Secret Of The Marriage of Sri Krishna’s Sister Subhadra


Who Was Subhadra?

Devi Subhadra Before Sunabesha
Devi Subhadra Before Sunabesha

Subhadra was the sister of Lord Krishna, the main hero of the Mahabharata, who was the daughter of Vasudeva and the wife of Arjuna. His elder brother Balarama wanted to marry him to Duryodhana, but with Krishna’s encouragement, Arjuna drove him away from Dwarka. Subhadra’s son Abhimanyu was a famous warrior of Mahabharata. In ‘Jagannath’s Yatra’ in Puri, Odisha, Balarama, and Subhadra’s statues remain side-by-side with Lord Krishna.

Subhadra’s Birth Story 

A miraculous story in relation to why it received the name Subhaadra is found in Skanda. In the previous birth, it was Madhavi, the daughter of the Galav sage. … As soon as it was born, Krishna and Balarama prayed to Brahm and made it Bhadramukhi, due to which it received the name ‘Subhadra.’

Subhadra Birth Story In Hindi

Ise subhadraa naam kyon praapt hua, is sambandh mein ek chamatkrtipurn katha skand mein praapt hai. Purv janm mein yah gaalav rshi kee kanya maadhavee thi. isaka janm hote hee krshn evan balaraam ne brahm kee praarthana kar ise bhadramukhee banaaya, jis kaaran ise subhaadra naam praapt hua.

Subhadra’s Sister Yogamaya

In the Dwapara Yuga, Lord Vishnu was born as Shri Krishna, just before his mother Durga was born Yoga Maya. This divine incarnation of Maa Durga was for some time.

According to Gargapuran, the seventh womb of Lord Krishna’s mother, Devaki, was changed by Yogmaya and brought to Rohini’s womb, which led to the birth of Balarama. Yogamaya was born from Yashoda’s womb. At the time of his birth, Yashoda was fast asleep and had not seen this girl.

At the same time, after the birth of Devaki’s eighth son in the prison of Kansa, Vasudev lied that child near Yashoda here at Nanda, so that Yashoda found the son only in place of the girl when the eyes opened.

And Vasudev Yashoda-born girl (Yogmaya) came back to Mathura, and when Kansa wanted to kill that girl, she left her hand and went away in the air. Goddess Yogamaya is said to be the sister of Lord Krishna, who was older than her.

Maa Yogamaya Temple

There is a temple of Maa Yogamaya in Delhi, the capital of the country. This ancient temple dates from the time of Mahabharata. This ancient temple has seen Delhi desolate and inhabited many times. This temple is located in Mehrauli, Delhi.

Facts About Subhadra

1. Subhadraa was the daughter of Vasudeva’s second wife Rohini, while Vasudeki’s second wife, Devaki’s son, was Sri Krishna. In this way, Shri Krishna and Subhadra’s father were the same, but the mothers were different. Balaram’s mother was also Rohini.

2. Subhadraa was married by Krishna to his aunt Kunti’s son Arjuna. , While Balarama wanted Subhadraa to be married in the Kaurava clan. Due to the persistence of Balarama, Krishna had Subhadraa killed by Arjuna. Later Arjuna’s marriage with Subhadraa in Dwarka was justly done.

3. After marrying Subhadra, Ajun stayed in Dwarka for one year and spent the rest of the time in the Pushkar region. On completion of 12 years, he returned to Indraprastha with Subhadraa.

4. Subhadraa had three sisters. The first Ekananga (she was the daughter of Yashoda), the second Yogamaya (from Devaki’s womb, Sati took birth to her as Mahamaya, who was left out of hand when Kansa was killed. It is said that this is the abode of this goddess in Vindhyachal. She was also Krishna’s sister. Since Sri Krishna considered Draupadi as her sister, she also became his sister.

5. Subhadra’s son was Abhimanyu, mercilessly killed by a total of seven-eight people, including Duryodhana, Karna due to Chakravyuh being involved in the war of Mahabharata. Abhimanyu’s wife was Uttara, from whose womb Parikshit was born, and Parikshit’s son was Janamejaya.

Subhadraa And Arjun Married

Once the people of Vrishni Sangha, Bhoja, and Andhak dynasty celebrated a huge festival on the Ravatak mountain. Thousands of gems and immense wealth were donated on occasion. Children, older men, and women were walking around attentively. Akrur, Saran, Gad, Vabhru, Viduratha, Nishtha, Charudeshna, Prithu, Vipruthu, Satyak, Satyaki, Hardikya, Uddhav, Balarama, and other prominent Yaduvanshis along with their wives were gracing the celebration. The Gandharvas and the captives were telling him his virada.

A crowd of gazes, music, and spectacles was everywhere. In this festival, Krishna and Arjuna were also walking together with great love. At the same time, Krishna’s sister was Subhadraa. Fascinated by his form, Arjun Ekatak looked at him. Knowing the intention of Arjuna, Krishna said, You have the practice of swayamvara here. Still, it is unsure whether Subhadraa will get you into the swayamvar or not because everyone has different interests, but in the Rajkuls to forcefully marry. It is also the way. So that path will be paved for you. 

