Pandavas Had To Widow Their Own Sister Dushala


Who Was Dushala

Dushala was the sister of Duryodhana, married to Sindhu Avam Sauvira Naresh Jayadrath, who Arjuna slaughtered in Kurukshetra. The son of Gudshala was named Surath. When Arjun Kurukshetra took the tax that the Ashwamedh Yajna received after the war, Arjuna, who was fought with the son of Dushaala, always considered Duryodhana’s sister as his sister, so he left Sindhu by donating life to his sister’s grandson and Surath’s son.

Dushala Meaning

Noun feminine [Sanskrit] Virgo of Dhritarashtra arising from Gandhari’s womb, which was married to King Jayadrath of Indus country. Special – When Jayadrath was killed in the war of Mahabharata, he had run his little boy Surath on the Rajsinghasan for a long time. Ashwamedh of Pandwo At the time when the Arjuna reached the Indus country with a horse. Then Surath, hearing the warlike arrival of his father, made him proud. Arjuna, listening to this, seated Surath’s child son on the throne.

Duryodhana’s Sister

Sadashala was the daughter of King Dhritarashtra and Gandhari in Mahabharata. She was the sister of Duryodhana Adi Kauravas. He was married to Sindhu Naresh Jayadrath.

In the war of the Mahabharata, Jayadrath was killed by Arjuna in Kurukshetra

Dushala, in his conservancy after Jayadrath’s death, placed his little boy ‘Surath’ on the throne.

When Arjuna reached the country with a horse at the Pandavas’ Ashwamedh Yajna, Surath died due to fear. In this situation, Arjun’s war took place with the grandson of Dushaala.

Arjun had always considered Duryodhana’s sister as his sister. So he went ahead by donating life to his sister’s grandson and Surath’s son. .Arjun made Surath’s son king of the country.

Life Character Of Kauravas’ Sister Dushala

The story of the Mahabharata is famous in our country of India, but Apitu is recognized worldwide. Prominent scholars and researchers have come from time to time to understand its reality, researching and narrative practice on the subject. Two rivals who make any war, And leaves a profound influence on the people of their state. According to the legend of Mahabharata is told, That if any fight is being fought for the establishment of religion or truth, So he is right in his place.

In the Mahabharata treatise, almost all of us have known about all the characters, Have understood and heard. We have even heard about 100 Kauravas and Pandavas and their wives in mythology or the movie. Also, we have heard many stories related to the sons of Kauravas Pandavas and have been lying.,Like Mahabharata, religion knows almost every person about war story and knows the characters in them. One such name is also present in all the characters of Magar Mahabharata. Very few people know about which. No one else is the sister of Kauravas himself. Today we will understand through this article which was the sister of Kauravas and what is His life characterization. If you want to know this exciting information, So we must read this article till the last.


Often in the legend of the Mahabharata and heard from the mouth of prominent scholars, there were 100 Kauravas in the Mahabharata. But do you all know? That the Kauravas also had a sister, Which we have got very little hearing and seeing. Gandhari and Dhritarashtra had a hundred sons and a daughter, whose name was ‘Dushala’. Magar, was there a deep and vital character of Dushalaa in the entire story of Mahabharata? And Dushalaa also had a connection behind the Mahabharata war. To know this, read our article further.

How Was Dushala Born?

According to the Mahabharata legend, Queen Gandhari received the boon of a hundred sons. When Queen Gandhari became pregnant, So his womb remained on for two years. When the womb came out, a giant meatball in the womb of Gandhari had come to the ground and fell. Gandhari becomes frustrated and desperate due to his absence of a son and this flesh, Decides to throw the shell. This is how Gandhari goes to throw it; In the same way, fortunately, Rishi Vedayas appears there. Gandhari then described the entire incident in front of Maharishi Vedayas.

Maharishi Vedayas Ji then explained the solution to divide these meatballs into 100 pieces. They told After these pieces of meat were split into 100 pieces, they were placed in various matrices with ghee and some mysterious chemicals, and then Gandhari did the remedy told by Maharishi Vedvayas. After some time, those matrices have one each, It was broken, and then 100 Kauravas were born in this way. According to mythology and scholars, when this goal was divided into 100 pieces, A piece was then survived. Then Kauravas’ sister Dushaala was born through this baby piece.

To Whom Was Dushala Married?

That Dushaala was the only sister of the Kauravas and Pandavas. The kind of monarchy facilities was provided to all the Kauravas and Pandavas. In the same way, every comfort facilities were provided to Princess Dushala. When Dushaala became eligible, he was married to King Jayadrath of Indus Raj. According to the legend of Mahabharata, it is said that Jayadrath is said to have his sun valor, Was known, but to the contrary was another thing, Because of which Jayadrath was known, That was his double personality. Sometimes King Jayadrath was called wise by behaving very well.

