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Maharishi Bhardwaj’s semen is a draw (Yajnakalash, the cave of the bottom mountain). The son who was born after being ejaculated in was called Drona. It is also mentioned that Bhardwaj saw Ghritachi bathing in the Ganges, Semen ejaculation caused by being enamored, They drew him (Yajnakalash) Kept in The child born to him was called Drona. Dronacharya was the son of Bhardwaj Muni. He was the best bowman on the planet. Drona was adept at knowing the four Vedas and the weapons who lived in the ashram of his father, Bhardwaj Muni.

Drona was born Dehradun, the capital of Uttaranchal, Is told in, Whom we dehradron (Clay Sakora) Used to say too. Drupad, the son of a king named Prashat, was also getting an education with Drona, and both had an intense friendship. Drupad also used to study with Drona in Bhardwaj Muni’s ashram. Drona stayed there after Bhadwaj Muni’s body was destroyed started doing penance. The fame of Drona, a master of the Vedas and the rich of penance, spread around in a short time.

Dronacharya In Hindi

Maharshi Bhaaradvaaj ka veery kisi droni (yagyakalash athava parvat kee gufa) mein skhalit hone se jis putr ka janm hua, use dron kaha gaya. aisa ullekh bhee milata hai ki bhaaradvaaj ne ganga mein snaan karatee ghrtaachee ko dekha, aasakt hone ke kaaran jo veery skhalan hua, use unhonne dron (yagyakalash) mein rakh diya. Usase utpann baalak dron kahalaaya. dronaachaary bhaaradvaaj muni ke putr the. Ye sansaar ke shreshth dhanurdhar the. Dron apane pita bhaaradvaaj muni ke aashram mein hee rahate huye chaaron vedon tatha astr-shastron ke gyaan mein paarangat ho gaye the.

Master Dron ka janm uttaraanchal kee raajadhaanee deharaadoon mein bataaya jaata hai, jise ham deharaadron (mittee ka sakora) bhee kahate the. Dron ke saath prashat naamak raaja ke putr drupad bhee shiksha praapt kar rahe the tatha donon mein pragaadh maitree ho gaee. Bhaaradvaaj muni ke aashram mein drupad bhee dron ke saath hee vidyaadhyayan karate the. Bhaaradvaaj muni ke shareeraant hone ke baad dron vaheen rahakar tapasya karane lage. Ved-vedaagon mein paarangat tatha tapasya ke dhanee dron ka yash thode hee samay mein chaaron or phail gaya.

Dronacharya Wife (Kripi)

Drona was married to Kripacharya’s sister Kripi and a son named Ashwathama was born. Due to the exciting economic situation, when Ashwathama asked his mother to drink milk, Kripi gave his son a drink by dissolving the flour in the water and telling him the milk. Drona suffered immensely upon finding this. He remembered the promise of giving half the kingdom of Drupad. But Drupad insulted Dronacharyaa in his Rajya Sabha.

Knowledge Of Weapons

Drona was the master of Kauravas and Pandava. Kauravas and Pandava had taught weapons and weapons in the ashram of Dronacharya. Arjun was a dear disciple of Dronacharyaa. He wanted to make Arjun the best archer in the world. Arjuna, a dear disciple of Droonacharya, insulted his mentor Dronachaarya. Took revenge on the Draupada.

At that time, Mr. Parshuram G., the superior of the Shastastra-vidya, used to meditate on Mount Mahendra. Drona knew that Parasuram was his entire state, Donating wealth. Therefore, he went to Parasuram with the wish of money. Parasuram had by then made some donations in addition to his body and weapons. Consequently, he gave all his weapons to the weapon and also provided his method of use and epilogue. Dronacharya got knowledge of the entire weapon weapons from Mr. Parshuram Ji. Degradation, who was well versed in the weapon’s lore, went to meet his friend Drupad. Drupad at that timeNaresh was. Acharya Drona told Drupad- ‘Rajan! I am your Balasakha Drona. I have come to meet you. ‘ Drupad was a Chur under the head of Aishwarya at that time. He told Drona-

‘You are a fool. You are carrying the things of old boyhood till now. The truth is that poor man cannot be a friend of a rich, a foolish scholar and a coward of a knight.’

Humiliated by the talk of Drupad, Drona got up from there and walked towards Hastinapur.

Education Of Dharnuvidya

One day Kaurav-Pandav Kumar was playing mutual Gulli-danda. Suddenly his gulli fell into the well. Seeing Acharya Drona going from there, the princes prayed to him to remove the gulli. Then a Brahmin from Shyamvarn tied the gulli to the unregulated Sink. One Sink from another, With a bend, he moved the tip of the cink over the well, Pulling the gulli came out.

In the same way, throwing the ring in the well and took it out of the arrow. Hearing about them, Bhishma reached there and identified them and urged them to become the master of the Kauravas and Pandavas. Dronacharya started teaching them all the weapons with enthusiasm, But he had special attention on his son. They would have Kamandalu to all other disciples and a pot of mouth to Ashwathama. Thus Ashwathama brought water to everyone else very quickly. Therefore, before the arrival of other disciples, they would teach Ashwathama the weapon operation. Arjun realized this. He would have filled the kumdalu immediately with Varunastra. Therefore, he did not lag behind Ashwathama.