One day Subhadraa went to Devpuja on the Ravatak mountain. After the puja, the hill was pradakshina. Brahmins read Mangal. When Subhadra’s ride left for Dwarka, on getting the opportunity, Arjuna took him by force and seated him in his chariot, and walked towards his city. Seeing this scene of the soldiers, Subhadrashaya shouting, went to the Sudharma Sabha of Dwarka and said everything there. On hearing this, the Chairman ordered to play the war band. Hearing that voice, the warriors of the Bhoja, Andhak, and Vrishni dynasty left their essential functions and started gathering there. Listening to Subhadrashna, his eyes widened.

He decided to give appropriate punishment to the person who killed Subhadraa. Some started plucking a chariot. And Some started wearing armor. Some began plowing their horses with the help of arms, and war materials began to gather. Then Balarama said, O brave warriors, Why are you doing this without listening to Krishna’s opinion? Then he said to Krishna- “Janardan! What is the meaning of this silence of yours? Arjuna was considered so much here as your friend and pierced the plate in which he ate. He has humiliated us by daring it. I Can not bear it. 

Then Krishna said- “Arjuna has respected our clan, not insulting him. He has taken away our sister only by understanding the importance of our clan. Because he was skeptical of meeting her through Swayamvar, he is a promising young man of the best dynasty. There should be no objection to a relationship with her. Subhadraa and Arjun’s pair will be wonderful. Some people swore to hear this thing of Krishna. Then Krishna went on to say, Besides winning, Arjuna is also difficult. Whatever he talks about here, there can be defeat at his hands. By not going to the war industry, I understand that go to Arjuna in a friendly manner. It is better to hand over the girl. Somewhere Arjun alone won you over and took the girl to Hastinapur. It would be disgraceful. If we befriend her, then our fame will increase. “

Eventually, people accepted Krishna’s word. Arjuna was brought back with respect. He had a ceremonial marriage ceremony with Subhaadra in Dwarka. After marriage, he stayed in Dwarka for a year and spent the rest of the time in the Pushkar region. After the twelve years of Banvas ended, Arjuna went back to Indraprastha with Sri Krishna, Balarama, Subhaadra, and dowry. Subsequently, Abhimanyu was born in Subhadra’s womb.

Subhadra And Draupadi

Arjuna knows that Draupadi has said that no other Pandava wife can live in Indraprastha as long as she survives. Arjuna and Subhaadra can live together only when Draupadi accepts this.

Subhadraa met Draupadi. She arrived in simple clothes and said, I am Subhaadra, I am a Gwalan and Krishna’s half-sister. Draupadi had great reverence for Shri Krishna. Draupadi immediately embraced Subhadraa. A few days later, when the two developed a good friendship, Subhaadra revealed her love for Arjun. This Sunak Draupadi was dazed, yet Draupadi felt that Arjun’s joy is in staying with Subhaadra. After this, Draupadi gave her endowments and blessing to Arjun and Subhadraa, and both start living together.

Who Was More Beautiful, Draupadi And Subhadra?

Draupadi was more gorgeous than other Pandava spouses. Draupadi, known as Yajnaseni, was also Kamalnayana, long wavy hair, red and bushy nails, arch-like eyebrows, Neel kamal odor black-colored mistress and a master of all Vedas and supreme master. It was his beauty that forced many kings and princes of that time to deviate from his path.

Question/Answer About Subhadra

1. Who was Arjuna’s favorite wife?

Answer: In the Mahabharata, no one could become an archer like Arjuna, yet Arjuna lost in many places. Draupadi was considered the wife of the five Pandavas, but Arjuna mainly loved her. It was Arjuna who won Draupadi at Swayamvara by archery and married her.

2. How did Arjun marry Subhadra?

Answer: Balaram had been tried by Duryodhana in his diplomatic trap and wanted to marry Subhadraa, but Lord Krishna had earlier ordered Arjuna to kidnap Subhaadra at the hands of Arjuna, and thus Arjuna and Subhadra were married.

3. Was Arjun and Subhadra cousins?

Answer: Surasen was the father of Vasudeva and Pratha (later named Kunti when Kuntibhoja adopted him), thus becoming the paternal brother of Arjuna, Sri Krishna, and Subhadraa. Vasudev had two wives – Devaki and Rohini. Krishna was born to Vasudev and Devaki. Balarama was born to Vasudev and Rohini.

4. Was Draupadi jealous of Subhadra?

Answer: Draupadi was jealous of Subhaadra, but when Subhadraa introduced herself as Sri Krishna’s sister at the behest of Shri Krishna, Draupadi, who considered herself to be the sister of Shri Krishna, said this to Subhadraa She herself is Krishna’s sister and the two sisters are not jealous.


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