Know About Maricha Who Helped In kidnap Mother Sita


Who Was Maricha


Maricha was the son of the Sunda demon, and Tadka became a demon due to the curse of Agastya Muni. He had an important role in the Ramayana because Lord Rama was one of the early demons he fought and was also instrumental in the kidnapping of Mother Sita. Today we will know the life from the birth of Marich to his death.

Maricha Meaning

Maricha Meaning

1. According to the Ramayana, the demon betrayed Ramachandra by becoming a gold deer. 

2. Chilli Pove. Mirchi bush. 

3. Big elephant. Huge yards.

 4. Kunkol.

Maricha Was Actually A

Marich was actually a demon in Ravana’s army, but he took the form of a golden deer and took away Lord Rama by entangling him in unnecessary work. Result Sita Haran.

Subahu And Maricha in hindi

maareech aur subaahoo, bhaee, taataka ke putr the. maareecha raavan ka maama tha, kyonki thaatee maareecha aur kaikasee donon kee maan thee. raamaayan mein mareecha ek mahatvapoorn paatr hai, jisane seeta ke apaharan mein raavan kee madad karake kahaanee ko badal diya.

Subahu And Maricha Mother

At one time, the king of the Yaksha asked Lord Brahma to have a powerful child in the form of Tadka. Brahma gave him a Tadka, daughter like a force of a thousand elephants. Tadka is married to Sunda, giving him two sons named Subahu and Marich.

Mother Of Maricha In Ramayana

As a result of Agastya Muni’s curse, Maricha and her mother, Tadka, came to live in a forest near Saryu near Ayodhya.

Birth Of Marich

At one time, the king of the Yaksha, Suketu in Ramayana, asked Lord Brahma to have a powerful child in the form of Tadka. Brahma gave him a Tadka, daughter like the force of a thousand elephants. Tadka is married to Sunda, giving him two sons named Subahu and Marich. One day, due to the curse of Agastya Muni, Sundara was consumed by burning, and Tadka and his two sons became demons who were malevolent and extremely ugly in appearance.

Battle With Lord Rama 

As a result of Agastya Muni’s curse, Marich came to live with his mother, Tadka, in a forest near Saryu near Ayodhya. Now he used to tease his mother and brother’s sages and sages every day and interrupted their Yagya. In the same forest also lived the sage Vishwamitra, who was troubled by his wrath. That is why they brought the princes of Ayodhya, Shri Ram and Lakshmana with them for protection.

When sage Vishwamitra was performing the yajna, Marich arrived there and his brother Subahu to destroy his Yagna, but Lord Sri Ram and Lakshmana were already protecting their Yagya there. Seeing this, a fierce war ensued between them. Marich’s brother Subahu was killed in that battle, and he himself fell into the sea away from the blow of the arrow. After this, his mother, Tadka, was also killed.

Seeking Ravan’s Help And Marich’s Dispute With Him

After being defeated badly in the battle with Lord Shri Ram and Lakshmana, Maricha had renounced all kinds of evil deeds and became a monk. Now he used to praise Lord Shiva at the same seaside and was happy in devotion. One day Ravana arrived to seek help from Marich to kidnap Mother Sita and made a proposal in front of her.

On receiving Ravan’s proposal, Marich opposes him and refuses to kidnap Mother Sita and hate Lord Shree Ram. Hearing this, Ravana became very angry and threatened to kill him even if Marich did not help him. When Marich thought that no attempt to convince Ravana would succeed, he agreed to help him.

Maricha’s Beautiful Deer And Mother Sita kidnapped

After this, Maricha sat in the Pushpak Vimana of Ravana and went to the forests of Panchavati, where lord Rama’s hut was. Marich took the form of a beautiful antelope (Sone ka Hiran) with his elusive powers and wandered around his hut. When Mother Sita saw him, she asked Lord Rama to bring her for herself.

When Lord Rama ran to pick him up, he started running away. While running, he took them far away and in the end, Lord Rama killed him with his bow and arrow. The dying Marich came into her true form and shouted loudly in the voice of Lord Rama to protect her life, as a result of which Lakshmana came to her to assist her elder brother. Ravana kidnaps her by finding Mata Sita alone from behind.

Story Of Marich In Ramayana

Taraka son Mareech took refuge in Ravana after escaping from Rama’s arrow. Marich was the maternal uncle of King Ravana of Lanka. When Shurpanakha told the story of his insult to Ravana, Ravana planned for Sitaharan. During Sitaharan, Ravana enlisted the help of Marich’s elusive intellect.

Ravana crossed the ocean and reached the Gokarna shrine, where Maricha was hidden due to fear of Rama. He had been a former minister of Ravana. Seeing Ravana, Marich said that what was the need of the demon king, that you had to come to me.

Ravana furiously said that Rama-Laxman cut off the nose-ears of Shurpanakha, and now we have to take revenge on him. Marich said- O Ravan, there is no benefit in going to Shri Ramchandraji. I know his might. Who is there in this world who can bear the velocity of their arrows?

Ravana got angry at Maricha and said- “O uncle!” If you do not listen to me, then surely you will kill me now. Marich thought in his mind – If death is certain, then it would be better to die by the hand of a superior man.

Death Marich

Then Marich asked- tell me, what do I have to do? Ravana said- You take the form of a beautiful deer whose horn seems to be a gemstone. The body also appears to be of picture-bizarre gems. Make such a form that Sita becomes fascinated. If she is fascinated, then she will definitely send Rama to catch you. In the meantime, I will take her away. Marich acted according to Ravana’s dictum, and Ravana was successful in his plan. Here Marich was killed by Ram’s arrow.


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