Reality Of The Hindu Caste System


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Reality Of Hindu Caste System

Reality Of Hindu Caste System
Reality Of Hindu Caste System

Friends at present we’ll discuss the Caste System. You all should already bear in mind that at any time when we discuss caste. It’s outlined in these 4 classes Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. However Caste precise means in Hindi as ‘Jati’. Which in line with the Scriptures defines one’s Group or the group wherein one chooses to remain. However, the 4 Classes which we’re discussing truly refer to as ‘Varna’.


Which defines nature of work which one do in line with his/her abilities. It is rather Unhappy that in Society due to these classes persons are discriminated massively injustice and inequality. Nonetheless prevails and it’s rising to know why? All as a result of we attempt tagging people with a ‘Varna’ by birth. A ‘Varna’ can’t be decided Since Delivery. It’s not only me however our Scriptures additionally say the identical Like it’s Quoted in Bhagwad Geeta 18.4. It’s even Said in Mahabharata’s Shanti Parva, Allow us to First perceive what Precisely the Scriptures imply by ‘Gunas’.

Guna’s means

Guna means ‘Nature’ or ‘Attributes.’ Basis on which in Olden Occasions an individual’s Occupation was Determined. And Social Order was additionally set on Basis of Gunas. Precisely how in Trendy Times now we have Human Useful resource. Administration Whichever Candidate come for a Job in an organization. He goes by the Human useful resource Dept. They Check the Seeker’s Expertise, Data, and Attributes. And as per his credibility he’s been offered a Position As per Bhagawad Geeta Each particular person has three Gunas.

Type Of Guna’s

Allow us to assume a Party Scene. A Younger Man Enters the party and Begins drinking in pleasure inside. A while he goes on the dance flooring and begins dancing super excitedly. Such kind of traits is ‘Rajas Guna’ these traits sum up Rajas Guna.

Now one other particular person enters this party She appears not fairly interested in getting concerned. She doesn’t interact with any buddies Appears Lazy and getting Bored Such traits may be of ‘Tamas Guna’.

Now Enters a 3rd particular person, This particular person comes and interacts with everybody. He will get involved and blended with individuals who have limited drinks. And consists within the atmosphere. He carries himself nicely with intelligence Such are the Traits of Satva Guna. Each particular person on this world is a mix of all these three Gunas Satva, Rajas, and Tamas. In each particular person insure Percentage however this percentage varies Mostly out of those three Gunas. Any ONE Guna is at all times Dominant in every particular person.

Identify the Gunas

Let us take an Example Assume in a Colony in a home. A Couple is Fighting And shortly the husband will get violent. And begins beating the wife and sounds of screaming spreads within the locality. At the moment a neighbor with Tamasik Guna will assume. Why do I trouble, no matter what occurs, would not affect me Though a Neighbor. With a dominant Rajas Guna Will get angry and can consider getting in between the battle. A Satvik Guna Dominant Neighbor will choose calling Police after judging the situation.

Identify Varna In Hindu Caste System

1. Shudra Varna

Now when you will have understood the Gunas better. Allow us to understand how it’s transcribed as Varnas for people. Assume an individual has 70% Tamasik Guna 20% Rajasik Guna and 10% Satvik Guna. We can say that Such mixture particular person has traits of Shudra Varna. In such individuals being Tamasik Guna Dominant they are usually lazier. And are attracted to materials pleasures simply such particular person has much less sattva guna. So each work needs to be made clear to them and explained in detail. So the individuals who had such traits in them in olden days. They got service-related jobs If we compare with a trendy period then Executives and Workers. Who’re wanted to be defined everything in detail to get work performed.

2.Vaishya Varna

Now assume an individual has 25% Tamasik Guna 40% Rajasik Guna and 35% Satvik Guna. So we will name an individual with these Traits as Vaishya Varna. Such individuals have all Gunas almost Equal they’re clever, excited and besides attracted to Materials Pleasures. In olden times individuals with such attributes got the duty of doing trade. If we compare to Trendy world then Sr Executives, Mid Level Managers.