Dronacharya And Arjun 

Master Drona taught the Kauravas and Pandavas as a weapon. His son Ashwathama was also taking education. He wanted his son to be ahead of the princes in the weapon of arms. One-night, Dronacharya’s eyes opened with a bow’s trunk, so he saw Arjuna practicing.

Dronacharya And Eklavya

According to the narrative described in the Mahabharata, Drona did not accept him as his disciple due to Kintu Nishadputra, who came to the ashram of Dronacharyaa to learn solo archery. One day, Pandava and Kaurav went with Guru Drona to Akhet in the same forest where he was practicing archery by creating a solo ashram.

Guru Dakshina

Once while eating, the lamp was extinguished by the air, But by practice, the hand repeatedly reached the mouth. Arjun started practicing archery at night even after paying attention to this fact. He was a very dear disciple of Drona. Drona did not accept to make Eklavya a disciple because he was in archery to Arjun, Wanted to keep it unique. Dronacharya asked the disciples as Gurudakshina to bring King Drupad captive. Returning half of his kingdom to him, Drona said – You used to say that the king can be a friend of the king. Therefore, half of your domain will remain with me today, and both will also be friends due to being kings. Drupad returned to his kingdom in a very ashamed position. Drona took a pledge from Arjuna as a guru Dakshina, that if Drona also stands against him, he will fight.

Nishad Bal Eklavya had become a wonderful Dharnudhar. He considered Dronaacharya his favored guru and practiced in front of him by making his idol and became adept in Dharnuvidya, becoming equivalent to Arjun. For this reason, Droonacharya singly as Guru Dakshina The right-hand side demanded. Eklavya laughed and laughedDrona had recognized Karna’s talent and also refused to teach him as Sutputra.

Chakravyuh Composition

Drona, though fighting on behalf of the Kauravas, was fascinated by the Pandavas. This Duryodhana was experienced again and again. One of Drona’s omnipotent disciples was Arjuna. He periodically composed many types of views. Abhimanyu was killed in breaking his Banaa Vyah. After Bhishma Dadamah in the Mahabharata war, the post of Chief Commander was held by Dronacharya, Had been. Arjun decides to kill Jayadrath by being angry.

Because he did not allow the Pandavas to enter the view and many chariots surrounded the Abhimanyu alone, which was known to Arjun against the rules of war, he swore to kill Jayadrath the next day. At: Drona, Created a Chakrashkat Vukh for the protection of Jayadrath. However, Arjuna and Shri Krishna killed Jayadrath before evening the next day. Shri Krishna spread darkness from Maya. The arrival of the Kauravagana night was sure, and seeing Jayadrath safe till then Arjun’s self-immolation, Started imagining, Then Arjun killed Jayadrath. Shokatur Pandavas did not even schedule a war at night and collectively invaded Drona.

Based On Wrongdoing

Three grandchildren of Drupad fighting Drona in the night before the fifteenth day, Drupad and Virat, etc., were killed. Drona was enraged by Duryodhana’s speech. Therefore, they destroyed the five soldiers. Whatever color comes out, Drona would have destroyed it. Seeing them destroying the Kshatri in this way, Angira, Vasistha, Kashyap Adi Several sages arrived there to take him to Brahmlok. He requested Drona to leave the war, Also said that his war is based on wrongdoing. The method of using Brahmaastra Dronachaarya also taught his son Ashwathama, which he used to destroy the lineage of the Pandavas after the Mahabharata, the womb of Uttara, the daughter of ArjunDid to destroy. Krishna had gone to Uttara’s womb and protected the son of Abhimanyu as the last king of the entire Kuru dynasty was the candidate.

On the other hand, Shri Krishna prepared the Pandavas by saying that he reached Dronatak Ashwathama’s death message even if it is untrue. Additionally, no other way to dissuade them from war religion would be known. In time, Bhima killed an elephant named Ashwathama of Malav Naresh Indravarma.

Dronacharya Death

Bhima gave Drona ‘Ashwathama killed’ – this news. Drona was familiar with his son’s force. Therefore, he asked Dharmavatar Yudhishthira to confirm this news. Yudhishthira said out loud – Ashwathama was killed[1] And at the same time gently said, ‘The elephant is slaughtered.’ Uttaransh Drona did not listen, and the son shook awakened his consciousness. They were fighting the blind with the breath. Then Bhima again said – You are committing this massacre even after being a Brahmin for one of your sons’ livelihood. That son is no longer there. Drona got up from the court and called upon the Kauravas and said that now they should take charge of the war on their own.

Seeing Suvassar, he caught the arched sword and took his chariot. Drona abandoned Astra and pronounced ‘ ⁇ ‘ and his Jyotirmaya Prana. He went invisible in the sky, moving towards Brahmlok. At this stage, holding the hair of his forehead, the audacious cut off the head of the four-hundred-year-old Drona from the torso, refusing everyone. Arjun remained, saying that does not kill Acharya, take it alive. King Draupada had obtained a prince named Dhritadyumna from the ignited fire to destroy Droonacharya by devouring him in a nobleman. Seeing Drona dead, most of the commanders of the Kauravas started running away from the Samaritan battlefield.

