Jarasandha Was Born In Two Pieces, Know-How Death Happened


Who Was Jarasandh In Mahabharata

Jarasandha Vadh
Jarasandha Vadh

Jarasandha was the king of Magadha (present-day Bihar). He used to beat other kings and take them captive in his hill fort. Jarasandh was very cruel. He wanted to slay captive kings and become a Chakravarti king. Bhima defeated and killed Jarasandh after wrestling for 13 days.

It is stated that Jarasandh caught 86 kings with his might. He imprisoned the restricted kings in the hill fort. It is also said that Jarasandh intended to capture 100 kings and compromise them on a particular day so that he might become the Chakravarti emperor. There are numerous reasons why Jaraasandha is gone over a great deal in the Puranas.

Magath Emperor Jarasandha

Jarasandh was the emperor of Magath, the most powerful kingdom of the Mahabharata duration. He was the child of a king called Brihadratha. Jarasandh had the largest military. He was exceptionally harsh and vicious. According to Harivanshpuran, he beat the kings of Kashi, Kosala, Chedi, Malwa, Videha, Anga, Vanga, Kalinga, Panday, Soubir, Madra, Kashmir, as well as Gandhara and also made them all under his control.

Son Of Jarasandha

Jarasandha’s son’s name was Sahadeva. Lord Sri Krishna had made the king of Magadha kingdom by giving tribute to Sahdev, the beloved son of Magadha emperor Jaraasandha.

Friends Of Jarasandha

Jaraasandha also made Yadav descent of Chedi King Shishupal as his deepest friend. Due to Jarasandh, he had also befriended the king of Assam, Bhagadant, towards the northeast. Raja Shalya of Madra country was also his close friend. King Kalayavan of Yavandesh was also his special friend. Raja Dantvak of Kamarupa, Kalingapati Poundra, Bhishmak’s son Rukmi, Kadh Anshuman, and the kings of Anga, Bang Kosal, Dasharana, Bhadra, Trigarta, etc. were also his friends. Apart from these, Shalvaraj, King of Wind Country, Bhagadatta, Souviraj Gandhar’s King Subal, Nudejit’s King of Mir, Gobhard, King of Dard, etc. were his friends, and he had great influence over entire India.

Kansa’s Father-In-Law Was Jarasandha

Kansa was the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. Kansa’s father-in-law was Jarasandh. After the slaughter of Kansa, if anyone was troubled by Lord Krishna, it was Jaraasandha. Kansa was married to his two daughters, ‘Asti’ and ‘Prapati.’

Jarasandha And Karna

Jarasandh also participated in Duryodhana’s wife, Bhanumati’s swayamvar. When Duryodhana wanted to make Bhanumati his wife forcibly, there was a 21-day war between Jarasandha and Karna in which Karna won. In the award, he gave Karna the kingdom of Malini.


Kalayavan was a friend of Jarasandha. When Jaraasandha struck Mathura with Kalayavan, it was decided by Shrikrishna that the army would certainly not fight among themselves. We both will undoubtedly deal with and identify. Kalayavan consented to this problem because he recognized that I am immortal due to Shiva’s benefit. When he got hold of to eliminate Shri Krishna, Shri Krishna left the ground and ran away. Kalayavan likewise ran after him, and at some point, Krishna entered into a cave. 

Jaraasandha likewise got in the cavern, yet he understood that Sri Krishna is sleeping for a reason when he saw a person sleeping there. Then she attempted to kick the resting individual. The man that was the one that had obtained the boon of gold by the end of the Kali Yuga, and in the meantime, whoever would certainly select him up, would undoubtedly be killed in the fire of his wrath. When Kalukund opened his eyes, Kalayavan was standing in front. Muchukund was eaten when he considered him. 

Birth Of Jarasandha

Emperor Brihadratha of Magadha had two partners. When there were no youngsters from both after that someday, he most likely to Mahatma Chandkaushik as well as told him his issue. Mahatma Chandkaushik provided him fruit as well as stated that it would produce youngsters if he feeds this fruit to his spouse.

The king cut that fruit and also fed it to his two other halves. While taking the fruit, the king did not ask whether I could feed it to both my better halves? Both better halves conceived by eating the fruit. But when the infant appeared of the womb, it was half-half, half from the womb of the first queen and fifty percent from the womb of the 2nd queen. Both queens worried and tossed both of the children’s making it through pieces out. 

