Pandu Got A Curse Which Led To His Death


Pandu Meaning

Pandu has many meanings

1. White-yellow or white-yellow color 

2. Disease called jaundice 

3. White elephant 

4. (Mahabharata) Father of Pandavas 

5. An ancient region of the central country.

Pandu Age 

It took another 18 years for Pandu to become King and four years for Paandu to result in Yudhisthira. So an additional 22 years with 40 ways 62 was the age of him throughout the birth of Pandavas.

Pandu’s Father

According to the Mahabharata, Pandu was the son of Ambalika and Vichitravirya(. Vichitravirya was the son of King Shantanu, the mother of Vichitravirya was named Satyavati. Dadamah was the son of Shantanu and Ganga. He seemed to be the half-brother of Vichitiravi. One of Satyavati before he was married to Shantanu The child was named Maharishi Vyas. Vishnu killed amba and Ambalika for their marriage to Vichitravirya, but Vichitravirya was physically weak and impotent, so she did not have any children. For this reason, Maharishi Vyas, by order of Mother Satyavati, Ambalika, Generated children from This is how Dhritarashtra and Paandu were born. In such a situation, he was the father of the Pandavas and the Kanishta Bhrata of Dhritarashtra.

Pandu And Dhritarashtra Birth Story

In ancient times there used to be a mighty kingdom in India. Hastinapur and its foster chef were Shantanu, the King of Kuru Kul, Maharaj Shantanu’s wife, was named Satyavati.

Satyavati had two sons after Shantanu’s marriage to Satyavati – Chitrangad and Vichitravirya. Shantanu died in the childhood years of Chitrangad and Vichitravirya. Therefore, Bhishma followed him. Upon attaining the great youth of Chitrangad, Bhishma placed him on the throne, but within a short period, he fought with the Gandharvas, Chitrangad died. Bhishma then handed over the kingdom throne to his Anuj Vichitravirya. To VichitraviryaBhishma was worried about his marriage after handing over the kingdom.

In the same days, three girls of Kashiraj Amba, The swayamvara of Ambika and Ambalika, were organized. Bhishma went to Swayamvara and alone defeated the entire kings, and Amba, Ambika, and Ambalika were defeated and brought to Hastinapur. Amba told Bhishma that she had paid her body to Raja Shalva. Hearing this, Bhishma gave him the treatment of Raja Shalva and got Ambika and Ambalika married with Vichitraviryagave.

Amba And Parasuram

King Shalva did not accept Amba, so she returned to Hastinapur and stated to Bhishma, O Arya! You have brought me whatever. It would be best if you married me. Yet Bhishma did decline his demand as a result of his pledges. Amba became angry and went to Parasuram and asked him for help after hearing his agony. Parasuram said to Amba, Hey Devi! Do not worry. I will get you married to Bhishma. Parasuram called Bhishma, and Bhishma did not go to him. Enraged at this, Parasuram reached Bhishma, and a terrible war broke out in both the heroes. Both were unprecedented warriors, so the decision to win could not be decided. After all, the gods intervened and closed this war. Amba was disappointed and went to penance in the forest.

Vichitravirya, along with both of his queens, was buried in indulgence. Both of them had no silence with the queens and died after suffering from tuberculosis. Currently, in concern of damage, Mata Satyavati said Bhishma, kid, said one day to save this dynasty from being destroyed, I command that you produce sons from these two queens. ” Listening to mother, Bhishma said, “Mother! I cannot dissolve my pledge under any circumstances. “

Pandu Suffering From Disease

Hearing this, Mother Satyavati felt very sad. Suddenly he remembered his son Vedayas. Vedayas appeared there as soon as he remembered. Satyavati said to see them, “O son! All your brothers went childless. So to save my lineage from destruction, I command you to produce silence from their wives. Vedas obeyed them and said, Mata, It would help if you told both of those queens that they will conceive only when they follow the rule for one year. When a year is spent, Vedayas first went to the elder queen Ambika. Ambika closed her eyes in fear of his sharpness. He returned to Vedayas and spoke to his mother, Mata Ambika will have a very stunning son, but he will be blind due to the blame for closing the eye.

