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Who Is Jai Mata Di

Jai Mata Di
Jai Mata Di

The primary day of Navratri is devoted to the Shailputri (Jai Mata Di) type of Maa Durga. He was named ‘Shailputri’ as a result of he was born as a Mount Himalayas, daughter.

Jai Mata Di – Navratri

The festival of Navratri lasts for 9 days. Totally different types of Maa Durga are worshiped throughout these 9 days. The primary day of Navratri is devoted to the Shailputri type of Maa Durga. She was named ‘Shailputri’ attributable to her start as a daughter of the mountain Himalayas. On the primary day of Navratri-worship, there’s a regulation to worship them. Know the worship methodology, story, and aarti of Shailputri.

This type of a mom is taken into account very auspicious. He has a trident in a single hand and a lotus within the different hand and sits on the Goddess Taurus, who guidelines the whole Himalayas.

To worship Jai Mata Di (Shailputri) on the first day of Navratri

Jai Mata Di Navratri
Jai Mata Di Navratri
  1. Preserve an image of her and put a crimson material on her low wood submit.
  2. Write saffron with saffron on high of it and place a wish-fulfillment ball.
  3. After this, meditate on the Shailputri Devi with a crimson flower in your hand and chant this mantra – Oon Hri Klein chumundaye vichche om Shail Putri devayai title.

Together with the mantra, go away the flowers within the pointer over the wishing ball and mom’s image. After this, supply bhoga to the mom and chant her mantras. This chant ought to be at the very least 108 occasions.

Jai Mata Di Mantra

Vande wanchthalabhoy Chandrardhikritashekharam.

Vrishrudha Shuldharan Shailputri Yashasvinam

Prasad Of Maa Shailputri

By providing cow’s ghee on the ft of Maa Shailputri, devotees get the blessings of well being, which retains each the thoughts and physique of the particular person wholesome.

Maa Shailputri Katha 

As soon as, king Daksh carried out a Yajna prayer service. He invited all of the gods to obtain their yagna-part, however he didn’t ask Shankarji on this Yagya. When Sati heard that her father was performing an enormous yajna ritual, her thoughts turned anxious to go there.

He conveyed his want to Shankarji. After contemplating all the pieces, he mentioned – Prajapati Daksha is offended with us for some motive. In his yajna, he has invited all of the gods. Their sacrificial fires have additionally been devoted to them, however now we have not been known as intentionally. No data has been despatched. It won’t be best for you to go there in such a state of affairs.

Even Sati didn’t settle for Sati’s saying this. Seeing his robust request, Lord Shankarji allowed him to go there. Sati reaches her father’s home and sees nobody is speaking to him with respect and love. Solely his mom embraced him with affection. The sisters’ phrases had been stuffed with sarcasm and mock.

This habits of relations harm his coronary heart so much. Seeing all this, Sati’s coronary heart turned content material with anger, guilt, and anger. He thought to not hearken to Lord Shankarji. I made a giant mistake by coming right here. She couldn’t bear the insult of her husband, Lord Shankar. He burned his type instantly by burning it there. Listening to this darn-sad incident like a thunderbolt, Shankarji received offended and despatched his Ganas to finish the destruction of that Yajna of Daksha.

Sati consumed her physique by yogagni and was born as Shailraj Himalaya’s daughter within the subsequent life. This time she turned well-known as ‘Shailputri.’

(Shailputri) jai Mata Di Aarti In Hindi

shailaputree maan bail asavaar. karen devata jay jayakaar.
shiv shankar kee priy bhavaanee. teree mahima kisee ne na jaanee.

paarvatee too uma kahalaave. jo tujhe simare so sukh paave.
rddhi-siddhi paravaan kare too. daya kare dhanavaan kare too.

somavaar ko shiv sang pyaaree. aaratee teree jisane utaaree.
usakee sagaree aas puja do. sagare dukh takaleeph mila do.

ghee ka sundar deep jala ke. gola garee ka bhog laga ke.
shraddha bhaav se mantr gaen. prem sahit phir sheesh jhukaen.

jay giriraaj kishoree ambe. shiv mukh chandr chakoree ambe.
manokaamana poorn kar do. bhakt sada sukh sampatti bhar do.

Jai Mata Di – bhajan In Hindi

..jai mata di..
darabaar saja diya , teree thaal saja dee hai.
karake shrrngaar tera , laal chunaree odha dee hai..

pushp rakh diya,phalaahaar rakh diya hai.
dhoop deep jala hamane,tera darabaar mahaka diya hai..

shubh din hai aaya aaj, shubh vaar aa gaya hai.
ham karenge teree seva, navaraatr aa gaya hai..

sab taiyaar ho gaya, dhol mrtang saj gaya hai.
ab tum der na karo, tera shankh baj gaya hai..

sher par savaar tum, mukh par amit tej hai.
bichhaakar sundar phool, lagaee teree sej hai..

sar par saja mukut tumhaara, maang sajee sindoor hai.
aane se tere ghar se hamaare huve sab dukh door hain..

gale sajee gulaband tumhaara, haath rakh trishool maan.
karado sundar kaaya ko meree, mita do jitane shool hain..

darabaar saja diya , teree thaal saja dee hai.
karake shrrngaar tera , laal chunaree odha dee hai..


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