Raja Parikshit Story In Mahabharata


Raja Parikshit

SukaDev and Parikshit
SukaDev and Parikshit

According to Mahabharata, Parikshit was Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna and son of Uttara, and father of Janamejaya. After this incident, Yogeshwar Sri Krishna had raised the dead son of Uttara alive with his yogic power. According to the Mahabharata, he was called ‘Parikshit’ after being born when the Kuru dynasty was testified.

Son Of Parikshit

Janamejaya was the king of the Kuru dynasty, according to the Mahabharata. Arjunputra Abhimanyu was killed in the Mahabharata war when his wife Uttara was pregnant. From his womb was born King Parikshit, who sat on the throne of Hastinapur after the Mahabharata war. Janmejaya was the son of this Parikshiit and Madravati.

Raja Parikshit Story

Ashwatthama Killed Draupadi’s Five Sons. When Draupadi received the information that Ashwatthama had killed her five sons, she went on an indefinite quick. She stated that she would break the quick only when she obtained the gem that remained on Ashwatthama’s forehead.

Ashwatthama Used Brahmastra On Arjuna

Arjun sets out to capture Ashwatthama. Fierce warfare broke out between Ashwatthama and Arjuna. Ashwatthama used Brahmastra on Arjuna, on which Arjuna additionally left Brahmastra. Arjuna announces his Brahmastra on the behest of Narada and Vyasa. However, Ashwatthama assaults Brahmastra on Abhimanyu’s pregnant spouse Uttara to destroy the Pandavas from their roots.

A Child Named Parikshit Was Born To Uttara

Krishna said- Uttara is blessed with the birth of a kid named Parikshit. His son might be born. Even when that baby is dead because of your use of weapons, I’ll give him life. He would be the emperor of the land, and You’ll spend three thousand years in the abandoned locations, carrying the sin of such slaughter. The smell of blood will all the time be released out of your body. Many illnesses may impact you.

Arjuna Took Out The Gem From Ashwatthama’s Head And Gave It To Draupadi

Vyasa additionally approved the phrases of Shri Krishna. Arjuna tied Ashwatthama in a rope as well as brought it to Draupadi. Draupadi requested her to leave him as a dynasty. However, with Shri Krishna’s inspiration, Arjuna eliminated the gem from his head and gave it to Draupadi.

In Uttara’s Womb, The Child Started Getting Burnt By The Sharpness Of Brahmastra

In Uttara’s Womb, The Kid Began Obtaining Scorched By The Sharpness Of Brahmastra. Then Shri Krishna microscopically went into the womb of Uttara. His astrological astral physique was in the form of a thumb. He used to wear conch, chakra, mace, the Padma in all four arms. The ears were candid, and the eyes were bloodshot. They used to rotate around the womb of the womb with a burning mace of their hands.

The Child Died As Soon As It Came Out Of The Womb

Just as Suryadev removes the darkness, equally, she used to appease the fire of Brahmastra left of mace Ashwatthama. The kid within the womb noticed that astrological power revolving around him. He begins wondering who it’s and the place it came from? After a while, for the initiation of the Pandava Yajna, King Marut had gone north to take the cash. Meanwhile, that baby was born after ten months in his absence and the presence of Shri Krishna. However, the baby died after copying out of the womb. Seeing the kid dead, Ruddan started in Ranivas. A sea of ​​grief arose. The only baby born to the Kuru dynasty was born, so it didn’t last.

Kunti, Draupadi, Subhadra, and so on. all drowned within the ocean of great sorrow and began shedding tears. Listening to the news of the birth of a dead baby from Uttara’s womb, Shri Krishna instantly reached Satpur with Satyaki. Listening to Karun Krandan there in Ranivas, he was filled with heart. Not a lot for Karun Krandan’s dead sons as Subhadra and Draupadi did, even as they have been doing on the loss of life of that newborn baby.

Pledge Of Lord Krishna

On seeing Lord Krishna, she fell at his feet and roared and mourned and said, O Janardan, You had promised that this baby wouldn’t die from this Brahmastra and can live for sixty years of the faith.” The dominion will do. However, this baby is lying in a state of disarray. It’s the baby of your grandson Abhimanyu. O Harisudan! Give life to this baby, along with your nectar-filled vision. “

Uttara Had Fainted Due To Grief On Her Son’s Death

Shri Krishna consoled everybody and instantly went to the maternity house and observed the arrangement there. Water was stored throughout, a fire was additionally burning, ghee was being sacrificed, white flowers and mustard have been scattered, and shining weapons were additionally kept. By this technique, the maternity home was kept secure from yagna, demons, and other illnesses. Uttara had fainted because of grief over her son’s death.

