Know The Secrets Of Asura’s Guru Shukracharya


Who Is Shukracharya


Shukracharya is a mysterious sage. The only thing people know about him is that he was the guru of the Asuras. But we will tell you some other kind of mystical things about them which you hardly know. In connection with Shukra, many stories have been described in the Kashi Khand Mahabharata, Puranas, etc.

The gods of the gods Indra, Expert Brihaspati, as well as Vishnu are the ultimate gods. The principals of the demons, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashyap, were followed by Virochan, whose masters Shukracharya and Shiva, are the ultimate Ishtas. On the one hand, there was Vishwakarma, the builder of the buildings of the gods, weapons, etc. On the other hand, the Mayadanavas of the Asuras. Indra’s brother-in-law Varunadeva is dear to both the deity as well as the devil.

Shukracharya In Mahabharata

Many stories are described in texts like the Kashi Khand Mahabharata in relation to the demon Guru Shukraacharya. Shukracharya was the son of Bhrigu Maharishi. Brihaspati, the guru of the gods, was the son of Angiras. Both of these children attained education at Angiras for some time during childhood.

Shukracharya And Islam

Shukraacharya, the guru of the teardrop, is considered a Muslim religious teacher. It is said that when Shukra felt that the Asura empire was going to be destroyed. Shukra then established the Shivalinga in a desert far away from India and Indians. Which is today known as Mecca.

Shukracharya Father

Shukracharyaa, son of Maharishi Bhrigu and nephew of the devotee Prahlada. Maharishi Bhrigu’s first better half’s name was Khyati, a little girl of his bro Daksha. Bhrigu got two sons, Gita and Vidhata, and a daughter, Lakshmi, was born with fame. He married Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu. Bhrigu had other sons like Ushana, Chyavan, etc. It is believed that Ushana would later be called Shukrachaarya. According to another belief, he was the son of Bhrigu Rishi and Hiranyakashipu’s daughter Divya.

According to Matsya Purana, the character of Shukracharya is white. His vehicle is a chariot. In it, eight horses are kept like fire. Flags continue to be hoisted on the chariot. Their armament is punishable. Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra, and their Mahadasha is 20 years old.

Mata Khyati Shukracharya’s Mother

In the Devasur struggle with the demons, Maharishi Bhrigu’s wife Khyati, who was a bright woman with a powerful power, brought the dead soldiers of the army of demons alive, which angered Srihari Vishnu, Shukracharya’s mother, and Bhriguji. His Sudarshan Chakra beheaded his wife, Khyati.

The Dewasur war took place 12 times in the Ilawart (Russia) region of the Jambudweep. The last time Indra had a war with Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahlada’s grandson and Virochan’s son Raja Bali, the gods were defeated when the Asuras ruled the entire Jambudweep. In the middle of this, Jambudweep was Elawat state. However, some believe that the last battle was probably with Shambasura, in which King Dasaratha also participated.

Shukracharya Sister

It is said about Shukracharyaa, the nephew of Prahlada, son of Maharishi Bhrigu and devotee, that Mata Lakshmi was his sister.

Shukracharya Curse

Maharishi Bhrigu cursed Srivishnu that you will be born in the human world seven times due to the slaughter of an immoral woman. Sri Vishnu had to be born on Earth only after being subjected to this curse of Bhrigu. Bhrigu sprinkled water, saying that I resurrect you, an abla woman killed by Vishnu. If I am on the truth, then you will definitely rise. As soon as she said this, the goddess rose again. Indra was overwhelmed after seeing this miracle. He sent his daughter Jayanti to please Shukra so that he could marry her. Jayanti did utmost service during the tenacity of Maharaja Shukracharya, according to his father’s statement.

Promoter Of Venus(Shukra) Policy

Shukraacharya was a great scholar as well as a good ethicist. Shukracharya’s stated policies still hold great importance. Acharya Shukra was the promoter of Shukra Niti Shastra. His Venus(Shukra) policy is still considered important in public. Shukracharya’s daughter’s name was Devyani, and her son’s name was Shaanda and Amark. His sons Shaanda and Amark used to teach ethics at Hiranyakashipu. In the Rig Veda, there is a description of many mantras composed by the Bhriguvanshi sages, in which the names of Ven, Somahuti, Sumarashmi, Bhargava, Arvi, etc. are mentioned.

