Lord Shiva Names With Meaning


Detailed information about Lord Shiva Names With Meaning

Detailed information about Lord Shiva Names With Meaning
Detailed information about Lord Shiva Names With Meaning

Lord Shiva Names With Meaning. In India, Sawan is a festival of the unique faith of Hindus. Lord Bholenath is worshiped in this. Pandit Brijendra Bhardwaj of Mathura gave detailed information about Lord Shiva’s forms and his name. He said that every word of Shiva has a different meaning and glory. Know about your adorable Lord Shiva Shankar.

Names: Lord Shiva With Meaning

Shiva is a Sanskrit word that means welfare or auspicious. Shiva is cited to be a peace bringer in Yajurveda. ‘Shi’ means the destroyer of sins, while ‘V’ represents the giver.

Name: Lord Shiva With meaning in sanskrit

Šiva je sanskritska reč koja znači blagostanje ili povoljan. Šiva je navedena kao donosilac mira u Jajurvedi. ‘Ši’ znači razarač grehova, dok ‘V’ predstavlja dara.

Name: Lord Shiva With Meaning In Hindi

शिव एक संस्कृत शब्द है जिसका अर्थ है कल्याणकारी या शुभ। यजुर्वेद में शिव को शांति देने वाला बताया गया है। ‘शि’ का अर्थ है पापों का नाश करने वाला, जबकि ‘वि’ देने वाला का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है।

What is Shivling

Shiva has two bodies. One, which is expressed in a physical form, the other is known as a subtle form of Latent gender. Shiva is worshiped the most in the form of a linguistic stone. There is a lot of confusion about the word gender. In Sanskrit, Linga means sign. In the same sense, it is used for Shivling. Shivalinga means the sign of Shiva means Parampurush with nature.

The Meaning Of Names Lord Shiva, Shankar, Mahadev.

Shiva’s name is associated with Shankar. People say – Shiva Shankar Bholenath. In this way, many people inadvertently call Shiva and Shankar two names of the same power. The two statues are of a different shape. Shankar is always shown as ascetic. In many places, Shankar is shown meditating on Shivalinga. Shiva has created three subtle deities named Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (Mahesh is also the name of Shankar) to establish, maintain, and destroy the universe. In this way, Shiva became the creator of the universe, and Shankar was one of his works. This is why Lord Shiva is also called Mahadev. Apart from this, Shiva is also known and worshiped by 108 other names.

Why Lord Shiva is called Ardhanarishwar ?

Shiva has also been called Ardhanarishwar. It does not mean that Shiva is half-man or not complete in him. It is Shiva, who, despite being half full. The basis and creator of this creation, that is, men and women, are Shiva and Shakti’s forms. This world is governed and balanced by its union and design. Both complement each other. A woman is a natural, and a male is a male. Male without nature is useless and nature without a male. The two have an interdependence relationship. Ardhanarishvara Shiva is the symbol of this reciprocity. In modern times, the emphasis on the equality of men and women can be seen and understood in this form of Shiva. It states that Shiva is capable only when he is full of power. In the absence of violence, Shiva remains ‘dead’ rather than ‘Shiva.’

Why Devadhidev Is Called Neelkanth ?

With the desire to get nectar, when the Dev-demon was churning with great vigor and speed, then a fierce poison called Kalkut came out of the sea. Ten directions started burning with the fire of that poison. There was an outcry among all beings. Rishis, sages, humans, Gandharvas, and Yakshas, ​​including gods and demons, started burning with the heat of that poison. At the prayers of the gods, Lord Shiva agreed to the poison. He filled the lethal venom in the palms and remembered Lord Vishnu and drank it. Lord Vishnu takes the trouble of his devotees. He stopped that poison in Shivji’s throat (throat) and ended its effect. Lord Shiva’s throat became blue due to poison, and he became famous in the world as Neelkanth.

Meaning Of Bhole Baba

The Shiva Purana tells the story of a hunter. Once, he was late in the forest. Then she decided to spend the night on a vine tree. He thought up an idea to stay awake. He kept plucking down a leaf all night. According to the legend, the leaves of the vine are very dear to Shiva. There was a Shivling just below the vine tree. Shiva was pleased to see the offering of beloved leaves on the Shivling, while the hunter did not realize his excellent work. He gave a boon to the hunter to fulfill his wishes. It is clear from the story how easily Shiva becomes pleased. Puranas are full of such reports and rumors of Shiva glory.

