Lord Shiva Becomes Angry (Third Eye Of Shiva)


Third Eye Of Shiva

It is believed that nothing can escape Mahadev’s third eye (Lord Shiva Angry Eye). Their eyes remain closed as long as their mind is calm, but when they get angry, no one can escape from the fire of their eyes. Shiv’s third eye tells us that every human has three eyes.

Lord Shiva Angry Eyes

Lord Shiva Angry Eyes
Lord Shiva Angry Eyes

Shiva Becomes Angry With These Five Things

Shiva becomes angry with these five things, know what the secret is, There are different methods of worshipping each deity in Hinduism. Different materials are used in worship. Some materials are such that using them can also give inverse results.

Mahadev-The Lord of all Gods. Kaal Mahakal also of the Blacks. They delight in little worship, so they are called naive. If something is missed, they are like spears too. Due to anger, they also take the form of raudra. There are different methods of worshipping each deity in Hinduism. Different materials are used in worship. Some materials are such that using them can also give inverse results. It is the same with Lord Shiva. Everyone knows that Bholenath loves Belpatra, Bhang, Dhatura, etc., but here we tell five such things, which should not be offered to Lord Shiva.

1- Ketki flower

There is a topic about this. Actually, one day Lord Vishnu and Brahma Dev were fighting among themselves to prove themselves as the most powerful. Assassination reached the use of destructive weapons. Meanwhile, Lord Shiva appeared as Jyotirlinga. Shiva asked to find out the beginning and end of this Jyotirlinga for the purpose of ending the fight of both. Whoever answers the two will be the best. After this, Lord Vishnu moved towards the end of Jyotirlinga but failed to locate the end and accepted his defeat.

On the other hand, Brahma Ji moved upwards. During this time, he composed a false story. They had also taken Ketki flower with them. He asked her to give evidence. Brahma came back and told Lord Shiva that he had found out the end of Jyotirlinga, and Ketki’s flower also declared his lie to be true. What was it then? Shiva became enraged by this lie of Brahma. He cut off one of Brahmaji’s heads. Also cursed that there will never be any worship. Since then, that severed head of Brahmaji turned into a kaki flower. Mahadev also cursed the flower of Ketaki. Said- Ketki flower will never be offered on their Shivling.

2- Basil

According to Shivpuran, Asura is a story of Jalandhar. He had a boon that as long as his wife Vrinda would remain a pity, no one could beat him. Therefore, at the great request of the gods, Lord Vishnu thought of destroying her husband’s religion. He came to Vrinda after wearing the dress of Jalandhar. By this, Vrinda’s husband’s religion was broken, and Lord Shiva killed Asura Jalandhar and consumed it. Vrinda, who had been converted into Tulsi, was deeply disappointed by this incident. He himself deprived Lord Shiva of the leaves with his supernatural and divine qualities. He prohibited the use of its leaves in the worship of Shiva.

3- Coconut water

Although coconut is offered to Mahadev, it should never be anointed with coconut water. The offerings made to the deities are usually accepted, but the substances with which the consecration of the Shivalinga is not accepted. Therefore coconut water should not be offered to Shiva.

4- Turmeric

Regardless of the properties, turmeric is healthy. It is done to enhance beauty, but turmeric is never offered to Shivalinga because it is the form of Shiva itself, so turmeric is prohibited.

5- Sindoor Or Kumkum

The jewel of married women is sindoor or kumkum. Women apply vermilion to wish their husband long and healthy life. In contrast, Mahadev is the destroyer in the trinity. Vindhwasak plays the role, hence serving him with sindoor is considered inauspicious.

Also, Know

Whenever you anoint with milk on Shivling, make sure that it is not packed, because nowadays milk is being sold in packets. The milk should be cold and clean.

– Keep a statue of Gauri and Lord Ganesha near the Shivling. Do not keep Shivling alone.

– You must have noticed in the pagoda that the water stream on the Shivling is always intact. In such a situation, if you install Shivling at home, then keep the water stream intact. Otherwise, if there is no water, it will attract negative energy.

While bringing the Shivling home, it must be kept in mind that the snake should be wrapped on it. Shivalinga is very good if it is of gold, silver or copper.

Question/Answer About Lord Shiva

1. Why does Lord Shiva get angry?

Answer: Shiva never forgives those who sin by thinking. It is said that God knows what is going on in your mind. If you have committed any sin unknowingly and accidentally, then Shiva does not say anything, but you have done some sin deliberately, then you cannot avoid them.

It is said in the Shiva Purana that if you keep a bad eye on someone’s husband or wife, then it is placed in the category of sin. To take back a paddy item, to have a relationship with his master’s wife. They come under the category of enormity. Lord Shiva never forgives such a transgressor. Grabbing another person’s property by the wrong means may contain a temple or any old things, even if it is considered wrong.

2. How can I satisfy Lord Shiva?

Answer: Om Namah Shivaay Mantra is the form of Shiva. This almighty mantra is the perfection of complete desires. The law of worship of Lord Shiva is so simple that he gets satisfied and happy only by offering the Panchakshari mantra and Bilva Patra.

3. How did Lord Shiva die?

Answer: Lord Shiva is considered free from birth and death. According to all religious texts, Lord Shiva is considered eternal and unborn. According to Shivpuran, a person who sits ahead with a giddy, crow or pigeon can die within a month.

4. Is Shiva a bad God?

Answer: Bholenath can never be happy with such a person who will trouble others and do bad things to others or harm them. Keeping such thinking is an unpardonable sin in the eyes of Lord Shiva. According to Shiva Purana, you do not harm anyone, but if you think badly for someone, then it comes under the category of sin.


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