Satyavati Was The Daughter Of The King, Not Kevat


Satyavati Katha


His original name was ‘Matsyagandha.’ She was a damsel born by the aperture Vasu from the womb of Apsara named “Adrika,” who got Matsibhava from the curse of Brahma. Its name was later called Satyavati. Maharishi pleased and destroyed her fishy and gave a boon to get the best smell from her body, so she became famous by the name ‘Gandhavati.’

Satyavati Sons

Then Satyavatii has two sons from her womb, one is Chitrangad, and the other is Vichitravirya! Which is mentioned in Chapter 101 under ‘Sambhav Parva’ of Mahabharata Adiparva in this way.

Satyavati Ke kitne Putra The

Satyavatii ke garbh se don putr hote hain ek chitraangad va doosara vichitraveery! jisaka ullekh mahaabhaarat aadiparv ke sambhav parv ke antargat adhyaay 101 mein is prakaar hua hai.

Vichitravirya Wife

Bringing the girls to the palace, Bhishma married Vichitravirya with two. Their names were Ambika and Ambalaika.

Parashara And Satyavati Relationship

She used to ride a boat in the Yamuna to serve her father. Parashar Muni was presumed dead by Sahastrajun and was left dead. Mata Satyavati served Muniraj and donated her life. The Maharishi was pleased and destroyed her fishery and gave a boon to get the best smell from her body, so she became famous by the name ‘Gandhavati.’

Satyavati Was The Daughter Of the King, Not Kevat

  • In ancient times there was a famous king named Uparichar. His wife’s name was Girika. One day, Girika, the wife of King Uparichar, who was purified after the season, desired a meeting with the desire to have a son.
  • On the same day, the fathers ordered the king to slaughter the animals violently. Obeying the ancestors, the king went to the upstream forest. Seeing the beauty of the forest, the king’s work was communicated to him, and his semen was ejaculated.
  • The king collected it on a leaf, thinking that my semen and the church’s season should not be in vain. After this, king Uparichar invoked his semen with the son-son-like mantras.
  • The king asked that semen be carried by a bird (eagle) to his wife, Girika. While that bird was going to Queen Girika, then another bird attacked her on the way.
  • Due to which the semen of Raja Upcharitra fell in the river Yamuna. In that river, a nymph named Adri lived in a fish form due to a curse. He swallowed that semen.
  • After some time, the fish got caught in the fishermen’s net. When the fishermen made an incision in the belly of the fish, a newborn girl and a boy came out of it. The fishermen went and told this matter to Raj Upchar.
  • The king adopted the boy among them. That newborn girl’s body smelled of fish, so the king handed her over to the boatman and said, “Let them be your daughter.” This girl later became famous as Satyavati.

Rishi Parashara And Matsyagandhi

By then, Matsyagandhi had become a dark-gray woman. He was well looked after by Dasa, the head of the fishermen. She used to take people across the Yamuna river in a boat. One day Parashar Rishi came to the banks of river Yamuna. They had to sit in the boat and go to the other side. As he was crossing the river in a boat, he became attracted to this fisherman and was also attracted to the sage.

All the time, there was a struggle inside her that her twin brother lives in the palace, and she is living among the fishermen. She thought that she could achieve a position by having a relationship with a sage. They started living on a small island in the river Yamuna, and from this relationship, a son was born. Being born on the island, she was named Dwaipayan. His color was black, so he was also called Krishna. Later, Krishna Dwaipayana became known as Vedavyas, who compiled the Vedas and narrated the story of Mahabharata.

Parashar went away with his son. Before leaving, he gave a boon to Matsyagandhi that the smell of fish coming from his body would be removed and, in place of it, a divine aroma which no human has ever felt before. It started to smell such a flower, which was supernatural. Due to this wonderful fragrance, her name was changed to Satyavatii, i.e., ‘Smell of Truth.’ Because of this, she started attracting people.

Shantanu Requests Marriage To Satyavati

One day, Shantanu saw Satyavati and fell in love with her. He went likely to Satyavati’s dad and requested her hand in marriage. When Dasa, the fisherman’s chief, who was a petty king himself, saw the emperor asking for his adopted daughter’s hand, he saw an excellent opportunity to make the deal.

He vowed: ‘I will never have children. I am no longer able to have youngsters. Are you pleased with this?’ Finally, the angler said yes. He stated, “I can wed your daughter only if her youngster is the successor of the Kuru empire.” Shantanu stated, “This is not feasible. I have already handed over the throne to my son Devavrata. He is the best ruler to rule the Kuru dynasty. ‘

When the clever fisherman looked at the king, he felt that he was completely submerged in love. He said, “Then forget my daughter.” Shantanu prayed to her. The more he begged, the more hope the fisherman saw. He was seen getting a big fish stuck in the fork. He said, “It’s up to you.” If you want my daughter, then her child has to be made king. Otherwise, happily return to your palace. ‘

Shantanu once again drowned in despair and went to the palace. He could not get Satyavati out of his mind. His fragrance had hypnotized him in such a way that he once again lost interest in the affairs of the state. He used to sit quietly. Seeing his father, Devavrata asked, “Everything is going very well in the state.” Then what is bothering you?’ Shantanu just nodded and bowed his head in shame. He could not tell his son what the matter was?

Being an obedient son, he went to the charioteer who took Shantanu on a hunt. He asked. My father is no longer the very same after returning from hunting. What has happened to them?” Sarathi said, “I do not know exactly what has happened. I took him to the head of the fishermen. Your father entered the house with great zeal and love like a king. But when he returned, he looked like a ghost. ‘

Bhishma Vows Of Devavrata

Devvrat himself went there to find out the truth. Dasa said, “The king wants my daughter. All I have said is that my daughter’s offspring should become king in the future. This is a minor condition. Just you are coming in the way of this.” Devavrata said, “There is no problem in this. I promise that I will never be king. Only Satyavati’s children will become king. ‘

Seeing his father, Devavrata asked, “Everything is going very well in the state.” Then what is bothering you?’ Shantanu just nodded and bowed his head in shame.

The fisherman said with a smile, ‘You are a young man right now and can show courage to say such things. But later, when you have your own children, they will fight for the throne. “Then Devavrata said,” I will never marry and have children so that only Satyavati’s youngsters will come to be king.

The fisherman was carefully taking out the bones of the fish while eating food. He looked up and said, “O young man, I appreciate your words.” But you do not know about life. You can have children even if you are not married.” Then Devavrata took the extreme step and made himself impotent. He vowed: ‘I will never have children. I am no longer able to have youngsters. Are you satisfied with this?’ Finally, the fisherman said yes. Everyone said, “This is the hardest thing a man can do to himself.” So people called him Bhishma, who did a lot of hardening with himself without forcing anyone after this, Shantanu married Satyavati.


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