Nature Of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva Names With Meaning
Lord Shiva Names With Meaning

The appearance of Lord Shiva is as bizarre as it is attractive. What Shiva wears also has very wide connotations.

Hair (जटाएं )Of Lord Shiva

Shiva’s hair are a symbol of space.

Moon (चंद्र) Of Lord Shiva

Moon signifies mind. Shiva’s mind is naive, serene, bright, and awake like the moon.

Trinetra (त्रिनेत्र) Of Lord Shiva

Shiva has three eyes. That is why they are also called trilochan. These eyes of Shiva symbolize Sattva, Raja, Tama (three gunas), past, present, future (three periods), heaven, death, hell (three worlds).

Snake (सर्पहार) Of Lord Shiva

A violent creature like a snake is under Shiva. The snake is a Tamo guna and destructive creature, which has been controlled by Shiva.

Trident (त्रिशूल) Of Lord Shiva

Shiva has a deadly weapon in his hand. Trishul destroys all these three physical, divine, spiritual.

Damroo (डमरू) Of Lord Shiva

Shiva has Damru in one hand, which he plays while dancing the Tandava. The sound of Damru is the form of Brahma.

Mundmala (मुंडमाला) On Lord Shiva

There is a mundamala on Shiva’s neck, which symbolizes that Shiva has subdued death.

The bark (Tiger Skin)

Shiva is wearing a tiger skin, i.e., tiger skin. Viagra is considered a symbol of violence and arrogance. This means that Shiva has suppressed violence and vanity and has brought it down.

Ashes (भस्म)

Ashes are consumed on Shiva’s body. The consecration of Shivling is also performed with Bhasma. The paste of Bhasma states that this world is mortal.

Taurus (वृषभ ) Of Lord Shiva

Shiva’s vehicle is Taurus, i.e., bull. He is always with Shiva. Taurus is a symbol of religion. Mahadev rides this four-legged animal, suggesting that faith, artha, kama and salvation are met by his grace. In this way, the Shiva-form tells us that their form is vast and infinite. Glory is transcendental. The whole world is absorbed in them.

The Glory Of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

The seeker of Shiva has neither fear of death nor of disease nor grief. The Shiva element gives strength of devotion and strength to his mind. The Shiva element is meditated on through the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Chanting this mantra provides the blessings of Lord Shiva. In the scriptures, this mantra has been described as a deterrent to many sufferings.

These mantras are Om Trimbambakam Yajamhe, Sugandhin Vindhyavardhanam. Urvarukamiv Bandhanat, death-related death.


We worship Lord Shiva, who has three eyes, exudes vitality in every breath, and nurtures the whole world. Our prayer is to liberate us from the shackles of death, So that salvation is attained, in the same way as a Khar booja gets ripe in its vine, it gets rid of the bondage of the world like that vine.

Lord Shiva’s Names With Meaning

Lord Shiva has many names. Of which 108 names have special significance. Names with meanings are being presented here. By remembering these names on Pradosh, Shivaratri, Shravan month, Shravan Monday or every normal Monday, Shiva’s grace is easily attained.

There is simple and surest way to please Bholenath. Read here 108 Names of Lord Shiva with meaning