Dronacharya In Mahabharata, Know 5 Special Things

1. Drona’s Birth 

It is said that the son who was born was called Drona after seeing Apsara Ghritachi, the semen of Maharishi Bhardwaj was ejaculated in a Droni. Drona was married to the sister Kripi of Kripacharya

2. Father Of Ashwatthama  

Ashvatthama was the son of Guru Dronacharya. The father-son pair had created a fog in the Mahabharata. Ash Vatthama was produced from the combined part of Mahadeva, Yama, Kaal, and Anger. Drona was the Rajguru and teacher of Hastinapur.

3. Words Of Drona

He had pledged to Bhishapadamah that he would teach only the princes of Kauravansha and promised Arjuna that there would be no archer more excellent than you. Guru Dronaracharya did not say that I pledged not to teach any Shudra is. But this incident was taken up by some people in the wrong sense and divided the society by presenting that meaning. Who is also the organization that winds up this social divide knows all this?

Dronacharya had cut the thumb of singularity to prove the great Arjuna. He had to fight a war against the same Arjuna, and the reason for the murder of the same Arjuna’s son was also made, and his death was received at the hands of the same Arjuna’s brother-in-law. It isn’t easy to understand the personality of Drona.

4. Dronacharya Slaughter (Vadh)

Drona commanders are made at the behest of Karna in the eleventh-day war after lying on Bhishma’s Sharyas. The increasing power of Ashwathama’s father, Drona’s exterminating power, spreads panic in the Pandavas camp. Father and son together in the Mahabharata war The Pandavas ensure defeat. Seeing the loss of the Pandavas, Shri Krishna asked Yudhishthira to resort to the distinction.

Under this arrangement, the war spread that ‘Ashwathama was killed,’ however, Yudhishthir was not prepared to lie. Then an elephant named Ash Vatthama of Avantiraja was slaughtered by Bhima. It was then spread in the war that ‘Ashwathama was killed.’

At the point when Guru Droonacharya needed to know the reality of Ashwathama from Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, he answered – ‘Ashwathama was killed, however an elephant.’ He comprehended that my child was killed. Hearing this, he gave up arms, closed his eyes in the war land, and drowned in mourning. This was the occasion while Droonacharya Knowing the unarmed, Draupadi’s brother Dhritadyumna cut off his head with a sword.

5. Ashram Of Guru Drona 

The ashram of Guru Drona was in Hastinapur. He taught thousands of disciples. Pandu, son Pandava, is specially named among those disciples. Guru Drona was well versed in giving all kinds of education related to war.

One of the 16 people of India, Kuru Janapad, had this major ashram for horse riding, archery and other handicrafts and education of handicaps. However, astrology, medicine, and Vedic knowledge were also taught here.

Dronachaarya, the master of the Kauravas and Pandavas in the Dwapara era, is also counted with great respect in the category of superior teachers. Dronachaarya was the best educator of his period. Drona was the son of Bhardwaj Muni. He was the best bowman on the planet. Drona was born in Dehradun, the capital of Uttaranchal(We go to Dehradron (Clay Sakora). He was used to saying too. Drona was married to Kripacharya’s sister Kripi, from whom he got a son named Ashwathama. Drona had thousands of disciples in whom Arjuna was given the gift of being the best archer in the world. To protect this boon, Drona saw that ArjunEven better than Eklavya is the superior archer, so he asked for his thumb from Eklavya.

The Mahabharata fought on behalf of the Drona Kauravas in the war. Drona and his son Ashwathama when the army of Pandavas began to dominate, Then a trick-wrenching cut off his head. Drona was a great guru. His name will remain Azar-Amar in history. Augusta, Kashyap, Octave, Yajnavalkya, Katyayan, and Aitraya also had gurukul.

Question/Answer About Dronacharya

1. Who killed Dronacharya?

Answer: That character is ‘Dhrishtadyumna’ Draupadi’s brother Dhritadyumna is the main character of Mahabharata, like other characters. By which Guru Drona died. An interesting story is associated with the birth of Dhritadyumna.

2. Is Dronacharya good or bad?

Answer: Yudhishthira said, ‘ I found a bad man in the corner of the earth, But I could not find any bad man. So I returned empty-handed. ‘ After this, all the disciples asked Guru Dronaacharya, ‘Why did Acharya happen that Duryodhana did not find a good man and Yudhishthira did not find any bad man.’

Acharya answered this question and said that ‘A person who is like a person appears to all the same in the world. Therefore Duryodhana did not find any good man, and Yudhishthira did not find any bad man. ‘

3. Why did Dronacharya like Arjuna the most?

 Answer: The Kauravas and Pandavas got the education of weapons and weapons in the ashram of Dronacharya. Arjun was a dear disciple of Drona. He needed to make Arjuna the best archer on the planet.



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