Maharishi Valmiki Become A Monk In Ramayana

The life of Adi Kavi Ramayana author Maharishi Valmiki is exciting and inspiring. This article let us know how he became Maharishi Valamiki from the dacoit Ratnakar and composed an epic like Ramayana.

Maharishi Valmiki
Maharishi Valmiki

Brief Information About Valmiki

Valamiki is the famous author of Sanskrit Ramayana, who is famous as Adikavi. He composed Ramayana in Sanskrit. Maharishi Valamiki was originally Nishad, the Ramayana composed by him is called Valamiki Ramayana. Ramayana is an epic that introduces us to the truth and duty of life through Rama’s life.

Valamiki Sage Introduction

Valamiki Rishi is said to be the great sage of the Vedic period. According to religious scriptures and Puranas, Rishi Valamiki had attained the position of Maharishi by performing rigorous austerity rituals. Rishi Vaalmiiki wrote the epic Ramayana based on the life-cycle of Bhagwan Shri Rama after getting inspiration and blessings from the Supreme Father Brahma. According to historical facts, Adikavya Srimad Valmiiki was the first poet of the Ramayana world. Maharishi Valmiki made up the legendary Ramayana in the Sanskrit language.

Valmiki Date Of Birth

Valamiki Ji was born on the full moon of Ashwin month. This day is called Valmiiki Jayanti in the Hindu religious calendar. According to the Hindu calendar, Valmiiki Jayanti is celebrated with great pomp on the full moon day of Ashwini month. Maharishi Valmiki is also famous as Adikavi. He was given this title first on making shloka. Although Valamiki Jayanti day is celebrated with enthusiasm all over the country of India, there is a lot of pomp on this day in North India. Answer: Indians celebrate Valmiiki Jayanti as ‘manifest day.’

How Was The Name Valmiki?

While doing penance, the termites had made their Bambi on top of it. When these termite’s Bambi, also called ‘Valmiki,’ broke out at the end of penance, people started calling them Valamiki.

History And Childhood Of Valamiki Rishi

It is believed that Valmikii is the kid of Maharishi Kashyap and Pracheta, the 9th child of Aditi. His mother’s name was Charshani, and his brother’s name was Bhrigu. In his childhood, he stole a Bhil. Due to which they were raised in the Bhil species. That is why he grew up to become a notorious bandit – bandit Ratnakar, and he spent a lot of his time living in the jungles.

Travel From Ratnakar To Valmiki

Elevated in the Bhil varieties, the robber Ratnakar looted peoples and took care of them to earn a living. Sometimes he even killed people. Ratnakar, who was involved in this sinful act, once encountered Naradji when he searched for a new victim in the forest. Ratnakar captures Narad Muni with the objective of looting.

Naradji then stopped him and asked him only one question, “For what reason would you say you are carrying out all these wicked things?” 

Because of this inquiry, Ratnakar said that he is doing this for his family. Then Narada Muni said –

Will your household become your investor in paying the fruits of this sinful act? Ratnakar said ‘yes’ without thinking.

Then Narada Ji told Ratnakar to ask his family once. Then after voluntarily offering you all his wealth and jewelry, I will leave from here.

Ratnakar went to each of his relatives at the same time and asked him to share his sins. But none of them agreed. The burglar Ratnakar was deeply injured and shocked. Due to this incident, his heart changed. Ratnakar renounced the sin after this incident and took the path of chanting penance. And then, as a result of many years of hard penance, he received the post of Maharishi.

Inspiration To Write Epic Ramayana

Ratnakar indulged in sin deeds, and Narada Ji was advised to chant the name Rama when his heart was changed. Then Ratnakar, sitting in the tomb and chanting the name of Ram, started chanting by mistake. This is why his body continued to weaken. Ants began crawling on his body. All this was the payment of the sinful deeds of his former times. After intense austerity, when he pleased Brahmaji, Brahma himself inspired Valamiki to write the epic Ramayana.

Creation Of The First Verse By Maharishi Valamiki

When he reached Valamiki to do penance along the river, he saw that a pair of stork birds was engrossed in courtship. Then a hunter, Pardhi, fired at the male bird and killed it.

Interesting Facts Related To Valamiki Ramayana

Maharishi Valmiiki himself belonged to the Ramayana period and met Lord Rama. That is why many people consider Valmiiki Ramayana to be accurate.

