Jesus Was A Zombie Or A Lich?


According to the Gospel Jesus Was A Zombie?

Jesus Was A Zombie? It’s a good question, isn’t it? I mean, the founder of the largest religion in the world might be a zombie or a lich? I think it depends on the definition of a zombie. The major definition of a zombie is a corpse or a dead body that has been brought back to life. But most definitions define zombies as being reanimated, so it’s not completely brought back to life, but the body has a superficial life inside of them. It’s not fully back to its previous living State, but it has some form of life in it enough to go around and terrorize people.

You see, zombie movies like George Romero’s prove that zombies can be terrifying. So, thinking that a religious leader like Jesus could even be compared to a zombie is pretty incredible.

So the question is not, Jesus was a lich or a zombie? Maybe the question is, are we zombies? 

Before the modern zombie before 1968, when George Romero made Night of the Living Dead. Creepy witch doctor characters that would reanimate corpses and control them to do their will the zombies were essentially mindless slaves and similar to the modern zombie we see on shows like The Walking Dead. They are mindless and just run rampant and destroy and bring death to everything in their way. 

These old classic zombies were killers and were controlled by their masters. I can’t help but think that these zombies are somewhat like us. Our masters control us, but what our masters exactly the government aliens other people, ourselves. You might think I’m a slave to myself, and I’m my own master. That sounds pretty good? Not exactly, you see, we’re slaves to the bad parts of ourselves, the things that we don’t like our sins, our mistakes, our transgressions. 

Whatever you want to call them, the things that we have done wrong and you might think I’m not a bad person necessarily I mean I’ve never heard somebody like an actual zombie true. But have you ever hated anybody? Have you ever looked at someone, maybe with lust, perhaps have you stolen anything? Have you ever, you know, said a lie? I’ve done many of those, and I’m the first to admit that I’m not a perfect person, and I’m nowhere close to being perfect. 

Our bodies are amazing machines and couldn’t have been made by chance. There is a God, and if a god does exist, then this God is perfect, and to be with him, we also have to be perfect. I don’t know about you, but I fail that test every time I am a zombie. I am a slave to my sins and the bad things that I have done, so the bad news is that we’re all zombies in one way.

Another but let’s not end on a downer note there is good news you see even though we are slaves to our own wrongness and badness, we all know these things that are wrong at we do them. 

God, who is perfect and holy, still loves us, and he still cares about us so much so that he wanted to pay the price of our sins himself. The Bible says that the wages of sin the payments of sin is death, so my payment for my own sins is death my own death eternal death, and it goes to same for any sinful creature, and I don’t want to pay that honestly. 

God forgives us of our debts, so he has to pay those debts himself. He came to the earth as a human being named Jesus.

You’ve probably heard of him and lived a completely perfect life. Jesus wasn’t a zombie. He wasn’t a slave to sin or wrongness. He lived a completely perfect life, yet as we all know, at the end of his life, he suffered a horrible death of crucifixion and died only at the age of 33, which is honestly very young he suffered was tortured and died not because he wasn’t strong enough to handle it. 

He was God as a person. He literally could have zapped everybody with lightning instead because he loved you and me, and he went through that because he knew that was the only way to pay for our sins. 

The story doesn’t end there because on Easter Sunday, three days after he died, Jesus came back from the dead, proving that God’s power could beat death forever. The crazy part is that he wants to share that with you and me. Unlike a zombie, Jesus didn’t come back and bring death and eat people’s brains and attack people like in left for dead.

No, he came to give life. Like I said before, the wages of sin are death, but God’s gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ. 

Conclusion: Jesus Was A Zombie? No, Jesus died for you to forgive your sins, and if you believe in him, he will give you eternal life, which is known as the gospel.

Christian Zombies Believe

The current representation of zombies has its roots in aspects of the voodoo religion. Other human beings enslave certain humans through psychotropic drugs. When intoxicated with these drugs, zombies may be compelled to do something typically to harm others, so the crime cannot be identified to the real perpetrator.

Now the question arises, are Christians allowed to believe in zombies? Why not? There is a reason. New Testament Matthew 27:52 itself speaks of people rising from tombs and walking around.

The graves were then opened, and many of the bodies of saints who lay in slumber arose. (Matthew 27:52)

Zombie Jesus Movie

This is the trailer of the movie Jesus Zombie.


What does the Bible say about Zombies?

The Bible states (Matthew 27:52-553) that many zombies were observed at Jerusalem at the time of Jesus’ resurrection. Zombies of the bible? I’m not sure if the first readers of Matthew’s Gospel believed this to be true or if they just thought it was an allegory. In the end, there weren’t any reports from Jerusalem of anyone observing the corpses of dead people wandering around the city.

Why was Jesus not a zombie?

Because Jesus died for you to forgive your sins, not died to become a zombie which god or someone controlled.

Is playing zombie games a sin?

We (Christians) do not need or should not outline what we are allowed to do and what we cannot do. The Bible says that we are “allowed to do whatever we like since we’re free, however not all things are beneficial for us. If you find yourself in a position where you aren’t sure what to do, consider what benefits can be gained from each of the possibilities. Are you thinking that playing a zombie game is likely to be beneficial to you? In truth, I don’t believe that way. It’s up to you to make.
Additionally, God perfectly created earth and humans, which is why we weren’t made for evil or lich or horror in any way. Incorporating these thoughts into your mind, in my opinion, is not good for your soul, mind, and even your body since these three are all connected. Therefore, I don’t think God likes zombies game.

What is Apocalypse Biblical meaning?

To describe or predict the complete destruction of the world. Similar to End of the World; momentary or catastrophic. Similar to the biblical apocalypse.


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