meditation
Popular Meditation Technique


Is Meditation Against Bible?

Christ was a meditator, as did his followers. Saints and prophets alike are urged by scripture to sit down and meditate. We are grateful to God that even doctors are doing it!
These Bible verses (Psalm 46:10, Psalm 104:34, Psalm 63:6, Psalm 119:15-16, Psalm 145:5, Genesis 24:63, Psalm 1:2, Psalm 77:12, Psalm 4:4) prove that meditation is not a sin. Which is shown in the picture below.

Where in Bible does it say meditation is a sin?

The Bible uses the word “meditate” 20 times! Only one time is it spoken of negatively.
(Isaiah 33:18)– Your Heart Will Pay Attention To The Terror.

Can meditation help you rewire your mind?

Meditation has been proven to boost happiness among people. It also improves people’s confidence, stops them from taking a suicide risk, and makes relationships more effective. Meditation can help prolong life by slowing down the loss of DNA.

Can you meditate with God?

A highly effective method to practice meditation as a Christian is focusing on the Bible from God. Contrary to other forms of meditation, which call for “emptying” the mind of thoughts, this one requires you to dig in and reflect deeply on the truth of God.



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