Kaikeyi Deserves Condemnation Or Worship In Ramayana


Who Was Kaikeyi


Rani Kaikeyi was the most beloved wife of King Dasharatha. King Dasharatha was convinced of Kaikeyi’s beauty and courage. Kaikeyii was rich in beauty as well as war skills. She also used to go with him to the war with King Dasharatha.

Kaikeyi Meaning

Kaikeyi Sanskrit [feminine noun] 1. Wife of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya and mother of Bharata 2. Woman born in Kekay gotra 3. Daughter of Naqya Naresh.

Kaikeyi Hatha Sanskrit [noun masculine] The stubbornness or Hatha used to express its meaning somehow.

Feminine [noun word 1. woman born in the Kaikeya gotra. 2. A queen of King Dasaratha, daughter of Kekay-Naresh and mother of Bharata.

Kaikeyi’s Mother/Father

Kaikeyi’s father was King Shubhamati and his mother Prithvi, of the city named Mangal.

Kaikeyi Maid Name

Manthara was the housemaid of King Dasharatha’s most liked and beautiful queen Kaiikeyi, whom her daddy gave her dowry after marital relationship. It is said that Kaiikeyi had actually been raised by Manthara since youth and also took care of him, so she considered him her child’s stuff. The very same queen Kaikai was also a dear housemaid.

Was Kaikeyi From Ukraine?

Queen Kaikeyi was from Russia


Devasur Sangram was held on the Kaikas mountain range, in which Maharaj Dasaratha was involved.

Nearly five thousand Russian students affected by Ramayana are learning Hindi.

Ayodhya | Hindustan conversation

Maharani Kaikeyi, the second wife of Maharaja Dasharatha, the Chakravarti King of Ayodhya, was a resident of Soviet Russia. Due to this, India and Russia have a cultural connection with the Ramayana period. By the way, Russia has always given importance to India in the Look-East. Through Ramlila, the relations between the two countries can be further strengthened. On this subject, the Government of India has approved the project of Ramlila’s world visit.

This is to say of Dr. YP Singh, director of Ayodhya Research Institute. Dr. Singh participated in the India-Russia Friendship Association ‘Disha International Relations, Institute of History and Oriental Studies, under the joint auspices of the Kazan Federal University and the Institute of Literary Cultural Research, Mumbai, from May 10 to 18 in Moscow’ World Tour Conference of Ram Sanskriti. Went to take In a special meeting with Hindustan, he told that the Russian artist Mr. Grenady Mikhailovich Panchikov established the Ramayana Theater in 1960. He was honored with the Padma Shri award by the Government of India in 2008.

He said that Ramayana has a great influence on Russian citizens. Due to this, more than five thousand Russian students are studying Hindi and the Sanskrit language. He said that on his visit to Moscow, he knew that the country of Queen Kaikei is Soviet Russia. He said that the Devasur war had taken place on the Kaikas mountain range, and Maharaja Dasaratha, who had joined this struggle, met Queen Kaiikeyi, and he had helped him a lot in that struggle.

Because of this, Maharaj Dasaratha asked her to ask for two boons and promised that she would fulfill what she asked for. In return, he sought the rule of his son Maharaj Bharat for the kingdom of Ayodhya and a 14-year exile for Lord Rama. He also considers Russian citizens to be Lord Rama’s avatar and is influenced by the values ​​of life established by him. He said that this chain should go forward.

Who Played Kaikeyi In Ramayana?

Padma Khanna Played Kaikeyi in RamayanaPadma Khanna was born on March 10, 1949, in Benares. She was just seven years old when her training in Kathak started. Guru was Birju Maharaj.

How did Queen Kaikeyi Get A Boon?

Kaikai used to serve Maharishi Durvasa before marriage. Delighted with Kaikeyi’s service, Maharishi Durvasa made Kaikeyi’s hand in a barge and blessed that in the future, God will undoubtedly play in your lap. The wheel of time proceeded, and also Kaikeyii was wed to King Dasaratha. Once the Devasur battle in heaven began. Devraj Indra called King Dasaratha for assistance. Rani Kaikaii likewise got to the Devasur Sangram as a charioteer to safeguard Maharaj. Throughout the battle, the nail left from the wheel of Dashrathji’s chariot and the chariot started to fail. In such a circumstance, Kaikai put his finger instead of the nail, which conserved the life of King Dasharatha.

This is How The King Fulfilled His Wishes

King Dasharatha was deeply impressed by Kaikeyi’s bravery and courage. He gave Kaiikeyi the boon to fulfill his wish, but Kaikai lovingly deferred the king by asking him to ask for his desire when the time came. When the time came, Kaiikeyi reminded him of this promise and demanded a 14-year exile for Shri Ram and a throne for his son Bharata. Thus Kaikeyi’s boon caused 14 years of exile for Shriram.

Remembers Kaiikeyi With Disgust And Contempt

Asking for two boons by the very dear queen Kaikeyii of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya was not her thought. Still, when the maid Manthara explained the question of the future security of Bharat with these two boons through various tricks, she considered her interest unhealth Without the heart of a mother, according to the advice of the crooked Manthara, they only demanded two boons from Maharaja Dasaratha, which eventually became the basis of the story of Ramayana.

But due to the contemplation of this security, Kaikeyii got repulsed due to the stigma and contempt he got in his life. The ordinary person remembers Kaiikeyi, the female character of the Ramayana, with disgust and disdain. Even today, no one names his daughter Kaiikeyi nor does Kaikeyi’s character get any attention during the Ramayana of Ramayana.

