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Who was Draupadi


Draupadi is an essential character in the Mahabharata. It isn’t easy to understand the life and nature of Droupadi. Only Krishna could understand them. Droupadi was a friend of Shri Krishna. Only a friend can understand a friend. Today we want to tell you five mistakes of Draaupadi due to which the entire story of Mahabharata changed. If Droupadi did not make these mistakes, then history would have been diverse.

1. Draupadi And Karna In Swayamvar 

Draupadi wanted Karna but changed her mind when she realized that Karna is a sutra son. The first thing is that Karna was not allowed to participate in the Swayamvara competition, and the second is that he insulted Karna badly. If she had not done so, the result would have been different. However, Draupadi’s father had vowed Dronacharya’s death, and he could not be killed except by Arjuna, so he wanted his daughter to be married to Arjuna.

2. Accepting To Be The Wife Of Pandavas

Arjuna had won the competition of Swayamvar, but under any circumstances, if Draaupadi did not accept to be the wife of the five Pandavas, then history would have been diverse. Droupadi had agreed to marry the five at the behest of Yudhishthira and Ved Vyasji after Kunti’s saying or Swayamvara.

3. Insult To Duryodhana

Draupadi told Duryodhana at the time of Yudhishthira’s coronation at Indraprastha, ‘blind even the son of the blind.’ It was just Duryodhana’s heart like an arrow. This was the reason that together with Shakuni in Dutkida, the Pandavas had been persuaded to put Draaupadi at stake. This game of gaming or gambling had written the role of Mahabharata’s war where Droupadi was celebrated.

4. Motivating For War 

After his demise, Droupadi told the Pandavas that if you do not avenge my insults to Duryodhana and his brothers, you are cursed. Draaupadi told the Pandavas that my hair would now be open till I washed them with Duryodhana’s blood. Around then, Droupadi didn’t take a Ritu bath. In such a situation, Bhima vowed that I would break the thigh of Duryodhana with a mace and rip the chest of sorrow in his blood. During Chiraharan, Karna said instead of saving Draaupadi, ‘What honor for a woman who can live with five husbands.’ This thing hurt Draupadi, and she all the time encouraged Arjuna to fight Karna.

5. Jayadratha’s Evil Eye

When the Pandavas were serving a sentence of exile after losing everything in gambling, Duryodhana’s brother-in-law Jayadratha got an evil eye on Droupadi. He coerced Draaupadi and tried to take her on a chariot. But on-time, N came to Pandavas and saved him. The Pandavas wanted to kill Jayadratha there, but Droupadi stopped the Pandavas from doing so, which was her big mistake. Draupadi punished Jayadratha for keeping five peaks by shaving his head’s hair and grossly insulting him in front of all the public. Jayadratha was not able to show his face to anyone and endured humiliation every moment. Jayadratha avenged this insult by killing Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun, trapped in the Chakravyuh.

So this was Draupadi’s unique role in creating the Mahabharata. However, Draaupadi has contributed more than the above. There are many of these works for which he should be praised.

How Was Draupadi Related To Five Husbands?

Perhaps Droupadi is the first woman in India to have five husbands? Or did she Raman with five men? Exceptionally few people will be familiar with the story of Droupadi. Could the society of that period accept a woman of polyandry? Didn’t any controversy arise? Or that community had a system of polyandry and polyandry?

The greatest question is whether today individuals comprehend that Droupadi had hitched Arjun just, so was not his relationship with everybody? Did Droupadi only love Arjun? Did Draaupadi have five husbands? These are some of the questions that will be answered in the Mahabharata itself. Here is a story propagated in public.

Five Names Of Draupadi

Draaupadi was called ‘Draupadi’ because she was the daughter of King Drupada. He was called ‘Panchali’ because King Drupada was the king of Panchal country. She also had the name ‘Krishna,’ as she was a friend of Lord Krishna. She also had the title ‘Yagini,’ as she was born after performing the yagna. And finally, he also had the name ‘Serandhri.’ ‘Serandhri’ means one who delights with men other than her husband.

But this is not true..Draaupadi worked as a caretaker of King Virat’s beauty to his wife Sudeshna during the period of ignorance, hence her name Serandhri.

Impressed by the look, quality, and beauty of Serandhri, Queen Sudeshna appointed her as her chief maid. Some people say that she used to sell fragrances and perfumes in Raja Virai’s kingdom, so, notably, after 12 years of exile, the Pandavas spent time in Raja Virat’s kingdom of Matsya country in Anantivas. The five, according to their ability, handled various tasks in the king.

12 Years Exile Of Pandavas

The Pandavas received 12 years of exile and one year of exile. During this time, the five Pandavas lived in a potter’s house and lived through begging. In such a situation, during the begging, he received information about Draupadi’s swayamvara.

A fish was moving around in a machine. He had to shoot arrows in his eye and that too by looking at his shadow in oil. Also, not one but five arrows were to be shot.

One after the other, all the kings and princes tried to aim at the eye of the roaming fish above, looking at its image in the water below, but success did not materialize, and they returned to their places without being radiant. These fruitless individuals included Jarasandha, Shalya, Shishupala and Duryodhana, Kauravas, and so on.