Still, on the contrary, we used to get down to bad behaviour from very bad towards women and many times, Dulshala himself was also a victim. Apart from this, you must have heard this in the story of Mahabharata, That King Jayadrath had even dared to mistreat the Pandavas’ wife, Draupadi. When the Pandavas came to know about this, they decided to give the death penalty to Jayadrath, But being the husband of the only sister of Kauravas and Pandavas, he gave her life. You can guess this, What kind of behaviour was Jayadrath towards women.

Dushala’s Marital Life After Marriage

Dushaala saved the atrocities of Jayadrath after his marriage and used to commit such atrocities with Jayadrath Dushalaa That she did not describe it to anyone. She was unable to resist the abuse of her copy by Dushalaa in any way. This is why she suffered everything, and after getting married, her whole life was changed. Even after being married in an excellent monarchical family, Princess Dushala continued to suffer every sorrow and could not say anything to anyone.

Death Of Jaidrath, Husband Of Dushala

When the war of the Mahabharata was about to begin, Duryodhana used to invite his strong relatives and acquaintances to fight. In such a situation, Duryodhana also went to his brother-in-law Jayadrath and invited him to the war. Jayadrath was the only person when Abhimanyu was trapped in the cycle, So he killed Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun. As soon as Arjuna finds out that his brother-in-law Jayadrath has fraudulently killed Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, In the same way, Arjun vows, That he will kill Jayadrath himself with his own hands. With Lord Krishna’s Maya’s help, Arjun separated the head of Jayadrath from the torso and fulfilled his vow. With this, the happiness that comes in the life of Dushaala is, She also converted to misery.

How was Dushala’s life going to be shattered after Dushala’s son died?

According to scholars and mythology, when the Mahabharata war ended, Arjun accidentally entered the Indus Raj to perform the Ashwamegh yajna a few years later. At that time, only the son of Dushaala used to be the king of Indus Raj. His, Hearing the news of the father’s killer Arjuna entering his kingdom, the son of Dushaala becomes nervous. Dushala’s son feels that Arjun and Bhima’s revenge for Abhimanyu’s dead, Lenke has come from the Indus state, and the EC is unconscious with fear.

First by the husband’s death and then by the unconsciousness of the son, Dushaala protects his Indus kingdom, from Lyme himself Arjun and Bhima Lyme of Ladhe was a pohoch in the war land. Seeing his only sister leading the military in the war-brown, Arjun and Bhim Chowk met his sister in the Indus state of Kyun, Na’s war Karane | ArjunaThe initiative of the war stopped and once again, the siblings became one. Arjun, listening to his sister, gave Dushaala’s son Surath the Indus kingdom’s honour and declared him king there.


The whole life introduction of Dharamshala shows us That none of his characters in the entire legend of the Mahabharata was behind the war of the Mahabharata. She was such a woman, Who could not live a happy life even after getting married. Until Jayadrath was alive, Till then, he used to commit atrocities of many kinds over Dushaala. But Dushalaa did not describe the atrocities happening on her and her husband for her husband’s honour, nor did she ever voice it. If this untold and if you like hearing about the unheard story, then share them with your friend and family. Use the comment box to share your thoughts and your opinions with us.

Question/Answer About Dushala

3. Who Was The Sister of 100 Kauravas?

Answer: Dushalaa was the sister of Duryodhana and the only sister of 100 Kauravas. His father was Dhritarashtra and Mata Gandhari. Dushaala is married to Sindhu and Sauvira Naresh Jayadrath, slaughtered by Arjuna in the Mahabharata in Kurukshetra. The son of Gudshala was named Surath.

2. Who was the son of Dushala?

Answer: Dushala’s son’s name was Surath.

3. What happened to Dushala?

Answer: When Arjuna reached Sindhu to seek blessings from Dushalaa due to the Ashwamedha Yagna conducted by Yudhishthira after the Kurukshetra war, Arjun always considered Duryodhana’s sister as his sister and his sister’s grandson and son of Surath. After donating his life, he left the Indus and moved forward.

4. Who killed Dushala?

Answer: Significantly, Jayadratha, who had an evil eye on Draupadi, was beheaded by the Pandavas, but when she killed Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu battle, Arjun severed his brother-in-law Jayadratha and widowed his sister Dushaala.

5. What is the name of Pandavas sister?

Answer: Dushaala was the only sister of Kauravas and Pandavas. Dushaala was the daughter of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. It is said that she used to be loved by everyone till she grew up from childhood.

6. Who is dushala in mahabharata?

Answer: Dushaala was the sister of Duryodhana, married to Indus and Sauvira Naresh Jayadratha, who Arjuna slaughtered in Kurukshetra. Dushala’s son’s name was Surath. When Arjuna reached Sindhu to collect the tax received as a result of the Ashwamedha Yagna organized by Yudhishthira after the Kurukshetra war, his war with the grandson of grief Arjun always considered Duryodhana’s sister as his sister, so he was his sister’s grandson and Surath After donating life to his son, he left the Indus and moved forward.


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