Shukracharya Remembered The Science Of Bringing The Dead Alive 

Lord Shankar was the inventor of this discipline. It is to be known that Shiva resurrected Ganesha by cutting the head of Ganesha with the head of an elephant. Lord Shankar had killed and killed Daksha Prajapati and again donated life to the head of Aj (goat).

Dead bodies can also be made alive by this knowledge. This learning was remembered by Shukraacharya, the guru of the Asuras. Shukrachaarya, through this knowledge, healed the soldiers who were hurt in the war and immediately resurrected the dead. Shukraacharya had given Mahamrityunjaya Siddhi to a demon named Raktabeej and created the entire body with a drop of blood on the battlefield.

It is said that this is also possible with the proven Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Maharishi Vasistha, Markandeya, and Guru Dronacharya were seekers and users of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra. An herb called Sanjeevani is also found, using which the deceased is resurrected.

According to the Matsya Purana, Shukracharyaa initially took the discipleship of the sage Angiras. Still, when he (Angiras) started showing favor to his son Brihaspati, he left the ashram of Angiras and took the discipleship of the sage Gautama. On the advice of Gautam Rishi, Shukracharya worshiped Shankar and attained the death of Sanjivani, on the strength of which the Asuras won many times in the Devasur war.

Ekakshata Name

It is believed that at one time when Vishnu incarnation Trivikram Vamana became a Brahmin and asked for three feet of land from King Bali, then at that time, Shukra sat in the water bottle to alert the sacrifice. Considering a disturbance in the water, his eye exploded in the effort to dig it out of the sink. Then he remained as a lifer. Since then, his name has become a symbol of unity. When Lord Vishnu asked for three feet of land from King Bali in Vamnavatar, Shukraacharya sat down in a subtle form of sacrifice so that the water would not come out and the sacrifice could not take the pledge to donate the land. The Vamana lord then put a straw in the sacrificial lambs, causing an eye for Shukrachaarya. Therefore, they are also called Ekakshas, i.e., one-eyed.

Shiva Had Swallowed Shukracharya 

On the advice of Gautam Rishi, Shukra worshiped Shankar and attained the death of Lord Sanjivani, on the strength of which the Asuras won many times in the Devasur struggle.

Due to the dead Sanjeevani lore, the number of demons increased, and the gods became helpless. In such a situation, he took refuge in Lord Shankar. Lord Shankar got very angry due to the improper use of dead Sanjeevini by Shukracharya. Angrily, he grabbed Shukra and swallowed it. After this, Shukraacharya came out from Shiva’s body as Shukla Kanti and attained his full form. She then started her new life by marrying Priyavrit’s daughter Urjataswati. He had four sons with him.

The Famous Story Of Shukracharya’s Daughter 

King Nahusha of the Ikshvaku dynasty had six sons – Yati, Yayati, Sayati, Ayati, Viati, and Kriti. Yati was supreme knowledge and was disillusioned with the kingdom, Lakshmi, etc., so King Nahusha crowned his second son Yayati.

Once upon a time, Sharmistha, daughter of Daityaraja Vrishaparva, and Devayani, daughter of Guru Shukrachaarya, was walking in his garden with her friends. Sharmistha was a very beautiful Rajputri, while Devayani was the daughter of Shukracharya, the great guru of the Asuras. The two were not less than each other in terms of beauty. They all took off their clothes and took a bath in a reservoir in that garden.

At the same time, Lord Shankar left from there with Parvati. Seeing Lord Shankar coming, all those girls ran out of shame and started wearing their clothes. In haste, Sharmistha mistakenly wore Devyani’s clothes. On this, Devyani became very angry and said to Sharmishtha, ‘Ray Sharmishtha! How did you dare to wear the clothes of a Brahmin girl as an Asura daughter? You have insulted me by wearing my clothes. ‘

Hearing Devyani’s abuses, Sharmistha was stung by her insults, snatched Devyani’s clothes, and pushed her into a well. After pushing Sharmishtha into Devayani’s well, King Yayati came there, hunting, and he went near the well to quench his thirst when he saw the undressed Devayani in that well.

Quickly they gave their clothes to cover Devayani’s body and took her out of the well. On this, Devayani lovingly said to King Yayati, ‘O Arya! You have held my hand, so I accept you as my husband. Hey Kshatriya, Best! Although I am a Brahmin daughter, I cannot marry Brahmin Kumar due to the curse of Kach, son of Jupiter. Therefore, accept me as enjoyment of your destiny. ‘ Yayati was pleased and accepted this offer of Devyani.