Satyavati was deeply saddened to hear this and sent Vedayas to the younger queen Ambalika. Ambalika looked at Vedevyas and turned pale with fear. His room, On returning from, Vedayas told Satyavati, Mother, Ambalika will have a son suffering from Pandu disease from her womb. This made Mother Satyavati even sadder and ordered the elder queen Ambalika to go back to Vedvayas again. This time the elder queen herself did not go and sent her maid to Vedvayas. The maid rejoiced happily with Vedayas. This time Vedayas came to Mother Satyavati and said, “Meet” From the womb of this maid, a very high policy son will be produced in the Veda-Vedanta. By saying this, Vedayas went on to do penance.

When the time came, Dharmatma Vidur was born from the womb of Ambika, Paandu disease from the womb of Ambalika, and the womb of the maid.


There were many incidents in the saga of the Mahabharata which gave rise to ‘inferiority.’ If in the era that needed… Whoever wished for anything and religiously and socially if his wish was valid, he should have met without any struggle. If that were the case, the Kurukshetra war would not have become part of religious history.

Characters of Mahabharata

But today, history has given us the story of this war. All the characters of the Mahabharata have been given to those who struggled to get their rights fought. Some characters could not get their rights even if they wanted to. And some who were very sad for these reasons, Such as ‘Dhritarashtra.’

Blind Nation

Dhritarashtra was blind from birth, so Pandu was made King in his place, Which was his affection fraternity. Seeing his Anuj sitting on the throne of power in his place, Dhritarashtra constantly rages on his blindness and has malice from Paandu. Maharaj of Hastinapur is Dhritarashtra Mahabharata, son of Ambika, the first wife of VichitraviryaThose, who did not want to end up with a ‘bad’ image.

Pandu Got Raj-Pat

He got the Raj-pat of Hastinapur, but there is a story behind it too. After being called Maharaj, Raja Paandu did many things for his people and his kingdom. Paandu won the entire India year and expanded the boundaries of Kuru state to the country of the youth. Now they are an Appeared as successful rulers.

King Pandu Went To The Forest

Everything was going well, but King Paandu went to the forest one day for the end with both his wives – Kunti and Madri. On walking forward, suddenly Maharaj got a glimpse of an antelope from afar.

The King Removed The Arrow

They pulled out the arrow, Targeted, and left straight on the antelope. As soon as he came forward, he found that he had added the mating of the antelope on which he ran the arrow. The very next moment, the form of a sage appeared from that dying antelope. He, A deer, was a sage, On whom Maharaj Pandu attacked his arrow and injured him.

Death Of Antelope Rishi

Seeing this condition, the innocent sage moaned, “Rajan! No cruel man like you will be in this world. You have killed me at copulation, so whenever you have sex, you will die. “

Pandu Curse

On hearing this curse, as if the land had slipped under the feet of Maharaj Pandu. He went to his wives and told them all the stories and said, “O ladies! Now I will remain in this forest by sacrificing all my desires. You guys return to Hastinapur and give my message to Maharaj Dhritarashtra that from now on, he will be the Maharaj of Hastinapur. “

The Queens Were Sad

Hearing their words, the two queens regretted and claimed. Nath! We cannot live even for a moment without you. If you are willing to spend your whole life in this forest, then from now on, we also want to be with you in the woods. Please allow us to be with you too. 

Pandu’s Urge To Sage-Munis

Seeing his wives’ sad faces, Paandu accepted his request and allowed him to live with him. Once in the forest, Pandu saw the sage-munis going for the visions of Brahmaji. He took himself from that sage-munis, requested, But they disagreed.

Childish Pandu

He told Paandu, Rajan! You are childless, and no childless man can be an officer to go to Brahmlok, so we cannot take you with us. Paandu was deeply saddened to hear this and also involved his wife Kunti and requested help.

Assistance Sought From Kunti

He said to Kunti, Hey dear! I am born in vain because a childless person cannot get rid of father-loan, sage-loan, god-loan, and man-loan. Can you help me to get a son?

Mantra Of Rishi Durwasa

Seeing the sad face of his master, Kunti gave him a solution. They once spoke. Rishi Durwasa gave him a mantra as a boon. With the help of that mantra, they can invoke any deity and ask for anything. Knowing this, Paandu soon asked Kunti to call some deity.

God Of Religion

In the past, Kunti incorporated the god of religion, who gave a religious child the gift to Paandu and Kunti. In the future, this child was known as ‘Yudhishthira.’ After the happiness of the first child, Pandu again asked Kunti to call the gods twice.

Kunti’s Three Children

Kunti incorporated this time Vyudev and Indradev. Arjun originated from Vyudev to Bhim and Indra. Now Panndu and Kunti had three children, But Pandu’s second wife was still free. So by Pandu’s command, Kunti gave Madri the initiation of that mantra.