Lord Shiva Names With Meaning

  1. Shiva – Kalyan Swaroop
  2. Maheshwar – Adeshwar of Maya
  3. Shambhu – Anand Swaroop
  4. Pinaki – Pinaka bow wearer
  5. Sashesekhar – The moon-bearer
  6. Vamdev – Beautiful appearance
  7. Antonym. Bizarre-eyed (Shiva has three eyes)
  8. Cupard – Jammers
  9. Blue – Red, and Blue
  10. Shankar – Welfare of all
  11. Shulapani – holding a trident in hand
  12. Khatwangi – One found in Khatia
  13. Vishnuvallabh – Beloved of Lord Vishnu
  14. Shipwisht – Those who enter Situha
  15. Ambikanath – Husband of Goddess Bhagwati
  16. Srikanth – Beautiful Gorge
  17. Bhaktavatsal – very affectionate to the devotees
  18. Bhava – appearing as the world
  19. Dead bodies – those who end suffering
  20. Trilokesh – the lord of the three worlds
  21. Shittikanth – White Gorge
  22. Shivapriya – Beloved of Parvati
  23. Furious – Extremely furious
  24. Kapali – the ones holding the skull
  25. Kamari – the enemy of Kamadeva, who defeats the darkness
  26. Surusudan – who killed the blind monster
  27. Gangadhar – the one who holds the Ganges
  28. Frontal-Frontal-eyed
  29. Mahakal – Era of times
  30. Kripanidhi – Karuna Khan
  31. Bhima – Horrible
  32. Parshuhsta – holding the ax in hand
  33. Mrigapani – Deer in hand
  34. Jatadhar – Possessors
  35. Kailashwasi – Resident of Kailash
  36. Kavachi – Wearer
  37. Hard-bodied body
  38. Tripurantaka – who killed Tripurasura
  39. Vrishanka – the flag bearing the bull sign
  40. Taurus
  41. Ascendant Deities – Those who consume all over the body
  42. Popular – Lovers of the Samagan
  43. Swaramayi – Inhabitants of all seven vowels
  44. Trimurti – Vedarupa Deities
  45. Anishwar – One who owns all.
  46. ​​Omniscient – All Knowers
  47. God – supreme among all souls
  48. Somasuryagnilochan – Lunar, Sun and Fire Eyed
  49. Havi
  50. Yajnyamaya
  51. Mon-Uma
  52. Panchavaktra – Five faced
  53. Sadasiva – Daily Welfare Roop Wala
  54. Visvesvara – God of the whole world
  55. Veerabhadra – Despite being brave, having a calm form
  56. Gnath – lord of gana
  57. Prajapati – Followers of the subjects
  58. Hiranyereta – Golden sharp ones
  59. Anger – Not a suppressor
  60. Girish – lord of mountains
  61. Girishwar – sleepers on Mount Kailash
  62. Non-sinless
  63. Bhujangabhushan – ornamented with snakes
  64. Bhrga – The perpetrator of sins
  65. Giridhanwa – The bow that makes Mount Meru
  66. Giripriya – Mountain lover
  67. Kritivasa – Gajachama
  68. Puratati – destroyer of men
  69. God – All-Sovereign Splendor Done
  70. Pramathadhip – Overlord of Pramthaganas
  71. Mrityunjaya – Conquerors of Death
  72. Micro-body with a subtle body
  73. Jagadvayya – People of the world
  74. Jagadguru – Guru of the world
  75. Vyomkesh – People with sky-like hair
  76. Mahasenjanak- Karthikeya’s father
  77. Charuvikram – Beautiful people
  78. Rudra – Horrible
  79. Bhootpati – lord of ghosts or panchbhutas
  80. Stemless-pulsed
  81. Ahirbudhnya – One who holds Kundalini
  82. Digambar – Naked, sky-clad
  83. Ashtamurti – Eight forms
  84. Numerology – One who holds many forms
  85. Sattvic – having sattva qualities
  86. Shuddhvigraha – The purest
  87. eternal-eternal
  88. Khandparashu – Wearing a broken ax
  89. Aj-birthless
  90. bestiality
  91. Soil-happy people
  92. Pashupati – lord of animals
  93. Dev – Self Light Form
  94. Mahadev – God of Gods
  95. Unspent – not falling short of expenses
  96. Hari-Vishnuswaroop
  97. Pushadantabhitta – Pusha’s tooth extractor
  98. Avyagara – never getting upset
  99. Dakshadhvahar – destroyer of Daksha Yagya
  100. Those who defeat all sins and heat
  101. Bhagnatrabhid – the one who breaks the eye of the god
  102. Avyakt – not appearing before the senses
  103. Millennium – thousand eyes
  104. Sahasrapad – thousand feet
  105. Exciter – Kaivalya Moksha
  106. Anantha – devoid of country-like preoccupation
  107. Asterisks – All Strings
  108. Parmeshwar – The Supreme God


Today we have known the Detailed information about Lord Shiva Names With Meaning. What is Shivling, Why Lord Shiva is called Ardhanarishwar, Why Devadhidev Is Called Neelkanth, Meaning Of Bhole Baba, Nature Of Lord Shiva, The Glory Of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

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