At the same time, a demon went by there. When he saw both pieces of the living baby, he combined the two items from his illusion, and also, the child became one. As quickly as they were dead, the baby started weeping in broad daytime. Hearing her cry, both the queens appeared and were surprised to see that child and also a devil. One took her in his lap. Then King Brihadratha additionally came there and asked him to introduce him to the devil standing there. The devil informed the king of the whole story. The name of that demon was Zara. The king was pleased and named the boy Jarasandha since he was increased (included) by a demon named Jara. 

Why Krishna Did Not Kill Jarasandha

After the 17th strike, Shri Krishna planned to kill Jaraasandha. Jaraasandha was born in two parts to two different mothers. The two pieces were joined with the help of Asura named Jara, and hence her name was Jarasandha. Jarasandh had the boon that he could be alive again after death. The only way to kill him was to cut his body in half and throw the two parts away from each other.

A time came when Yudhishthira wanted to perform the Rajasuya Yagya. It is important to note that to perform the Rajasuya Yajna, the king must be considered a ruler, and the kings of other countries should also accept him as the ruler. Yudhishthira knew that Jaraasandha would not accept him as the ruler, so he approached Sri Krishna. Krishna disguises Bhima and Arjuna to go to Magadha, disguised as a Brahmin, to challenge Jarasandh to wrestle.

Jaraasandha agreed to go to war with Bhima. This war continued for four days, but Bhima failed to kill Jarasandh. Then Sri Krishna, with the help of a leaf, told Bhima how to slay the enemy. Krishna tore the leaf from the middle and threw both the parts in opposite directions. According to Krishna, Bhima succeeded in doing exactly that. He divided Jarasandha’s body into two parts and threw it in a different direction so that he could not join again, and he died.

Who killed Jarasandh

Jarasandh was the king of Magadha (present-day Bihar). He used to beat other kings and take them captive in his hill fort. Jaraasandha was very cruel. He wanted to slay captive kings and become a Chakravarti king. Bhima defeated and killed Jaraasandha after wrestling for 13 days.

Jarasandh Death

The specialty of Jaraasandha was that he did not pass away in battle. He was usually fond of fighting the Malla battle or the Duel war, and his kingdom had lots of akharas. He was also a strong adversary of Shri Krishna. Sri Krishna planned to eliminate Jarasandh. As per the plan, Lord Krishna, Bhima, as well as Arjuna reached Jarasandh under the semblance of Brahmin and tested him to battle. Yet Jarasandh understood that they are not Brahmins. Then Sri Krishna offered his real introduction. After some reasoning, in the long run, Jarasandh chose to battle Bhima. 

The battle of King Jaraasandha and Bhima in the arena proceeded for 13 days from Kartik Krishna Pratipada. Nowadays, Bhima rooted out Jaraasandha from the upper leg and broke it right into two items several times. Still, those pieces would certainly be revitalized each time, and also Jarasandh began fighting again. Bhima was practically tired. On the 14th day, Shri Krishna broke a straw between and threw both its components on the contrary direction. Bhima comprehended this gesture of Shri Krishna, and also, he did it there.

He split Jarasandha and tossed one tear of it in the direction of the 2nd tear and the various other tears towards the first tear. In this way, Jaraasandha was concerned with an end since the two pieces did not join due to being included in the opposite direction. After the slaughter of Jarasandh, Shri Krishna released all the kings from his captivity and claimed that King Yudhishthira Chakravarti wants to carry out Rajasuya Yajna to obtain the message, as well as you individuals assist him. The kings accepted Shri Krishna, and all approved Yudhishthira as their king. In the end, Sahadeva, the child of Jarasaandha, was given the title of King of Magadha.

Jarasandha Arena(अखाड़ा)

The arena of Kansa’s father-in-law Jarasandha is located in the Rajgriha of Bihar. Jarasaandha was powerful. It is thought that Bhima eliminated him at this area at the behest of Lord Krishna. Rajgriha is called ‘Rajgir.’ According to the Ramayana, the 4th son of Brahma, Vasu developed this city by the name ‘Girivraja.’ Later on, before the war of Kurukshetra, Vrhadrath occupied it. Brihadratha was well-known for his bravery.

Cave(गुफा) Of Jarasandha

The treasure of Jarasandha is still hidden in the Child Bhandar Cave. There are two chambers in this cavern. A rock of rock confines both these chambers. Room no. 1 Thinks that this was the room of the protection workers, while the 2nd room is thought to include the prize of Emperor Bimbisara. It is stated that Bimbisara’s treasure is still secured in this area. According to tales, the phenomenal design of the caves ensures the prize of numerous tons of gold. The course to the secret prizes in these caverns experiences the back of a substantial old rock. Some think that the path to get to the treasures experiences the Vaibharagiri mountain sea to the Saptaparni caves, which get to the opposite of the Child Bhandar cave.


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