Initiation Of The Mantra Given To Madri

Using this mantra, Madri enumerated the Ashwanikumars, From which he received two sons named Nakula and Sahadeva. Now Raja Pandu’s family was complete, seeing that he started living his life in the forest with laughter and happiness. But this happiness of Maharaj Panndu was a guest of few times.

Pandu-Madri Relationship

One day Raja Paandu was touring the banks of Sarita in the forest with Madri. During that time, the surrounding environment was very romantic, and both of them felt calm with soft air. Result of the curse.a

Then suddenly, Madri’s clothes flew away with a gust of wind. Seeing Madri at this stage, Pandu’s mind became fickle, and both of them came very close to each other, forgetting the Result of the curse.

King Pandu Death

He was prone to copulation that he died by a curse. Madri, who caused her own husband’s death, returned to Kunti Hastinapur to raise the sons who had sat with King Paandu in this misery.

Kunti Returned To Hastinapur

It is said that the sage-muni Pandavas living there had left the palace. At the behest of Rishi-Muni and Kunti, everyone considered the five Pandavas as the sons of Paandu and welcomed them to the palace of Hastinapur.

Pandu Death Story

Discussion of the characters and stories associated with it has resumed after Mahabharat began airing. According to one such tale, Kunti’s husband and Maharaj Panduu once went hunting in the forest. A sage-dumpatti was also released as a deer in the woods. Paandu killed a pair of deer with his arrow. The sage couple cursed the dying Paandu, ‘You will die as soon as you work with your wife.’

The sage’s curse deeply saddened panndu. At the same time, he lost his mistake and returned to the city and handed over the kingdom to Dadamah Bhishma and Vidur and went to the forest with his wives and started living there like Brahmachari.

Kunti saw that Maharaj has a son longing, but the sage’s curse cannot be a son-in-law. So he mentioned to Paandu the boon found from Durwasa sage in childhood. Panduu then asked Kunti to use those mantras.

By his request, Kunti gave birth to five Pandavas by God’s grace using the given mantra of Maharishi Durwasa. Pancho was born in the forest itself and was raised with ascetics there. Paandu, with both his wives and five sons for many years, Stayed in the woods.

It is a matter of a day. It was spring. Maharaj was admiring this beauty of nature with Madri. Due to the effect of the season, work was awakened in them. He became anxious to work with Madri. Madri stopped a lot, But Paandu disagreed. He died immediately when he lost his intelligence.

Madri was very sad because of this. She also sat on the burning pyre with Paandu. In this way, both died. After this incident, a mountain of sorrow broke out on Kunti and her five sons. The monks of the forest explained to Kunti that the five Pandavas were in Hastinapur, Send the grandfather to Bhishma So that his education can be done efficiently. The age of the war was sixteen at that time.

When the people of Hastinapur heard from the sages that Paandu died in the forest, there was no limit to their mourning. Dadamah Bhishma, Vidur, etc. Swajan did the same thing as Pandu.

Question/Answer About Pandu

1. Why Pandu married Madri?

Answer: So he cursed Paandu that he would die whenever he cohabited with his wife. One day after the incident had passed, Madri was walking on the side of a waterfall. Seeing them as such, Paandu got distracted and forgot that curse of Kindam Rishi and cohabited with Madri, and with it, he had his body

2. How did Pandu marry Madri?

Answer: King Paandu decided to help Madra Desh and assisted him in the war. With his help, Madra Desh emerged victorious in the war, and Madra Naresh proposed the marriage of his daughter Madri to Raja Panndu. Raja Panduu gave Madri to his wife. Accepted as.

3. What was Pandu’s curse?

Answer: A sage cursed Paandu that he would die if he had a physical relationship with any woman. – Due to this, he had never made a Shaririq relationship with Kunti and Madri. But Kunti was given a boon by Rishi Durwasa Children can be obtained from any deity by voicing them.

4. Did Pandavas eat Pandu?

Answer: Panduu was the father of these five, but these five were not born from establishing the relationship because Paandu had a curse that he would die if he set up the ban. That is why at the request of Panduu, this son Kunti and Madri called upon God Were received. This is the reason why the Pandavas ate the flesh of their dead father.

5. How many wives Pandu have?

Answer: King Panndu had two wives in the Mahabharata. One was named Kunti, and the other was Madri. Kunti was Shursen’s girl. Once Rishi came to Durvasa Kuntibhak, and Kunti served him.


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