At a similar time, Draupadi and so on. Queens came there and started saying – O Kalyani, Lord Krishna Krishna, your life-giver, stands in front of you. Your physique is standing. Turn into conscious.” Sri Krishna said- “Daughter! Don’t grieve. This son of yours nonetheless lives. I’ve never lied in life, And promised in front of everybody that it is going to be fulfilled. I’ve protected this baby in your womb. How will I let you die now? ” Saying this, Shri Krishna cast his nectar imaginative and prescient on the kid and said- “If I’ve by no means lied, all the time followed the rule of Brahmacharya quick, by no means shown back in the warfare, I’ve by no means committed wrongdoing even by mistake. So let this dead baby of Abhimanyu come alive. 

Lord Krishna Named The Child ‘Parikshit’

As quickly as he stated this, the kid started crying whereas shaking his fingers and feet. Lord Krishna returned Brahmastra again to Brahmaloka with the strength of his truth and faith. Seeing the kid alive with this excellent deed, all the ladies of Antapur were stunned and began to worship him. Lord Sri Krishna named the kid ‘Parikshit’ because he was born when the kurukul was destined.

Yudhishthira Was Very Happy

When Yudhishthira returned and heard the information about his son’s birth, he was very pleased and donated innumerable cows, villages, elephants, horses, grains, and so on. to the Brahmins. I referred to as the best astrologers and asked questions on the future of the kid. Astrologers stated that that baby would be very glorious, wonderful, and Ikshvaku like Prajapalak, Dani, righteous, mighty, and a devotee of Lord Shri Krishna Chandra.

One will attain enlightenment from Sreesukadeva Ji on the banks of the Ganges by abandoning the phantasm of the world before a loss of life by the Takshak with the curse of a sage. Dharmaraja Yudhishthira was happy to listen to the horoscope told by the astrologers and gave them proper Dakshina and despatched them away. The kid began growing day-to-day, just like the moon of Shukla Paksha. Dharmaraja Yudhishthira executed the Ashwamedha yagna by bringing the hidden wealth of King Marut. The yagna was completed easily under the supervision of Shri Krishna. On completion of all of the work, Shri Krishna additionally returned to Dwarka.

Death Of Parikshit

Apart from the famous characters like Kauravas Pandavas and Shri Krishna in the famous Hindu text Mahabharata, there is also a description of King Parikshiit. He was the grandson of the Pandavas’ brother Arjuna and the son of Abhimanyu and Uttara. Lord Krishna saved him in the womb of his mother when Ashwatthama turned Brahmastra on his side. Parikshiit appeared to Lord Krishna in his mother’s womb. After being born, he would try to find the image of Shri Krishna in whoever he met. It became like an examination for him, from which he got his name Parikshit.

Parikshiit is married to Iravati, daughter of the prince of the north. Iravati and Parikshiit had four sons, one of whom was Janmejaya. Parikshiit performed four Ashwamedha sacrifices on the banks of the river Ganges. His guru was Kripacharya. When the Pandavas left for heaven after the Mahabharata, Parikshiit took over his charge and rule. One day he went for a walk in the forest when he tiredly went to the ashram of a sage, Samika. He was also very thirsty.

The sages they saw were engrossed in severe penance. He bowed before her several times, but the sage did not affect him. Angered at this, Parikshiit brought a dead snake and put it around the sage’s throat. After this, when the sage’s penance was disturbed, he came in anger and cursed Parikshiit that you will die from a snake bite from today on the seventh day.

After receiving this curse, Parikshiit renounced the kingdom and handed it over to the son Janamejaya. For the next seven days, Ved went to the asylum of Vyasa’s son Sukdev where he heard the discourse from him. This was later prepared and made into Bhagavad Purana.

After receiving education, Parikshiit told Sukdev that now he has no fear of snake bites. He has come to know the nature of Atma and Brahma. When Sukdev left, Parikshiit started sitting and meditating. At the same time, a serpent of the famous Naga dynasty of that period came close to him in the costume of a Brahmin. He bites Parikshiit and Parikshit dies.


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