Hearing Devyani’s abuses, Sharmistha was stung by her insults, snatched Devyani’s clothes, and pushed her into a well. After pushing Sharmishtha into Devayani’s well, King Yayati came there, hunting, and he went near the well to quench his thirst when he saw the undressed Devayani in that well.

Quickly they gave their clothes to cover Devayani’s body and took her out of the well. On this, Devayani lovingly said to King Yayati, ‘O Arya! You have held my hand, so I accept you as my husband. Hey Kshatriya, Best! Although I am a Brahmin daughter, I cannot marry Brahmin Kumar due to the curse of Kach, son of Jupiter. Therefore, accept me as enjoyment of your destiny. ‘ Yayati was pleased and accepted this offer of Devyani.

Devayani came to her father Shukra from there and told him all the accounts. Shukraacharya got very angry at the deeds done by Sharmishtha, and he turned away from the demons. On this, the demon king Vrishaparva came to his Gurudev and began to celebrate him in many ways.

With great difficulty, Shukracharya’s anger became silent, and he said, ‘O demon king! I am not angry with you in any way, but my daughter Devyani is very angry. If you can please her, then I will be with you again. ‘

Vrishparva said to her to please Devayani, ‘O daughter! I will give you whatever you ask for. ‘ Devayani said, ‘O demon king! I want your daughter as Sharmishtha Maid. To avert the crisis on her family, Sharmistha accepted Devayani’s handmaiden.

Shukracharya married his daughter Devayani to King Yayati. Sharmistha also came to Yayati’s house with Devayani as her maid. After Devayani’s daughter-in-law, Sharmistha also requested the king’s wish for a son, which Yayati accepted. King Yayati had two sons Yadu and Tuvarsu, from Devayani and three sons Druhyu, Anu, and Puru, from Sharmishtha.

Later, when Devyani came to know about the relationship between Yayati and Sharmishtha, she became angry and went to her father. Shukraacharya called King Yayati and said, “Hey Yayati! You are a lewd woman. Therefore, I curse you to have an immediate old age. ‘

Fearful of his curse, King Yayati said fervently, ‘O master of the monster! I am still not satisfied while enjoying the subject with your daughter. Because of this curse, your daughter is also hurt. After thinking about it, Shukracharyaji said, ‘Good! If someone gives you his youth happily, then you can change your old age with him. ‘

After this, King Yayati said to his eldest son, ‘Vatsa Yadu! You give me your youth about this old age given to you by your maternal grandfather. ‘ Yadu said, ‘O father! I do not want to survive due to untimely aging. That is why I cannot take your old age. ‘

Yayati made a similar demand to the rest of her sons, but everyone cut off the tusks. But the youngest son, Puru, accepted the father’s demand.

On becoming young again, King Yayati said to Yadu, ‘You did not fulfill your duty towards your father despite being the eldest son. Therefore, I deprive you of my royalty and give my kingdom to Puru. I also curse you that the dynasties will always ostracize your dynasty. ‘

Shukracharya Was A Musician And Poet 

Shukra also has the distinction of being the best musician and poet. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Bhrigu Rishi also had a son named Kavi, who became famous as Shukrachaarya later. According to the Mahabharata, Shukra is also the author of medicines, mantras, and juices. Their strength is amazing. He gave all his wealth to his disciples’ Asuras and accepted the ascetic life itself.

How Shukrachaarya got the name Shukracharyaa: In connection with how Shukracharyaa got the name of Shukra known as Kavi or Bhargava, it is mentioned in detail in Vamana Purana.

According to the story, when Lord Shankar swallows Shukrachaarya, then the poet (Shukracharya) in the stomach of Shankarji started praising Shankar Bhagwan, which pleased Shiva and allowed him to go out. When he wandered in the stomach of Mahadev for one divine year, but when he found no end, he again started praising Shiva. Then Lord Shankar laughed and said that you had become my son because of my stomach, so come out of my penis. From today you will be known by the name of Venus in all the pastures of the world. Bhargava appeared in Lord Shankar’s penis after obtaining Shukratva ever since the poet became famous as Shukra.

Did Shukracharya Go To Arabia? 

