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Ravana’s younger brother Kumbhakarna was considered the main character of the Ramayana. He got the name kumbhkaran from childhood because of his long ears. His mother was from Kaikasi Rakshasa Kul, and his father, Vishwasrva from the Brahmin clan. kumbhkaran’s mother had agreed to power, and her father was knowledgeable and calm. Hence kumbhkaran had the qualities of both mother and father. Despite being more powerful, he had never opposed his brother. kumbhkaran slept for six months and used to get up at once to eat so much food as many thousands of people would be satisfied. Almost everyone knows this thing, but today we will tell you some other things related to kumbhkaran, which you may have never heard of.

Kumbhkaran In Hindi

Ravan ka chhota bhai kumbhakarn Ramayan ka pramukh paatr maana jaata tha. Bachapan se hi lambe kaan hone ke kaaran inaka naam kumbhakarn pada. Isaki maata kaikasi raakshas kul se thi aur pita vishvashrava braahman kul se. Kumbhakarn ki maan ko satta ka lobh tha aur pita gyaani aur shaant svabhaav ke the. Isalie kumbhakarn mei maata aur pita donon ke gun the. Adhik shaktishaali hone ke baavjud bhi usane kabhi apane bhai ka virodh nahin kiya tha. Kumbhakarn 6 mahine sota tha aur ek baar mein uthakar itana khaana kha leta tha jitane mein hajaaron log santusht ho jae. Ye baat to lagabhag sabhi log jaanate hi hain lekin aaj ham aapako kumbhakarn se judi kuchh aur eesi baaten bataane ja rahen hain jisake baare mein aapane shaayad kabhi suna bhi nahin hoga.

Kumbhakarna Meaning

A demon who was the brother of King Ravan of Lanka.

1. Kumbhakarna Height And Weight

Kumbhakarna was the brother of Ravana and the son of Vishrava. The height of Kumbhakarna was six hundred bow, and thickness was 100 bow. His eyes were equal to the wheel of a cart. Kumbhkaran was married to ‘Vrajrajwala,’ daughter of Verochan. He was powerful from birth. Kumbhkaran ate thousands of individuals when he was born. He felt starving. She used to eat humans and animals. Fearing him, the people went to the shelter of Indra that if this situation prevails, the earth will be empty.

There was a war of kumbhkaran with Indra. He broke the tooth of the Airavat elephant and attacked Indra with it. Indra started burning with him. kumbhkaran pleased Brahma with extreme penance. When they started going to give him a bride, Indra and all the other gods prayed not to give him a bride because everyone was upset with kumbhkaran. Brahma was anxious. He asked Saraswati to be distinguished on the tongue of kumbhkaran. As a result, Brahma asked for kumbhkaran bridesmaid – he asked for the boon of sleeping for many years. Brahma promised that he would sleep continuously. Wake up for one day only after six months. Disturbed by hunger, he will roam the earth that day and devour people. 

2. Kumbhkaran in Ramayana

kumbhkaran was awakened to fight with Rama’s army. He was starving. He started eating apes. His mouth was as deep as hell. The monkey used to come to kumbhkaran’s deep mouth and come out of his nostrils and ears. Eventually, Rama landed on the battlefield. He first paralyzed kumbhkaran by cutting his arms, then feet. Subsequently, he was killed with weapons. His body fell as the external door, and a tank of Lanka fell. kumbhkaran was married to Taditmala, the daughter of a king named Mahodar of Kumbhapur. Seeing his beautiful ears in Kumbhapur, someone called him with love, and hence he became famous as ‘Kumbhakarna.’

3. Kumbhakarna Father Name (Family)

Kumbhakarna’s grandfather Pulastya and grandmother’s name was Havirbhuva. His father’s name was Vishwasrava. Sage Vishwashrava wedded Ilavida, a girl of sage Bharadwaja, from whom Kubera was born. Ravana, Kumbhakaran, Vibhishana, and Surpanakha were born to Vishwasrva’s second spouse, Kaikasi. Khar, Dushan, Kumbhini, Ahiravana, and Kubera were the stepbrothers of Kumbhakaran.