Maithili Sharan Gupt Has Attempted To Overcome The Stigma Of Kaikai

Maithili Sharan Gupt has attempted to overcome the stigma of Kaikeyii in Saket. Kaiikeyi, who loved Rama so much, became so harsh that he gave him an exile. Due to the son’s love’s selfishness, two such boons were demanded that only his life was tarnished. Will the world be familiar with the same form of Kaikeyii? Shouldn’t the facts that led to Kaikeyi be stigmatized?

Kaikeyii deserves condemnation or Vandana’s either Kaiikeyi wanted Raghuvansha’s interest or harm. One saint says that Kaikai is Vandaniya and only Vandaniya.

He said that Ratnarishi, father of Shravan Kumar, was the regent of King Ashwapati of Nandigram and Kaiikeyi was the daughter of King Ashwapati. Ratnarishi taught Kaiikeyi all the scriptures of Ved Purana.

Ratna Rishi Told Kaikeyi

One day, there was talk of Ayodhya King Maharaja Dasaratha in many things. Ratnarishi told Kaikeyii that no child of Dasaratha would sit on the throne and, at the same time, based on astrological calculations, if after the death of Dasaratha, any child could sit on the throne during fourteen years, Raghuvansh would be destroyed. Will go.

Kaiikeyi completely took this matter, and even after marriage, Kaiikeyi had this thing fully absorbed in his mind.

Kaikeyiraj Placed A Bet

Now we come to the context of Kaikeyi’s marriage with Dasaratha. When the King of Awadh heard the talk of Kaikeyi’s beauty and supernatural knowledge and quality, Kaikeyiraj

Sent the proposal to K expressing his desire to marry Kaikeyii. Kaikeyiraj accepted the offer but with a condition.

Kaikeyiraj kept the condition that Maharaj! You must promise that the son who is married to my daughter will receive the kingdom. But the tradition of the Surya dynasty was that only the eldest son would be made king.

But at that time, the mental state of King Dasharatha was such that it is not appropriate to use the religion for Maharaja Dasharatha. And Maharaja Dasaratha accepted the condition and married Kaikeyi.

Wise Kaikai Remembers Rajpurohit’s Statement

When the opportunity came for Ram to rule Tilak, the wise Kaikeyii remembered Rajpurohit’s statement and decided that he would not allow his beloved son Rama to destroy Raghuvansh, and the same happened.

After Rama’s forest movement, Kaiikeyi also wanted for Bharat not to run the kingdom by sitting on the throne, and this is what happened. Bharat took over the kingdom work but did not hold the throne and installed the footpad of Rama on the throne and governed the kingdom by sitting on misrule.

Bharat sat on misrule and gave good governance to Ayodhya. The saint believes that not a single death occurred during the fourteen years of exile of Rama.

How Did Kaikeyi Get Into Manthara’s Seduction

How did Kaikeyii become so knowledgeable and virtuous and who loved Rama more than Bharata, under the influence of crooked Manthara.

The saint said that you study the psyche with seriousness. Mere devotion to the psyche is not enough. Kaikeyii did not say anything after hearing the crooked words of Manthara, ‘puni as kabahun kahasee gharaphori, tab dhari jeebh kadhaavahu tori’ And then Tulsi called it with the face of a couple of Kaikeyii, “kaane khore koobare Kutil kuchaalee jaani, tiy biseshi Puni Cheri kahi bharatamaatu musukaani.

Apart from this, the role of Gods and Saraswati should also be considered before making any opinion regarding the character of Kaikai. This topic is known to everyone with little knowledge of Ramayana, so there is no need to repeat it.

Kaikai Defined As A Stigma In Every Age And Era

Surrounded by such a situation, Kaikai had to ask for two such boons, due to which she continued to be defined as a Kalankini in every age and age. How much Kaikai had to suffer from the same son, Bharat, for which he had sought the kingdom for his son, Bharata.

‘jau pai kuruchi rahee ati tohi, janamat kaahe na maare mohi’

Bharat told that kuvachan paapini sabahin bhaanti kul naasa …. kahe

She, too, was tolerated for the safety of Kaikai Raghuvansh. Bharat did not take care of any dignity desired for a mother in this quadrant.

jab aap kumatee kumat mein rahate hain, to dil se na jaen.

chinta mat karo, laalachee mat bano, laalachee mat bano, laalachee mat bano.

These words

Strongly condemns Kaikai. Bhagwan Rama prevented Bharatji from harshly criticizing Kaikai in Chitrakoot, so Bharatji said that I am not blaming Kaikai alone but “jananee kumati jagatu sabu sakhee”

even in the eyes of Nishadraj Kaikeyi’s character too. It is like this.

kaikayaanandinee mandamati kathin kutil

But Ram does not seem to agree with any such opinion.

Rama says “dosu dehin jananihi jad teee, jin gur saadhu sab nahi see”

An in-depth study of the mind says that Kaikai is blasphemous or Vandaniya. It is not easy to put an end to it.

Kaikeyi is Blasphemous Or Vandaniya

Because the character of Tulsi, who praises Kaikai, is so great that it cannot be considered unfair, and that character is Ram, the great hero of Manas. Bharata and his character, who are condemning Kaikeyi, on the other hand, are also depicted in such a way that we cannot say that they are wrong.

Overall, the circumstances in the Ramayana have been created so that even though Tulsi has presented himself as a form of slander in a tangible form, but going to the results of Kaikeyi’s two boons, he is a Vandaniya.


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