3.Kshatriya Varna

Now assume an individual has 10% Tamasik Guna, 20 % Satvik Guna however 70% Rajasik Guna. We can say that particular person with such traits is of Kshatriya Varna. They’re Passionate and Quick Moving They’re the Risk Takers. Due to this fact in olden times individuals like these had been put in Military. If we compare with our world Sr Managers, Vice-presidents, and so on who’re Risk-Takers.

4.Brahmin Varna

Now assume an individual has 10% Tamasik Guna, 20% Rajasik Guna However has 70% Satvik Guna. We can name an individual with such Traits as of Brahmin Varna. The truth is, Brahmin Word means One who’s aware of all Vedic Knowledge. Such persons are Clever and Decision Makers. Due to this fact in olden times in a society or City They performed a task of Decision Making. They later turned Priests in Temples so that they will train Individuals Vedic Knowledge. Such individuals had been additionally stored as Advisors in Royal courts. We can compare such position in our corporate as Managing Administrators or CEOs who’re Choice Makers.

According To Hindu Caste System Varna’s Depends on Guna’s

Now assume an individual’s proportions of gunas who has traits of Brahmin varna Modifications! In case his Satva guna Reduces! His Varna automatically Modifications. If any particular person whose traits are of Shudra Varna Will increase his Satva Guna. Then he can acquire Brahmin Varna. Similarly, the way it occurs in Corporate Corporations at present. Any Particular person’s Varna can’t be determined upon Delivery.

New born’s Count in Shudra Varna

It’s as a result of No Particular person on this world at the birth is by default of Shudra Varna. After all, a new born’s Gunas should not Developed and are unknown about things. A Child’s Varna will get highlighted. As soon as he/she grows up as his/her Gunas slowly develops with age with schooling, information, and abilities. Due to this fact in our Vedas. Shudra Varna has been said to be the Basis And different Varnas as Dwija Varna. So we will conclude that Varna automatically adjustments as per his proportions of Gunas.

Sage Vyasa

Sage Vyasa was born to a Shudra caste Lady. However, by Work, he turned a Brahmin and created such a big Epic. He was raised in a Shudra Caste Family and rumored to be a goon in his early days. He additionally achieved Brahmin varna by his work.

Reality Of The Hindu Caste System with Surnames

But as time flew Varna System got Corrupted and people began recognizing Castes with Surnames. And it turned into a household tradition to move on to Varna. One other factor is there which In India. Many individuals misread mentioned in Vedas, that Brahmin Varna Got here out of Lord Vishnu’s Head. Out of His Arms got here the Kshatriya Varna. Out of his Stomach got here the Vaishya Varna. And out of his Legs got here the Shudra Varna.

Reality Of The Hindu Caste System According To Vedas

Let me first make clear that in Vedas it’s not mentioned that any Varna got here out of Vishnu’s Physique. Slightly it’s talked about that Vishnu’s head is Brahmin Varna, Vishnu’s Arms are Kshatriya. Now just Think about, If a Baby is born out of a Mom’s Womb. We can’t say that the kid is the Mom’s Abdomen. Then why the Scriptures point out this way? It has been purposely mentioned in Vedas Vishnu is a metaphor who represents any group of Individuals.

Caste System According to Trendy World

E.g if Vishnu Represents a Society. Brahmin Varna formed the Decision Making a part of Society. Like within the Trendy World a Nation’s Head is the Authorities Society’s. Arms had been Kshatriyas Similar in Trendy occasions the Military works for any nation. Equally the Abdomen of Society had been the Vaishya Varna Like Trendy Day Companies and Corporations. And Legs of Society had been Shudra Varna. Within the modern-day you may compare with individuals doing Jobs in Society offering. Providers to govt and personal organizations.

You may contemplate any Group on this Varna System. You’ll find the 4 levels applicable in any Group or group. However friends simply because Brahmin Varna is Decision making Varna they turned Superior and Shudra Varna is Service offering. So that they turned inferior to them is NOT TRUE. As a result of a body’s Head is as essential. As a Body’s Leg is to any human. Due to this fact this idea has been talked about in Vedas by stating Vishnu as a METAPHOR. We can truly use this Varna Caste System in our Lives. You may Consider individuals on basis of their Gunas and recruit them as per your needs.

Today we have known the Reality of the Hindu Caste System.Do you still feel untouchable in modern India? Comment below and tell me what’s your opinion.



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