4. Kumbhakarna’s Wife (Vajrajwala)

Kumbhakarna’s wife was Vajrajwala, the daughter of Varochan. His second wife’s name was Kirkati. kumbhkaran was likewise married to Taditmala, the lady of a ruler named Mahodar of Kumbhapur. kumbhkaran had a son named Moolakasura, whose mother Sita slaughtered. The other name was Bhima. It is said that it was because of this Bhima that a Jyotirlinga named Bhimashankar was established.

5. Inventor (Avishkaarak) Kumbhakarna

Ravana’s military had one researcher making weapons and weapons. For example, Shukracharya Bhargava, Shambuk and kumbhkaran, and Vajrajwala. kumbhkaran, alongside his spouse Vajrajwala, used to make different weapons and weapons in his research center because he was unable to eat and drink. Kumbhakarna‘s Yantra Manav Art has been given ‘Wizard Art’ in the book ‘Great Indian.’ Ravana’s wife Dhanyamalini was also proficient in this art. kumbhkaran used to perform this work previously and as a boon.

6. Kumbhakarna Sleep Time

Ravana’s brother Kumbhakarna would wake up after one month and sleep after eating because he had asked Brahmaji for the boon of Nidrasana instead of Indrasana. Its body was huge.

7. Kumbhkaran used to eat a lot

It is said that Kumbhakaran ate many individuals as soon as he was born. Due to this, the whole people started asking for help from Indra. After that, there was a war between Indra and Kumbhakaran, but Kumbhakarna defeated Indra.

8. kumbhkaran was more potent than Ravana –

kumbhkaran was very strong, and no warrior who fought against him was in the whole world. Due to the boon of Lord Brahma, he used to drink alcohol and slept for six months. But when Kumbhakarna was awake, there was a cry in all the three worlds. His body was also very huge.

9. The Demise Of Mother Sita Saddened Kumbhakarna

After the demise of Mata Sita when Sri Rama reached Lanka to fight with Ravana. There was a fierce war between the two armies. Then kumbhkaran was sleeping. Many of Ravana’s warriors were killed at Shri Ram’s army while Ravana’s army was trying to raise kumbhkaran. After many attempts, when kumbhkaran woke up from his sleep, he realized that his elder brother Ravana had killed Sita. When he came to know this, Kumbhakarna felt very sad and explained a lot to Ravana, even asking Sita to return to Kashriram and apologize to him, but Ravana did not listen.

10. Kumbhkaran Met With Devarshi Narada

As we mentioned in your above, kumbhkaran slept for six months. His whole day was spent eating food and knowing the well-being of all. kumbhkaran had no help in whatever sins Ravana committed. For this reason, kumbhkaran had nothing to do with sin-virtue and unrighteousness. For this reason, Devarshi Narada himself gave a great sermon of philosophy to Kumbhakarna.

12. Waged War With Rama to Honor Ravana

Ravan refused to explain the lacuna of Kumbhkarana and started challenging him to fight with Lord Shree Rama. Knowing that Shri Ram is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and that it is impossible to win from him, Kumbhakaran agreed to fight with Shri Rama, keeping his brother’s promise. According to Ramcharitra Manas, Kumbhakaran had gone to war in Sri Rama, but he had exclusive devotion towards Sri Rama. As soon as the arrow of God appeared, he gave up his body in Kumbhkaran and died. This is how his life became successful.

13. Kumbhakarna Vs Hanuman

Hanumanji is Swayam Parbrahm, Hanumanji had the power to punish Kumbhkaran, but he was forbidden to do Ayasa because his death was to be Shri Ram Ji’s hatred. Hanumanji did not use his full force on Kumbhkaran to keep Shri Ram’s honor. Ten percent power of Hanuman Ji cannot withstand nor Kumbhkaran and other demons like Ravana and Meghnad.