At the point when the Kauravas fizzled, a Brahmin needed to get the princess. In the disguise of a Brahmin, Arjuna looked at the image in the oil tank and hit it with a single arrow. Draupadi immediately stepped forward and put varmala on Arjun’s neck. Seeing all this, the women objected that this competition was organized only for the Kshatriyas, then it is not fair to win a Brahmin. There was a situation of the war there.

Pandavas Hide In Pandit’s Disguise

Raja Drupada could not recognize the Pandavas hidden in Pandits’ disguise, so he was worried that the daughter’s swayamvara could not be done according to her wish. King Drupada desired that his daughter be married to a Pandu, son, as he had a close friendship with King Pandu, but he did not know that he was the Pandu son. Yudhishthira then moved aside and revealed his truth to King Drupada. The happiness of King Drupada was no more.

Draupadi Marriage

Arjun fulfilled this condition of swayamvar, then Droupadi should have married Arjun to the Quaid. Drupada was pleased to hear Dharmaraja Yudhishthira. After that, Drupada told Yudhishthira that now you should permit Arjuna to get a panigraha. Then Yudhishthira said that I have to marry Rajan too. Drupada said that it is a good thing. I also want you to marry Draaupadi. Yudhishthira said- Rajan princess Droupadi will be the patrani of all of us.

On hearing such things of Yudhishthira, King Drupada said that a king might have many queens, but a woman has many husbands. It has not been heard. Yudhishthira, you are the Dharmaraja, a person of religion. It would help if you did not talk about such things. It would be ideal in the event that you didn’t feel that. Drupada was contemplating this with Yudhishthira when Ved Vyasji came there, and he took King Drupada in solitude and explained it.

Draupadi Asked For The Groom Five Times In A Hurry

Vyas said that Draaupadi was a wonderful young woman in her previous birth. Due to all virtues’ perfection, he was not getting a worthy groom, so he did Lord Shiva penance, and then Shankarji appeared. At that time, Draaupadi asked for brides five times in a hurry to get five husbands in this birth due to the boon of Shiva. You cannot stop it from becoming the patronym of the Pandavas. Hearing this, Drupada said that it should be the same as Lord Shankar gave it, whether it is religious or unrighteous.

Drupada went to Yudhishthira with Vyasji and said that today is an auspicious day and auspicious time for marriage. Today, the moon is on Pushya Nakshatra, so today, you have an eclipse with Droupadi. As soon as this decision was made, Droupadi was brought into the pavilion. The five Pandavas also reached the pavilion. The five entered each day from Droupadi.

Draupadi’s Wedding Gifts

In marriage, King Drupada gave many gems, money, jewels, elephants, and horses in dowry. Then the queens of Drupada came near Kunti and bowed with their heads on their feet. Kunti blessed Draupadi. Lord Krishna also gave many gifts as an offering when the Pandavas got married.

Food Distribution

Pandu sons Bhimsen, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva brought their alms daily and in that evening also requested their eldest brother Yudhishthira to distribute the begging.

Seeing Droupadi from within, the generous-hearted Kunti said, ‘Bhadre! You take the first part of the meal and offer sacrifices to it and give alms to these Brahmins. Other people who live around them in a dependent manner also serve them food. Then keep the remaining half for Bhimsen. Again, make six parts of the remaining and keep four parts separately for the four brothers, then serve one part separately for me and myself too. ‘

His mother says that ‘Kalyani! Those seated with a strong white man with the same body as Gajraj, whose name is Bhima, give half of the grain to them because these heroes are always eating a lot. ‘

Draupadi Led A Happy Life

Dhrishtadyumna, son of King Drupada was coming in disguise behind the Pandavas to know his right whereabouts and adequately understand them. He heard the Pandavas’ discussion, saw their courtesy, and was pleased that my daughter was living happily.

How Draupadi Managed 5 Husbands

Once upon a time, Pandavas and Brahmins were sitting in the ashram. Simultaneously, Droupadi and Satyabhama also sat together in one spot. Both started talking among themselves. Satyabhama asked Droupadi – sister, your husband Pandavjan is always happy with you. I see that those people still live under your control. You tell me something like this that my Shyam Sundar should also be under my control.

Then Droupadi said- Satyabhama, what kind of naughty women are you asking me about. When a husband knows this, he cannot be in control of his wife. Then Satyabhama said- So tell me how you behave with the Pandavas?

Draupadi said, knowing the appropriate question, listen – I serve all the Pandavas with women very carefully except ego and work, anger.

I stay away from jealousy. Keeping my mind under control keeps me away from the bitter speech. And do not stand unconsciously in front of anyone. I do not speak evil things and do not sit in the wrong place.

I follow the intention of the husband as a complete sign. No matter what kind of deity, human being, decorated or beautiful, my mind goes nowhere except the Pandavas. I don’t bathe without bathing them. She does not sit without sitting on her own. Whenever my husband comes into the house, I keep the house clean. I provide food on time. Always be careful. And always keep grains secretly at home. I do not stand outside the door. I do not like being alone without my husband. Also, I follow all the religions the mother-in-law has told me. I always live in the shelter of faith.

Draupadi Had Five Sons

Droupadi gave birth to one child, every one of the five Pandavas, following a year’s hole gap.

1. Name of Yudhishthira’s son Pratibindya.

2. Son name of Sutsoom, born of Bhimsen.

3. Arjuna’s son’s name Shrutakarma.

4. Nakula’s son’s name Shataniq.

5. Sahadeva’s son was named Shrutsen.



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