 In all, twenty-four thousand verses have been composed in this epic.

After Shree Rama’s renunciation, Maharishi Valmikii had protected mother Sita by giving her a place in her Ashram.

The sage Valamiki imparted knowledge to Luv and Kush, two stunning sons of Sri Ram and Goddess Sita.

The sloka that came out of the mouth of Maharishi Valmiki on the slaughter of the stork bird was derived from the inspiration of the Supreme Father Brahma. The thing Brahma himself told him. After that, he composed the Ramayana.

Maharishi Valamiiki was a scholar of astrophysics and astrology.

According to Vishnudharmottara Purana, Maharishi Valmiiki, born in Treta Yuga, was born as Goswami Tulsidas Ji in Kali Yuga and composed “Ramcharitmanas.”

Valmiki Ramayana

One day Maharishi was watching a pair of Crunch birds on the banks of the Vaalmiki river when a hunter killed the Crunch male with an arrow. Maharishi became quite distraught by this, and curse came out of his mouth – 

Ma Nishad Pratishthan Dvamagam: Shashvati: Samah. Yatkraunchmithunadekam Avadhi: Kammohittam, i.e., the evil hunter who killed a bird indulging in love, will never get rest. After cursing, Maharishi got into thinking which words came out of his mouth. Then Narada Muni came and ended his distraction. Narada Muni said that this is your first verse. Now you will create an epic like Ramayana. After this, Maharishi Valamiki composed the Ramayana.

Valmiki Jayanti

This wind day is celebrated in memory of Maharishi Valamiki. Every year a procession is taken out at many places on Vaalmiki Jayanti. A special event of sweets, food, fruit distribution, and Bhandara is organized at the established statue of Valamiki Rishi. The life of Maharishi Valmiki inspires to renounce bad karma and walk on the path of saktarma and devotion. This great message is transmitted to the people on Vaalmiki Jayanti.

Maharishi Valmiki’s biography is a beautiful blend of strong will and unwavering determination. A robbery robber’s journey to becoming the supreme ascetic Valamiki, who composed the epic Ramayana, is very inspiring. On Vaalmiki Jayanti day, Vaalmiki Panthi Gana disseminates the Vaalmiki Katha by organizing different types of programs.

Valmiki Death

Sages like Valmikii, Vashisht, Vishwamitra never died, and also they are still alive. There’s no summary of their fatality in any one of the Old texts. Furthermore, it’s specified that both Vashisht and Vishwamitra are Brahma sages, which indicates they are never-ceasing. Regarding Valmikii, he was a looter in his earlier life, but an incident altered his fate towards salvation. According To Uttar Ramayan, which was composed by Valmiiki himself however defined by his shishyas, it is claimed that after the whole occurrence of Ramayan that is when Shri Ram left this world as Lord Vishnu to Vaikuntha, Valmiki also went to his Ashram as well as later on to Siddha Ashram located in Tibet near Kailash Mansarovar as well as likewise called as Sambhala by Tibetans.

Maharishi Valamiki Biography Essence

The person has to suffer the fruits of the sin and sin committed in life. Where birth and upbringing will happen is not in the hands of man himself. After the renunciation of sin and action on the path of righteousness, after attaining enlightenment, Ratnakar dacoits can become Maharishi Valamiki. Even an ordinary person can become a good human being by giving up misdeeds. The path of repentance will be difficult, but once sin is destroyed, the divine will have special grace on the soul.

Question/Answer About Maharishi Valamiki

1. Where is Valmiki Ashram?

Answer: According to the Ramayana of the north story of Valmiki Ramayana, Lakshman leaves him in Valmiiki ashram due to the order of Rama and Sita due to society’s objection to Mother Sita. Sita lives in Valmiiki Ashram by the name of Vanadevi. At that time, she remains pregnant. She gives birth to two twins Love and Kush, right there. Valmiki’s ashram was on the banks of the River Tamsa across the Ganges.

2. Who is Valmiki?

Answer: According to the Maharishi Valamiki Jeevan saga, he was a notorious bandit before becoming a sage. As a result of penance, he became famous as Valamiki and composed the great Ramayana. The festival of Valmiiki Jayanti is being celebrated across the country with great pomp and show.

3. Who Is The Father Of Valmiki?

Answer: Valmiki’s father’s name was Sumali.


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