14. Kumbhakarna Death

How kumbhkaran was awakened during the war. kumbhkaran started attacking the apes with his massive body in the war. This caused an outcry in Rama’s army. To boost the army’s morale, Ram challenged Kumbhakarna to battle, and kumbhkaran received Veeragati at Bhagwan Ram’s hands. His body fell as the external door, and a tank of Lanka fell.

Question/Answer About Kumbhakarna

1. Who played the role of kumbhakarna in Ramayan?

Answer: Kumbhkaran 78 episodes, 1987-1988, Nalin Dave Played Kumbhkaran In Ramayan.

2. Who killed kumbhakarna?

Answer: In Ramayana, Lord Ram has killed Kumbhkaran, the younger brother of Lankapati Ravana. Ram separates both the hands and the head of Kumbhkaran from his arrows. After which, there is a wave of happiness in the monkey army. Kumbhkaran is trending top on Twitter only after his slaughter.

3. Kumbhakarna Height And Weight?

Answer: The height of Kumbhkaran was six hundred bows, and the thickness was 100 bow. His eyes were equal to the wheel of a cart.

4. Who Played Kumbhakarna In Ramayan?

Answer: Nalin Dave Played Kumbhkaran In Ramayan.

5. What was the height of Kumbhkaran?

Answer:  The height of Kumbhakarna was six hundred bows, and the thickness was 100 bow.

6. Who is kumbhakarna?

Answer: Kumbhkaran is the name of a significant character in the Ramayana. He was the son of the sage Vrishrava and the demonic Kaikasi and King Ravana of Lanka’s younger brother. Kumbh means pitcher and Karna mean ear. It was named Kumbhkaran due to having enormous ears since childhood. He was the elder brother of Vibhishan and Shurpanakha.

7. Who is the wife of kumbhakarna?

Answer: Kumbhakarna’s wife was Vajrajwala, the daughter of Varochan. His second wife’s name was Kirkati. Kumbh Karan was likewise married to Taditmala, the lady of a ruler named Mahodar of Kumbhapur.

8. How did Kumbhkaran wake up?

Answer: First, to awaken Kumbhkaran, from drums and drums to elephant chirps and cold water and even arrows and spears were used, but he did not wake up from his sleep. After this, when the delicious food was brought in front of him, his scent opened Kumbhkaran’s rest.

9. Why Kumbhkaran sleeps?

Answer: When Ravana, Vibhishana and Kumbhkaran, all three were doing penance of Brahma. So Brahma Ji was pleased with his harsh austerity and was glad to and appeared to all three and asked him to ask for a boon. Brahma Ji came to Kumbhkaran with a boon to Ravana and Vibhishana according to his wish. But upon hearing the wish of Kumbhkaran, Brahma Ji was distraught and started thinking that if he continues to eat so much food, then the creation will end. For this reason, Brahmadev defeated the wisdom of Kumbhkaran by Goddess Saraswati even before seeking the boon of Kumbhkaran. So that Kumbhkaran could not ask for what he wanted, and he had asked the boon of Brahmadev to stay asleep for six months.

10. Who died first Kumbhkaran and Megh Nath?

Answer: The fierce war of Kumbhakaran and Shriram started. Vayanas started raining from both sides. Sometimes Kumbhakaran would have hit Sri Ram. Sometimes Lord Rama would have pushed him back. This Leela continued for a long time. Before the Kumbhkaran, the bears and monkeys in Lord Rama’s army started fleeing, then Shri Ram went ahead and killed him. After this, Meghnath took the battlefront.

On the other hand, Laxman started fighting with him. There was a fierce war on both sides. The attendees enjoyed it wholeheartedly. The battle between the two warriors led to heavy rains. If Meghnath left the fire, Ramadal would rain on him. Similarly, the war went on; in the end, Laxman killed Meghnath. The whole ground started echoing with the slogans of Jai Shri Ram.


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