We do not know how much truth there is in this matter. Shukrachaarya is considered the originator of the religion and culture of ancient Arabia, although this is disputed. Some scholars believe that Arabia was previously labeled a Hades. The Puranas have a story of the existence of Hades on the other side of the sea of ​​Gujarat. An idol of Hanuman is installed along with Makardhwaj, 4 miles from Bet Dwarka, on the coast of Gujarat. Ahiravan kept Lord Shri Ram-Lakshmana hidden in this place. When Hanumanji came to take Shriram-Lakshmana, he had a fierce battle with Makardhwaja. Finally, Hanumanji defeated him and tied him with his tail. This statue is installed in his memory. Makardhwaj was the son of Hanumanji.

It is believed that Shukrachaarya also left with King Bali when he was made the king of Hades. According to the second belief, if Daityaraj Bali did not obey Shukrachaarya, he abandoned him and came to his grandson Orv in Arabia and lived there for ten years. The name of Shukracharya’s grandson was Aurv / Arv or Herb, which became Arab due to disrespect. Arab countries mention Persia’s history about the historical relation of Shukraacharya, son of Maharishi Bhrigu, and his grandson Auerva, whose author is Sykes.

Death Of Shukracharya’s Mother

Lord Vishnu helped the Gods and the entire world in the destruction of demons by cutting the head from the Sudarshan Chakra of Khyati, the mother of Shukraacharya and the wife of Bhrigu Rishi, to establish religion on Earth.

At the same time, when Shukracharya came to know about this, he got very angry on Lord Vishnu, and he decided to take revenge on his heart, and he once again got absorbed in the penance of Lord Shiva.

After many years of severe austerity, he finally got the Sanjivani mantra from Lord Shiva and avenged his mother by reestablishing the kingdom of the demons.

On the other hand, when Maharishi Bhrigu knew that Lord Vishnu had killed his wife Khyati, he cursed Vishnu Ji that since Vishnu Ji killed a woman, she was repeatedly tortured by the mother’s womb on Earth. Will have to take birth and will have to suffer in the womb.

Before being known, God appeared and incarnated as Varaha, Matsya, Kurma, and Narasimha, but after that, he was born from the womb of a mother in the form of Parashurama Rama, Krishna, Buddha. At the same time, Jupiter’s son from Shukracharyaa learned Sanjivani Vidya and brought him down.

Some Amazing Facts About The Monster Guru Shukracharya 

: According to Matsya Purana, the character of Shukraacharya is white. His vehicle is a chariot, which has eight horses. His weapon is an ordnance punishment. Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra. The Mahadasha of these people is 20 years old. Shukra has a beautiful crown on his head. There is a garland around the neck. They sit on a white lotus. In his four hands, Dand, Varadamudra, Rudraksha’s garland and characters are adorned.

: According to the Mahabharata, Shukraacharya is the lord of rasas, mantras, and medicines. Shukrcharya had devoted his whole life to meditation and meditation. He had given all his possessions to his Asura disciples.

: Shukraacharya is also called the father of Niti Shastra. Venus’s policy is considered important. Shukra has got an important place. The planet Venus is related to semen. Semen is related to birth. Shukra becomes the planet Venus and performs the welfare of the three worlds.

: These planets are present in the meeting of Brahma. Venus calms down the rain-stopping planets and helps in raining. New life begins on Earth when it rains. Human beings and animals get peace, satisfaction, and food.

Shukracharya’s Temple

Shukracharya Temple
Shukracharya Temple

Many devotees thronged on the second Monday of Sawan for the worship of Shivalinga established by the demon Guru Shukracharya in Patna Devkali village of Kalan block in Shahjahanpur district. Extensive security arrangements have been made in the temple. A line of devotees has also been installed to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to worship equally. People from many districts come here to worship the Shivling established by the demon Guru Shukracharya. A big fair is organized.

Did Shukracharya Die?

When Devayani did not find Kach anywhere, she understood what must have happened. Therefore, he gave knowledge of the dead soul to Kutch’s soul. Kach came out after tearing the stomach of his guru Shukraacharya and Shukraacharya died. Kach used the deceased Sanjivani Vidya and brought Guru Shukraacharya alive.

Shukracharya Death

Shiva Ji did not like to use the dead Sanjeevani Vidya by Shukra in such an improper work. Shiva Ji got angry and grabbed Shukra and swallowed it. After this, Shukracharya came out from Shiva’s body as Shukla Kanti and received his form.


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