Did Jesus Wept 3 Times In The Bible?


How Many Times Jesus Wept?

How many times did Jesus wept? It is not easy to say because there is no correct information about it. But we can see three examples of this in the Bible. Here are three reasons Jesus wept.
1) Jesus wept at the tomb of Lazarus
The most intriguing time in the Bible refers to the crying of Jesus when Lazarus, a disciple of Jesus, had died.

At that time, Jesus cried. John 11:35 – Jesus cried.

This is the shortest verse in the Bible about the crying of Jesus.

2) Jesus cried seeing the city of Jerusalem
When Jesus came near the city of Jerusalem, Jesus wept to see that city.

When he came near, he saw the city and cried at it – Luke 19:41

3) Jesus cried while praying
We all know that the life of Jesus was a life of prayer. And he used to pray with tears.

We cannot know how many times Jesus has prayed incessantly.

During the days of his incarnation, Jesus prayed and cried out with a loud voice and shed tears, praying and praying to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of devotion. Hebrews 5:7

Jesus Wept Meaning

In some places of the English-speaking world, including Great Britain, Ireland (notably Dublin and Belfast), and Australia, the phrase “Jesus wept” is a common mild slur used to express something wrong or unreliability.

Why Jesus Wept?

How Many Times Jesus Wept?
Did Jesus wept 3 times in the Bible? see below

Why do we see that Jesus wept for Jerusalem even after rejecting him? It is written in the Bible that when Jesus saw Jerusalem, he cried:

“When he came near, he saw the city and wept over it” (Luke 19:41)

  1. Jesus cried as he could see the terrible fate of Jerusalem at the hands of Roman armies less than 40 years later. The sight of Jerusalem touched Jesus’ heart. He saw the destruction of Jerusalem, which had rejected his love and was about to take his life. She saw what she was in her guilt of rejecting her Savior and what she could be had she accepted the one who alone could heal her sins. He had come to save her; How could he have abandoned her? In their view, a soul is of such value that the world becomes insignificant in comparison to it; But here, an entire nation was to be destroyed.
  2. Gethsemane and Calvary were waiting for him, yet Jesus’ tears were not in anticipation of his suffering. There, when the great sacrifice is made for the world’s sins, the fear of great darkness will surround it. Yet, it was not because of these reminders of his brutal death that the Savior cried out in agony of the soul. He had no selfish misery.
  3. The Israelites were a favorite people; “the joy of all the earth” (Ps. 48:2). It was the centerpiece of Christ’s tender care for more than a thousand years, as a father gives birth to his only child. In that temple, animal blood was shed, which was similar to the blood of Christ.
  4. Jesus was in agony and said, “And said, How great would it be to you you have known the benefits of peace that are happening in this day, yet they remain hidden from Your gaze” (Luke 19:42). If Jerusalem had accepted the Son of God, she could stand in pride of prosperity, queen of kingdoms, freed from her God-given power and power. She would be the pride of the world.
  5. But Jesus realized that Jerusalem was now under Roman bondage, doomed to judgment. He continues: “For those days will arrive when your adversaries will make an appearance and surround you, and take you down from all sides. And you and your children that are in you will be thrown into the dust, and you will not leave a stone upon stone in you; For you did not recognize the occasion when favor was seen on you” (Luke 19:43-44).

Jesus Wept Verse

John 11:35Jesus wept
Luke 19:41When he came near, he saw the city and cried at it
Hebrews 5:7During the days of his incarnation, Jesus prayed and cried out with a loud voice and shed tears, praying and praying to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of devotion.
Jesus Wept Verse, see in table above

Jesus Wept For Lazarus

He told his disciples, “Our friend Lazarus…… is dead” (John 11:11, 14). He said, “I go to wake him up” – that is, to make him dead. Rise out of So that’s why they went to Lazarus’ house, Bethany—called non-Christian cemeteries. Christians call it “sematory,” a Greek word meaning a sleeping place where we lay our dead until Christ comes to awaken them. That’s what Jesus is going to do for Lazarus. But Jesus took four days to do it to reveal his power and glory, and people would believe in him.

Now Jesus reached the tomb of Lazarus. When Jesus draws near, Mary Lazarus’ sister joins him.

When Mary arrived at the spot where Jesus was and was able to see him, she fell to his feet and said: Lord, if I were there, my brother wouldn’t have passed away (John 11:33).

In the original Greek, it means that Jesus was completely broken, his chest was pounding, he was gasping, he was blown away (embryonal) – deeply distressed, agitated like a storm in the sea Were, deeply disturbed, very disturbed (Taraso). Have you felt that when someone very close to you dies? I have done. I’m broken, I’ve cried, I’m stunned, and I’m gasping. I’ve felt so much pain and heaviness only two or three times in my life – but that much experience was enough for me to feel what Jesus must have endured. I felt this when my beloved grandmother, Mom Flour, died. When my life was held hostage at the liberal Southern Baptist Seminary, I felt that way. I felt that way when my mother, Cecilia, died. It is not wrong to be so sad. Jesus shows us, even though his suffering, that it is not a sin to feel sad at times. He was filled with pity when he saw the suffering of the friends of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.

Jesus knows that he will resurrect Lazarus a few minutes later. But he is broken and pained and distressed by the reality of death-bringing misery. And then we get the shortest verse in the entire Bible, after two verses in the eleventh chapter of John. During his agony and weeping, Jesus said, “Where did you put him?” He said to them, Lord, come and see.” Then the shortest of verses appears before us.

“Jesus wept” (John 11:35)

He shared the sorrows of Martha and Mary because he also loved their brother Lazarus. Jesus also shares our sorrows and sorrows. I pity your young generation. In many churches, people no longer sing the old songs – which touched the heart and gave rest to the soul. Today’s children do not know them and therefore cannot even take refuge in those songs in times of sorrow. But in my experience, only the old songs have helped bring my soul out of the dark moments.

Jesus Wept Movie

Just as the chains take him apart, Frank says the now-iconic phrase, “Jesus wept.” While this line is thought to be among the top memorable and famous quotations from Hellraiser, it wasn’t originally written into the script. It was actually written in the script by Andrew Robinson.

In this clip you see Jesus crying

John ESV Helpful Votes Luke

In that area, there will be crying and gnashing of teeth as you look at Abraham as well as Isaac as well as Jacob and all prophets who are in God’s kingdom. God, but you yourself have been being thrown out.

When the Lord was looking at her, he felt compassion for her and told her, “Do not weep.”


What does the Bible say about Jesus wept?

It is used especially for weeping for the dead (Matthew 2:18; Mark 5.38, 39; 16.10; Luke 7:13; 8.52; twice; Joh 11:31, 33, twice; 20.11, two Barr, 13,15;Acts 9:39); also in the teachings (Luke 23:28; Rom 12:15; Jam 4:9; 5.1); Negatively, “weep not, do not weep” (Luke 7:13; 8.52; 23.28; Rev 5:5; cf.

How many times did Jesus cry in the Bible?

In A Testament, there are three episodes in which Jesus shed tears. These might not be the only times you cried in your life, but these episodes highlight things that especially touched your heart.

Where is Jesus crying in the Bible?

Jesus crying about the city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives Luke 19:41-44.

Why did Jesus cry for Lazarus?

But Jesus, although he loved Lazarus, cried not because he was dead, but because he felt compassion for the family and friends of the deceased. Have you had to live in such a situation? Only those who have lived it can express the pain they feel.

Why do we cry while praying?

Use your tears to satisfy your requests. Do not forget that the Lord is very pleased when He sees that we cry when we pray. Do not forget that the Lord is very pleased when He sees that we cry when we pray.


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